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Brought to you by some of the writers behind BP Wrigleyville, this Chicago Cubs podcast combines analytics with a fun, fresh approach to make sure you're up to date on all things Cubs.
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Episode 48: Winter is Coming - Cubs not good at the All Star break...or for 2018

We take a look at our biggest disappointments and pleasant surprises of the season. The starting pitching has been bad. The bullpen has been good. The offense has not been good. There's a lot of negative stuff to cover but the guys valiantly try to fo...
BP Wrigleycast author

Episode 47: Time to send Happ back down?

The guys took a little time out on Memorial Day to bring you another episode of BP Wrigleycast. Ryan and Isaac welcome back Joel to the podcast, and they dive in head first with discussion about the Cubs' recent struggles in Los Angeles. They break dow...
BP Wrigleycast author

Episode 46: Cubs playing better thanks to Zobrist and Happ

After a one month absence, Ryan and Isaac get together to chat about the recent HAPPenings with the Chicago Cubs. Jake Arrieta's strong start against Milwaukee is discussed, which leads into more trade discussions about starting pitching. The guys also...
BP Wrigleycast author

Episode 45: Heyward gets hot, Lackey loses his cool

Ryan and Isaac lead off discussing the recent struggles of John Lackey, including a few reasons why this could be who the 38-year-old pitcher is now. But are there any potential upgrades from within the organization or via trade? Later, the guys discu...
BP Wrigleycast author

Episode 44: As Cubs play eh baseball, we are all spoiled

After an intro gone horribly wrong, the guys discuss the hot/cold offense and then move onto the pen, where a fantasy draft ensues. Who ends up with the more desirable pair of relievers? You'll have to tune in to find out. We also take a look at the P...
BP Wrigleycast author

Episode 43: Cubs raise banner at home, baseball feels different, week 1 thoughts

Real baseball that actually counts is back! The guys discuss what (if anything) has changed now that a World Series titled has been accomplished. Then they discuss some quick hits from the early season. From Heyward's bat to Almora's glove, there are ...
BP Wrigleycast author

Episode 42: Previewing the 2017 baseball season

Ryan and Isaac talk about some vague changes in the future of the podcast before digging into what you've all come here for: Hardcore baseball talk! The guys chat about changes to the 2017 roster, Albert Almora Jr., Tommy La Stella, and a little bit on...
BP Wrigleycast author

Episode 41: Spring Training is here and why it matters

Spring Training is here and that means Dr. Pepper? Carlos starts things off with a bizarre comparison that includes a desert and Dr. Pepper. Then the guys discuss some quirky Maddon moves and whether he's overmanaging or not: Schwarber in the leadoff ...
BP Wrigleycast author

Episode 40: PECOTA Projections and Cubs add pitching depth

Projections are fun because fresh stats in the winter are like a warm hug from an old friend you haven't seen in a long time. But that's all they are: projections, and the guys highlight some interesting outliers. Then they discuss some recent SP sig...
BP Wrigleycast author

Episode 39: BP Top Ten Prospects List and Cubs Convention

The BP Top Ten is out and the guys run through some overall thoughts on the list, as well as some strong opinions by Isaac on one particular player. Then we chat about some players to keep an eye on that didn't make the top ten and why we like them. ...
BP Wrigleycast author

BP Wrigleycast Episode 38: Ryan goes rogue, and also Cubs talk

Ryan, Isaac, and Joel get together to discuss the events of the last two weeks. Included is debate about the merits of the Wade Davis for Jorge Soler deal, the bullpen overall, the Jon Jay signing, the split of playing time among the outfielders, and s...
BP Wrigleycast author

Episode 37: Gauging the Urgency of the Offseason after Winning it All

Things have changed now that the Cubs are World Series champions. But does that change the urgency in the front office and how badly fans want to win? The guys take a look at that and the most pressing offseason needs for a team that has only a few it...
BP Wrigleycast author

Episode 36: Replacing the Departed and Subverting the Narrative

The guys discuss their favorite moments of the 2016 postseason before closing the book on a magical season and discussing potential offseason moves. While they appear to have obvious candidates for Dexter Fowler, Jason Hammel, and Aroldis Chapman—thin...
BP Wrigleycast author

Episode 35: The Cubs Win the World Series!

