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Description – Rocking Out Your Site Like A Rockstar
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2019-02-22 20:50
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2016-07-17 08:18
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17.07.2016 Podcast 2016 Episode 2: What Does it Take to be a Successful Blogger

Being a successful bloggers doesn’t involve some strange scientific theory. There are a lot of successful bloggers that give advice on how to be successful, and yet… there still are bloggers who are frustrated with not geting anywhere. The advice given... Podcast author
8.04.2016 Podcast 2016 Episode 1: Building Better Roundups and Lists

Kicking off the first podcast of the 2016 season on building better roundups and lists. I’ve written about building better lists and talked about roundups before. Since it’s been a very long time, and some things have changed in the blogging and social... Podcast author

The #WordPressWednesday Podcast at – Episode 2

This #WordPressWednesdat podcast episode is about WordCamp. I go to a lot of WordCamps, and people always ask me about what they are, how they are organized, and a whole bunch of other questions. I fit 5 things you may or may not known about WordCamp i... Podcast author

The #WordPressWednesday Podcast at – Episode 1

As promised in my #WordPressWedneday roundup series, I’ve decided to create a special series on the Podcast, just for WordPress. It’s also called… The #WordPressWednesday Podcast. I’m not separating the podcast, I’m just giving it’s own se... Podcast author

Podcast Presentation: Making Money Using WordPress

It’s been some time, but I’ve been catching up on re-podcasting some of my conference and WordCamp presentations. This one was originally done at WordCamp Orlando in 2014. I want to thank Syed Balkhi of WPBeginner for last minute inspiration on adding ... Podcast author