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Download This Show is your weekly access to the latest in social media, consumer electronics, digital politics, hacktivism and more. Presented by Marc Fennell for ABC Radio National. Published every Friday.
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New things in the world of news

The news business. From subscription to streaming, podcasts to programmatic advertising - what's the future for news media? Guests: Gautam Mishra, inkl CEO, @jeamish and Caitlin Welsh, Editor, Mashable Australia, @Caitlin_Welsh
ABC Radio National author

The future of space

After this year's image of a black hole, 'we have seen what we thought was unseeable', what could come next? Exploration of the Moon and Mars, a Space Force? This week we delve into the future of the final frontier. Guests: Prof Alan R Duffy, Swinburne...
ABC Radio National author

The difference between fame and influence

Understanding the multi-billion dollar digital influencing industry with Sara McCorquodale - when it works and when it doesn’t. Whether Facebook and Instagram removing likes is really about giving you better mental health. Plus, virtual clothes shoppi...
ABC Radio National author

Move things with your mind

Nothing less than actual telekinesis! A wristband capable of transmitting electrical signals from the brain to computer input and facebook. The location start-up that divides the globe into 3 magical words, and a goose that's shaking up the gaming worl...
ABC Radio National author

All rise for Facebook supreme court

Facebook reveals its blueprint for an independent oversight board or 'supreme court'. E-sports - marketers are targeting gamers with a trifecta of gambling, junk food and alcohol ads. Plus, how much plastic surgery will it take for facial recognition...
ABC Radio National author

Jennifer Aniston - free with that iPhone

Why Apple TV is launching its streaming service with shows from Oprah, Steven Spielberg, Reese Witherspoon and more. Plus, why does a new phone need 4 cameras, and forget The Bachelor - Facebook have rolled out their dating service
ABC Radio National author

iPhones hacked, sites blocked and trust

Do you trust the that your Phone hasn’t been hacked? That the government will pull hateful material off the internet? While we’re at it, do you trust that pulling hateful content off the internet will stop atrocities like the Christchurch shooting? Cl...
ABC Radio National author

The future of music

There's more music than ever before available to stream and to be served up to you by an algorithm. It's a world where talent will get you far, but going viral may just get you further. We can stream huge festivals like Coachella, and soon there’ll be...
ABC Radio National author

Anti-surveillance fashion and Disney+ to launch in Australia

A new clothing line lets you camouflage yourself as a car to mess with surveillance cameras. Teenagers get news from Facebook – who knew! And more streaming options with Disney+. Guests: Tegan Jones, Editor, Gizmodo @Tegan_Writes and Matt Hopkins, Ped...
ABC Radio National author

Podpass to my Houseparty

Is messaging just not festive enough? DTS looks at the new video chat app Houseparty - you can create 'rooms' with friends. How does it compare with other message apps? Plus Facebook may or may not be listening to your voice-to-text messages but podcas...
ABC Radio National author

Video games probably don't cause US gun massacres

Donald Trump linked the recent US shootings to violent video games....we explore that old bogeyman again. Why do websites end with .com? And meet some of the little known women who brought you the internet. Guests: Alex McCauley, CEO StartupAUS @alexmc...
ABC Radio National author

Fortnite millionaires and Adelaide's games industry

Payday for young gamers at the Fortnite World Cup - how did a battle royale game become such big business? Legislating against social media addictions and why Adelaide is a thriving centre for games development.
ABC Radio National author

Choose your own emoji

What is the emoji? The Unicode Consortium, which decides on new emojis, wants to know if you have an idea for a new one. Plus, Snapchat is alive and well - put some bunny ears on that profit statement! And how will Netflix handle its new big competito...
ABC Radio National author

Instagram doesn't like you anymore

The legacy of the computer password, the app that will plausibly age your face to the point that it's kinda creepy and influencers of Instagram in mild revolt as the social platform kills of the visible 'like' counter. Guests: Rae Johnston, Editor, Jun...
ABC Radio National author

Cars and the future of transport

The future of driving: AI in the driver's seat, electric and hydrogen car update, and will we own cars anyway? What's hype and what's not?
ABC Radio National author

How much do you value your privacy?

How much do you value your privacy? Does it bother you what social media companies, governments know about you - your money, your body?
ABC Radio National author

The great firewall of China

James Griffiths joins Marc Fennell to discuss the world's most sophisticated censorship system. China's internet blocks certain information, but it also prevents any organising of social movements. It turns out, other nations are adopting China's versi...
ABC Radio National author

Who needs cash when you got Zuck bucks?