They did it! Joel and Carlos were on hand in Cleveland to witness the epic seventh game of the World Series, while Isaac and Ryan watched from home. They collaborate to give their recollection of the events, including how this changes things for the Cu...
BP Wrigleycast author

Quick Take: One More W

The Cubs had to win...and they did. Despite the offensive outburst from Kris Bryant, Addison Russell, and Anthony Rizzo, the talk will inevitably center around how Joe Maddon used Aroldis Chapman. But let's not forget: The Cubs will be playing in game...
BP Wrigleycast author

Quick Take: Joe Maddon Burns the Ships, Cubs Head to Cleveland for Game 6

Joe Maddon made some questionable decisions, including bringing closer Aroldis Chapman in to pitch in the 7th inning (and never warming anyone up after that). But in the end the Cubs won the game and lived to play another day. The guys discuss defensi...
BP Wrigleycast author

Quick Take: Cubs Win a World Series Game, Even Series

The Cubs made history by winning a World Series game for the first time in a LONG time. It's historic, it's special, it's amazing. But the guys seem to forget about it and jump right into analyzing the game until Isaac steers the ship in the right dire...
BP Wrigleycast author

Quick Take: Fly the L for Game One

With the Cubs playing in the World Series for the first time in 71 years, the guys come away unimpressed with the overall performance. Discussion includes positive and negative takeaways from the game, Corey Kluber's utter dominance, and the triumphant...
BP Wrigleycast author

Episode 34: The Chicago Cubs are going to the World Series

With Game 6 of the NLCS in the books, the Chicago Cubs are going to the World Series for the first time since 1945! Ryan, Isaac, and Joel get together and recall a magical evening from their individual perspectives. Later, they look ahead to Kyle Schw...
BP Wrigleycast author

Quick Take: Cubs take game 5, don't touch the cupcake

In an episode we've dubbed "Don't Touch the Cupcake" in honor of Ryan and The Simpsons, we cover the aftermath of game 5, which includes some positives and some negatives. From Javy Baez and Jon Lester to Aroldis Chapman, we break it all down and set ...
BP Wrigleycast author

Quick Take: Cubs Offense Awakens to Take Game 4

The bats needed to come to life if the Cubs were going to have a shot at winning the series, and last night it finally happened. Also, big moments from Willson Contreras and the bullpen as the Cubs guarantee a return to Wrigley Field.
BP Wrigleycast author

Quick Take: Dodgers Take Game 3, Offense Still Missing

Nothing good happened last night as the Cubs lost game 3. Oh wait, Kris Bryant had a few singles. Is it time to panic or is this just #baseball? The guys discuss.
BP Wrigleycast author

Quick Take: Cubs look dead and shock us all, plus looking ahead

Still trying to put into words what happened the night before, Ryan and Isaac get together and discuss the events of Game 4 and Game 3. That includes questionable decisions by Joe Maddon, brilliant decisions by Joe Maddon, and how things were feeling i...
BP Wrigleycast author

Quick Take: Wood homers, Cubs get Samardzija, 2-0 series lead

The Cubs take game two over the Giants, thanks in large part to a surprise contribution from Travis Wood. We look at what happened and give instant reaction, talking about Jeff Samardzija, Wood's homer, Kyle Hendricks' early exit, and looking ahead to ...
BP Wrigleycast author

Quick Take: Baez Homers Into Wind, Cubs Take Game 1

Cubs beat the Giants in a pitcher's duel at Wrigley thanks to Jon Lester and Javy Baez.
BP Wrigleycast author

Quick Take: Giants Beat Mets, will face Cubs

Yeah, the Mets would've been better, but the Giants are still a team that played terrible baseball in the second half. And Madison Bummergarner isn't going until Game 3. So there's that... The guys start off a bit somber after the Giants win becomes o...
BP Wrigleycast author

