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THE VOICE OF FREE PLANET X is public radio from another dimension. Hosted by Jared Axelrod, this show is for fans of science-fiction and fantasy, public radio interview shows like This American Life and Serial, and twists on that format like Limetown and The Black Tapes. If you're new, good places to start are "Paused," about a support group for stranded time-travelers, "One. Precious.Thing." about the first artificial intelligence and it's programmers, or whatever's most recent.

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True stories of fictional people, from Jared Axelrod
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Episode 28 - Brother To A Dragon

Fan-favorite Lucifer, Who Is The Morningstar, sits down for an interview the likes of heaven and hell have ever seen! Can Jared handle this most demonic of guests? And what of the infernal entourage lurking in the shadows? Recorded live at the Philadel...

Lucifer's Titles

The Voice of Free Planet X returns to the Philadelphia Podcast Festival, and we've got a hell of a guest! Lucifer, Who Is The Morningstar has agreed to an interview, so we're all in for a devil of time! Catch the show June 23, 4pm, at Amalgam Comics &...

What We Talk About When We Talk About

  Rev. Charon's got a great guest for their hit talk show What The Blessing: The Voice of Free Planet X's own Jared Axelrod! But things do not quite go as planned... Whether you are just coming to VFPX or an long-time fan, this episode is a must-listen...
Jared Axelrod author

Live Show Coming to Balticon 52!

That’s right, The Voice of Free Planet X returns for a live show at Balticon 52, Saturday at 5pm in the Pride of Baltimore II room. I’ll be joined by a host of podcast luminaries, some familiar voices to loyal listeners and some brand new to the show! ...

Episode 26 - Bringing The Universe To You

The Voice of Free Planet X returns to The Philadelphia Podcast Festival with a brand new live show! In an effort to bring an understanding from two sides of an intergalactic conflict, VFPX host Jared Axelrod invites Salamander Keep (Phil Thomas) and L...

The Voice of Free Planet X at the Philadelphia Podcast Festival

The Voice of Free Planet X is once again going to be a part of the Philadelphia Podcast Festival! Starring VFPX stalwarts Phil Thomas and Andy Hunter, as will podcast newbie Lizzy Hindman-Harvey and very special guest, Russell Collins as Lucifer, Who I...

The Raven & The Writing Desk 91 – Interview with Jared Axelrod

I was on Chris Lester's The Raven & The Writing Desk, where we talked about all things VFPX!   In today’s episode I interview Jared Axelrod about the amazing serial podcast The Voice of Free Planet X. We discuss working with voice actors, writing ...

Episode 25 - Starchild

Jared has been kidnapped by the villainous Dr. Mercury! Who this strange, powerful woman? The answers go deeper--and darker--than anyone was prepared for.   The Voice of Free Planet X is written and produced by Jared Axelrod.  The Voice of Free Planet ...

Episode 24 - A Good Guy With A Magic Sword

If you live in the Kingdom of Cyriania, you’ve heard about the Feltrain Festival. The Feltrain Festival is an annual tradition in Cyriania, an all-night dance party, and one of the few that is, by tradition, unsegregated. All are welcome at Feltrain: E...

VFPX Trailer

New promo, with some of the great vocal performances from Season 2: Jason Gregory Banks, Christopher Morse, Sonia Williams, Dave Robison, Christiana Ellis, Russell Collins, Whitney "Strix" Beltrán, Kennedy Allen, Gorgah & Ellen Kushner. It's 2 minu...

Episode 23 - Even In Arcadia

At the turn of the last century, a group of alien refugees decided hide as servants to large British manor houses. No one noticed anything unusual about the new house staff because no one ever noticed the house staff. No one noticed, that is, until th...

Episode 22 - The Wake Of The Lacuna

There's no adventurers braver than the End of Time Club! With a roster straight out of pulp novels, there's nothing these daring explorers, daredevil pilots and dark vigilantes can't face! Except perhaps, the loss of one of their own. When the brilli...

Episode 21 - Parable Of The Leopard

Every monster came from somewhere. The Major Domo of Pan-Reality Deiator is no different. She has sent a message from the future about her past, dark fairy tale of what made her who she is. How far must you fall to lose any sense of who you are?   The ...

Episode 20 - Just Around Supervillain Corner

CROSSOVER WITH SUPERVILLAIN CORNER!!! Special thanks to Christopher Morse for letting me play in his toybox. You can find out more about Supervillain Corner at This episode featured music by Kevin McLeod. The Voice of Fre...

Episode 19 - The Court Of The Crimson Queen

Things look bleak. My radio show has been canceled, an immortal interplanetary empress has ordered an entire sector of the galaxy to kill my brother, I think the lawyer I hired is taking advantage of me, and what's more, my brother keeps ruining my tow...

