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Streets.MN is dedicated to expanding the conversation about transportation, urban design and public space issues in the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota.

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Transportation and Land Use in Minnesota
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Podcast #123: Saint Paul’s Ward 6 with Terri Thao

This podcast is an interview with Terri Thao, who is running for City Council in Saint Paul’s 6th Ward, on the East Side of the city. Terri Thao is a long-time non-profit professional, former Planning Commissioner, and community organizer, among other ...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #122: Planning for Walking in Saint Paul with Fay Simer

Today I’m bringing you a conversation with Fay Simer. Fay Simer is the Pedestrian Coordinator for Saint Paul Public Works Department, and she has been working diligently on the city’s first ever official pedestrian plan. Like most cities, Saint Paul ha...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #121: Activating Nicollet Avenue with Lisa Middag

Today I’m bringing you a conversation with Lisa Middag, the director of Nicollet Activation for the Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District. What does Nicollet activation” mean? I’m glad you asked. You’ll find out all about it in just a second, but i...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #120: Minneapolis 2040 with Heather Worthington and Paul Mogush

Today I’m bringing you a conversation with Heather Worthington and Paul Mogush, two of the people behind the forthcoming Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan. The Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan is the basic planning document for the city, a ten-yea...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #119: Preserving Urban Alleys with Christian Huelsman

Today I’m bringing you a conversation with Christian Huelsman, a public space preservationist who has, for years, been an advocate for alleys, public spaces, and urban history in Cincinnati Ohio and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Alleys are not always places ...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #118: Driver Behavior at Saint Paul Crosswalks with Nichole Morris

Today I’m bringing you our 118th episode, a conversation with Dr. Nichole Morris. Dr. Morris is the director of the HumanFIRST Laboratory at the University of Minnesota, and is a researcher and scholar who focuses on the intersection of transportation,...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #117: Saint Paul’s Ward 4 with Mitra Jalali Nelson

Welcome to the streets.mn podcast. Today I’m bringing you episode 117: Saint Paul’s Ward 4 with Mitra Jalali Nelson. This is another in my interviews with political candidates for local public office. Longtime listeners of this podcast will remember, f...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #116: Saint Paul 1978 with George Latimer, David Lanagren, and Jerry Mathiason

Welcome to the streets.mn podcast, Episode 116: Saint Paul 1978 with George Latimer, Jerry Mathiason, and David Lanagren. Today I have a fun conversation for you that I taped back in May. The chat took place between former Saint Paul mayor George Latim...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #115 – Ramsey County’s 3rd District with Trista Matas-Castillo

This week’s episode features Trista Matas-Castillo, who is running for Ramsey County Commissioner in the 3rd District, which covers a big chunk of the northern neighborhoods of Saint Paul. Most people in Ramsey County cannot even name a County Commissi...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #114: Painting Suburbia with Carolyn Swiszcz

Carolyn Swiszcz is one of my favorite local artists, a painter, printmaker, and visual artist who works a lot in some of my favorite slash least favorite landscapes: post-war suburbia. I first came across Carolyn a short musical video she made about We...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #113: Extreme Victorian Restoration with Matt Mazanec

I’m really excited to share this podcast with you, because it’s a new topic for me — an in depth look at restoration of a unique old house on the East Side of Saint Paul – and I personally loved talking to Matt about his incredible passion for his hous...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #112: Mapping the History of Racial Covenants in Minneapolis

I’m back with another streets.mn podcast and it’s a good one. I sat down a few weeks ago with the team from Mapping Prejudice, a groundbreaking historical research effort to shed light on the racist history of housing practices in Minneapolis. Joining ...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #111: A Vision for Duluth’s Superior Street with Ben Garland

The podcast this week is a conversation with Ben Garland, a Duluth resident who runs a small business in the hillside neighborhood. Over the last year or so, Garland has been organizing to try and change the design for a street reconstruction project o...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #110: Cars and Phones and State Transportation Policy with Frank Hornstein

The podcast this week is a conversation with State Representative Frank Hornstein, who represents district 61A in south Minneapolis. Frank Hornstein has long been a leader in the Minnesota House on transportation issues, and is currently the ranking mi...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #109: Walking Every Street in Minneapolis with Max Hailperin

The podcast this week is a conversation with Max Hailperin. Max Hailperin is fascinating Minneapolis flaneur who has been quietly walking down every street in Minneapolis over the last few years. To do it, Hailperin maps neighborhoods, figures out the ...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast 108: 2017 Minneapolis Mayoral Forum on Sustainable and Equitable Transportation

The podcast this week is a special one. Just like we did four years ago, streets.mn co-hosted a forum with candidates running to be the mayor of Minneapolis. This is a recording that hour-and a half long conversation, which was moderated by Freddy Bell...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #107: Minneapolis Elections Explainer with David Brauer