Episode 33: Mets vs. Giants, Bumgarner's success, and postseason anxiety

With the National League wild card teams set, Ryan, Isaac, and Joel discuss which one would be the ideal matchup for the Cubs. Then, they flip the script and talk about which team they think will win the one-game playoff and why. Later, the trio muse ...
BP Wrigleycast author

Episode 32: Arrieta Rests, Montero is Back, and Theo is a Bro

Isaac is MIA this week but the guys take a look at Jake Arrieta's rest before the playoffs, Montero making a comeback, and the Epstein profile on ESPN. 60 Seconds with a Former Cub takes us to Shawon Dunston and the guys wonder if the era of coasting ...
BP Wrigleycast author

Episode 31: The gang talks to Mark Grote, NLDS matchups discussion, and more!

With another pinch-hitter needed for the transient Carlos, Mark Grote from 670 The Score and Chicago Cubs pre- and post-game joins the rest of the team. Among the topics discussed, the differences between this Cubs front office and those of the past, M...
BP Wrigleycast author

Episode 30: The Kyle Hendricks Episode, Cy Young, and Playoff Roster Questions

Kyle Hendricks was so close to throwing a no-hitter until he threw a meatball to Jebediah Hazelfrankenstein on an 0-2 count. It's too bad, but what does this near brush with greatness do to his Cy Young chances? And also: where should the Cubs slot him...
BP Wrigleycast author

Episode 29: More on Heyward, Hammel, and the Playoffs

It's not easy coming up with negatives when you're the best team in baseball, but the guys decide to take a look at Heyward's offense, Hammel's post-season role, and potential playoff matchups. For 60 seconds with a former Cub, Joel picks a player tha...
BP Wrigleycast author

Episode 28: The Gang Chats with Matt Spiegel, plus more!

With Carlos missing in action yet again, the gang turns to a veteran radio voice to pick up the slack: Matt Spiegel, of The Spiegel & Goff Show on 670 The Score. Isaac, Joel, and Ryan talk to Matt about Joe Maddon, the clubhouse vibes, Theo Epstein...
BP Wrigleycast author

Episode 27: Strop Injury, Papelbon Rumors, Hendricks and the Playoffs

Pedro Strop should be back for the playoffs, so how big a deal is his injury? Would his injury have the Cubs give Papelbon a chance to come aboard and see some familiar faces? Isaac's head might explode if they do. And how about Kyle Hendricks? Should ...
BP Wrigleycast author

Episode 26: Cubs got Problems but Depth Ain't One: Soler, LaStella and Cahill

Jorge Soler is back! But how will Joe Maddon use him without a DH spot in the lineup? Tommy LaStella was sent down to Triple-A...a while ago, but still hasn't reported. What's that all about? Trevor Cahill is being stretched out at Triple-A to start,...
BP Wrigleycast author

Episode 25: What Would Joel Freak Out About, CJ Edwards as Starter, Trade Value

Joel is out today, but we've channeled our inner Joels to see what we're all freaking out about these days. Should CJ Edwards give it a shot out of the rotation next year? We take a look at the possibility. More on the trade deadline and the value the ...
BP Wrigleycast author

Episode 24: The Aroldis Chapman Trade and Everything that Comes With It

It finally happened: the Cubs traded away their top prospect (and more) for a top pitcher. Did they get enough? Was this a good move? The guys weigh in, with Isaac and Ryan taking a pretty clear stance on the whole thing. This move also comes with a t...
BP Wrigleycast author

Quick Take: The Dan Vogelbach Trade

The Cubs pull off a trade well in advance of the deadline and acquire a lefthander to work out of the pen. In exchange, they traded away long-time trade-rumor fodder Dan Vogelbach.
BP Wrigleycast author

Episode 23: Second Half Kicks Off, Improving from Within and Chatting About Iowa

As the second half of the season kicks off, the guys chat about what they think will happen, what they’d like to see happen, and what they’re afraid will happen (Joel’s idea, of course). Then we take a different look at improving at the deadline by exa...
BP Wrigleycast author

