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Matthew Klippenstein and Nicolas Zart, two globally recognized electric vehicle and clean energy experts, discuss the hottest news regarding Tesla, other electric vehicles, solar energy, wind energy, and energy storage.
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Life With Electric Cars — Tesla Model S, Nissan LEAF, Jaguar I-PACE, & More

Our local Tesla Shuttle arm in Poland has been operating for over a year. One of our co-founders, Tomek Gać, has also had a Nissan LEAF for years and he recently test drove the new Nissan LEAF and the Jaguar I-PACE. We decided to have a long chat about...
Cleantech Talk author

EV Incentives, with Paul Scott (Cleantech Talk Today #10)

EV leader/legend Paul Scott talks with CleanTechnica for Cleantech Talk Today #10. We cover the US federal tax credit for EVs, California's $2,500 EV rebate, and unfortunate US politics today with Republicans guiding our ship toward a giant iceberg fol...
Cleantech Talk author

Tesla Sales, EV Sales In Europe & China, & Next-Gen Batteries! (Cleantech Talk Today #9)

Tesla had more news, as usual. We also had a lot of fun talking about the Chinese and European EV markets. And then: The Batteries.
Cleantech Talk author

BMW i3 Joins CleanTechnica (Cleantech Talk Today #8)

A BMW i3 REx joins the CleanTechnica EV family. Kyle Field, Nicolas Zart, and Zach Shahan chat about the pros and cons of the BMW i3 versus the Tesla Model S (which both Kyle and Zach have owned), the Tesla Model 3, and some other electric cars.
Cleantech Talk author

Tesla Truck, Alta Motors Electric Dirt Bike, Melting Like Nacho Cheese (Cleantech Talk Today #7)

In this episode, Kyle Field, Nicolas Zart, and Zach Shahan talk about the Tesla pickup truck that Tesla seems to be designing in earnest now, awesome electric dirt bikes from Alta Motors, Jaguar's growing electrification plans, and Volvo's fully electr...
Cleantech Talk author

Zero Motorcycles, Jaguar Electric Boat, Tesla Model 3 Road Trip, & EV Charging For The Masses

Nicolas Zart and Zach Shahan chat about Zero Motorcycles, electric motorcycles, a record-fast Jaguar electric boat, a Tesla Model 3 road trip, a superb EV charging solution for parking garages, & EV charging for the masses.
Cleantech Talk author

Jaguar I-PACE, Space Invader, And ... Elon Musk (Cleantech Talk Today #5)

Nicolas Zart and Zach Shahan chat about the Jaguar I-PACE, Jaguar, the Volvo Polestar brand, Elon Musk, Tesla, and Space Invader!
Cleantech Talk author

Record-Low Solar In USA, Mercedes Electric Cars, EV Startups — Cleantech Talk Today #4

In this episode, Nicolas Zart and Zach Shahan discuss the Mercedes EQ sub-brand, electric car startups, and new stunningly low-priced solar power bids in the USA.
Cleantech Talk author

Tesla Disruption, CATL EV Batteries, Kitty Hawk (Cleantech Talk Today #3)

Nicolas Zart and Zach Shahan talk Tesla Model 3 disruption, Tesla time vs legacy automaker time, Elon Musk, EV batteries, Chinese EV battery giant CATL, the Jaguar I-PACE, and legacy automakers — plus a couple of offbeat surprises. As always, you can w...
Cleantech Talk author

Tesla Marketing, Tesla Model 3 Battery Production, Tesla Battery Recycling (Cleantech Talk Today #2)

For the second episode of a daily Cleantech Talk Today show, Nicolas Zart and I talked about Tesla marketing, Tesla Model 3 battery production, Tesla battery recycling, and some other highlights from Tesla's annual shareholder meeting. But that was jus...
Cleantech Talk author

Tesla Model 3 motors, safety, & innovation (Cleantech Talk Today #1)

Nicolas Zart and I have been thinking for months about an idea of doing a daily chat about cleantech news. We finally kicked this off. In this chat, we talked about Tesla Model 3 safety a bit. We highlighted the odd Canadian news about the government ...
Cleantech Talk author

How Cities Can Support, Promote, and Lead On Electric Transport

In this podcast, we discuss the roles cities can play in supporting, stimulating, advancing, and benefiting from e-mobility. The discussion relates to our new report, "Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure: Guidelines For Cities." To learn more, go ...
Cleantech Talk author

