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Missed that link or information while listening to Data Doctors Tech Tips on the radio? Catch up with us now! Data Doctors Tech Tips are one minute daily tips broadcast on radio stations in several markets - you can get the list at They are also available on demand or through a PodCast. The tips discusses various technical topics with NO GEEK SPEAK! Tech tips for non-tech people.
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The Side Effect of Impatience

It's easy to get impatient when you are waiting for your computer to shutdown so it can restart, but not letting it do it's thing can be bad.

No matter how many times you think about forcing it to shutdown by popping the power button, don't do it.

Th... (Data Doctors) author

Mismatched Charger Warning

Do you remember how often we used to hear about hover boards catching fire and causing lots of damage?The popularity of the devices led to a rush of off-shore companies to get anything they could to market without much regard for testing or safety.Impr... (Data Doctors) author

Slow Motion Athletes App

Anyone that's serious about improving any form of athletic skill they are working on should be using some form of slow-motion capture technology.It turns out that we all have a very sophisticated slow-motion capture device in hour hands that just needs... (Data Doctors) author

Hidden Items Taking Up Space

Are you one of the millions that is constantly getting a message on your smartphone that your storage space is almost full?Both Android and iPhone users that have devices with no expandable memory need to be more diligent in keeping unneeded items from... (Data Doctors) author

Coding From 'Scratch'

If you have a young child, you've likely thought about what you can do to help them become proficient in our increasingly digital world.One skill that, in my opinion, has become a fundamental must-have for any young person is learning how to code as it... (Data Doctors) author

Kid-proofing Your Devices

It shouldn't surprise anyone that mobile devices like tablets and smartphones have become digital babysitters for lots of parents these days.Anytime you see an unruly child in a public setting, often times the only way to get them under control is to h... (Data Doctors) author

Create Your Own Infographics

There's a popular visual method of presenting data known as an 'infographic' that may seem like a difficult thing to create.It's been transforming nearly undigestible data from spreadsheets and long white papers into easily digestible bits of data for ... (Data Doctors) author

Scheduling Tool for Groups

The internet has made connecting with lots of people that aren't nearby very easy, unless you are trying to connect with a large group of people at the same time.If you do this on a regular basis, hopefully you aren't still using the old email - manual... (Data Doctors) author

Flu Outbreak Detection App

It's not going to be long now for the nasty flu bug to start rearing its ugly head.Since we all want to avoid anyone that's already contracted the virus, wouldn't it be awesome to have an app that could warn you about the potential outbreaks that may b... (Data Doctors) author

Web Thumbnail Tool

Anyone tasked with presenting information that is based on Internet resources has likely had the need to capture a basic thumbnail of the resource as part of the presentation.If you have to generate presentations on a regular basis, you might have all ... (Data Doctors) author

Internet Archive

Although the Internet is still relatively young, the changes that have occurred are pretty dramatic, especially when you look back to the early years.An awesome way to see the old web is at a web tool called the Wayback Machine that has been archiving ... (Data Doctors) author

Quirky Gift Ideas

How many of your friends seem to already have everything or worse, are so hard to shop for because they have a different view of life?There's also that annual problem of finding something unusual for the white elephant exchange that so many companies t... (Data Doctors) author

How To Kill Fake Pop-Ups

How many times has this happened to you?: you popping around the Web and suddenly a security pop-up appears on your screen claiming that you computer is in dire straits.Since it looks very much like an official Windows screen, if you click on any of th... (Data Doctors) author

Online Appointment Booking Tool

If you have to schedule meetings for yourself on a regular basis, you know how inefficient it can be with the standard back and forth to find a mutually available time slot.This common problem is being addressed by a whole host of companies, including ... (Data Doctors) author

Hidden Space Bar Features

Ready for us to put a little 'space' in your mind today?Most techie types whip around on your devices, much to the amazement of those that may be a little less technical and forget that not everyone knows everything.Most of us have found various shortc... (Data Doctors) author

Smartphone Malware Detection App

As popular as the iPhone is, there are more people using an Android based smartphone around the world, which means it's also a bigger target for malware apps.

