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Weekly live digital TV show with Robbie Ferguson focused on topics of interest to tech minds. Ask your questions and get live answers. Recipient of 2014 and 2017 Top 100 Tech Podcasters award.

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Weekly live digital TV show with Robbie Ferguson focused on topics of interest to tech minds. Ask your questions and get live answers. Recipient of 2014 and 2017 Top 100 Tech Podcasters award.
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Displacing the SBC Champions - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 584

We continue our series of single board computer benchmarks, and this week we put the ODROID XU4Q and the NanoPi M4 up against one another, along with the results from last week's battle between the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, PINE64 A64-LTS,...
Category5 Technology TV author

Single Board Computer Deathmatch - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 583

We all love a good benchmark comparison, but what's been unclear up till now is how SBCs of varying price points compare once you factor in their cost. Does the Rock64 beat the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ even though it costs more? We'll set out to...
Category5 Technology TV author

More Great Single Board Computers and Disabling Windows 10's Tablet Mode - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 582

Henry joins Robbie and Sasha to take a look at an assortment of Single Board Computers we'll be benchmarking in the next couple weeks. We'll also look at why Sasha's work computer went nutty after an update, and fix the stupid "Tablet Mod...
Category5 Technology TV author

Make Any Notebook a Chromebook with Neverware CloudReady - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 581

Most of us have some old laptop or desktop computers kicking around. They seem useless because their OS is out of date, and the hardware isn't powerful enough to run the latest and greatest software. Enter CloudReady: a Chromium OS distri...
Category5 Technology TV author

Cheap Mics, Awesome SBCs and Costumes - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 580

Shizu Yamaguchi joins Robbie and Sasha this week, and everyone's dressed up for Halloween! We'll step outside the box with our review of a cheap condenser microphone off Amazon, and unbox the six-core NanoPi M4 single board computer. ...
Category5 Technology TV author

A DIY Retro Gaming Handheld Emulator and a Tool Bench PSU (With MarshMan) - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 579

MarshMan drove 8 hours to join us this week! We'll look at a cheap way to repurpose an old computer PSU, as well as the ODROID-GO - a GameBoy-like handheld that lets you play all the classics - and you get to build it yourself. ...
Category5 Technology TV author

A 6-Core SBC and Some Viewer Comments - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 578

We've finally got our hands on a RockPro64, and it's an incredible looking little single-board computer: 6 cores, 4 GB RAM and a PCIe slot. We've also got some great viewer comments that spark some interesting discussions. Re...
Category5 Technology TV author

Making LibreOffice Look and Feel More Like Microsoft Office - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 577

There are some wonderful free alternatives available for commercial software, and LibreOffice is exactly that. But the interface isn't quite the same as Microsoft Office, and it can be a bit unfamiliar to users who are accustomed to the c...
Category5 Technology TV author

Wireless Mics, Discord and Ubuntu in Hyper-V (Part 2) - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 576

Thanks to our local music shop, we've got wireless mics this week! We've also launched another way for our viewers to interact, and thanks to our amazing community, we've figured out why our Ubuntu deployment was giving us nothing but a b...
Category5 Technology TV author

Linux in Windows and Stage 9 Needs Our Help - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 575

Microsoft has been working with the open source community to bring Ubuntu Linux to Windows 10, and we'll see how easy it is to get up and going in what unintentionally became part 1 of a 2-part series. We've also got some sad news for Sta...
Category5 Technology TV author

An Early Look At The Rock64 Single Board Computer - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 574

This week, Robbie, Sasha and Jeff look at a new (came out a couple months back) Rock64 single board computer from Pine64. We've installed Ayufan's Ubuntu 18.04 with LXDE, and we'll see if it's usable ... yet. Read the complet...
Category5 Technology TV author

Fake SD Cards Are Real! - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 573

We've talked about fake MicroSD cards, but this week we actually have one to test on Linux. Is it really the best deal on Amazon? Or a complete scam? We'll also take a peek at Linux Mint 19 and have a visit from our Crypto Correspondent, ...
Category5 Technology TV author

Michael's Bright Idea - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 572

We're down one mic, and that means down one host. One of our viewers thought of a great way to support the show and sent us a little something that brightened our day. Robbie wants to rid himself of Windows on his laptop once and for all,...
Category5 Technology TV author

A New Recorder and the World's Most Basic GPIO Project - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 571

An Atomos Ninja Flame will soon replace our failed recording drive, so let's get into the box and have a look at this delicious 4k field recorder. We're also getting things rolling on Raspberry Pi-based GPIO programming, so let's kick thi...
Category5 Technology TV author

Fake SD Cards and Viewer Comments - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 570

Amidst some great comments from our viewers, Robbie and Sasha warn of a very real threat to your data: fake SD cards being sold on sites like Amazon and Ebay. Sometimes when something appears too good to be true, it's just not worth the r...
Category5 Technology TV author

Viewer Question Extravaganza - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 569