Dynamic Voice Acting Workshop

The secrets of engaging, exciting, engrossing voice acting are laid bare by some of the masters of the form: Christiana Ellis! Dave Robison!  Veroninca Giguere! Lauren Harris! Starla Huchton!  Recorded Live at Balticon 50!   You can support the Voice o...

Moriarty & Pity - A live reading from Balticon 50

One of the great things about Balticon is they ask me to do live readings, which, as you might imagine, since I record my voice for fun, I love doing. This bit is the beginning of a work in progress starring Moriarty and Pity, characters my wife,J.R. B...

Queering the Feed - Panel Discussion at Balticon 50

I wasn’t planning on releasing this recording so soon. But in the wake of massacre in Orlando, it appears that queer people simply existing is a radical act. So, here is a panel about queer people existing. I was struck, listening to it again, by how m...

Episode 18 - Rap Battle Beyond the Stars

At the end of the universe, the fate of humanity rests with the freshest flow. Recorded live at Balticon 50!     The Voice of Free Planet X is written and directed by Jared Axelrod. Episode art by J.R. Blackwell This episode could not have existed with...

Episode 17 - City of Sleep

Criterion, Michigan is a city of amnesia, where everyone looses their memories when once fall asleep. Tenebrae Candle is a detective in Criterion, and has to pull together the threads of her own missing memories before she can see the tapestry of the m...

Episode 16 - An Awfully Big Adventure

In the endless expanse of the midwest, a woman who calls herself Angel has severed her ties to the earth. Instead, she flies through the air, with the greatest of ease. You can fly, too. All you have to do is give up everything you are.   The Voice of ...

Episode 15 - Son of Planet X

I don't have a recording of my son, from when he was alive. So I went to a specialist in pediatric phantasmic attachment disorder--ghost children--and a professor of alternate realities, to see if I could, just maybe, talk to him one more time. The res...

Episode 14: Pledge Drives

I get up close and personal with the hosts of other GPR programs: Xy Cuspidstahl and Murph Lopterrange of Wait, Wait, Don't, Just Don't, Cassandra Yondo of Eggs, Craz Ginko of This Betelgeusean Life and the incredible Indra Calphinate Helixion.But not ...

Episode 13: Welcome To The Hidden Almanac

CROSSOVER WITH THE HIDDEN ALMANAC!!! My wife and I venture into the heart of an unnamed land to meet with a man who has all the answers. In fact, one might say that he has more answers than he knows what to do with.   Special thanks to Ursula Vernon an...

Kevin & Ursula Eat Cheap - A Haiku of Garbage Food

To tide you over until Season 2 of The Voice of Free Planet X begins, here's the time J.R. Blackwell and I visited the home of our dear friends Ursula Vernon and Kevin Sonney and appeared on their show, Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap. We ate...well, I'll l...

Episode 12 - How's It Gonna End?

It's the end of year, good a time as any to wander to the end of all of time and space. Care to join me? The Voice of Free Planet X is written and produced by Jared Axelrod. This episode featured music by and Dave Thayer. The Voice of Free...

Episode 11 - My Wife In Hell

Taking advice from my producer, Thall, I've decided to make this episode more personal, inviting my wife, J.R. Blackwell, to talk about her new job, her coworkers Eddie and Lucifer, Who Is The Morningstar, and the little demon guy Gorgah who is now liv...

Episode 10 - Oddfellows Local

Kicks the Kung-Fu Clown remembers the day he saved the world. It was the day that he, an adventurous young woman who calls herself "Rumblr," and a collection of similarly self-styled superheroes known as The Oddfellows gathered in the middle of the sma...

Episode 9 - Rebuilt To Last

Ten years ago, the first episode of The Voice of Free Planet X was launched into the ether. It was a about a brief moment in the life of a couple who’s relationship was about to fall apart. It’s an old tale: boy meets girl, girl decides to merge her DN...

Episode 8 - Wolf Like Me

Lupe is a Werewolf, one of the few capable of hunting the monsters that run rampant on Mononoke, aka Monster Island. But what does it mean to be a Werewolf on Monster Island? And what of Lord Unctous, who's been overseeing the the goverment of Mononoke...

Episode 7 - Industrial Dark & Magic

Lily Dale Fox does magic the old way, with grit, determination, a sharp knife and cold stone. But how can she compete in a world where Infernal Torch Technology is sending out magical batteries for electric toothbrushes by the 1000s? And isn't putting ...

Episode 6 - Mistaking Our Mirrors

Multi-billionaire Huxley Branson created his own empire of record stores, magazines, and airline travel. He even created his own space program, Huxley Interplanetary, and flew solo into orbit. Then, upon returning to earth, promptly shut down all of Hu...