If you stick to only getting your apps from Google's Play Store and make sure that lots of o... (Data Doctors) author

Make Your Own Timelines!

The use of a timeline to present information can be the only real way some topics can be shared.Should you ever find yourself in a position of having to create a timeline, checkout a cool online resource called Timetoast - https://timetoast.comOnce you... (Data Doctors) author

Bypass Bloatware Installs

We've all been a victim of unwanted software sneaking into our computers through the installation of another program.Everything from useless toolbars, to unneeded utilities to the irritating change of your browser's start page can hit use through the u... (Data Doctors) author

Online Study Tool

One key to success for any student at any grade level is organization of their study materials.If they're not organized, they'll most likely be scrambling to find all the various study materials they've used in the past that is scattered all around.If ... (Data Doctors) author

Totally Free Ebooks

If you own a Kindle and you use it on a regular basis, you know that it can get expensive if you get a bit carried away. 
Did you know that there's a much more cost effective way to feed the need to read on all your electronic devices?If you have the t... (Data Doctors) author

Dog Friendly Website?

Those of you that are dog lovers and like to travel with them have to research options all along the way that will allow you to include your dog.It's not just where you're going to stay, but where you want to eat and ways of getting around that are dog... (Data Doctors) author

Browser Shortcut to Remember

Browsing the Internet took a quantum leap when browsers started allowing us to open multiple sessions via tabs which eliminated the requirement for us to use the back and forward buttons to pop between sites. This awesome feature can also hamstring you... (Data Doctors) author

Free Online OCR Website

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a process that allows computers to scan a document and recognize individual letters so they can be used in a word processor.If you own a scanner, it likely came with a program that allows you to do this, but it ca... (Data Doctors) author

CTS Prevention Tips

If you're listening to this tip sitting at your desk on your computer, take a quick look at your posture.No thanks to the hours that we all spend on our computers, we're creating new problems for parts of our bodies. CTS or carpal tunnel syndrome is be... (Data Doctors) author

How to Report Text Spammers

It's an unfortunate reality that that over 90% of email messages being sent every day is junk that we all hate to get.It's tainted the purity of the simple electronic messaging platform and the spammers are now gunning for your smartphone.Spammers don'... (Data Doctors) author

Recipe Search Engine

The Internet is loaded with websites that focus on food and recipes that range from the high end magazines to celebrity chefs to soccer moms from around the world.One that's lesser known but worth checking out is called and it d... (Data Doctors) author

Did You Reboot First?

Is this question something you hear a lot in your home or office?: my email isn't downloading or I can't print anything.Technology can be very frustrating when it doesn't do what it's supposed to do, so today's tip is inspired by your shampoo bottle.If... (Data Doctors) author

Driver Update Warning

At the risk of confusing you, we wanted to address the process of keeping the software on your computer updated or in this case, when you shouldn't update certain things.

We were asked via social media about an online service that focuses on something... (Data Doctors) author

Free Credit Monitoring Reminder

Do you remember all those tv commercials that used to air all of the time that claimed that you could get free credit checks?The vast majority of them have gone away because they weren't really free, with the exception of (Data Doctors) author

You Can Still Fax?

Remember when the fax machine was an important part of daily business life?Well, that old relic still has some avid fans that require you to send them info via fax.

There are so many ways to scan and email documents these days that you shouldn't need ... (Data Doctors) author

Houzz - Design Inspiration

For anyone in the midst of a home remodeling or even new construction project, there's an amazing resource that can fuel your inspirationA website called is a collection of images presented by professional designers and construction c... (Data Doctors) author

Spam Folder Reminder

Despite the quality of the filters in our email programs, it's inevitable that some unwanted junk still gets through. There are a plethora of options for dealing with spam in our Inbox, but if you aren't careful, you'll start snagging the good messages... (Data Doctors) author

Travel Power Strip Tip

It's the middle of the summer and the time when we all tend to take some time off to hit the road to get recharged. Even though we want to disconnect from our offices, we don't want to leave all our tech gadgets behind.The number of devices you need t... (Data Doctors) author

Is YOUR Website Down?

