Finding October: A Chicago Cubs Podcast

A Chicago Cubs podcast devoted to weekly discussion about the National League baseball team managed by Joe Maddon that plays at Wrigley Field, which often features home runs by Anthony Rizzo, Starlin Castro, and prospects that are on the way like Kris Bryant, Addison Russell, and Kyle Schwarber.

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A podcast devoted to weekly discussion about the history, culture, and current events of the Chicago Cubs.
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Finding October - Episode 59

Drew rambles for 20 minutes about Javier Baez, the dumb weather affecting our precious baseball, and maybe other things? It's hard to say.

Finding October - Episode 58

Finding October returns to discuss the Cubs' outfield situation, Kyle Schwarber and NL Wild Card possibilities. 

Finding October - Episode 57

The Chicago Cubs have acquired Jose Quintana from the Chicago White Sox. 

Finding October - Episode 56

Drew and Brad discuss early season observations, Jason Heyward's positive start, and which National League teams are in trouble.    Rate and Review in iTunes! email:    *hugs*

Finding October - Episode 55

Drew, Brad, and Evan discuss Spring Training takeaways, pick MLB division winners, and then wrap up with a lightning round covering a variety of topics. 

Finding October - Episode 54

Kurt Larson (host of geek podcasts STAY COOL GEEK and THOSE ARE DADDY'S TOYS) went to Cubs Fantasy Camp. These are his tales.    Follow Kurt on Twitter!

Finding October - Episode 53

Drew and Evan discuss MLB floating rule changes, 2017 team projections, and Evan's interesting experience at the Cubs Convention. 

Finding October - Episode 52

Audio highlights from the Chicago Cubs 2016 postseason.    Follow Randall Sanders on Twitter   (Note: I do not own the rights to the music. Audio highlights via 670 The Score, FS1, ESPN Radio, Fox. No infringement intended, not to be sold. I'm just a s...

Finding October - Episode 51

Drew and Ryan (@RyanQDavis) discuss Jason Heyward's efforts to rediscover his swing, if the Cubs can repeat their historically great defense from 2016, and which teams have established themselves as the best in baseball.    Ryan's piece on Jason Heywar...

Finding October - Episode 50

In the fiftieth episode of Finding October, Drew and Brad discuss what we talk about when we talk about trades, how big the Cubs' window is, and what more to expect from this offseason.   Rate and Review on iTunes! mail:    

Finding October - Episode 49

Drew and Brad discuss the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs. How will we remember the 2016 season? Will this change the way we watch future playoffs? How does winning the World Series inform decisions made by the front office? Why don't you stop readi...

Finding October- Episode 48

The Chicago Cubs won the World Series.    

Finding October - Episode 47

THE CUBS ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES.   Drew and Kurt discuss the NLCS and Brad breaks down the matchup with the Cleveland Indians.    ALSO, THE CUBS ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES.    

Finding October - Episode 46

Solo Drew confesses his NLDS Game Four experience, shares thoughts on a more nuanced way to watch baseball, and Brad gets specific on how listeners should be watching the NLCS.  Rate and Review on iTunes! Email:  

Finding October - Episode 45

Drew, Brad, and Evan discuss observations from the regular season, why the Cubs will win the World Series, and play a lightning round of October predictions.    Rate and Review on iTunes!  Email    

Finding October - Episode 44

Two part episode! Drew and Ryan Davis (@RyanDavisBP) discuss the SI piece about the Cubs being a SuperTeam and Jason Heyward's offensive approach. Then Kurt Larson (@KurtEdwardL) is back as the Jersey Sheriff to discuss jersey etiquette, how much fun h...

Finding October - Episode 43

Drew and Brad discuss the Cubs' two MVP candidates, playoff roster decisions, and if there's any truth to pitchers feeding off each other. Email: Rate & Review in iTunes!

Finding October - Episode 42

Drew confessed leaving before the Sunday night comeback, Evan repudiated the decision and some baseball talk was sprinkled in as well. 

Finding October - Episode 41

Drew and Evan discuss the Cubs recent struggles and why you should root for the American League in the All Star Game   ***Rate and review in iTunes!***   Email:    

Finding October - Episode 40

Drew and Brad discuss Javier Baez and Addison Russell, everybody's favorite new catcher, and what the Cubs would have to give up for Mike Trout.   Rate & Review on iTunes! 