The podcast this week is a conversation with David Brauer, a long-time local Minneapolis journalist, all about the upcoming Minneapolis city elections where 13 city council seats and the next mayor will be decided. We sat down at Butter Bakery Café in ...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #106: Minneapolis Ward 3 with Ginger Jentzen

The podcast this week is a conversation with Ginger Jentzen, who is running for Minneapolis City Council in Ward 3. Jentzen is a community organizer who formerly ran the successful 15 now living wage campaign that raised the minimum wage in Minneapolis...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #105: Bikes and Churches with Travis Norvell, the Pedaling Pastor

The podcast this week is a conversation with Travis Norvell, aka the Pedaling Pastor. Norvell is a pastor at the Judson Memorial Baptist Church in South Minneapolis, and is also an avid bicyclists who blogs and tweets using his handle, the Pedaling Pas...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #105: Sustain Ward 3 with Amanda Willis and Brandon Long

This week’s podcast is a conversation with Amanda Willis and Brandon Long, two of the people who have organized called Sustain Ward 3, a new community group in Saint Paul focusing on urban issues. We sat down in Long’s living room the other day to chat...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #104: Redesigning Maryland Avenue with Jim McDonough

The podcast this week is a conversation with Jim McDonough, who is a County Commissioner on the Ramsey County board representing the East Side of Saint Paul. Commissioner McDonough and I sat down in his office a few weeks ago to talk about the recent “...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #103: Minneapolis Ward 7 with Janne Flisrand

The podcast this week is a conversation with Janne Flisrand. In addition to being a housing policy consultant and the vice-chair of streets.mn, Janne Flisrand is running for City Council in Minneapolis’ Ward 7, a neighborhood around uptown, Lake of the...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #102: A Pedestrian Future for Downtown Minneapolis with Leif Pettersen

The podcast this week is a conversation with Leif Pettersen, a travel writer and tourist public relations professional who lives in downtown Minneapolis. We sat down a few weeks ago in the Minneapolis skyway system to chat about a recent op-ed he wrote...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #101: Minneapolis’ Ward 11 with Erica Mauter

The podcast this week is a conversation with Erica Mauter, a engineer and executive director of the Twin Cities Women’s Choir, a non-profit. Mauter is running for City Council in Minneapolis’ Ward 11, in the Southern part of the city. We sat down for a...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #100 – Skyways and Streetlife with Eric Dayton

The podcast this week is a conversation with Eric Dayton, the founder and chief booster of the Minneapolis Skyway Avoidance Society. Eric Dayton is the owner of two downtown Minneapolis businesses – the Bachelor Farmer restaurant and Askov-Finlayson, a...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #99: Minneapolis Ward 1 with City Council Candidate Jillia Pessenda

The podcast this week is a conversation with Jillia Pessenda, a community organizer who is running for city council representing Minneapolis’ Ward 1 in the northeast corner of the city. We sat down a few weeks ago at Maya Cuisine on Central Avenue to c...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #98: Minneapolis Ward 11 with City Council Candidate Jeremy Schroeder

The podcast this week is a conversation with Jeremy Schroeder, a director of a non-profit focused on affordable housing. Schroeder is running for City Council in Ward 11, on the city border in South Minneapolis. We sat down a few months ago at the Wild...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #97: Cities, Welfare, and Block Grants with Dana DeMaster

The podcast this week is a conversation with Dana DeMaster, a program evaluator who focuses on poverty and public health programs at the State and County level. Dana is also on the streets.mn board, and a long-time advocate for better bicycling in Minn...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #96: The Urban Effects of Amazon.com with Spencer Cox

The podcast this week is a conversation with Spencer Cox, a Geography PhD student at the University of Minnesota who is studying how amazon.com is changing the urban landscape in America. Cox has spent the last few years researching amazon, both its lo...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #95: Energy and Carbon Consensus with Brendan Jordan

This week’s podcast is a conversation with Brendan Jordan, the vice-president of the Great Plains Institute, a Minneapolis-based energy and climate think tank. I sat down with Brendan last week at his office to discuss the political landscape of climat...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #94: The Future of Renewable Energy Policy with J. Drake Hamilton

This week’s podcast is a conversation with J. Drake Hamilton, a Science Policy Director for Fresh Energy, a Minnesota-based non-profit that works at the intersection of energy and environmental policy. J. and I sat down to talk about what the climate c...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #93: Visiting Minneapolis’ Lost Skid Row with James Eli Shiffer

Hello! This week’s podcast is a conversation with James Eli Shiffer, a writer and editor at the Star Tribune, about his recent book the King of Skid Row: John Bacich and the Twilight Years of Old Minneapolis. The book is an in-depth account of Shiffer’...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #92 – Beyond Richfield with County Commission Candidate Debbie Goettel

This week’s podcast is a conversation with Debbie Goettel, the mayor of Richfield and a candidate for the Hennepin County Commissioner in the 5th District, which encompasses Richfield, Bloomington, and a big chuck of Eden Prairie. We sat down at the So...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #91 – Talking about Newport with Mayoral Candidate Dan Lund

