The Strength Running Podcast

Running and coaching tips for beginner and advanced runners with Coach Jason Fitzgerald. Featuring guests like Nick Symmonds and Shalane Flanagan, listeners will learn how to race faster, stay healthy, prevent running injuries, and get stronger in this informative and fun podcast.

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The Strength Running Podcast is where Coach Jason Fitzgerald shares running advice for new and veteran runners who are passionate about getting stronger, preventing running injuries, and racing faster. Featuring guests like Olympian Nick Symmonds and New York Times best-selling author Shalane Flanagan, you’ll learn what it takes to run fast, stay healthy, and become a better runner.
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117. The Pro Athlete Experience with Olympian Kate Grace & Endeavorun

"Fast Kate" Grace is one of the United States' most decorated and accomplished middle-distance runners. She's an Olympian, Olympic Trials champion, and a runner-up at outdoor nationals in the 1500m. She was also our guest on Episode 97 of the podcast. ...

116. Trail Ultramarathoner Abby Hall on When to DNF, Failure, and Going All In

Pro ultramarathoner and trail runner Abby Hall joins us to discuss transitioning to longer distances after being a middle-distance athlete, when she thinks it’s a good idea to drop out of a race, what surprised her most when she started competing in lo...

Episode 115: Max King on How to Thrive in Any Race (Athleticism, Mobility, Strength)

I first became aware of Max King in 2014 when he won the World Warrior Dash Championship. I realized - after winning my own Warrior Dash in 2012 - that runners are often the best OCR competitors. Before I first interviewed Max, I studied his career an...

Episode 114: How Anna Mae Flynn Trains for Trail Ultramarathons

Anna Mae is actually a recent entry into the world of ultramarathons. She debuted at the 2015 Way Too Cool 50k - only to have her finish time qualify as a top-10 all-time performance. Today, her sponsors include: HOKA ONE ONE Suunto Honey Stinger She...

Episode 113: 3 Elite Runners on Fueling for Workouts, Long Runs, and Races

Today you’re going to hear from three Ultramarathoners on how they fuel for races, what their post long run fueling looks like, and how things might be different if they were training for shorter races. It’s helpful to study ultramarathoners when it co...

Episode 112: Train Your Mind: How to Get Mentally Fit with Dr. Marc Bubbs

Dr. Marc Bubbs, ND, CISSN, CSCS is a former strength coach and the current Performance Nutrition Lead for Canada Basketball. He's written the new book Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports that discusses: The mic...

Episode 111: Base Training, the Maffetone Method, and Why You're Not 'Lungs with Legs'

Base training gives runners a foundation of fitness in three major areas: aerobic capacity, strength, and neuromuscular coordination (or leg speed). Aerobic capacity is built through easy mileage, long runs, and workouts like tempos, progressions, and ...

Episode 110: Jason Coaches a Runner on Race Strategy, Pacing, and Tune-up Race Strategy

Jason is back with another coaching call episode, this time featuring a runner named JT who is committing to train more diligently for his upcoming 5mi race on Thanksgiving. He's currently training through the Texas summer heat and curious about settin...

Episode 109: Filmmaker and Endurance Cyclist Jeremy Green Discusses Running Smarter

Our conversation today features the creative lead and owner of XPollination Productions, Mr. Jeremy Green. Jeremy is a road cyclist and was damn close to being a pro during his younger years. He’s taken that same drive and intensity to his filmmaking. ...

Episode 108: Build Confidence, Intrinsic Motivation, and Drive with Matt Pendola

To help us think more clearly about our mental skillset, I'd like to introduce you to Matt Pendola. Matt Pendola is a polymath and exactly the type of person I love bringing on the podcast. His diverse background includes success in not just coaching, ...

Episode 107: Tina Muir Cohosts to Answer Your Strength Training Questions

Today's episode is all Q&A about strength training for endurance runners featuring a guest cohost, Ms. Tina Muir! Tina is the host of the incredibly popular Running for Real podcast, a past guest here on the Strength Running Podcast, and a former p...

Episode 106: Listen to a Coaching Call About Running Your First Half Marathon

What you’re about to listen to is a coaching call where we talk about Riley’s running background, the types of training he has experience with, and how he can structure the next 4 months of his running to not only finish his first half, but also race i...

Episode 105: District Track's Tom Brumlik on How to Train for the 800m

Us distance runners are used to metering out our effort, cautiously sipping fuel to conserve energy, and waiting for the perfect moment to strike. We're creatures of patience, willing to grind for miles and execute a well-planned pacing strategy over t...

Episode 104: Katy Sherratt on the Power of Running to Combat Homelessness

Katy Sherratt joins us on the podcast today to discuss the mission of Back on My Feet and the power of running to combat homelessness. And it is quite powerful! The organization has helped more than 7,000 and every dollar invested into Back on My Feet ...

Episode 103: The Results of the Podcast Survey and the Future of the Strength Running Podcast

After 100 episodes of the Strength Running Podcast, Jason announced a survey to get your feedback. What format episode is your favorite? Do you prefer longer or shorter episodes? What would you like to see MORE of? And of course, what can be improved? ...

