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Gadget Nibble is a newly pressed WordPress site allowing communities to connect and share the latest technology and geek news, reviews and tips. Visit daily to check on our latest updates and keep following our social media to find out more. We are genuine geeks, through and through – so if you don’t like it – move on. We have a world of tech and geeky stuff to talk about, so sit back and relax. We offer a variety of nibble size stories and game play reviews. We need your support to help run our site and would like to say thank you to all our followers. Happy nibbling
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N.O.W: Sm.a.rt Watch?

Does the super celebrity have it in him to produce the world's first truly 'smart' watch? Can we trust these claims and what does it look like? Google has got some competition as Amazon takes to the TV battle. And, finally, WWDC is here again...
Gadget Nibble author

N.O.W: Google is worried about our privacy

I know, Google. Google is worried about our privacy. This isn't a joke and is rather ironic, coming from the worlds biggest super snooper. Minecraft is set to receive better social features and we've got an iPad Air and an iPhone 5C!!! Please check ou...
Gadget Nibble author

N.O.W: iPad mini 2 on its way, GTA V PC Release and Samsung Buys Fingerprint scanners?

So it looks like the iPad mini might be drawing close to an upgrade, here come iPad mini 2. Apple might be in the works of releasing a smaller tablet with a Retina display, despite production limits. GTA V, have you bought it? No, I haven't - thats bec...
Gadget Nibble author