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Episode FORTY - "Not F**king Safe For F**king Work!"

ZOMG haggis chops is back on the news, Javvad Malik comes back to FTW too!!!!

Episode THIRTY-NINE - "RIP NodeZero - Vape for the Vapegodz"

WE'RE back, and yes the audio sucks!!!! This week we're joined with Vito who was orginally joined us in June 2011 (ep Sixx) discussing nodezero, FSec, and security in general. Vaping for the vape Godz!

Episode THIRTY-EIGHT - "FinuxTechReboot"

So we're trying something new, by doing something old. We're rebooting some old episodes and reinterviewing guests from the past. In this show we're joined by Drew for the News, and we catch up with Leon van der Eijk who we first spoke to back in Ep1...

Episode THIRTY-SEVEN - "The Very Best In Swedish Outsourcing"

This episode we've ran out of guests so we've had to bringing outsource our interviewing and now i'm a guest on my own show

Episode THIRTY-SIX - "Rookies and Scones"

This episode we're joined by Peter Wood, Javvad Malik, Jenny Radcliffe, and Marion Marschalek to discuss their experience, tips, and advice for BSidesLondon rookies, and first time speakers doing their first security talk

Episode THIRTY-FIVE - "Live at Sec-T with Säkerhetspodcasten"

This episode was recorded live at the Sec-T conference with the chaps from @sakpodcasten, we took questions from the audience and Twitter!

Episode THIRTY-FOUR - "CryptoParties, privacy one user at a time"

In this episode we're joined by @ChrisJohnRiley, @CoryMarchand, @BlueGeist and @JoergEisfeld to discuss CrytoParties?

Episode THIRTY-THREE - "Infosec eats its own"

In this episode we're joined by Javvad Malik (@j4vv4d), Jayson E. Street (@jaysonstreet), and Chris Sumner (@TheSuggmeister) to discuss, does InfoSec eat its own, or is it just a competitve industry?

Episode THIRTY-TWO - "Ethics of using data from dumps"

Yeah we've recorded another show (two within a 12 month period has amazed us too). This show is discussing the ethics of using materials/code/data that have been obtained as a result of a hack

Episode THIRTY-ONE - "No More Free Talks"

Been awhile since we podcasted something, so here's a show about the concept of paying speakers for their security talks

Episode THIRTY - "The French Press Struggle" - Seriously NSFW!!!!!

You know whatsup, when FTW rolls up! We talk some security news shizzle with Sweet Cheeks! Talk some security culture with Kai Roer and Sultan Riley!

Episode TWENTY-NINE - "Looking for Ebay Simpson" - Seriously NSFW!!!!!

Its not been 12 months, so be shocked because here is another episode of FTW. Rants, honeynet project and other awesome mumbles

Episode TWENTY-EIGHT - "hashtag, CJR wasn't in the Swiss Dallas!" - Seriously NSFW!!!!!

WHO CARES! We're back! So basically we rant, then we rant, and then we talk about Area41con

Episode TWENTY-SEVEN - "hating shoes!" - NSFW

We're joined by Cory for the news, and @Balgan joins us to discuss @BSidesLisbon!

Episode TWENTY-SIX - "netnumpty" - NSFW

We're joined by Cory for the news, and @GeorgiaWeidman discuss infosec, training and the Smart Phone Framework

Episode TWENTY-FIVE - "Dropout!" - NSFW

We're joined by Cory for the news, and our good palls @DeepSEC come to talk to us about he conferece and the U21 project!

Episode TWENTY-FOUR - "Rainbow!" - NSFW

Yeah, only two weeks between a show!!!! We're as shocked as you. We're Joined by Cory for the news and then me and Gavin interview BSidesLondon Rookie Track Winner Diarmaid McManus

Episode TWENTY-THREE - "Finux Tech Whenever!" - NSFW

Okay we know, we're like a year late. Sorry about that, but meh it's all Gavin's fault. This show is the BSidesLondon 2013 catch up show

Episode TWENTY-TWO - "There is no cow in bacon!" - NSFW

This week we're joined by Chris Sumner who chats to us about the "Big 5" project. Tom Mackenzie discusses AthCon with finux, and Jac0byterebel and Ryan Ward discuss their trip to BSidesLondon

Episode TWENTY-ONE - "Identity Crisis" - NSFW

This week we're joined by Aluc who chats to us about from BerlinSides. Tom Mackenzie discusses vulnerability news with us, and Jac0byterebel and finux discuss this weeks news.

Episode TWENTY - "Free Gary Rant + SPToolkit" - NSFW

This week we're joined by Ryan Ward to discuss the news. Tom Mackenzie talks to us about a recently discovered SQLi in Ebay. and Jac0byterebel discussed the SPToolkit

Episode NINETEEN - "FTW Competition" - NSFW

This week we're joined by Ryan Ward to discuss the news and the #BSidesLondon Schedule, as well as chatting about out competition to win your way into the conference. Philip Polstra joins us to chat about his recent talk and trip to Blackhat EU as well...