This week's show is controlled by you - our viewers! Topics such as installing common Windows fonts on Linux, where to download retro game ROMs from, and many more. Read the complete show notes, comment or rate this episode, ...
Category5 Technology TV author

Monitoring Your Digital Assets with NEMS Linux - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 568

Nobody does network asset monitoring as well as Nagios, and NEMS Linux brings a fully-configured Nagios server to your Raspberry Pi. Robbie and Bekah check out the latest release of the Nagios Enterprise Monitoring Server for Raspberry Pi...
Category5 Technology TV author

The Ultimate Programmable Hotkeys, Headphone File Formats and The Very Basics of GIMP - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 567

A viewer puts Robbie in his place with his GIMP tutorials for beginners. Jeff, Robbie and Sasha put the PowerLocus headphones to the test and set out to find out which file formats the SD card reader supports. We'll also look at the Strea...
Category5 Technology TV author

The Frugal Audiophile's Paradise - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 566

When it comes to sound quality, the more you pay, generally the better the sound. This week though, we look for good sounding gear that comes with a cheaper price tag. From a set of Bluetooth 4.2-EDR headphones to a pair of studio monitor...
Category5 Technology TV author

Biometrics and You - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 565

This week we welcome back Robert Capps from NuData security to discuss the recent data breach at Timehop, and how biometrics and behavioral analytics can help protect user data. We'll also unbox a shiny new Rock64 SBC with 4 GB RAM, and o...
Category5 Technology TV author

A Long Term-Supply SBC and an Improved Photoshop Alternative - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 564

This week Robbie and Sasha unbox the Pine A64-LTS single-board computer and get an early look at the brand new version of the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) 2.10.4 - a free alternative to Photoshop. And Sasha bought a car! ...
Category5 Technology TV author

Marie Kondo Method for Computers - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 563

Shizu Yamagucci joins us once again to discuss how the organizational and de-cluttering methods made famous by Marie Kondo can apply to our digital lives. From closet space to our computer desktop, learning to be more organized and only k...
Category5 Technology TV author

Internet, AI E-Sports and ODROID N1 - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 562

We have a new Internet connection this week at Studio D, and are finally free of LTE. Let's talk about how Artificial Intelligence is about to pwn humans, and a sad announcement about a new SBC that we're all really excited about -- but w...
Category5 Technology TV author

A Better Hearing Amplifier and E-Paper That Saves to PDF - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 561

Jeff, Robbie and Sasha take a look at a great new set of earbuds from Jabees that offer some of the coolest hearing amplification features we've seen in a stylish Bluetooth headset package. We'll also take e-paper to the next level with o...
Category5 Technology TV author

When There's No Power - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 560

560 weeks is a great track record. And to keep the record going, we were here. However, our studio (and much of our city) are without power. Our UPS batteries are depleted, and there's no possible way to go live as we do every single week...
Category5 Technology TV author

Android Sticks, Sleeping Masks, and Best Friends - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 559

We've got a nice assortment of products to review this week: from an Android TV stick with really good WiFi and USB 3, to a sleeping mask that has built-in stereo earphones. We'll also talk about NEMS Linux, and a web service that lets yo...
Category5 Technology TV author

Did you try turning it off and on again? - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 558

Henry's back! And together with Robbie and Sasha, he'll check out a great (and simple) device that lets you restart your modem and router when the Internet goes down, even if you're nowhere near home! Let's all catch up and have a great t...
Category5 Technology TV author

PTZ? Yeah, You Know Me - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 557

Let's save some trees with e-paper and focus our eyes on a $200 PTZ webcam. This week we'll review a couple of great (and affordable) products that are readily available on Amazon and other online shops. Read the complete sho...
Category5 Technology TV author

Community Soldering Tips - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 556

As Robbie endeavors to become a reasonably good solderer, the community surrounds him and fills the inbox with some exceptional tips for becoming better at soldering. It's a process, and this week's show is one more step toward solder per...
Category5 Technology TV author

Beginner Electronics with a Digispark Micro-Controller - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 555

Learn to create along with Robbie and Sasha as we endeavor to branch out into electronics tutorials using Arduino! In preparation for our coming Wirecast camera switching controller build, we'll simply make a light flash. Rea...
Category5 Technology TV author

The Robot Named OhBot - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 554

STEM education is getting exciting as more and more products come out that really make learning fun! OhBot is one such device: it provides kids of all ages a robot and the tools they need to program it to interact. Let's look at the basic...
Category5 Technology TV author

Blockchains and Bunkers - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 553

Robbie, Jeff and Sasha are joined by special guest Jonathan Bahai from eXeBlock to discuss what the Blockchain can do for the world other than crytpocurrency. You may be wondering how it could get any better than this, and to that we'll j...
Category5 Technology TV author

Retro Gaming in 2018 on a Pi 3 B+ - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 552

