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The Den - Ep 39: Jared Wyllys on Cubs Post-Mortem, Girardi vs Ross, and the Looming KB Decision

Jared, as always, joined me to chat about what went wrong this season (there was a lot). Plus, who's the the Cubs next manager? And some thoughts regarding Kris Bryant's future in Chicago.
The Den Podcast author

The Den - Ep 38: The Cubs Are Kevin Malone, Nico's Debut, Joe Maddon's Tenure

Jared Wyllys of Sporting News and Forbes joined Myles to compare the Cubs to The Office's Kevin Malone. Plus Nico Hoerner's debut and why Joe Maddon may be done in Chicago regardless of how the season plays out.
The Den Podcast author

The Den - Ep 37: Cubs suck on the road, Maddon's contract comments, and Zobrist's imminent return.

Jared Wyllys joins Myles to talk about the Cubs sucking on the road, Maddon's contract comments, and Zobrist's imminent return.
The Den Podcast author

The Den - Ep 36: Jared Meets Cookie Monster, Cubs Sloppy, Zobrist's affect, & ASG and HR Derby

Jared joins Myles to talk about his experience meeting Cookie Monster at Wrigley. Plus more on the Cubs struggles defensively and what affect Zobrist could be having. Also, some ASG and HR Derby stuff.
The Den Podcast author

The Den Podcast - Ep 35: Jared Wyllys on Kimbrel, Zobrist's Status, and Beard Care Instructions

Jared Wyllys, of Sporting News and Forbes, joined Myles to chat about the new Cubs closer! Plus, more on Zobrist's time with the Cubs and a Strumpf deep-dive.
The Den Podcast author

The Den - Ep 34: Sporting News' Jared Wyllys on Addison Russell's Return, Strop's Hammy, & Errors

Jared Wyllys of Sporting News joined Myles to talk about Addison's Russell return to Chicago and the starting lineup. Plus more on Pedro's Stop's injury, Zobrist's mysterious absence, and why the Cubs errors don't tell the whole story.
The Den Podcast author

The Den Podcast - Ep 33: Jared's Insight on Heyward, Morrow is in Trouble, and Yelich is Shady

Jared Wyllys joined Myles to talk about what's going on with Heyward's resurgence, what the team was feeling during the slow start, and we close with some shady Yelich numbers.
The Den Podcast author

The Den - Ep 32: Yu's Outing, KB Back in Biz, & Offseason from Hell

Jared joined me to talk about the positives (finally) coming out of Cubs world. We touched on Darvish and Bryant's strong Spring Training thus far. Plus, Arenado's massive extension; is KB due for one of his own?
The Den Podcast author

The Den - Ep 31: Jared Wyllys, Cubs FA Woes, and is Joe Maddon Gone in 2020?

Jared joins Myles to talk about about the change in messaging from the Cubs since free agency started. We also touch on Joe Maddon's tenure and (unfortunately) Addison Russell's status. [Spoiler: it's not uplifting]
The Den Podcast author

The Den Podcast - Ep 30: Luis and Jared, Cubs Postseason, and Pending Freeagents

Jared Wyllys and Luis Medina joined me to talk about what we thought of the Cubs season as a whole. We talked both good and bad. Plus we recap some pending free agents the the Cubs should target this offseason.
The Den Podcast author

The Den- Ep 29: Brett Taylor, Chili Davis Gone?, and a Dumb Game

Brett Taylor from BleacherNation joined Myles to chat about how the Cubs season has gone so far. We touched on the status of Addison Russell, the merits of letting Chili Davis go, and we play a really stupid game.
The Den Podcast author

The Den- Ep 29

The Den- Ep 29 by The Den Podcast
The Den Podcast author

The Den- Ep 28: Jared and Luis! Bullpen Woes, NL Wildcard Race, & Mailbag!

The Den- Ep 28: Jared and Luis! Bullpen Woes, NL Wildcard Race, & Mailbag! by The Den Podcast
The Den Podcast author

The Den Podcast - Ep 27: BOTE, Cubs Pitches Woes, and MORE BATFLIPS!

Jared Wyllys of Sporting News joined me to talk about David Bote's amazing game and why batflips should be more common. Also, what's up with the Cubs pitching staff this year?
The Den Podcast author

The Den - Ep 26: Cubs Lose, Where's Manny Going, & Javy/Schwarber HR Derby

Luis joins Myles to chat about the recent Cubs lost to the Giants, Manny Machado trade possibilities, and Javy and Schwarber in the HR Derby.
The Den Podcast author

The Den - Ep 25: #HappyFridayCubsTwitter, Yu Gets Booed, and Addison Russell Plate Weirdness

Luis from BleacherNation and The Ten Yardline joins Myles to talk about Addison Russell's weird stats at the plate, #HappyFridayCubsTwitter, and Yu Darvish's rough last start.
The Den Podcast author

The Den- Ep 24: Best The Office Episodies, Javy Has Arrived, Ian Happ Has Not

Jared Wyllys from Sporting News and 2080 Baseball joined Myles to rank the top 5 best The Office episodes. They also chat about Javy's arrival, Happ's struggles, and the weather! [Notice: This episode does contain a few adult words]
The Den Podcast author

The Den Podcast- Ep 23: Evan Altman joins to talk Opening Day

The Den Podcast- Ep 23: Evan Altman joins to talk Opening Day by The Den Podcast
The Den Podcast author

The Den- Ep 22: Brett Taylor, Why Tommy LaStella is a Chicago legend, and Crazy Contracts

The Den- Ep 22: Brett Taylor, Why Tommy LaStella is a Chicago legend, and Crazy Contracts by The Den
The Den author

The Den- Ep 21: YUUUUUUUUU, Winter vs Summer Olympics, and Ditka's Overrated

Luis from and joins Myles to talk about the recent signing of pitching stud, Yu Darvish. They also talk olympics, trading J-Hey, and why Ditka is over rated.
The Den author

The Den - Ep 20: Cubs Con Recap/Tommy Pham said what?!