If you're in business, you should have a website and if you have a website, you should know about today's tech tip.Making sure that your website is available to your existing and potential customers is like making sure that a store is physically open.F... (Data Doctors) author

Running With Zombies

Today's tip is for anyone looking to punch up their morning run.If you're a big zombie fan, checkout the Zombie, Run app for both Android and iPhone users. It's a virtual Walking Dead workout.Could the threat of being caught by a zombie motivate you t... (Data Doctors) author

Online Shopping Tools

We're a lot more comfortable buying just about anything online these days, but finding something at an extraordinarily low price is still a big red flag.Knowing more about a website that is offering this really low price can help you potentially sniff ... (Data Doctors) author

Amazing Online Learning Site

Most kids struggle with a subject or two in school, but rather than trying to find a tutor for those difficult subjects, why not give the Internet a shot? There's an online learning resource that is extremely powerful but absolutely free and easy for y... (Data Doctors) author

E-mail Bankruptcy

In today's digital world, it's not hard to get behind on all of the correspondence channels that we use every day.If you're at all active on email, it can be a chore to stay current with your daily messages, but it get's even more overwhelming if you h... (Data Doctors) author

Tips for Going Paperless

If you're like most households, you've managed to accumulate a small mountain of paper that you intend to sort and file.Most people would love to go paperless, but with that intimidating mountain of paper, how does one get started?Well the first step i... (Data Doctors) author

Facebook Lockout Protection Tip

If you ever forget your Facebook password or worse yet, get locked out of your own account because of a hacker, today's tip is for you!Facebook created an option called "Trusted Contacts" and it could save you a ton of hassle if you are ever locked out... (Data Doctors) author

Disasters Happen!

We've all been told to always hope for the best but certainly prepare for the worst.For anyone that owns or manages a business, this adage applies to their technology and should take form in a disaster recovery plan.The easiest way to start the process... (Data Doctors) author

Too Many Tabs Open?

If you're computer seems to be a lot slower while surfing the Internet compared to when it was new, the problem could be you and not the computer!A game changer in browser technology that's taken for granted today is the ability to open multiple tabs i... (Data Doctors) author

Free & Easy Photo Editing

A while back, we told you about Adobe's shift from traditional software to an online subscription model for their popular apps like Photoshop and Lightroom.For those that don't really need these powerful programs all that often, it's hard to think abou... (Data Doctors) author

Helpful Pill Reminder App

Anyone that has to take multiple medication, especially those that have to do so multiple times during the day knows the potential for confusion.An app that can both assist in the scheduling and reminders of pill taking as well as save its users from b... (Data Doctors) author

Easily Learn Another Language

Have you ever noticed that the citizens of lots of other countries typically speak multiple languages? Isn't it about time we stepped up our bi-lingual game too?Technology has made it much easier to translate small segments of a foreign language, but ... (Data Doctors) author

Free Reputation Monitoring Tool

If you own or manage a business, do you know what your customers are saying about you online?Most customers make buying decisions based on reviews, so knowing what people are saying and responding to them is an essential process to manage your online r... (Data Doctors) author

Cellular Coverage Tool

How often do you wonder whether you have the best cellular service where you live and work?Do your friends have better service than you or is it the other way around?The reality is that where you spend most of your time day and night will have the bigg... (Data Doctors) author

Fun Google Teaching Tool

Do you have friends or family that just can't remember that Google has the answers for most of what they keep asking you?If you're the one that's always being asked questions that are simply available by asking any of the search engines, today's tip is... (Data Doctors) author

Alternative Software Options

Did you know that you can find inexpensive or even free alternatives to those expensive programs that you thought you had to use?It's still a lesser known fact that there are lots of programs referred to as 'open source' that can provide the utility th... (Data Doctors) author

Memory Saving Tip

If you have noticed that popping around the Internet has become a bit slower, you're probably not imagining things, especially if you like opening a lot of different pages at the same's really great that we can have lots of different web pages ... (Data Doctors) author