Finding October - Episode 39

Drew and Evan discuss the superstardom of Kris Bryant, how necessary it might be to upgrade the rotation, and the Cubs All-Star presence.   Rate and Review on iTunes! email:     

Finding October - Episode 38

Drew and Brad discuss Gerrit Cole's postgame comments, what we've learned about the Cubs so far, and the tough upcoming schedule.   Email: 

Finding October - Episode 37

Drew and Brad discuss the validity of "measuring sticks", a Fangraphs article on how the Cubs excel at base-running, and how bad the National League really is. Fangraphs article found here -

Cubs Stories - Episode 03 | Brad & Evan

Finding October regulars Brad Robinson and Evan Altman share some meaningful Wrigley Field experiences  email:  

Finding October - Episode 36

Evan provides analysis on the Cubs early season and Drew rambles incessantly. Also, which MLB teams are for real and what kind of food would Joe Maddon be? email: Rate & Review in iTunes!

Finding October - Episode 35

Drew and Brad discuss a few spring training takeaways, and then preview the 2016 MLB season. 

Cubs Stories - Episode 02 | Melissa & Casey

Continuing the Cubs Stories miniseries, Drew's wonderful friends Melissa and Casey share fond memories of Wrigley Field. They're also the first women to appear on Finding October, which makes Drew kind of a jerk.   email: twitte...

Cubs Stories - Episode 01 | Kurt Larson

In this first episode of Cubs Stories, Kurt Larson shares his transformational moment as a Cubs fan

Finding October - Episode 34

Drew and Brad discuss Ryan Theriot's recent comments on team chemistry, Cardinals Nation creating an underdog narrative, and who might be the Cubs' long term National League rival

Finding October - Episode 33

Drew and Kurt discuss the Hall of Fame results, Starlin Castro's goodbye, and a possible trip to Spring Training

Finding October - Episode 32

Drew and Brad discuss the Cubs outfield situation, whether or not the Cardinals will finally regress, and National League competitors. 

Finding October - Episode 31

Drew and Evan discuss some guy the Cubs signed, possibilities for the 2016 season, and oh, Evan wrote something about that 

Finding October - Episode 30

With a little time to have digested the NLCS, Drew and Evan try to process what the hell that was and briefly look ahead to the offseason

Finding October - Episode 29

Drew and Brad discuss how much our parents hate the Mets, whether or not to worry about Jake Arrieta, and what the victory over the Cardinals really means

Finding October - Episode 28

Drew and Brad discuss the biggest storyline of the season, how to watch the Wild Card game, what Wednesday's lineup might look like, and Brad offers Cubs fans a note of encouragement about Gerrit Cole

Finding October - Episode 27

Drew and Kurt (!) discuss baseball's division structure, the romanticism of Starlin Castro's rebirth, and appreciating Cubs characters

Finding October - Episode 26

Drew and Evan discuss The Slide, which of the Cardinals or Pirates would match up better in a single game vs a series, and how Twitter has changed the experience of watching baseball

Finding October - Episode 25

Drew and Brad discuss how the 2015 Cubs have responded to adversity, what's really important the last few weeks of the season, and how the Phillies remind us of the 2011 Cubs

Finding October - Episode 24

Drew and Evan discuss the improbability of a Cubs collapse, how Joe Maddon may adjust his options for October, and weighing Castro vs. Baez for a playoff roster spot

Finding October - Episode 23

Drew and Brad discuss how to enjoy the current historic run, which of our past Cubs wounds have healed, and how hard the team would push to overtake the Pirates in the last week of the season

Finding October - Episode 22

Drew and Evan discuss baseball streaks, a possible one game playoff vs. Pittsburgh, and keeping a cool head throughout the season

Finding October - Episode 21

Drew and Kurt discuss the good vibrations, which old Cubs jerseys are acceptable, and veterans making way for the kids

Finding October - Episode 20

Drew is all by his lonesome, but still decides to talk about the series with the Giants and why fans feel like everything is a movie

Finding October - Episode 19

Drew and a mildly apathetic Kurt discuss the Cubs activity at the trade deadline, catching the Giants, and the greatest trades in Cubs history

Finding October - Episode 18

Drew and Brad discuss the ever sizzling trade market, the new top prospect in the Cubs organization, and how the return of Javy Baez affects the shortstop situation

Finding October - Episode 17

Drew and Kurt discuss the *very* recent Kyle Schwarber call-up, the curious case of Javier Baez, and Kris Bryant's undeniable appeal to all living humans

Finding October - Episode 16

Drew and Kurt discuss Aramis Ramirez's Hall of Fame credentials, whether or not we'd prefer to see the Cardinals play the Cubs in the NLCS, and what we like in our baseball broadcasters.

Finding October - Episode 15

Sahadev Sharma joins Drew to discuss the Cubs nearing the halfway point, which players may have a big second half, and what steps would get the team closer to a World Series in 2015

Finding October - Episode 14

Drew and Kurt discuss the divisive "Go Cubs Go", update the Cubs playoff chances, and follow up on Kurt's challenge for Drew to be more positive on Twitter

Finding October - Episode 13

Drew and Kurt discuss the shortstop situation, taking a breath on Kyle Schwarber, and those nefarious Cardinals