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Interviews with Cartoonists
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Aisha Franz

German cartoonist, Aisha Franz joined me to talk about her latest comics work, Shit is Real, out from Drawn and Quarterly. She is also one of the people behind the fantastic Clubhouse anthology, beautifully printed by Colorama. The latest issue, … Cont...
Robin author

Eric Kostiuk Williams

A very delayed inkstuds. Apologies to everyone! here is an interview with the Great Eric Kostiuk Williams. His latest work is Our Wretched Town Hall from Retrofit. I love love love Eric’s work. It’s political, funny and beautifully drawn. He … Continue...
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Sometimes life is hard and you try to find things that get you through. Energy drinks seem to be that thing for me. I love comics. Dearly. But they are hard. It’s hard to keep up and understand what’s going … Continue reading →
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Liam Sharp

I was able to meet up in person with Liam Sharp while he is Vancouver for a local comics show. I have always been really into his work and fascinated by his approach. He’s currently the artist on Green Lantern … Continue reading →
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Karl Stevens

Karl Stevens joined me to talk about his painting and comics work. His latest book, The Winner from Retrofit/Big Planet, is a great move forward in his work and shows some amazing growth and introspection. I am really excited by … Continue reading →
Robin author

Joe Kessler

Breakdown Press Co-Founder, Designer and Cartoonist, Joe Kessler joined me to talk about his new collection, Windowpane and shine a light on a bit of the history of Breakdown Press. Breakdown is one of the most interesting publishers in the … Continue ...
Robin author

Steve Skroce

Vancouver cartoonist, Steve Skroce joined me to talk about his latest book, Maestros. This is Steve’s first book written for himself, having previously worked with a wide range of writers like Alan Moore on Youngblood, Brian K Vaughn on We … Continue r...
Robin author

David Small

David Small joined me to talk about his latest book, Home After Dark. While his previous work, Stitches was a memoir, his latest is a work of fiction that still captures a similar feeling and emotion. I really liked the … Continue reading →
Robin author

Festival Focus: Comic Arts Los Angeles

Here’s another in a run of interviews with dedicated folks who put together independent comics shows in North America. Los Angeles’ CALA is about to hold their fifth annual event, and guest ‘stud Kit Brash talked to two of the … Continue reading →
Robin author

Live talk with Anna Haifisch, Marian Churchland and Olivier Schrauwen

Last year I joined the board of Directors for the Vancouver Comic Art Festival. It’s been really fun getting more involved in supporting local events and comics happening. The first event we did outside of the regular festival, was this … Continue read...
Robin author

Leif Goldberg

Leif Goldberg joined me to talk about his new book from 2dcloud, Lost In The Fun Zone. We also cover a range of work including his time in Fort Thunder, recent mini comics, yearly calendars and animation. Leif makes some … Continue reading →
Robin author

John Harris Dunning

This week, I was joined by writer John Harris Dunning to discuss his latest book, Tumult, created with artist Michael Kennedy. Dunning has been really active in the UK comics scene, most notably, the Comics Unmasked exhibition in 2014 at … Continue rea...
Robin author

Peter Bagge

I have been a fan of Peter Bagge’s for longer than I can remember, and he was also one of my earliest guests on the show, so it’s always great to catch up with him. Peter was in Vancouver last … Continue reading →
Robin author

Noah Van Sciver

I like catching up with Noah Van Sciver every couple of years. He’s constantly creating new work that gets better and better. His latest, like within the last 6 months, is the memoir, One Dirty Tree from Uncivilized, Fante Bukowski … Continue reading →
Robin author

Festival Focus: Short Run

Guest ‘stud Kit Brash is here with the first in a run of talks with some of the dedicated folks who organise independent comics shows in North America. Seattle’s Short Run Comix & Arts Festival is in its eighth year … Continue reading →
Robin author

Sam Maggs and Jenn Woodall

Writer/Artist team of Sam Maggs and Jenn Woodall joined me to talk about their new book, Girl Squads. It’s a history book documenting different ways women have worked together in supporting each other through collective and supportive actions. It’s a …...
Robin author

Keren Katz

Keren Katz is my guest this week. She joins me to talk about her work in a wide variety of anthologies, including her collective in Israel and the recent Now series from Fantagraphics. Her graphic novel, The Academic Hour, published … Continue reading ...
Robin author

