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A podcast for women who tri
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Chasing Gold - Emma Coburn (S11E6)

This week, Alyssa and Haley talk to Emma Coburn, the first American woman to win an Olympic medal in the 3km Steeplechase. Emma talks about growing up in Crested Butte at 9,000 ft., how she got into the Steeplechase, and how she gets to the starting li...
Live Feisty Media author

The Women of Adventure Racing - Abby Perkiss (S11E5)

This week, Alyssa and Haley talk all things Adventure Racing with expert racer and 2x national champion Abby Perkiss. Abby tells us about the details of adventure racing including the necessary gear, why people decide to get into the sport, and the uni...
Live Feisty Media author

Ignite the Fire - Renee Kiley (S11E4)

This week, Alyssa and Haley chat with Australian professional triathlete Renee Kiley about her inspirational transformation from overweight smoker to professional triathlete in just 3 years. Renee shares the details of her journey from a successful, bu...
Live Feisty Media author

Respect the Race - Ellie Salthouse (S11E3)

This week, Alyssa and Haley chat to world class pro triathlete Ellie Salthouse about the highs and lows of her season. Ellie talks racing in South America, winning races wire to wire, and what happened during her race at 70.3 Worlds. After dealing with...
Live Feisty Media author

Follow your Heart - Liz Baugher (S11E2)

This week, Alyssa and Haley chat with Liz Baugher, pro triathlete and meteorologist. Liz talks about racing Savageman and getting up "The Wall", qualifying for her pro card and putting her career on hold, and how to get support as a rookie pro. Liz sha...
Live Feisty Media author

Allowed to Dream - Yursa Mardini (S11E1)

This week, Alyssa and Haley talk to Yursa Mardini, Syrian refugee, 2016 Olympic swimmer, and author of the book Butterfly. Yursa talks about growing up as a swimmer in Syria, living through the civil war, and the reasons why she left. She shares her fe...
Live Feisty Media author

The Magic Carpet - Joanne Murphy (S10E12)

This week, Alyssa and Haley chat to Joanne Murphy, the Irish voice of Ironman, global ambassador for Women for Tri, and host of Tri Talking Sport. Joanne talks about the magic of Ironman Wales and her perspective of the race from behind the microphone....
Live Feisty Media author

The Kona Show - Ana Lidia Borba (S10E11)

This week, Alyssa and Haley talk all things Kona with former pro triathlete and founder of Flows Journal, Ana Lidia Borba. As expected, Ana predicts that Daniela Ryf will come out on top, but believes the battle for second and third will be one to watc...
Live Feisty Media author

Living the Dream - Kim Morrison (S10E10)

This week, Alyssa and Haley talk to uber-biker pro triathlete Kim Morrison about her season so far. Kim recaps her race at IM Tallin that landed her on the podium and with a coveted Kona spot. She shares some of her secrets to building bike strength, t...
Live Feisty Media author

Into the Deep End - Julie Moss (S10E9)

This week, Alyssa and Haley talk to the legendary Julie Moss about her iconic 1982 finish in Kona and her career that has followed. Julie gives us the inside scoop on her recent race at the 70.3 World Champs, how her mentality has shifted from racing a...
Live Feisty Media author

Race with Purpose - Nicole Valentine (S10E8)

This week, Alyssa and Haley chat to professional triathlete Nicole Valentine about her background as an athlete, using sport as a means to create change, and racing as a pro in both Xterra and Ironman. Nicole talks about her experience at the Leadville...
Live Feisty Media author

Outside the Comfort Zone - Emily Cocks & Susan Lacke (S10E7)

This week Alyssa & Haley have two guests on the show for a jam packed episode. First, our hosts chat with Emily Cocks, a former 70.3 specialist and pro-triathlete, who gives us the inside scoop on the 70.3 World Championships, a preview of the race...
Live Feisty Media author

Believe in Your Best - Paula Findlay (S10E6)

