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The latest Enduro, XC & Downhill news, racing, products, insider stories. If it has to do with two-wheels, no topic is off-topic for co-hosts Jonathan Lee and Steven Lewis.
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Episode 73 – Ellen Noble and Alexey Vermeulen Live at Carson City Off-Road

Ellen Noble is one of the best cyclocross racers in the USA, and Alexey Vermeulen is one of the best time trialists in the country, so what the heck are they doing at the Epic Rides Carson City Off-Road, and what have they learned coming from different...
TrailHead Media author

Episode 72 – AXS vs. Mechanical vs. XTR 9100 Plus Cockpit Setup Deep Dive

Jonathan and Steven are back with a comparison of XX1 AXS, mechanical Eagle, and XTR 9100, as well as a Carson City Off-Road update and a deep dive on cockpit setup. Enjoy! –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Topics covered in this episode: β€’ Which ...
TrailHead Media author

Episode 71 – Strength Training & Nutrition with Dialed Health's Derek Teel

Dialed Health's Derek Teel joins Jonathan for a discussion on modern geometry, mixed wheel sizes, a a deep dive on nutrition, weight management and strength training for mountain bikers. Enjoy! –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Topics covered in t...
TrailHead Media author

Episode 70 - Listener Questions!

Jonathan and Steven are back to discuss racing news, answer listener questions on everything from cheap groupsets to Heart Rate Variability. Tune in and enjoy! –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– The MTB Podcast is presented by Worldwide Cyclery, t...
TrailHead Media author

Episode 69 - Crank Length, Flats vs. Clips, Oval Chainrings, Skinwalls & More

Jonathan and Steven cover news including the beautiful new Intense M29 and "interesting" YT Jeffsy 29 release, plus a great set of questions from listeners including crank arm length, oval chainrings, flats vs. clips, skinwall tires and getting more ki...
TrailHead Media author

Episode 68 - Listener Questions Christmas Special!

Your questions answered! Enjoy, share and rate! –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Topics covered in this episode: - Team Rumors 2019 - Epic Rides 2019 Race Registration opens soon! - Pinkbike's Field Tests - Bike Mag's Bible of Bike Tests - Relia...
TrailHead Media author

Episode 67 - Doping, Interbike & Racing with Special Guest: Keegan Swenson

Jonathan and Steven weigh in on the doping news in EWS, Interbike's disappearance, and then a full episode with Stans / Pivot Pro Team's Keegan Swenson! Many of you are planning next year's big riding and racing plans, and we feel like in 2019 there i...
TrailHead Media author

Episode 66 - Trust The Message Fork, News, & Listener Questions!

We’re back with an extra-long episode! Steven outlines his guide to discovering Mechanical Trail, team rumors, the outlandish Trust The Message fork, a discussion on Red Bull Rampage, OZ Trails Off-Road and why it was so hard on equipment, a whole bunc...
TrailHead Media author

Episode 65 - MTB Engineering with Yeti's Peter "Stretch" Zawistowski

Designing, testing and producing a mountain bike is an enormously complex process. It delivers an end product that often times gets watered down by reviews to terms like β€œlonger, lower, slacker" and "modern geometry”, keeping the original intent and nu...
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast - Episode 64 - Wet/Mud Riding Quick'isode with Geoff Kabush

Riding in wet, slippery and muddy conditions is extremely tricky, and frankly, Steven and I aren't very good at it. So, we sat down with Geoff Kabush in his hometown of Squamish, BC after a very wet and rainy ride to learn what equipment changes and te...
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast - Episode 63 - Interbike with Worldwide Cyclery

Interbike has brought the industry to our hometown, and Jeff Cayley of Worldwide Cyclery joins us for a casual discussion on overlooked details shuttling, why bike shops aren't dead and what we need to do, Park Tool's controversial law suit, the future...
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast - Episode 62 - New Bikes and Listener Questions!

Steven is back with the new Jekyll 29, we talk about the best race we've seen in years, Yeti's new SB150 and SB130 bikes, and answer your questions on everything from protecting your frame to mixing brake pad and rotor brands. Tune in and share! –––––...
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast - Episode 61 - World Championships with Team USA's Keegan Swenson

It's World Championships weekend, and after talking to some of the athletes, I realized the logistics of international competition are rarely understood by us average punters, so we called up Team USA's Keegan Swenson on the eve of World Championships ...
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast - Episode 60 - Bike Nerdery with Geoff Kabush

This week's podcast features a conversation with Yeti Cycles' Geoff Kabush and Jonathan, taken from an episode of TrainerRoad's Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast. The discussions covers everything from equipment and nutrition, to training and technique, plu...
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast - Episode 59 - How To Be The Ultimate Support Crew

Supporting a racer is more complex than you think, and despite a racer's best efforts, a bad crew can ruin an otherwise perfect race day. Episode 59 has everything we've learned from crewing races and supporting racers, along with our thoughts on the l...
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast - Episode 58 - Listener Questions!

We're back with answers to your questions on how to make cheap brakes better, cornering technique, fast rolling vs. grippy tires, trail bike choices and 13 other questions! We are going to try to make question episodes more frequent, so keep submitting...
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast - Episode 57 - How To Organize a Race with

What happens when a pro mountain biker becomes an event organizer? You get great races, but you also get a very knowledgable perspective on event organization. Steven and I are like most of you in that we don't understand event organization well enough...
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast - Episode 56 - Suspension Tuning Deep Dive

Suspension tuning can be extremely complex, and changing your bike from mediocre to stellar can just be a few clicks away. Use this episode as your cheat sheet and get tuning! –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– The MTB Podcast is presented by Wor...
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast - Episode 55 - Is MTB Selling Out, and Listener Questions Answered!