Kristy Valenti and RJ Casey

With a new relaunch of the printed edition of the Comics Journal coming in the new year, I sat down with editors Kristy Valenti and RJ Casey about what to expect in issue 303 of the Comics Journal and some … Continue reading →
Robin author

Lisa Maas

Victoria based cartoonist, Lisa Maas, joined me to talk about her debut graphic novel, Forward. It’s a really effective look at recovering from loss and how to move on and make connections. it’s a very personal work that holds a … Continue reading →
Robin author

Sloane Leong

Today I interviewed Sloane Leong. Sloane is no stranger to the Inkstuds, helping out with many excellent guest interviews in the past. Sloane’s latest work is Prism Stalker which comes out in the first collection from Image comics next month. … Continu...
Robin author

Paul Kirchner

I had the pleasure of talking with Paul Kirchner about his work. It’s a really great conversation that covers a lot of breadth. His most recent release is collection of a range of his comics work called Awaiting the Collapse. … Continue reading →
Robin author

Nate Powell

Nate Powell joined me to talk about his new book, Come Again. His first personal/solo work after the extremely powerful March series with John Lewis and Andrew Aydin, Come Again is a really fantastic book that continues his tradition of … Continue read...
Robin author

Fiona Smyth

Fiona Smyth has been making great important comics for the past 30 plus years and most of them can be found in the recent collection from Koyama Press, Somnambulance. It’s an amazing way to get a deep understanding of one … Continue reading →
Robin author

Mariko Tamaki

Comics writer, Mariko Tamaki joined me to discuss her latest comic works. She has been really active, writing on a number of new works including Supergirl: Being Super, Lumberjanes Book series, She-Hulk and much more. She also was a part … Continue rea...
Robin author

Tommi Parrish

Tommi Parrish joined me to talk about their latest book from Fantagraphics, The Lie and How We Told It. It’s a really fantastic book about people, relationships and finding our place. I really loved this book, same with their previous … Continue readin...
Robin author

Max Clotfelter

After many years of reading and enjoying his mini-comics, I finally sat down with Max Clotfelter to talk about his wide ranging of works. Max’s main series of odd shaped minis is Snake Meat Comics. Max has an amazing style … Continue reading →
Robin author

Elijah Brubaker

Elijah Brubaker joined me to talk about his eisner nominated graphic novel, The Story of Jezebel. A very funny take on the book of Elijah in the bible. He’s a really great cartoonist and when i saw this book was … Continue reading →
Robin author

Eddie Campbell 2018

Eddie Campbell is one of my favorite guests to talk comics with. For the occasion of his new book, The Goat Getters, we got caught up the comings and going of early 20th century sports cartooning. It’s an amazingly researched … Continue reading →
Robin author

Chris Reynolds

Chris Reynolds joined me to talk about his book, The New World, from New York Review Books. It’s an amazing collection of work that he had done from about 1985 – 1992. Edited and designed by Seth, Reynolds work holds … Continue reading →
Robin author

Eric Reynolds

Eric Reynolds has spent his entire adult life at Fantagraphics, starting as an intern and returning to work as an ace reporter, news editor, Hate inker, marketing muckamuck, and even, occasionally, cartoonist. These days his jack-of-all-tradesness has ...
Robin author

Live Panel with Gerhard, Ken Steacy and Paul Chadwick

Last Fall, I moderated a panel at FanExpo in Vancouver featuring Ken Steacy, Paul Chadwick and Gerhard. The theme was legends of indie comics. I just used that as an excuse to have a fun conversation with some memorable voices … Continue reading →
Robin author

Zach Hazard Vaupen

Zach Hazard Vaupen joined me to talk about his new book from Retrofit, Combed Clap of Thunder. Zach’s other work includes Pearlescent Gray posted on Study Group. I really enjoyed Zach’s book. He’s come into his own with these 2 … Continue reading →
Robin author

Chris Ware

Chris Ware joined me to chat about his new book from Rizzoli, Monograph. I have been a huge fan of Chris’s for a number of years. When I get a new book by him, I inhale it right away. In … Continue reading →
Robin author

Cecil Castellucci and Marley Zarcone

This week I was joined by the creative team behind Shade the Changing Girl from Young Animal/DC Comics. Cecil Castellucci, the writer behind the book, has been very active on a number if different fronts with new works like Soupy … Continue reading →
Robin author