Episode 22: Cubs Limp into Break, How Good is Contreras?, and Injuries

Is it time to panic as the Cubs struggle to win games, or could there be a silver lining to confronting some adversity at this point in the season? Then the guys discuss Willson Contreras and whether he's your starting catcher come playoff time. The BP...
BP Wrigleycast author

Episode 21: Cat sits in, Joel is concerned, and the Cubs are bad at baseball

Carlos and Isaac are out, so the guys welcome Cat Garcia to pick up their slack. The Cubs have had a tough few weeks, but should fans be concerned or merely frustrated with the drought? Later, the trio discuss how the team can best improve heading into...
BP Wrigleycast author

Episode 20: Cubs recent slump, the projected All-Stars, and CONTRERAS!

With Carlos and Joel away at ANTHROCON 2016, Ryan and Isaac take the reigns in discussing the Cubs recent slump. Later, they tackle the topic of relievers on the trade market, the Cubs needs, which of the All-Stars are truly deserving of their spot, an...
BP Wrigleycast author

BP Wrigleycast Episode 19: Coghlan is Back, Almora Up, Catching Situation

The Cubs surprise everyone and trade for Chris Coghlan. With him and Almora now on the roster, how does playing time look moving forward? The guys touch a little bit on the draft (and the Cardinals' draft) as well as the whole "how long can they carry ...
BP Wrigleycast author

BP Wrigleycast Episode 18: Willson Contreras Develops, Maddon Doing Great, More

Carlos makes his triumphant return as Ryan Davis slinks away to Summer Camp. Willson Contreras seems ready for the Big Leagues, but what about his defense? It's easy to say Joe Maddon is doing a great job when the team is winning games, but what is he ...
BP Wrigleycast author

Episode 17: Carlos is missing, the starting rotation, and Cubs are streaking

The guys move on without Carlos this week, and lead off discussing the Cubs complete 180 degree turn. They've played well, but has it been a combination of better performance and poor competition? Next, a discussion about Javier Baez and what the Cubs ...
BP Wrigleycast author

BP Wrigleycast Episode 16: Julie DiCaro is On, Slumping Cubs, the Ramirez Move

Julie DiCaro is our special guest, and she brings her view on the current Cubs slump to the table. We also talk Jason Heyward and whether players should be a little more careful early in the season to avoid injury. The Cubs are losing games but is that...
BP Wrigleycast author

BP Wrigleycast Episode 15: Russell Breaking Out, Arrieta Extension, and Injuries

The Cubs continue to play good baseball, but the guys zero in on Addison Russell and what could be a breakout season for the young shortstop. Jake Arrieta is great, but should the Cubs extend him while they have him? There are pros and there are cons. ...
BP Wrigleycast author

BP Wrigleycast Episode 14: Domination, Zobrist Coming Alive, a AAA Review

The Cubs are absolutely dominating right now, and the guys remind listeners to enjoy it while they can—it's something special that you don't see every day. Ben Zobrist has been heating up lately, and the guys take a closer look at his recent run. A wee...
BP Wrigleycast author

BP Wrigleycast Episode 13: Hail Szczur, Almora Interview, Deviating from Plan

The Cubs keep winning despite some of the team's big offensive names coming up short. But Tommy LaStella and Matt Szczur had a nice week. We touch on Jorge Soler again and the perpetual mystery of whether or not he'll be a big leaguer. Miguel Montero g...
BP Wrigleycast author

BP Wrigleycast Episode 12: Sarah Spain on Cubs' Start, Maddon, and More

Our special guest this week is Sarah Spain, and we discuss the importance of a good start for a team with such high expectations, as well as Joe Maddon, Jake Arrieta, Kris Bryant, and much more.  Jake Arrieta threw another no-hitter and no one is that...
BP Wrigleycast author

BP Wrigleycast Episode 11: Cubs Winning, Cardinals In Town, Trading Baez

With the Cubs off to a good start, the guys break down how it's happened despite some very unimpressive offensive stats (other than Dexter Fowler). Taking pitches has definitely helped, but pretty amazing to be off to this kind of start when so many pl...
BP Wrigleycast author