Facebook announces plans for a new global-cryptocurrency - the Libra, and joins a growing market of digital money. Can Hong Kong protestors fight facial recognition and did Instagram give up kids' phone numbers to the public?
ABC Radio National author

How free is the internet?

The moderation policies, fake news, fake faces - how much of this should be allowed on the internet under the principal of free speech? And Perth Council is pressing ahead with a trial of facial recognition technology to be installed in cameras across...
ABC Radio National author

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference and Vic Police go electric

It's the software that revolutionised music, powered the iPod, and gave birth to streaming - what does the end of iTunes say about the state of music? Also on DTS: key announcements from the Apple developers conference and...the very expensive, very fa...
ABC Radio National author

CrossFit kills Facebook and Toffee kills love?

CrossFit deactivates Facebook pages over privacy concerns but deadlifts and squats go on. Also on DTS, arguably the most obnoxious dating app on earth (slight language warning). And the WHO declares 'gaming disorder' is a medical condition at least t...
ABC Radio National author

Makeup, tears and subscriber counts

What does a spat between two beauty influencers on YouTube tell you about how toxic the internet has become? Plus, the Chinese tech giant Huawei that’s becoming a pariah to western governments. And the troubled MacBook keyboard design… is Apple going...
ABC Radio National author

What the major parties say on tech

How much do political parties know about you? The voter tracker software used by political parties to find out a lot about you. What the major parties are offering the tech and start-up world. Plus it was an iconic 90s piece of technology, in your p...
ABC Radio National author

Facebook tackles election trolls

Remove, reduce and inform - that’s Facebook's strategy to battle misinformation and fake news in the federal election, but even with the best of intentions can Facebook deal with troll farms and memes when they move at lighting speed? Plus, Uber driv...
ABC Radio National author

Luminary's bumpy landing and TikTok explained

Would you pay for a podcast? This week on Download This Show the launch of more paid subscription podcast services. The endless memes and happiness on the video sharing app TikTok - no snark or Nazis. Plus, Apple - protecting your security or edging ou...
ABC Radio National author

Behind Sri Lanka's social media bans and why we still love Microsoft Paint

Sri Lanka's ban on Facebook and other social media sites in the aftermath of the deadly terrorist attacks was a move to stop the spread of misinformation and further potential violence - what were the implications? Also on DTS, are journalists being u...
ABC Radio National author

Disney+ and the future of streaming

Will Disney's proposed streaming service 'Disney +' knock off other players like Netflix? Disney's back catalogue of content from Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and Pixar certainly makes it an intimidating competitor. So will Disney+ knock ...
ABC Radio National author


How a catfish posing as an Australian actor built a web of lies to stalk and torment her victims. Also on DTS, it's only week one of the election who knew that electric vehicles would feature so much in the campaign debate? So where are we at with el...
ABC Radio National author

Social media laws and VR for good

New laws criminalising internet companies which do not quickly remove "abhorrent" video and images were rushed into law this week, despite strong criticism from the legal community and technology industry. Plus - VR for good. Jessie Hughes is on a Chur...
ABC Radio National author

Apple TV+ takes on Netflix

When you’ve built yourself up as one of the most - if not the most - iconic computing company in the world what do you do next?  You do Oprah,  Steven Spielberg and everyone else in Hollywood, apparently. Apple made its trillions really with hardware ...
ABC Radio National author

Social media and personal responsibility in the spread of the Christchurch video

Who's responsible when a massacre is streamed on Facebook Live? When the media clip it up for broadcast? When people share it? When hate groups have been quietly bubbling up in corners of the internet? This week on DTS: the terrorist attack in Christ...
ABC Radio National author

Pulling apart Facebook and Google

Google, Facebook and Amazon are the global internet behemoths that shape how we see the internet and how the internet sees us. On DTS - calls to break-up the powerful tech companies. Plus hitting delete on your youth - would you ever want to delete y...
ABC Radio National author

Protective fandom and data bias in a world designed for men

A new documentary detailing allegations of sexual abuse has prompted Michael Jackson fans to aggressively defend his reputation on social media.
ABC Radio National author

Digital gravestones and what’s up with WhatsApp?