Why EV Charging Leadership is Critical for Cities

Electric mobility is critical for cities to promote and stimulate because it solves insane public health crises, is great for business, and can be a key part of a transition into a smart city future. Listen and learn more here:
Cleantech Talk author

EV Charging Guidelines for Cities — Why & Where The Idea Came From

Today a new contribution to the electrification of European transport was launched at the TEN-T Days conference. The paper, "Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure: Guidelines for Cities," draws on the experience and expertise from a wide range of p...
Cleantech Talk author

Reinventing The Wheel, Resurrecting Faraday Future, & Japan's H2 Play (Cleantech Talk #49)

Episode #49 of Cleantech Talk is here! In this episode, we talk about reinventing the wheel, a Faraday Future maybe-resurrection, and Japan’s logical hots for hydrogen.
Cleantech Talk author

Solar + Storage Nuking Natural Gas Peakers, + We <3 Floating Wind & Fat Tires

Episode #48 of Cleantech Talk is here! This episode covers solar + storage nuking natural gas (peaker plants, that is), fantastic floating wind farm news, and the latest in fat-tire electric cycling!
Cleantech Talk author

Cobalt: From Drama To Calmer, & Car2Go Success In Vancouver (Cleantech Talk 47)

Episode #47 of Cleantech Talk is here! This episode covers Cobalt, EV batteries, BMW batteries, Tesla batteries, and Car2Go.
Cleantech Talk author

Tesla's Rocket Problem, & What Would You YIMBY? (Cleantech Talk 46)

Episode #46 of Cleantech Talk is here! This episode covers Tesla’s Q4 call and the question “what would you YIMBY?”
Cleantech Talk author

Ferrari's e-Envy, California Leadership, "Dear Elon," & Norway O&G Expansion

Episode 45 of Cleantech Talk is here! This episode covers Ferrari’s electric envy, California’s climate leadership, a “Dear Elon” letter, and Norway’s oil &amp; gas expansion.
Cleantech Talk author

"Roger Bannister Moment" For EV Charging Access (Cleantech Talk #44)

Episode #44 of Cleantech Talk is here! This episode covers Shenzhen’s taxi plans, the launch of China x Cleantech, premature triumphalism, and a Roger Bannister moment for EV charging access.
Cleantech Talk author

Self-Driving Car Liability Limits, Fuel Cells Following Solar's Footsteps ... (Cleantech Talk 43)

Episode #43 of Cleantech Talk is here! This episode covers accident liability for self-driving cars, the EV tax credit, and fuel cells’ exponential ramp.
Cleantech Talk author

VW–Scooby Doo Fantasy Crossover, LA Auto Show, & Fair Trade Copper (CleanTech Talk 42)

Episode #42 of Cleantech Talk is here! This episode covers my LA Auto Show-inspired VW-Scooby Doo fantasy crossover and “Fair Trade” Copper.
Cleantech Talk author

Cleantech Talk's Tesla Truck Take (Episode #41)

This week is Cleantech Talk’s Tesla Truck take. Anyone can offer a “hot take” on current events, and darn near every media outlet did! But it takes a brave team (or just a very busy-with-other-work one!) to offer a “cold take” weeks later. In our defen...
Cleantech Talk author

Shenzhen All-In On e-Buses; Bioplastics; & Solar Sheikhs (Cleantech Talk 40)

Episode #40 of Cleantech Talk is here! This episode covers a massive electric bus order in Shenzhen, new bioplastics, and a huge new solar power plant in Oman.
Cleantech Talk author

Giant Passive House in Vancouver ... Trackless Electric Train ... Bad Tesla Conference Call

Episode #39 of Cleantech Talk is here! A giant passive house project in Vancouver, a trackless train, and an unsatisfactory Tesla conference call stole the show in our opinion, so that's what we discussed.
Cleantech Talk author

Amazon's Mighty Wind (Cleantech Talk #38)

Episode 38 of Cleantech Talk kicks off with a discussion of how, while China may be overperforming with its solar panel buildout, those panels are underperforming due to the low air quality there. Which is a polite way of saying that coal-combustion ae...
Cleantech Talk author