This week, Alyssa and Haley talk to Paula Findlay, pro triathlete with an impressive resume of short and long course podiums. Paula talks about transitioning from ITU to 70.3 racing, dealing with injury and disappointment, and how she handles the press...
Live Feisty Media author

Leap of Faith - Nickie Luse (S10E5)

This week, Alyssa and Haley chat to Nickie Luse, pro triathlete and breast cancer survivor. Nickie talks about her background as a competitive soccer player, going from her first Ironman at 30 to getting her pro card at 34, and opens up about her diagn...
Live Feisty Media author

Small Bites, Big Goals - Selah Schneiter (S10E4)

This week, Alyssa and Haley talk to 10-year-old Selah Schneiter, the youngest person ever to climb El Capitan. Selah shares how she got started in climbing and progressed quickly through the sport. She talks about her decision to climb "The Nose" of El...
Live Feisty Media author

Patience - Nell Rojas (S10E3)

This week, Alyssa and Haley chat with elite runner, Nell Rojas, about her career as a runner and triathlete. Nell runs us through her win at Grandma's Marathon where she qualified for the 2020 Olympic Trials. She gives her thoughts on the Olympic trial...
Live Feisty Media author

Outside the Law - Amanda Wendorff (S10E2)

This week, Alyssa and Haley talk to pro triathlete Amanda Wendorff about the crazy conditions at Ironman Cork that led to her first professional podium finish. As a graduate of Harvard law school, Amanda details her experience in big law and her transi...
Live Feisty Media author

Climb for Equality - Caroline Gleich (S10E1)

This week, Alyssa and Haley chat with Caroline Gleich, professional skiier and ski mountaineer. Caroline shares what it's like to stand on top of the world, how she feels about the risks and costs of big expeditions, and why she wants to see more women...
Live Feisty Media author

The Women of EPIC5 - Suzy Serpico & Dani Grabol(S9E12)

This week, Alyssa and Haley chat with two women from the world of Ultra Triathlon, Dani Grabol and Suzy Serpico, about racing the EPIC5 Challenge - 5 Iron Distance triathlons in 5 days on 5 Hawaiian Islands. Dani Grabol, the first female finisher of EP...
Live Feisty Media author

Goals in Sight - Ashley Twichell (S9E11)

This week, Alyssa and Haley talk to open water swimming World Champion, Ashley Twichell, as she prepares to race in the 10km Open Water Olympic qualifier in South Korea. Ashley talks about her unconventional path to open water and how she quickly prope...
Live Feisty Media author

Trust Your Body - Christie Aschwanden (S9E10)

This week, Alyssa and Haley chat with recovery expert, Christie Aschwanden, about what she has learned through her research and experience as an elite athlete. Christie debunks common preconceptions about our favorite recovery methods including ice bat...
Live Feisty Media author

Confident and Calculated - Skye Moench (S9E9)

This week, Alyssa and Haley chat with accountant turned pro triathlete, Skye Moench, about leaving her job with nothing but a dream and blind confidence. After one year as an age-grouper, Skye had a breakthrough 2018 season and is now a familiar face o...
Live Feisty Media author

Unsinkable - Molly Hayes (S9E8)

This week, Alyssa and Haley talk to the "Unsinkable" Molly Hayes about her long history in triathlon racing around the globe. Molly started racing in her 50's and is still going strong 30 years and 333 races later. Molly shares tales from racing in Ira...
Live Feisty Media author

Million Dollar Triathlete - Kayla Kobelin - (S9E7)

This week, Alyssa and Haley chat with rookie pro triathlete and Million Dollar Mile contestant, Kayla Kobelin, about her unconventional start to the triathlon season. Kayla gives the inside scoop on her reality show debut and how she used tactics and s...
Live Feisty Media author

Sentenced to Run - Nikki Kimball (S9E6)

This week, Alyssa and Haley chat with accomplished ultra-runner Nikki Kimball about her Vermont Long Trail FKT and impressive resume of female and overall podiums. Nikki openly talks about the gender disparity in pay from sponsors, the lack of media co...
Live Feisty Media author

