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By Tony Single
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The Last Hurrah!

I’ve always been a bit of a nervous Nellie. I don’t quite know why. You’d think with all the hard knocks I’ve gotten through life that I would’ve toughened up to some extent. But no. I’ve developed some nervous habits instead. You know… like a sane per...

Atheism and Other Religions

This is the Crumbcast where I introduce myself as Tiny instead of Tony. Freudian slip or just a slip of the tongue? You be the judge. So, anyway, it’s Pete and I having a good ol’ chinwag again, and this time the subject is religion and atheism. We rec...

Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats

Look what the cat dragged in. Two old cats like us. Alley cat. Honky cat. Cool cats. Wild cats of Kilkenny. Okay, so we’re not from Kilkenny. I’m just trying to shoehorn as many song titles with the word ‘cat’ into this introduction as I possibly can. ...

Apocalypse Later

So, what did my friend Peter and I do to ring in the New Year? We sat and had a gabfest about the immovable forces that dominate our lives. Oh, so many forces! And it seems that very little is actually in our control, so what can we as common folk do? ...

Supersize it!

It’s episode twenty, baby! Yeah! The little Crumbcast that could! This time round I have someone to talk to. The subject is video games and their place in society. How did they get here and what does this mean for our future? This episode is easily twi...

It’s All Just a Bad Dream

Podcasts are the kind of thing one does when one is bored and looking for a purpose in life. I’m not so certain that I’ve found that purpose, nor am I certain that the episode you’re about to hear is the best I’ve ever done. Actually, it’s probably the...