Episode 102: Running Form Expert Matt Phillips on Gait Retraining and Cues

Matt Phillips is a running injury and performance specialist from England who's written for most major media platforms and has spoken at numerous international conferences. You might recognize him! He's a massage therapist, video gait analyst, and is a...

Episode 101: Menachem Brodie on the Finer Details of Strength Training for Endurance

Menachem Brodie is an exercise scientist, USA Cycling Expert level coach and USA Triathlon certified coach, and a graduate of an American College of Sports Medicine Accredited program with a bachelors in Exercise Physiology. He also has experience work...

Episode 100: Body Care, Mobility, and Recovery with Alex Ellis

Alexandra Ellis is a polymath, having studied and worked in many different areas of exercise science, fitness, and coaching. She has a degree in Exercise Biology and has amassed nearly 1,000 hours of yoga training. Alex also has additional education in...

Episode 99: Recovery 3 Ways - Acute, Training as Recovery, and Long-Term Rejuvenation

Today's episode is about recovery, and specifically recovery through three different perspectives: acute recovery - or what you do immediately after a hard workout or race, recovery as preparation - or what you do in training that makes recovery easier...

Episode 98: Chris McClung of Rogue Running on Training Theory

Today's podcast episode features one of the lead coaches for Rogue Running, a massive running group in Austin, Texas. After discovering the Running Rogue podcast and learning more about the group, I instantly recognized Chris McClung as a thoughtful co...

Episode 97: Fast Kate Grace on Growing Up Fit, Staple Workouts, and Courage

Borrowing an idea from our mutual friend Nicole Antoinette, Kate has decided to choose courage over comfort when it comes to showing up and racing. When it comes to getting the most from our bodies, all of us have some trepidation about the discomfort ...

Episode 96: Matt Fitzgerald on Suffering, Love, and why Life is a Marathon

You’re about to listen to Strength Running’s first live show with author Matt Fitzgerald. If you’re not familiar with Matt, he’s written more than 20 books about sports nutrition, endurance, running, and the marathon including my favorites, The Enduran...

Episode 95: Peter Bromka on the Fear and Hope of the Marathon

I ran competitively against Peter while we were both in college. He was at Tufts University while I ran for Connecticut College. Bromka was faster. In college, he was consistently a Varsity runner for their competitive Division III cross country team. ...

Episode 94: How to Avoid the Dark Side of Passion and Build a Sustainable Running Obsession

Brad Stulberg is a polymath whose first book with coach Steve Magness, Peak Performance, was one of my favorite reads from 2018. His work focuses on helping athletes, business executives, and other top performers improve their chances of success by wor...

Episode 93: 3:53 Miler Craig Engels on Training for Speed and his '80s-era Mustache

You might know Craig as the 2013 Pan-American Jr. Games 1500m champion or the 4th place finisher at the 2016 US Olympic Trials in the 1500m. More recently, Craig won the USATF indoor mile and set a blazing 3:53 mile PR. His list of personal bests is ey...

Episode 92: How Deena Kastor Used Her Mind to Become a World-Class Athlete

After college, Deena traveled to Amarosa, Colorado to train under Coach Joe Vigil. That's when her running took off. To discover why and how this happened (it wasn't better training), Deena joined me on the Strength Running Podcast to discuss the menta...

Episode 91: How to Create Motivation, Build Support Systems, and Multiply Your Performance

You don’t have to just “hope” that your motivation to run will be there in the morning when the alarm blares… But motivation is fickle and unpredictable. Some days, you’re ready to crush a track workout or long run. Other days, you can barely bring you...

Episode 90: Running for Enlightenment with Filmmaker Sanjay Rawal

Sanjay Rawal is a filmmaker, runner, and the man behind the documentary 3100: Run and Become. Before becoming a filmmaker, he spent 15 years in over 40 countries working on human rights and international development. His new film is about the longest c...

Episode 89: Meb Keflezighi: The Molding of a Distance Runner

Meb's legacy is cemented as a world-class runner: he's the 2004 Olympic Marathon silver medalist, winner of the 2009 New York City Marathon and 2014 Boston Marathon, and 4-time Olympian. He's also the author of three books guaranteed to get your compet...

Episode 88: Dr. Mike Young on Metcon Workouts and Free Weights vs. Machines

Don't be surprised if a Metcon workout includes: Running Cycling Rowing Gymnastic movements Strength exercises Any combination of these forms of exercise They're put together to condition the metabolism. In other words, to enable you to work at a nea...

Episode 87: Do Runners Really Need Nutrition Supplements?

Running nutrition can be confusing. To begin with, there’s your day-to-day diet. The debates will forever rage on in running circles on how to fuel your training, from keto to high carb to whole 30 and everything in between. At the end of the day, simp...

Episode 86: Beth Skwarecki, the Health Editor of Lifehacker, on Health & Fitness Trends

Beth Skwarecki is the author of two books and the Health Editor of Lifehacker. She's here to dispel fitness and health myths that might be leading us astray. Beth is a member of the National Association of Science Writers and the Association of Health ...