Episode 5 - Paused

This episode, I visit a support group for stranded time-travelers. How can you look to the future when it's your past? How can you handle the modern world when you were born in the medival era? What do you do when you're literally out of time?   The Vo...

Episode 4 - One. Precious. Thing.

One is the worlds first true artificial intelligence. They'd rather you not use that term, however. Also on the list of One's desires is to get out of the three room they've been kept in since they were created. All One wants is basic human rights. Whi...

New Voice of Free Planet X Promo

I've had a couple of people ask me for this, so here you go, a new promo for the new, GPR-endhanced Voice of Free Planet X.Feel free to use it, and let me know when you do!

Episode 3 - Dirty Spaceman

"Brother, when you crash your spaceship on Earth, you're pretty much shit out of luck." The Voice of Free Planet X is written and produced by Jared Axelrod. This episode featured music by The Voice of Free Planet X theme is by Russell Col...

Episode 2 - Living In V-Town

It's not easy moving to a new city. You're surrounded by landmarks and locations you don't recognize, customs you're not sure about, people the likes of which you've never seen before. It can be very frightening, but also exhilarating. You can do anyth...

Episode 1 - What They Left Behind

In the midst of the endless desert snakes the Fury Road, where all the lost souls of this post-apocalpytic wasteland travel. I got to speak with two such nomads: wandering mercenary Hector and proud raider Whimple. The conversation was not what I was e...

Episode 172 - Lucky Kinichi and Karate Robot Z at Guilford College

We're just one episode away from a major style shift at The Voice of Free Planet X. I talk about a bit about the ideas that have influenced this change, and ponder the true difference between podcasting and radio. Credit to Adam Ragusea of the ever-tho...

Episode 171 - Favor Fishing at the Emerald Street Urban Farm

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the discontinuing of BIG DAMN HEROES for the foreseeable future. I have my reasons, as you'll hear in the episode. This live reading was recorded at the Corn Belt Alamanac release party at Emerald Street Farm. Y...

Episode 170 - Thief of My Heart

Part 1 of the Weird Western Big Damn Heroes!   Meet smooth-talking gambler Queen, who always ready with a palmed card or pistol when the going gets rough! But will that be enough to save her fortune-telling girlfriend Daji from the depths of mystical...

Episode 169 - What We Talk About When We Talk About Con Harrassment

  "What We Talk About When We Talk About Con Harrassment" is an essay I wrote back in 2013, and sadly still applies. With convention season gearing up, now is as good as time as any to say all of this again.   I look forward to the day when this essay ...

Episode 168 - Excerpt From "The Wish Of All Things"

"The Wish Of All Things" is my in-progress novel, about a young trans-girl in a fairytale-eque kindom who decides to save a kidnapped princess before the burly hero does. This reading was recorded live at Balticon last year. This episode featured “Lux ...

Episode 167 - The Cockroach Falls, Part 3

The thrilling, earth shattering conclusion to The Cockroach Falls! Doctor Mercury was created by J.R. Blackwell. She currently has a Kickstarter project, IN THEIR OWN WORLDS, where she's raising money to fund giagantic photoshoots to place authors in t...

Episode 166 - The Cockroach Falls, Part 2

  The second part of the multi-episode epic, The Cockroach Falls! Enter...Doctor Mercury!!!Doctor Mercury was created by J.R. Blackwell. She currently has a Kickstarter project, IN THEIR OWN WORLDS, where she's raising money to fund giagantic photoshoo...

Episode 165 - The Cockroach Falls, Part 1

  The first part of the multi-episode epic, The Cockroach Falls! Starring that perputually down-on his luck super-villian, Comrade Cockroach! You can read some of Comrad Cockroach's adventures at The VoFPX theme was written a...

Episode 164 - What The Turtles Saw

The Voice of Free Planet X returns!  And it's better than ever! “What The Turtles Saw” was written by Jared Axelrod, and performed by Tee Morris and Jared Axelrod. Ramon did all his own stunts. This story first appeared in Tales From The Archives iii, ...


A fist full of Urseminites can climb Mohabadda's shoulder... "A Fist Full of Urseminites" was written for Have Blaster, Will Travel, which you can purchase at DriveThru Fiction:


If you're looking for miracles, I can tell you where you might find 'em. But you can't get there from here. "Can't Get There From Here" is an authorized work written for in the Sovereign Era storyworld created and licensed by Matthew Wayne Selznick. ...

Episode 161: DON'T WORK SO WELL

In the end, we're all just looking for a peice of someone we can hold onto. Especially zombies. This episode featured "Into The Darkness" by zero-project. The VoFPX theme was written and performed by Russel Collins of Support T...