Episode EIGHTEEN - "Google is your friend!!!" - NSFW

This week we're joined by Marc Wickenden author of challenge 4 of the #BSidesLondon challenges to discuss its inspiration and to discuss some of his twitter research, plus Duncan Alderson from UpSploit.Com also joins us to chat about MS12-020

Episode SEVENTEEN - "OWTF!!!" - NSFW

Today we speak to show regular Drew and our interview is with Abraham Aranguren who chats to us about The Offensive Web Testing Framework

Episode SIXTEEN - "Sweet 16" - NSFW

Today we speak to show regulars Drew and Tom, with an interview with Leon van der Eijk who chats to us about honeypots

Episode Fifteen - "Keep Calm and 44Con" - NSFW

Today we're joined by Steve Lord from 44Con Today we speak to show Drew Watson from the iNetizien podcast and Tom, with an interview with Steve Lord about this year's 44Con events.

Episode Fourteen - "BSidesLondon" - NSFW

Today we're joined by the guys from BSidesLondon Today we speak to show Drew Watson from the iNetizien podcast and Tom, with an interview with the guys from BSidesLondon about this year's event

Episode Thirteen - "Soup, invented in Vienna" - NSFW

Today we're joined by the guys from DeepSec Today we speak to show regulars Ryan and Tom, with an interview with the guys from DeepSec conference about the plans for this year

Episode Twelve - "The Return" - NSFW

Took us nearly 6 months, but we're back FTW's 6 month hiatus has been ended. A show with the FTW lads catching up and preping for future shows. Take it as read this is not safe for work! 44Con, DeepSec, BerlinSides, BSidesVienna, Blackhat-EU and more....

Episode ELEVEN - "Doing it for the Trollz

Oh yes people, two episodes out in two days In the second show of the week we are joined by Dave Kennedy who talks to us about his new book "Metasploit: Penetration Testers Guide

Episode TEN - 44Con FTW11 - mp3 Version

Well folks, episode 10 of Finux Tech Weekly is out In this weeks show we're joined by Steve Lord who talks to us about don't forget folks if your going to 44Con give us a shout and use our discount code FTW11

Episode Nine - luggage=/dev/null - MP3 Version

In this weeks show we are joined by show regulars Ryan Ward-Mcconville (@rysward) and Tom Mackenzie (@tmacuk), and we are joined by Mike Kemp (@clappymonkey) who's recent talk at BSidesVienna finux found very very interesting Safe to say that this epi...

Episode Eight - RANT !!!!!! - MP3 Version

As usual Ryan "Bricktop" Ward joins us to discuss the news, finux has had enough of tech writers writing obvious stories. Its fair to say this maybe the MOST rantiest we've heard Finux before. This weeks show we're joined by Manuel (@__sporkbomb), who...

Episode Seven - ZOMG, I'm SOOOOO Excited - MP3 Version

Yay, Episode 7 is out. We're missing iTom Mackenzie this week, but we've got Ryan "Bricktop" Ward back with an extended news segment, live from the exercise yard. If finux wasn't excited enough about BSidesVienna and NinjaCon11 then ChrisJohnRiley an...

Episode Sixx - There is no next segment - MP3 Version

This week we're joined by Drew Watson (aka @ClockworkEarl) , to aid poor finux with the news. Vito from Nodezero_Linux (aka @Nodezero_Linux and talks to us about his Penetration Testing Distribution. As usual we're joined by ...

Episode Five - 53!!!! Better Safe Than Sony - MP3 Version

So today’s show is an extend show, that is some of the shows hosts talking about what they have been up to over the past couple of weeks. So we hope you enjoy finux signing off.

Episode Four - Reality Bites - MP3 Version

So today’s show is going to be a little different from normal. As you may have noticed we haven't actually released a show since the end of January. Real life got in the way sorry folks, but the good news is we're due to get back on track by next wee...

Episode Three - Take the next right!! - MP3 Version

OMG! Their back , Finux speaks with Gary Short, technical Evangelist for, about co-host of the code cast show, about what DevExpress does, about how coderush can help new and seasoned programs alike

Episode Two - Officer Dibble, Tweeting for the Win! - MP3 Version

Strike THREE and episode two is out , Finux speaks with Tom Mackenzie, one time co-host of the TRACsec Podcast and project manager with UpSploit.Com, about how UpSploit can be used to help vulnerability research.

Episode One - Finux Without Borders - MP3 Version

The FTW Podcast second venture out , Finux, speaks with Robert Ladyman one-time podcast host with TRACsec, and full-time grey beard with the Tayside Linux Usergroup, about Boreder-less Networking.

Episode Zero - The Beginning - MP3 Version

In the shows first outing , Finux, speaks with Ken Fallon fellow host, and cat herder supreme for, about HPR and how things have been moving forward.