Episode 85: Lindsey Hein on Elites, Podcasting for Runners, and Training with Kids

Lindsey has always been a runner. She ran cross country in high school and after running for fitness and health in college, started running marathons post-collegiately. To date, she's run 14 marathons and is currently preparing for the 2019 Boston Mara...

Episode 84: How to Optimize Recovery with Christie Aschwanden

Recovery means much more than what you do - it's also about what you don't do. For example, many runners think foam rolling or taking an ice bath are effective recovery methods. And if you enjoy them, I won't argue! But what you're not doing is equally...

Episode 83: Sarah Canney on the 2019 World Snowshoe Running Championships

Last week, I had the pleasure of spending an hour talking to Sarah Canney. She's a Road Runners Club of America and USA Track and Field certified running coach in addition to being a competitive mountain runner and member of the 2018 US National Snowsh...

Episode 82: Megan Roche on Becoming a Happy Runner

Megan Roche is a professional runner for HOKA ONE ONE and the 2016 USA Track & Field Trail Runner of the Year at the ultra and sub-ultra distances. A five-time national champion, she’s also the North American Mountain Running Champion and a six-tim...

Episode 81: Strength Coach Tony Gentilcore on Deadlifts: Form, Dangers, and Function

Over the last two years, I've been learning more and more about strength training. In fact, our new strength program High Performance Lifting (details here) has rocketed to our most popular training course. Like many runners, I'm not in love with weigh...

Episode 80: The Best (and least effective) Injury Prevention Strategies

Now, my goal at Strength Running is to always show you the most effective approach. The training that will most likely get you to achieve your biggest goals. That’s why we don’t waste time on minutiae. We don’t chase shiny objects like CrossFit Enduran...

Episode 79: How a Physical Therapist (and 2:24 Marathoner) Prevents Injuries

Verrelle Wyatt is a 2:24 marathoner, 4:18 miler, and an Athletic Hall of Famer for his high school. He received his doctoral degree in Physical Therapy from Walsh University in Ohio. He has two medical licenses in both Physical Therapy and Sports Physi...

Episode 78: Jason Koop on Coaching Competence and Smarter Training

As a runner himself, Jason Koop has two top-10 finishes at the Leadville Trail 100 and has finished some of ultrarunning's most challenging races like the Badwater 135, Wasatch 100, and the Hardrock 100. He's the Director of Coaching at Carmichael Trai...

Episode 77: How to Get Injured: 5 Training Errors That Spike Your Injury Risk

Running injuries are formally called repetitive stress injuries. Do the wrong thing (over a prolonged period of time) and you can rest assured that you’re probably going to get hurt. Here’s a great example from outside the running world. Recently I int...

Episode 76: Yoga for Runners: A Deep Dive with Yogi Sage Rountree

With some runners hesitant to brave the yoga studio – and the benefits unclear – I wanted to get a leading expert on the podcast to discuss yoga for runners. Please say hi to Sage Rountree. Sage isn’t just an internationally recognized yoga expert with...

Episode 75: Running Advice for Beginners - 3 Errors that Derail Progress

Today I want to help you avoid the most common mistakes among new runners. These "unforced errors" derail your progress, invite injury, and make running harder than it needs to be. Simply not doing the wrong thing can be the difference between success ...

Episode 74: Running Your First Marathon? Listen to this Behind the Scenes Coaching Call

Pam is a Team Strength Running member. Every month, I get the team together for a live video coaching call. We talk about workouts, scheduling races, planning around vacations and injuries, and how to strategically plan a season. I recently asked the t...

Episode 73: How NOT to Lift Weights: 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid

To kick off 2018, we’re focusing on strength training for runners. And there’s an undeniable advantage from getting the fundamentals right before you learn how to start lifting weights: Progress is faster (you get better sooner!) Risks are mitigated (f...

Episode 72: Mark Cucuzzella, MD on A Comprehensive Injury Prevention Plan

If you don't know Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, you're missing out. He’s a professor at West Virginia University School of Medicine and a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Air Force Reservists. He designed the US Air Force Efficient Running Project and has presented...

Episode 71: A Step-by-Step Guide to Tempo Runs

Tempo runs are beneficial for virtually every runner – from milers to marathoners, tempos are nearly ubiquitous. Of course, they’re a staple for longer distance runners training for the marathon and beyond. If you’re not familiar with this type of work...

Episode 70: Eating Disorders in Runners: An Honest Conversation with Annyck Besso, RD

Most coaches - including myself - don't have the tools to discuss this serious issue. I have no personal experience or training with eating disorders in runners (though I have friends with disordered eating). So I brought on someone who does: Annyck Be...

Episode 69: Trail & Ultra Coach Doug Hay on Becoming a Trail Runner

I'm not promoting running trails because they're beautiful. Or awe-inspiring. Or jaw-dropping. Though, that's certainly an added bonus! Trail running is a welcomed alternative to road running because it's a different type of stress that helps you becom...

Episode 68: How to Improve 'Movement Knowledge' with Ryan Smith, DPT

Dr. Ryan Smith is a lead instructor for the Institute of Clinical Excellence in the Fitness Athlete division. He specializes in treating individuals who participate in CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, powerlifting, and other recreational sports like running....