Embrace the Change - Linsey Corbin (S9E5)

This week, Alyssa and Haley chat with 7-time Ironman Champion, Linsey Corbin, about her long career as a professional triathlete and how she is still going strong. Linsey recaps her early season races, talks about her decision to race IM Wisconsin befo...
Live Feisty Media author

Pursue Greatness - Natasha Van Der Merwe (S9E4)

This week, Alyssa and Haley catch up with Natasha Van Der Merwe, pro triathlete, mom, coach, and Bicycle World ambassador. Natasha shares tales from her past as a pro tennis player traveling the world to settling in Texas and falling in love with triat...
Live Feisty Media author

The Voice of Triathlon - Kelly O'Mara (S9E3)

This week, Alyssa and Haley chat with our very own Kelly O'Mara, pro triathlete and author/co-host of the If We Were Riding newsletter and podcast. Kelly talks about her season so far from racing Daniela in Oceanside to rolling deep in Peru. She opens ...
Live Feisty Media author

Born to Race - Cecilia Davis-Hayes - (S9E2)

This week, Alyssa and Haley talk to pro triathlete Cecilia Davis-Hayes about her decision to take her pro card while in medical school at Columbia University. With a background in running and cycling, Cecilia rose quickly up the ranks and landed on her...
Live Feisty Media author

Follow Your Dreams - Anja Ippach (S9E1)

Alyssa and Haley chat with Anja Ippach, German pro triathlete with an impressive resume on and off the race course, about her recent race at IM South Africa. Anja talks about the good and bad of taking time off due to illness, how she spends her time o...
Live Feisty Media author

Racing Fearless - Kyra Wiens (S8E12)

This week, Alyssa and Haley chat with Kyra Wiens, professional triathlete and yoga teacher, about her great start to the season at Oceanside 70.3. Kyra shares her new approach to attacking races, her decision to go pro after only two years as an age gr...
Live Feisty Media author

Believe in the Process - Laura Siddall (S8E11)

Alyssa and Haley chat with returning guest, Laura Siddall, about her recent races in New Zealand. Laura answers some hard questions about how to deal with underwhelming results, how she learned to mountain bike and win a trail marathon all in one weeke...
Live Feisty Media author

Dig Deep - Kate Pallardy (S8E10)

In honor of the Boston Marathon, our guest this week is elite runner Kate Pallardy. Alyssa and Haley chat with Kate about her her roots in ultrarunning, how she got her start in triathlon, and her decision to ultimately focus on running. Kate shares st...
Live Feisty Media author

No Excuses - Jocelyn McCauley(S8E9)

This week, Alyssa and Haley talk to pro triathlete Jocelyn McCauley, multiple Ironman champion and mom, about her recent win at IMNZ including the story of her special aero bars. Plus, Jocelyn runs us through her decision to change coaches this season,...
Live Feisty Media author

Just Show Up - Caroline Coble (S8E8)

Caroline Coble, rookie pro triathlete, joins Alyssa and Haley this week to chat about her first pro race in Bariloche, her decision to turn pro, finding balance between life and elite sports, the Suunto Multisport Team, and gender pay gaps in sports. W...
Live Feisty Media author

Courage to Win - Sarah Crowley (S8E7)

This week, Alyssa and Haley chat with multiple Ironman champ + Kona podium finisher, Sarah Crowley from Australia. Sarah talks about her background in the sport, how she drastically changed her swim stroke, how to execute a race plan, and recovering fr...
Live Feisty Media author

The Payoff - Hannah Wells (S8E6)

Dr. Hannah Wells, pro Triathlete and PhD, joins Alyssa and Haley this week to talk about her recent victories at the Challenge Wanaka Half and Tauranga Half. Hannah talks goals for 2019, unconventional off-season races and her work as a research fellow...
Live Feisty Media author

Happy Pace - Katie Zaferes and Ashley Wiles (S8E5)

