Apple Chat: A Cult of Mac podcast with Leander Kahney

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Weekly interviews from the world of Apple by Leander Kahney, editor and publisher of the Cult of Mac blog and co-host of the ever-popular CultCast podcast. Lots of Steve Jobs stories.

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Weekly interviews from the world of Apple by Leander Kahney, editor and publisher of the Cult of Mac blog and co-host of the ever-popular CultCast podcast. Lots of Steve Jobs stories.
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The Apple Design Process of Demos, Decisions & Feedback with Ken Kocienda

Curious what it was like to work at Apple during its Golden Age of design? What exactly did the creative process look like? On this episode of the Apple Chat podcast, I sit down with Ken Kocienda, a programmer who spent 15 years at Apple during the Ste...

Apple and manufacturing with Instrumental CEO Anna-Katrina Shedletsky

Manufacturing processes haven’t changed much in recent years, even with dramatic advances in technology. Consumer electronics are still almost 100% handmade, even at companies that supply the best of the best -– like Apple. On this episode of Apple Ch...

The job of a designer with Oliver Seil of Belkin

“The job of a designer is to be a psychologist…” Industrial design is something that a lot of manufacturers used to outsource. Companies would design a product and then contract with a firm of outside design consultants to slap a good-looking skin o...

Apple and the environment with filmmaker Sue Williams

Sue Williams is a New York-based documentary filmmaker. Her new film, Death by Design, takes a sobering look at the electronics industry and it’s toxic environmental legacy — both here in the US and in China. The film starts in Silicon Valley, which ...

What it was like to work for Steve Jobs with Lawrence Levy, former Pixar CFO

Steve Jobs enjoys a mythic reputation as a technology and business genius. After his death, it often seems like he dreamed up products like the iPhone and iPad from whole cloth, single handed. But a new book by the former CFO of Pixar, Lawrence Levy p...

iPhone sex toys with Suki Dunham, founder of OhMiBod

This week we talk to Suki Dunham, cofounder of OhMiBod, a company that makes a line of iPhone and iPad controlled female pleasure products. Suki used to work at Apple, where she learned a lot about product design, packaging and marketing, which she ap...

iPhone 7 teardown with Kyle Wiens of iFixit

iPhone teardowns are a cultural phenomenon. This week we talk to Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixit, about the latest iPhone 7 teardown, which attracted a massive global audience, and the secrets of Apple's new iPhone.

Future of Siri with ArcTouch's Adam Fingerman and Paulo Michels

These developers have been looking under Siri's hood to discover what iOS 10 and macOS Sierra will bring to users of Apple products. In this episode of Kahney's Korner, they tell us what they found.

Autonomous cars with robot car consultant Paul Godsmark

Autonomous vehicles are going to have a giant impact on society -- even bigger than the internet, says robot car consultant Paul Godsmark. In this fascinating interview, Godsmark talks about the enormous changes that are coming up fast with self-driv...

iPhone espionage with Tim Hickman, CEO of Gumdrop Cases.

We talk about leaked iPhone 7 CAD files with Tim Hickman, a veteran accessories maker. The files are circulating among iPhone accessory makers ahead of Apple's big launch in the fall.

Talking with Ken Segall, author of Think Simple: How Smart Leaders Defeat Complexity

Ken Segall is a former Apple adman who worked closely with Steve Jobs for more than a dozen years. Segall is the guy who put the “i” in iMac and worked on the famous “Think Different” campaign. The big lesson he learned from Steve Jobs was keeping ...