Shell EV Charging. E-Motorcycles. Ad-Funded EV Charging. Renewable Energy Pros. (Cleantech Talk 37)

We started this episode talking about the LMX-161 e-motorcycle, then got into Shell EV charging stations, Big Oil, natural gas, ad-supported EV charging stations, and the benefits of low-energy-density renewables.
Cleantech Talk author

Daniel “The Progressive Liberal” Richards, E-Bikes, Plug-In Hybrids & Tesla (Cleantech Talk #36)

Cleantech Talk starts off this week with a clip from professional wrestler Daniel “The Progressive Liberal” Richards. (The clip played on the show starts at the 0:27 mark from this YouTube video.) Nicolas Zart and Matthew Klippenstein also chat about e...
Cleantech Talk author

Batteries by Land, Sea or Air! (Cleantech Talk #35)

Though cars get most of the attention, batteries will participate in our cleantech energy transition on land, in the air and by sea. And in today’s Cleantech Talk, we cover them all. It’s something of a “double-cheeseburger” episode, in that we stretch...
Cleantech Talk author

Hyperloops Are To HSR As Fuel Cell Cars Are To EVs (#CleantechTalk 34)

Hyperloops, high-speed trains, battery-electric cars, and hydrogen-fuel-cell cars — how do they relate?
Cleantech Talk author

Tesla Model 3 & Nissan LEAF 2.0 Impressions — CleanTech Talk Returns! (CTT #33)

Hello again, listeners and readers. After a longer than expected off-season, Cleantech Talk is back! Season 3’s contributions should be a bit more regular than Season 2 was, given that I’ve moved -- “pivoted” in Silicon Valley lingo -- from his full-ti...
Cleantech Talk author

The Two-Wheel rEVolution. And, Is Uber Goobered? (Cleantech Talk 32)

Nicolas started us off with his report from the San Diego Electric Bike Expo. Gocycle's use of lightweight magnesium for its bike frame is surely an expensive one, but on further reflection, it might be that for mass-market bicycles, as with mobile pho...
Cleantech Talk author

Lucid Air Test Ride, Lucid Air Potential, Autonomous Chevy Bolts For Lyft (Cleantech Talk 31)

CleanTechnica's Nicolas Zart and Matthew Klippenstein talk Nick's amazing Lucid Air test ride, the deep history of Lucid Motors and its market potential, the early days of Tesla (Roadster and Model S development), GM's EV &amp; self-driving car leaders...
Cleantech Talk author

Canada Cancels Coal, Nissan Kiboshes Keiretsu, VW's Electric Pivot (Cleantech Talk 30)

Nicolas and Matthew kicked this week’s episode of CleanTech Talk off with the news that the Canadian government had committed to phasing coal out by 2030. Carlos Ghosn has continued his iconoclastic ways — at least by Japanese corporate standards — by ...
Cleantech Talk author

Donald Trump ... + Ford, VW, & Toyota Electric Cars — Cleantech Talk Revived (Cleantech Talk #29)

After a longer-than-expected summer break, Cleantech Talk is back! With Zachary increasingly busy (alas, ever-expanding cleantech media empires don’t autonomously oversee themselves), this season’s co-hosting duties are now being shared by Matthew Klip...
Cleantech Talk author

Tesla's Unique Battery Cells, Manufacturing With Robots vs Humans (Cleantech Talk #28)

In this episode of Cleantech Talk, Matthew and I chat about Tesla's unique 18650 batteries, Tesla manufacturing and manufacturing in general, robots, Volkswagen's gigafactory plans, and more. Enjoy!
Cleantech Talk author

Fastest-Growing Job In US Is Wind Turbine Technician, + Wildfire & Climate Change Chat

Given that we’ve been a bit electric vehicle-heavy in recent weeks, your podcast co-hosts decided to make this week’s Cleantech Talk an EV-free edition… only to see Tesla raise $1.4 billion in a secondary stock offering, about eighteen hours before we ...
Cleantech Talk author

Total's $1.1 Billion Saft Acquisition & Tom's BMW i5 -- Cleantech Talk #26

We start today’s podcast with Tom Moloughney’s excellent thought piece about how BMW could fend off the Model 3 -- and could in fact be the best-positioned carmaker to transition to electric propulsion. It is all about his vision for the BMW i5. We th...
Cleantech Talk author