With the release of the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ as well as RetroPie 4.4, it's time to look at DIY retro gaming again! We'll assemble the ultimate stylish retro gaming machine (a throwback to the NES) and give Mario Kart 64 a try to see if...
Category5 Technology TV author

The Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and the Future of Finances - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 551

XENTAVO founder and CEO and all-round cryptofinance expert Robert Koenig joins the Cat5 team to explain (in terms we understand) what the blockchain is, how cryptocurrency generates money, and what the financial future holds. ...
Category5 Technology TV author

Pi vs. Pi, Giant Hand Hairs and Bad Soldering Joints - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 550

On this jam-packed episode, we compare the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ to the original Pi 3 and even the Pi 2. Then, we'll look at a cordless digital microscope that zooms up to 600x and lets you record 1080p video. Read the comp...
Category5 Technology TV author

Facebook, a Pi B+ and Backups - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 549

This week we tackle a plethora of topics: from the #DeleteFacebook movement and what you should know about what Facebook knows about you, to unboxing a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ and thinking on World Backup Day. Read the comple...
Category5 Technology TV author

STEM Education for Girls with a Clever Doll - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 548

This week we look at a toy that is designed specifically to encourage young girls to get excited about science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Read the complete show notes, comment or rate this episode, view picture...
Category5 Technology TV author

Pi Day - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 547

As we celebrate Pi Day -- or Pi Week as we'd rather call it -- let's look back on some of the exciting projects we have done featuring the Raspberry Pi micro-computer. There are so many things you can do with it, and we'll just scratch th...
Category5 Technology TV author

A Beginner's Introduction to Cryptocurrency - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 546

We've all heard the buzzwords "cryptocurrency" and "Bitcoin" but what is it, how hard or expensive is it to start mining, and are we too late? Let's learn together as we explore the basics of mining our own cryptocurrency. Re...
Category5 Technology TV author

Using PlexPi as a Personal Media Server - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 545

Last week we learned to build a PlexPi Media Server. This week, we'll learn to use it. With our movies, TV shows, music and home videos on a USB flash drive, we'll create our library and begin streaming to all our devices. Re...
Category5 Technology TV author

Plex on a Raspberry Pi 3 (In 2018) - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 544

Almost two years have passed since we last showed how to setup Plex Media Server on a Raspberry Pi 3, and a lot has changed in that time - including Debian/Raspbian upgrading to Stretch. So it is high time for us to show the process again...
Category5 Technology TV author

Raspberry Pi 3 vs. Odroid XU4Q - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 543

Robbie and Bekah fire up both a Raspberry Pi 3 and a Hardkernel Odroid XU4Q to see how each of these SBCs handle various tasks. From image editing to mining cryptocurrency, which mini computer will perform the best? Read the ...
Category5 Technology TV author

Open Banking - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 542

Don Duncan joins us from NuData Security to discuss Open Banking and how the bank system in Canada is evolving to this API-driven back-end. Read the complete show notes, comment or rate this episode, view pictures and obtain ...
Category5 Technology TV author

Category5 on Kodi (Take 2) - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 541

On Episode 513 we failed to demonstrate how to get Category5 working on Kodi thanks to an incompatibility. That's been fixed, so this week we'll tackle Kodi again; a fantastic media center application that supports the Category5 TV Networ...
Category5 Technology TV author

[Yet More] Viewer Questions - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 540

On what could be called a Viewer Question Extravaganza 2.0, Robbie and Sasha answer yet more questions from our wonderful viewers. From a simple hack to force your Windows or Linux computer to recognize hostnames to the ideal music player...
Category5 Technology TV author

Viewer Question Extravaganza - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 539

Get yourself ready for another Viewer Question Extravaganza! This is where we dig into the mailbag and answer as many of your questions as we can within the course of the show. We'll tackle everything from determining the running filesyst...
Category5 Technology TV author

Linspire Rises From The Grave - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 538

Linspire is back with all the greatness, but none of the controversy! Check out how PC/OpenSystems LLC obtained the rights (and source code) to improve and re-release the classic desktop Linux. We'll also talk to Jeff about the hackers wh...
Category5 Technology TV author

Techie Christmas Gifts and Cheap Portable Audio Recording - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 537

Happy New Year! This week we chat about some of the most techie gifts that found their way under our trees, some of our favorite shows on TV, and a life hack-worthy method of recording exceptional audio for your videos for under $5. ...
Category5 Technology TV author

An Introduction to GIMP - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 536

The GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is a feature-packed image editor that is absolutely free. Let's look at some very basic usage to get you started: rotate, crop, resize and save an image. Read the complete show notes,...
Category5 Technology TV author

Plex Media Server on Microsoft Windows - Category5 Technology TV - Episode 535

We've looked at Plex on Linux and Raspberry Pi, but it's time to look at how to setup Plex Media Server on a Windows machine. We'll also show you how to install our channel, give away another video game and cover your top tech news storie...
Category5 Technology TV author