This week, we have two special guests to celebrate International Women's Day: Our very own, Ashley Wiles - founder of Sole Girls - tells us about the inspiration behind her new book "A Girl's Guide to Finding her Happy Pace." Find out how you can sup...
Live Feisty Media author

State of Sponsorship - Stacy Perlis & Arielle Knutson (S8E4)

First, Alyssa and Haley chat with Arielle Knutson, Director of Marketing at NUUN, about their approach and philosophy behind sponsorship. Arielle tackles the pros vs. age groupers debate, compares podium performance vs. social media following, and give...
Live Feisty Media author

Courage Zone - Rachel Joyce & Dana Platin (S8E3)

Alyssa and Haley chat with Rachel Joyce and Dana Platin, the co-founders of Reinas, about how they have combined their leadership and athletic backgrounds to create an exciting new venture. Their mission is to coach driven women to set personal goals a...
Live Feisty Media author

Racing Heart - Kate Mihevc Edwards (S8E2)

Alyssa and Haley talk to Kate Mihevc Edwards, physical therapist, avid runner, and budding triathlete. After running 13 marathons, Kate discovered she had a heart condition that ended her athletic career. Now, Kate is well aware of the signs of cardiac...
Live Feisty Media author

Be Kind to Yourself - Lisa Bentley (S8E1)

This week, Alyssa and Haley chat with Lisa Bentley about her astounding life and career that includes 11 Ironman and 11 Half-Ironman wins, all while battling Cystic Fibrosis. Lisa talks about balancing a career with professional triathlon, how her diag...
Live Feisty Media author

Mix It Up - Jackie Hering (S7E12)

This week, Alyssa and Haley chat with Jackie Hering, a seasoned professional triathlete with multiple Ironman podiums and wins to her name, a mom of two, a race director, and coach. Jackie talks about getting pregnant at the height of her career, how s...
Live Feisty Media author

Confidence is Key - Holly Benner (S7E11)

Pro triathlete, Holly Benner, joins Alyssa and Haley on the podcast this week. Holly found her way to triathlon through competitive swimming and rowing, and turned pro after 7 years racing as an age grouper. Holly offers expert advice on maximizing sl...
Live Feisty Media author

Friendly Competition - Taylor Spivey (S7E10)

Alyssa and Haley chat with ITU athlete Taylor Spivey who is currently ranked 8th in the WTS standings with 6 top 10 results in 2018, and is the winner of the Mallorca Super League Tri. Taylor talks about her athletic background and transition to triath...
Live Feisty Media author

How Hard Can You Go? - Anne Haug (S7E9)

We're back this week with Anne Haug - ITU athlete turned long-course specialist - 3rd place finisher at both the 70.3 World Championship and IM Kona in 2018. Anne talks about the differences between ITU and long course triathlon training and racing, an...
Live Feisty Media author

Rising Free - Samantha Livingstone (S7E8)

Our guest this week is Samantha Livingstone, Olympic gold-medalist, transformational speaker, high performance coach, and mom of four girls. She talks to Alyssa and Haley about her swimming career, how she dealt with body image issues and an eating dis...
Live Feisty Media author

I am the Engine - Sarah Reinertsen (S7E7)

Alyssa and Haley talk to the inspirational Sarah Reinertsen about her amazing accolades. Sarah is the first leg amputee to run the world marathon challenge, the first female leg amputee to finish Kona, and has been a contestant on the Amazing Race. Hea...
Live Feisty Media author

We are Outspoken - (S7E6)

This week, Haley fills Alyssa in on the Outspoken Summit. Listen to a special interview with our very own Ashley Wiles, as well as interviews with Sally Edwards, Dr. Shaunna Payne Gold, and Senator-elect Kyrsten Sinema. Plus, Haley and Alyssa are get...
Live Feisty Media author

Roll with It - Carly Johann (S7E5)

Alyssa and Haley chat with Carly Johann, professional triathlete, mom, and craft beer connoisseur, about how to stay motivated as an age grouper and a pro, tips for staying in the game when things go wrong on race day, as well as guidelines and advice ...
Live Feisty Media author