When you die, how do you want to be remembered? With a headstone, photo on the mantlepiece - how about with a Bluetooth device that pings people with your life story as they walk past your grave? This week on Download This Show: death digital style. P...
ABC Radio National author

Folding phones and inside Tinder's Algorithm

Why have a phone when you can have a flexible tablet and a phone in one? DTS checks out a new bit of digital origami. Plus, Apple is set to launch the Netflix of news magazines, and we take you inside Tinder's algorithm. Guests: Claire Reilly, Senio...
ABC Radio National author

Sex Robots (now with added tentacles)

Consider yourself warned, this week's ep of Download This Show contains adult themes, sexual references and robots as we explore the different ways the future of sex and artificial intelligence are linked...sometimes literally. Plus, should we be mak...
ABC Radio National author

Troll hunting with Ginger Gorman and Harry Potter cryptocurrency

What is it like to be the victim of a concerted, organised troll attack? This week on DTS - the journalist who found herself at the centre of a troll storm and decided to go troll hunting. Plus, where might your DNA go if you use a direct-to-consumer...
ABC Radio National author

Buzzfeed crumbles and Spotify mysteries

Do you ever feel just a little bit ashamed of your music taste? Well you can blame hackers.  This week on DTS: the incredible world of mystery core - fictitious bands creeping onto Spotify playlists. Why would someone make a fake band to make fake mus...
ABC Radio National author

In driverless cars who needs windows?

In driverless cars who needs windows to watch the world when you can have a built-in 270-degree screen? And in 2019 every meme you love might be about to die! Guests: Rae Johnston, Editor Junkee, Ben Grubb, Freelance tech/culture writer
ABC Radio National author

White Supremacists make a cameo

Cameo screws up, Tumblr crumbles on sex and while you drink will Tesla drive? Guests: Seamus Byrne, Managing Editor, Innovation and Rae Johnston, Editor of Junkee
ABC Radio National author

Are smart rings a better form of wearable tech?

Why have a smart watch when you can wear a smart ring? This week on DTS; digital fitness moves to your actual digits. We examine the new Foxtel sports streaming service Kayo, and why has Australia's proposed new encryption legislation got people so fir...
ABC Radio National author

Footloose Fornite edition+ revolting Googlers

Fortnite’s dance revolution: from the floss to the Charleston - Fortnite kids get physical. Plus strikes at Google and "My phone is spying on me, so I decided to spy on it" - Simon Elvery's #DataLife project. Guests: Ariel Bogle, Ariel Bogle, ABC RN ...
ABC Radio National author

Inauthentic Instagram and Tumblr tumbles

If there’s one word to describe Instagram - it probably wouldn’t be authentic. This week on DTS - the platform made famous for fitness, beauty, lunch and fashion influencers is getting a clean up. Meanwhile Facebook sounds like it needs a clean up at ...
ABC Radio National author

Everybody lies: Internet truth

Alone with a screen people tell Google things they don’t reveal to social media; they even reveal things they don’t tell anybody else. On DTS meet Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, a data scientist who’s spent years looking at how our online searches may be ...
ABC Radio National author

See through walls with Wi-Fi

What if the key to a more diverse tech industry… is moving away from the concept of diversity? This week on DTS: the unusual approaches being taken by Australian software company Atlassian to get a workplace that's balanced and reflects the world. Plu...
ABC Radio National author

Gab: favourite social media of the alt-right

Will Twitter kill the humble LIKE button and what exactly is the social media platform Gab?
ABC Radio National author

Gone in 15 minutes: phone number hacking

It can take less than 15 minutes for someone to steal your mobile phone and with it goes your email account, bank and a host of other services. On Download This Show: the market for mobile numbers. Also does Netflix market to you differently based on t...
ABC Radio National author

Facebook camera tracking you in your kitchen?

You know how everyone trusts Facebook implicitly with all of their data and they’ve never done anything at all to make you question the company's commitment to privacy? How do you feel about installing Facebook's new gadget, Portal? It's a multi-purpos...
ABC Radio National author

Clicks and mortar: The future of shopping

From drone delivery to smart screens to skin tight body suits that will measure your every inch before sending you a perfectly fitting outfit. On Download This Show this week - the future of shopping and the physical, digital and psychological tricks ...
ABC Radio National author

Poop! confused robots (according to humans)

Poop! This week on Download This Show, why is this one word is apparently enough to confuse artificial intelligence. Plus why hasn’t virtual reality caught on yet? And can/should you leverage your kid's screen time to get them to wash the dishes? Gue...
ABC Radio National author