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Blurred Radio is a must-listen for anyone in the creative industry. The borders of art and technology are blurring, and the only way to prepare for tomorrow is to understand what's happening today. Whether you’re a director, ad agency executive, musician, brand entrepreneur, or a student looking for a career in the ever-changing world of art & ad, Jesse Springer and Dave Martina will bring you the best and brightest guests in their respective industries. Join us for the ride in the coming months and years. Subscribe in your preferred podcast provider, and be sure to leave us some stars and a review. We want you to get everything you’d imagined and more out of our show.

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Chris Denson, Omnicom’s Multi-Hyphenate Creative Director, Talks Psychographics, Think Tanks, and Podcasting

Chris Denson, a comedian turned creative director, is the founder of the podcast Innovation Crush and an innovator of media strategy and planning at Ignition Factory. In this episode, Chris chats with our Blurred hosts about his thoughts on emerging me...
Blurred Radio, Jesse Springer, Dave Martina, Chris Denson author

Music Video Director/Visual Artist Anders Rostad, Shares His Origins, Inspirations, and Opinions on the Future of Branded Artist Content

In this episode, we are joined by Jesse’s longtime friend, Anders Rostad. Anders is an accomplished short form director and visual artist who has worked with clients such as Big Grams (Big Boi and Phantogram), Band of Skulls, Vogue, and Facebook AI Res...
Blurred Radio, Dave Martina, Jesse Springer, Anders Rostad author

Political Cartoonist Daryl Cagle, Chats with Blurred About Editorial in the 21st Century

In this live-streamed episode with Chat with Political Cartoonist, Daryl Cagle. Daryl shares his journey from Muppet illustrator, to toy inventor, to America’s most widely syndicated political cartoonist. We discuss the sensitivity of press freedoms ar...
Blurred Radio, Dave Martina, Jesse Springer, Darlyl Cagle author

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Score Composer Austin Wintory, Talks Music Composition for Video Games

We are thrilled to announce we successfully broadcasted Blurred Radio’s first ever live streamed episode! We chatted with Austin Wintory, video game composer extraordinaire on Oct. 23, 2015 – the day his latest project Assassin’s Creed Syndicate offici...
Blurred Radio, Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Ubisoft, Tripod, Microsoft, Xbox One, Austin Wintory, Playstation, Jesse Springer, Dave Martina author

Two Bit Circus, an Immersive Entertainment Group, Talks Virtual Reality, Tech, and Engineering Fun.

Fire, lasers, robots, virtual reality – a short list of the many innovative and extraordinary mediums with which the wizards at Two Bit Circus create stories and experiences. Our guests this week are Brent Bushnell and Nancy Bennett, the CEO and Chief ...
Blurred Radio, Two Bit Circus, Brent Bushnell, Nancy Bennett, Dave Martina, Jesse Springer author

Part 2: Huge, Inc Content Strategist Doug Kincade On the Ethics of Marketing, Privacy, and Propaganda

This week we wrap up part two of our conversation with Doug Kincade, Content Strategy Director at Huge Inc. – a digital design, marketing, and technology agency. Doug oversees design and implementation of digital content, strategy, and user experience ...
Blurred Radio, Dave Martina, Jesse Springer, Doug Kincade, Huge Inc. author

Huge Inc Content Strategist Doug Kincade Discusses How Big Brands Can Create an Ideal Web Presence Through User Data Analysis and Creative Ingenuity.

This week, we begin part one of a two part conversation with Content Strategy Director, Doug Kincade. In this episode we start the conversation by talking about the use of data analysis, creativity, and generosity to create ideal online user experience...
Blurred Radio, Doug Kincade, Jesse Springer, Dave Martina author

Hollywood music editor, sound entrepreneur Alex Levy discusses the evolution of creative technologies and how our interfaces affect us.

Hollywood music editor, interface designer, sound entrepreneur Alex Levy joins us to discuss the evolution of creative technologies and how our interfaces affect us. Alex and his team of entrepreneur sound-creatives at Epilogue Media are pioneering new...
Blurred Radio, Alex Levy, Jesse Springer, Dave Martina, Epilogue Media author

Signal is an Interactive Podcasting App by Dustin Steeve, Opening a New Paradigm for Talk Audio

Today, right here on Blurred, we are launching into a whole new paradigm of interactive radio. We’re speaking to Dustin Steeve, founder of a new platform called Signal Podcasting which allows you, the listener, to directly interact with the content of ...
Blurred Radio, Jesse Springer, Dave Martina, Signal Podcasting, Dustin Steeve author

Creative Lead for Multimedia Immersive Studio, Moment Factory, Jesse Lee Stout Creates Cutting-Edge Sensory Experiences

Today on Blurred, Jesse Lee Stout talks to us about his work as a creative lead for Moment Factory, a new media and entertainment studio specializing in multimedia environments. This stuff is incredible, gnarly installations combining video, lighting, ...
Blurred Radio, Moment Factory, Jesse Lee Stout, Imagine Dragons, Jesse Springer, Dave Martina author

The Void is a Fully Immersive Interactive VR Experience That Takes Place in Real Space and Time

The Void is a full virtual reality experience that takes place in real space and real-time. Think full immersive VR meets interactive narrative multiplayer storytelling meets…the entertainment experience of the future. Basically it’s the Holodeck. To b...
Blurred Radio, Jesse Springer, Dave Martina, The Void, Ken Bretschneider, James Jensen author

Beachbody Digital Chief Bill Bradford on Streaming Fitness and work at Hulu, Fox Digital, AOL, Yahoo

Chief Digital Officer Bill Bradford’s career started at West Point and has spanned the tech/media revolution, through Oracle, AOL, Yahoo, Hulu, Fox Broadcasting and now Beachbody LLC – that’s right, the health and fitness company that has brought you s...
Blurred Radio, Beachbody, Bill Bradford, Jesse Springer, Dave Martina, Hulu, Fox author