This week’s podcast is a conversation with Dan Lund, a patent lawyer and City Council member in Newport, Minnesota (population 3,500). Lund is one of the two candidates running for Mayor in the small Washington County suburb, located Just south of the ...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #90 – Talking West Saint Paul with City Council Candidate John Justen

Here’s new podcast for you discussing the opposite side of the Metro area from the previous episode. This week’s podcast is a conversation with John Justen, a father, small business owner, and resident of West Saint Paul who is running for city council...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #89: Talking Columbia Heights with City Council Candidate Sean Broom

Hello! I’m rebooting the podcast after a long hiatus. My equipment was stolen along with my bike pannier a while ago, but thanks to the help of some supporters, I was able to replace and upgrade it with some new and better microphones. So thanks to eve...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #88: James Warden on the Future of Hopkins

The podcast this week is a conversation with James Warden, who as well as writing many fine columns for this site, is running for City Council in Hopkins Minnesota. Warden is a former journalist and media analyst, a zoning and planning commissioner, an...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #87: Linda Feltes on Workplace Wellness

Here’s a podcast conversation with Linda Feltes, the workplace wellness coordinator for the state of Minnesota Office of Management and Budget. I first met Linda when we both testified in favor of the Saint Paul Bicycle Plan earlier this year, and so w...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #86: Planning Campus Bicycling with Steve Sanders and Tyler Schow

And the podcast is back after a long hiatus. Today I have a special conversation with University of Minnesota student (and streets.mn contributor) Tyler Schow and Steve Sanders, the alternative transportation manager for the University of Minnesota. Ty...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #85: Over North with Jeff Skrenes, Brian Finstad, and Will Lumpkins

The podcast this week is a conversation with Jeff Skrenes, Brian Finstad, and Will Lumpkins, all about the historic preservation, transportation and neighborhood revitalization in North Minneapolis. Jeff, Brian, and Will are all very active in the comm...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #84 – All About Arts Districts with Brenda Kayzar

The podcast this week is a conversation with Brenda Kayzar, a professor of Geography at the University of Minnesota who researches urban real estate, housing, and the role of artists in urban economies. We sat down the other day to talk about the histo...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #83 – Minneapolis’s Milwaukee Avenue with Bob Roscoe

The podcast this week is a conversation with Bob Roscoe, a Minneapolis architect, activist and author who wrote the book Milwaukee Avenue: Community Renewal in Minneapolis. If you didn’t know about it already, Milwaukee Avenue is one of the most unique...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #82 – The Minnesota Transportation Picture with Scott Dibble

The podcast this week is a conversation with Scott Dibble, who represents Minnesota Senate District 61 covering southwest Minneapolis. For the last ten years, Senator Dibble has been a leading voice in Minnesota conversations around two key issues; the...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #81: Inside Ending Homelessness with Randall Cohn

The podcast this week is a conversation with Randall Cohn, a law student and long-time worker and wonk working on homelessness policy in Minneapolis. We sat down the other day in the back room of Club Jaeger, right in the North Loop near many of the ho...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #80: Amusingly Approaching Public Policy with Tane Danger

The podcast this week is a conversation with Tane Danger, the co-founder of the Theater of Public Policy, which is a highly unique combination of public policy conversations and improve comedy. The Theater of Public Policy, or T2P2 as it’s known, has b...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #79: Saint Paul’s Ward 2 with Rebecca Noecker

The podcast this week is a conversation with Rebecca Noecker, who is a candidate for city council in Saint Paul’s Ward 2. Rebecca is a former teacher and currently works doing development for an education nonprofit in Minneapolis, as well as serving on...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #78 – Real Views of Minneapolis with Joe Scott

The podcast this week is a conversation with Joe Scott, an amateur photographer and snarky writer who does many of the Friday Photo features for streets.mn. A while back I met up with Joe at one of his favorite Minneapolis spots, the 24th Street pedest...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #77 – State Transportation Politics Panel feat. Charlie Zelle

The podcast this week is a recording of the recent Transportation Panel hosted by the Women’s Environmental Network. The panel, which took place at Macalester College a few weeks ago, featured MNDOT Commissioner Charlie Zelle, Representative Connie Ber...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #76 – Bus Stop Spacing with Alex Cecchini

The podcast this week is a conversation with Alex Cecchini, an engineer and regular contributor to streets.mn. Alex recently wrote a well-researched post entitled The Case for Quarter Mile Bus Stop Spacing, all about transit design and the tradeoff bet...
Bill Lindeke author

Podcast #75 – Restoring University Avenue Parking with Chris Ferguson

The podcast this week is a conversation with Chris Ferguson, a University Avenue business owner who is leading the charge on re-adding on-street parking to the street as it runs through Saint Paul and Minneapolis. As you probably know, University avenu...
Bill Lindeke author