Campbell Whyte

Australian cartoonist, Campbell Whyte joined me to talk about his new book from Top Shelf Comics, Home Time. It’s a really delightful read and I was really blown away by the artwork. Campbell gots some really good chops for his … Continue reading →
Robin author

Sophia Foster-Dimino

Sophia Foster-Dimino has slowly been releasing these amazing Sex Fantasy mini comics. I have been able to get a couple of them, but always got jealous from friends that were able to get copies. They are amazing personal nuggets of … Continue reading →
Robin author

Jerry Moriarty

This is my second interview with Jerry Moriarty. We first talked back in 2010 for the rerelease of his might Jack Survives collection. Jerry first got notice in the comics community being printed in Raw magazine. His work stood out … Continue reading →
Robin author

Ben Passmore

Newly ignatz nominated creator Ben Passmore joined me to talk about his book Your Black Friend, his political comics and other stuff like Daygloayhole. Ben’s work is vibrant and filled with life. Your Black Friend has been getting a lot … Continue read...
Robin author

Keiler Roberts

Chicago cartoonist, Keiler Roberts joined me to chat about her latest book, Sunburning. Published by Koyama Press, Sunburning continues Keiler’s memoir work, much along the lines of her previous work in her Powdered Milk mini comics and collections. Th...
Robin author

Katherine Collins Live at VanCAF with Brandon Graham

In recognition of the release of the complete Neil the Horse Collection from Conundrum Press, my good friend Brandon Graham sat down with Neil’s creator, Katherine Collins for a live conversation about her work. Brandon and I both think the … Continue ...
Robin author

Marcelino Truong

I got the chance to sit down with cartoonist Marcelino Truong while he was in Vancouver at VanCAF to promote his latest book, Such a Lovely Little War. It’s a memoir of his childhood living in Vietnam during the escalation … Continue reading →
Robin author

Katie Skelly Interviewed by Joe McCulloch

YOU FOUND IT: The greatest thing you’ve put in your ears since the plugs you used to block the devil’s lies is FREE and LIVE! Artist, critic and international bon vivant Katie Skelly is readying our world for the August … Continue reading →
Robin author

Chip Zdarksy

Chip Zdarsky was in Vancouver for our local Comics Art Festival. Brandon and I took advantage of this opportunity to sit down with him and chat about his comics. We locked Chip in my office for about 2 hours and … Continue reading →
Robin author

VanCAF 2017 Panel – Fantastic Comics & How to Create Them

Hosted by Sloane Leong and recorded at the Vancouver Comics Art Festival – From the magically urban to the ancient and otherworldly, this panel will explore a large body of work from a diverse range of contemporary cartoonists whose stories … Continue ...
Robin author

Ben Sears

Kentucky cartoonist Ben Sears joined me and Brandon Graham to talk about his comics during his visit to Vancouver for Vancaf. Ben’s got a couple of books from Koyama press, the latest being Volcano Trash. His comics have a great … Continue reading →
Robin author

Laura Knetzger

Bug Boys cartoonist Laura Knetzger joined me to talk about her comics. Her aforementioned Bug Boys collection from Czap Books is a great thick tome of fun exploratory mini comics. She has also been doing some really stellar and thoughtful … Continue re...
Robin author

Ten Years of Empowered, with Adam Warren

Originally recorded live at Seattle Emerald City Comicon, this discussion features Adam Warren, Brandon Graham, Carla Speed McNeil, Cheryl Lynn Eaton, and David Brothers. They dig deep into Adam Warren’s EMPOWERED, exploring everything from the tiniest...
Robin author

Thi Bui

Thi Bui joined me to talk about her debut memoir book, The Best We Could Do, looking at her parents emigration from war torn Vietnam. It’s a really amazing work that succeeds in capture a rich storied history. It has … Continue reading →
Robin author

Roman Muradov

It’s the return of an old guest, Roman Muradov. Roman’s latest book is Jacob Bladers and the State of the Art from Uncivilized. Roman is an amazing talent in comics, creating beautiful unique works that show his continuous progression as … Continue rea...
Robin author

Jonah Kinigstein

I sat down with artist, Jonah Kinigstein for his book from Fantagraphics, the Emperor’s New Clothes: The Tower of Babel in the “Art” World. The book is a collection of large one panel comics about his feelings around modern art … Continue reading →
Robin author