Tesla Model 3 Ramp, Tesla Financials, Ford EV Plans - CTT 25

In episode #25 of Cleantech Talk, Matthew and I tackled the recent Tesla financials conference call, Tesla Model 3 ramp plans, Ford's electrification plans, etc.
Cleantech Talk author

Tesla Model 3, Model S & Model X Refresh, & Coal Killing Natural Gas (Cleantech Talk #24)

Matthew and I discuss the Tesla Model 3 design, Tesla Model 3 reservation estimates before the unveiling and going forward, the updated Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X, and coal having a hand in the death of natural gas... ironically.
Cleantech Talk author

Tesla Model 3 Chat & Coal Land Turned Into Solar Farm! (Cleantech Talk #23)

In Cleantech Talk #23, Matthew, Kyle, and I talked about the coming Tesla Model 3 unveiling and a solar farm being built on land where a coal mine once lived.
Cleantech Talk author

Koch's Plans To Kill EVs (& Society), Ontario EV Rebates, & GM EV R&D (Cleantech Talk #22)

Hot topics this week included the Koch Brothers and their latest plan to destroy society (if only those pesky kids didn't get in the way), Ontario giving EVs some northerly love, and GM going full blast (er... 50% blast) into an EV &amp; alternative po...
Cleantech Talk author

Green Bonds For Retail Investors, Tesla Model S Service Screens, & Ontario EV Rebates

Kyle and Matthew decided to sneak around behind my back and do a Cleantech Talk episode without me recently... (no, actually, I was just off in India presenting at an institutional investment conference at the time). Incidentally, this episode focused ...
Cleantech Talk author

Mandates vs Carbon Taxes, + Tesla Financials & Growth (Cleantech Talk #20)

In this episode of Cleantech Talk, Matthew Klippenstein and I (Zachary Shahan) chat about the pros and cons of mandates versus carbon taxes, as well as Tesla financials (including Tesla profit, Tesla cash flow, Tesla Model S sales and orders, Tesla Mod...
Cleantech Talk author

Tesla Supercharger Importance, Tesla Gigafactory Jobs, EV Rebates... (Cleantech Talk 19)

In another episode of Cleantech Talk, Matthew, Kyle, and I run through a healthy serving of EV topics. We discuss impacts of British Columbia electric vehicle purchase rebates, the importance of Tesla Supercharging and a well developed "EV ecosystem," ...
Cleantech Talk author

Tesla "Dealerships," Chrysler Plug-In Minivan, & 1 GW HVDC Transmission Line... (Cleantech Talk #18)

For Cleantech Talk #18, Matthew, Kyle, and I talked about the Tesla buying experience and "Tesla dealerships," the planned Chrysler plug-in hybrid electric minivan, and a 1 GW Quebec-to-Vermont HVDC interconnection (as well as the transmission network ...
Cleantech Talk author

Faraday Future, Tesla Model X, Chevy Bolt, Electric Car Sales (Cleantech Talk 17)

For our 17th episode of Cleantech Talk, we got to dive into a handful of electric vehicle entrances that provided us with very mixed results. Kyle, Matthew, and I also provided our thoughts on electric car sales, which is one of my favorite topics to t...
Cleantech Talk author

Huge BYD Storage Project In Lancaster, BYD EV Master Plan, Tesla EV Master Plan (Cleantech Talk #16)

We had an extra long session for Cleantech Talk #16. In this episode, we discussed... ... a big huge BYD energy storage project that is supposed to help Lancaster, California, become a net-zero-energy city. (Matthew found out about the 500 MW project ...
Cleantech Talk author

Solar & Wind Tax Credits, Tesla Model X Deliveries, & Faraday Future (Cleantech Talk #15)

Our latest episode of Cleantech Talk tackled the huge 5-year extension of the solar and wind energy tax credits, Tesla Model X deliveries, and Faraday Future.
Cleantech Talk author

Tesla Drive Units, Ford's $4.5 Billion EV Push, & Our Renewable Energy Future (Cleantech Talk 14)

Kyle Field, Matthew Klippenstein, and I (Zachary Shahan) talk about early Tesla Model S drive unit problems and the implications for future models and Tesla as a whole; Ford's big new $4.5 billion electric vehicle push, and a soon-to-be-unveiled plug-i...
Cleantech Talk author