Luis and Myles chat about some the best 2018 Cubs Convention highlights as well as getting to some news around the league. Also Tommy Phan says he's going to do something that hasn't been done since the 2012 MLB season. Also, feel free to watch a video...
The Den author

The Den - Ep 19: The Cold Stove

The Den - Ep 19: The Cold Stove by The Den
The Den author

The Den - Ep 18: Cubs are Done, Jared is Famous Now, and Go Astros!

Jared and Myles talk about the Cubs season coming to an end, Jared's experience inside the clubhouse at Wrigley, and hear the guys react to Kenley Jansen giving up a game-tying homer in the 9th of the World Series!
The Den author

The Den Podcast - Ep 17: 2017 NL Central Champs, Baby!

Luis Medina ( and and Myles talk about what this NL Central crown means, what the starting pitching rotation could look like, and who Joe may lean on in the 'pen vs the Nationals.
The Den author

The Den Podcast - Ep 16: Who Wants the Central, Willy's Thirsty, and a "Mike Trout is the Best" Rant

Jared joins Myles to talk about the NL Central that is seemingly up for grabs. Also, who would be the worst option for shortstop if Javy goes down?
The Den author

The Den Podcast - Ep 15: Luis from BleacherNation! The Cubs Are Good Again! And a Joe West Rant!

Luis Medina from and joins Myles to chat about the recent Cubs success, the Jose Quintana trade, and Country Joe West.
The Den author

The Den Podast - Ep 14: Myles curses about PED's, Jared gives some insight into Hendricks' struggles

Myles and Jared chat about Starlin Marte's suspension, expectations after winning a championship, and Hendricks' struggles. [This episode does contain brief adult language.]
The Den author

The Den Podcast - Ep 13: WBC reactions, Jared's NCAA Pick, and Leave Rondon Alone

Jared joins Myles to wrap up thoughts on the WBC. There was some good, but also some very bad that came out of it. We also discuss why you should leave Hector Rondon alone. Plus, learn how awesome Jared is at picking teams in March Madness and hear Myl...
The Den author

The Den Podcast - Ep 12: The World Baseball Classic Episode

Jared and Myles try to sell you on the WBC. Because it's awesome. And you should watch it.
The Den author

The Den Podcast - Ep 11: Seattle, Spring Training, and David Ross' odds for "Dancing with the Stars"

John joins Myles again to talk about the start of Spring Training and what he's seen on the ground in Arizona. We also talk about Myles' new adventure in Seattle, Jake Arrieta's extension, and give David Ross odds for winning Dancing with the Stars (he...
The Den author


John and Myles talk Spring Training, the Cubs "mood" after a World Championship and Myles' cross-country move. Plus hear a great story about a young Willson Contreras from John!
The Den author

The Den Ep 9: A Hiatus, PED rant, and Jared's Weekend Plans

After a short hiatus, we're back with an all new episode of The Den! Jared talks about his Chris Bosio article and Myles sounds off on Frank Thomas PED quotes. *Disclaimer: we had a sound quality issue about a quarter of the way through. Sorry for ...
The Den author

The Den Ep 8: Heyward's New Groove, Tyson Ross, and a Mailbag

Jared Wyllys and Myles Phelps talk Heyward's new swing, a Ross sighting at Wrigley, and open up the Cubs Den mailbag. Plus, hear Jason's kids singing Jingle Bells!
The Den author

The Den Ep 7: New Cubs, Old Cubs, Rule 5, and the Hottest of Hot Stoves

Myles Phelps and Cubs Den Founder, John Arguello, talk about the reliever market, the Rule 5 draft, Jake Arrieta's extension talks and Fowler to the Red Birds.
The Den author

The Den Ep 6: New CBA, White Sox and Cubs should just get along, and a Lady Gaga proposal

Sam Fels joins Myles Phelps to talk about the new CBA and talk about what rules we would've liked to have seen changed. Myles also proposes some crucial would you rather questions. One includes Lady Gaga.
The Den author

The Den - Ep 5: KB MVP! Free agent discussion and a whole bunch of clicking noises.

Myles Phelps and John Arguello talk about some offseason moves that they see happening. John shares some prospect knowledge. And you get to listen to clicking noises (sorry!).
The Den author

The Den - Ep 4: World Series and Free-agent Discussion (Yes, Already)

Jared and I talked about our World Series experiences along with what we expect from the Cubs front-office this off-season. I think we conclude that Theo and Jed are much smarter. But you'll have to listen to find out! No spoilers here!
The Den author

The Den - Ep 3

Jared and John join Myles to recap some of the Game 5 drama including Maddon's decision to let Aroldis Chapman bat along with our personal pet peeves. You also don't want to miss Myles messing up Jared's last name spelling, not once, but twice!
The Den author

The Den - Ep 2

Sam Fels, Dan Travis, and Myles Phelps talk World Series Game 1 and 2.
The Den author

The Den - Ep1

Chicago Now's CubsDen with it's first ever podcast, "The Den." Myles Phelps hosts as creator and lead-writer, John Aguello, talks World Series feelings, Schwarber, pitching rotation, and Heyward.
The Den author