Chef Chris Anderson of Moto Restaurant Talks Gourmet Food, Molecular Gastronomy, Edible Art, Science

If you grant the premise that cooking is an art form – and we most certainly do here at Blurred – then the man you’d want to talk to about it is Chris Anderson, Executive Chef at Moto Restaurant in Chicago. Moto specializes in molecular gastronomy, the...
Blurred Radio, Chris Anderson, Moto Restaurant, Jesse Springer, Dave Martina author

From CIA to Whiteboard Explainer Videos, Marc Strong of Wienot Films on the Business of Creativity

On this episode of Blurred, we’re talking to Marc Strong, former CIA intelligence analyst and now the driving force behind Wienot films. (Yes, you read that correctly). Using his finely-honed skills in analysis, Marc directs and produces whiteboard exp...
Blurred Radio, Marc Strong, Wienot Films, Jesse Springer, Dave Martina author

Walt Disney Imagineering Music Director John Dennis on Sound & Story at the Parks, Around the World

A Look into the Mind of a Disney Imagineer: Today on Blurred, we sit down with John Dennis, Executive Creative Director of Music at Walt Disney Imagineering. John talks to us about the continually evolving role of music throughout the Disney Parks, how...
Blurred Radio, Walt Disney, Imagineer, John Dennis, Jesse Springer, Dave Martina author

RUHM Luxury Marketing Creates Full-Service Campaigns for Ultra-High End Homes and Properties; Without a Heart, It’s Just a House

Today on Blurred, we have Mark Fitzpatrick the CEO and Opie Opfer the Creative Director for RUHM Luxury Marketing, a full-service creative agency for ultra-high-end homes and developments. Mark and Opie talk about drawing the personality out of a truly...
Blurred Radio, RUHM Luxury Marketing, Jesse Springer, Dave Martina, Opie Opfer, Mark Fitzpatrick author

Indie Game Developer Joe Russ on Crowdfunding, the Artist’s Struggle, and Creative Integrity

Today on Blurred Radio, we talk to Joe Russ, founder of Mografi and co-creator of Jenny LeClue, a forthcoming multi-platform choose-your-own adventure game. We talk about the blurring lines of indie game development, crowd funding and pushing the bound...
Joe Russ, Mografi, Jesse Springer, Dave Martina, Kickstarter author

Audio Guru Jeff Fuller Talks Mixing, Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl, the Future of Sound Engineering, and Staying Upbeat Under Tight Deadlines

On today’s episode of Blurred Radio, we talk to Jeff Fuller, Audio Supervisor and Head Mixer at Therapy Studios in Santa Monica, California. Jeff has a long history with the art of sound, from commercials to TV series and feature films. He has worked o...
Jesse Springer, Dave Martina, Blurred Radio, Jeff Fuller author

Freelance Creative Director for Target, GE, Fisker Justin Meredith Discusses Creative Guts, Meaningful Work, and the Future of Creativity

Creative director Justin Meredith gets totally real with us about the creative struggle, starting your own agency, and making the coolest stuff you can think of. We discuss his involvement with the AMC network rebrand right before they launched their b...
Jesse Springer, Dave Martina, Justin Meredith author

Commercial and Music Video Producer Erin Judd Talks Directors, Management and Being an Authentic Creative

Today on Blurred Radio, we talk with Erin Judd of No Frames in New York City about starting a commercial production company from nothing and scaling it to 4 locations in 3 countries. Erin also enlightens us on how to make and maintain excellent relatio...
Blurred Radio author

Call of Duty Video Game Producer Zach Gonzalez Talks Treyarch, Creating and Publishing Triple-A Franchises

Today we talk with Zach Gonzalez, producer at Treyarch on Call of Duty and other huge game franchises. We talk about the business model of funding, developing, and publishing Triple A games, the ethics of first person shooters, and how crowd funding is...
Blurred Radio author

Corporate Video Marketing Veteran Edward Garcia Talks Booking Big Clients Like Taco Bell & Toshiba

In this episode of Blurred, we talk to Edward Garcia, veteran director/producer at PS89 Media, specializing in high-level internal corporate marketing and communications. We talk to him about how corporate media budgets are shifting, how to hang onto a...
Blurred Radio author

Virtual Reality Video Game Developer Mike Murdock Talks VR, Oculus Rift & Google Cardboard

In today’s episode, we interview Mike Murdock, co-founder of Otherworld Interactive, a virtual reality studio. Mike gives us the history of VR, gets us up to speed on the technology and lays out Otherworld’s plan for world domination, stacked between o...
Blurred Radio author

Marvel Entertainment Creative Executive Trenton Waterson Talks Producing, Distribution, Captain America 3 and the Future of Media

Today on Blurred, it’s Trenton Waterson, feature film producer and creative executive at Marvel. We talk about navigating small indy budgets, securing distribution, some common mistakes young filmmakers make, and how to avoid them. Plus, how to launch ...
Blurred Radio author

EDM Documentary Filmmaker Justin Nizer Talks Porter Robinson, Zedd, Finding Work & Managing Clients

Today we talk with Justin Nizer of Eyewax Films about life on the road shooting documentaries with A-list musicians. We discuss networking, finding clients and working with production budgets, big and small. 0:30 The Backstory 4:00 Nerding out vs Netwo...
Blurred Radio author

Blurred Radio Episode 1: Meet The Hosts, Jesse Springer & Dave Martina

In this, our first episode ever, co-hosts Jesse Springer and Dave Martina introduce themselves and Blurred, talk upcoming guests, plus a few secret nuggets to look out for. Blurred Radio is a must-listen for anyone in the creative industry. The borders...
Blurred Radio author