The Carson City Off-Road reminded how great MTB races can be, but it seems other big races like the Breck Epic and EWS are headed down a different path. Is mountain biking selling out? In other news, Pivot released a new bike, that we're sure is good,...
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast – Bike Test – Norco Sight vs. Ibis Mojo HD4

The Norco Sight and Ibis Mojo HD4 do the same job, but very differently. If you are looking for a trail bike that is eager for laps in the bike park, or a big bike that does an impressive job of impersonating a little bike, these two have you covered. ...
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast – Bike Test – Kona Process 153 vs. Pivot Switchblade

Our bike test podcasts from Sedona Mountain Bike Festival have finally returned with the Kona Process 153 and the Pivot Switchblade. One surprised, while the other served up exactly what we'd expected.
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast - Episode 54 - Listener Questions Answered!

Julien Absalon retires, Richie Rude is back on top, Steven has yet to meet Yolanda Neff, Jonathan is selling bike stuff, and we answered a bunch of questions including how to get your dropper post to not slip, why matchmakers may not be a good idea, an...
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast - Episode 53 - Special Episode - Oz Trails Off-Road

Our first trail documentary episode highlights an unlikely but undeniable mecca for mountain biking, and the upcoming location for the newest Epic Rides event – Bentonville, Arkansas and the Oz Trails Off-Road. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Th...
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast - Episode 52 - Special Guest: Epic Rides' Todd Sadow

Todd Sadow is as core a mountain biker as they come, and maybe that's why his race series is booming while many others are shrinking. We sat down with the Epic Rides Founder and CEO to figure out why he got into race promotion, what he's doing differe...
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast – Episode 52 – Special Guest: Epic Rides' Todd Sadow

Todd Sadow is as core a mountain biker as they come, and maybe that's why his race series is booming while many others are shrinking. We sat down with the Epic Rides Founder and CEO to figure out why he got into race promotion, what he's doing differe...
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast – Episode 51 – Yeti SB100, Sea Otter/TDS Wrap Up & Epic Rides

Sea Otter came and went leaving a whole mess of new bikes, parts and race results in its wake, and we were there to take it all in. Add in a first ride review of the Yeti SB100 and a quick course preview of the Epic Rides Carson City Off-Road and you'v...
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast – Episode 50 – New Forks, Questions & Bike Shops vs. The Internet with Worldwide Cyclery

Jeff Cayley, CEO of Worldwide Cyclery, joins us for a candid discussion on the state of bike shops and how the internet is actually helping mountain bikers, a discussion on the recent rise of high quality forks, and took some time to answer your questi...
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast – Episode 49 – Strength Training for Mountain Bikers

Mountain bikers need to do more strength training, but that doesn't just mean getting a gym membership. Derek Teel from Dialed Health dropped in for a deep dive on why and how you should go about strength training for mountain biking.
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast – Bike Test – Santa Cruz Tallboy vs. Pivot 429 Trail

For our second round of bike reviews, we cover the type of bike that most people should consider. The Santa Cruz Tallboy is a fantastic all around bike that encourages you to play, and the Pivot's plushness is surprising considering its short travel, b...
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast – Bike Test – Canndondale Trigger vs. Diamondback Release

First in our series of bike tests from Sedona MTB Festival is a compare and contrast between the Cannondale Trigger 2, a mini monster truck with surprisingly snappy feel, and the Diamondback Release 4C, a playful and exciting ride that took us by surpr...
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast – Episode 48 – Sedona MTB Festival and MTB Bucket List Races

We're back from Sedona MTB Festival and it got us thinking: What MTB events would be on your bucket list? Here's ours, but let us know which ones are on your list! Topics covered in this episode: β€’ Eagle eTap:
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast – Episode 47 – Riding Trips, Sedona MTB Festival + More

Sedona MTB Festival is just around the corner, so we got together to cover new product rumors, answer your questions, and share our experiences and advice for your next riding trip.
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast – Episode 46 – Listener Questions Special Episode!

How to make your Rockshox Pike better, our favorite hydration packs, frame protectant and plenty of other topics in this listener questions special!
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast – Episode 45 – Cable Routing Tips & Tricks

Cable routing can be a pain, but following a few simple steps can ensure it's a successful and relatively fuss-free process. Steven and Jonathan dive deep into all things cable routing in Episode 45 of the MTB Podcast. Topics covered in this episode: ...
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast – Episode 44 – Comprehensive Guide to MTB Brakes

Jonathan and Steven cover some cool one of a kind bikes from Santa Cruz, answer your questions and go over everything you ever wanted to know about MTB brakes. Topics covered in this episode: β€’ Santa Cruz creates special Hightowers for CA wildfire a...
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast – Episode 43 – Listener Questions Special Episode!

We're back with a quick run-through of listener questions! Keep'em coming at
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast – Episode 42 – Bike Rack Deep Dive

Bike racks and transporting your bike is a topic that suffers from wrongfully assumed understanding. It seems straightforward, and it is, but small nuances of how and where you rack your bike can make your life easier, save your vehicle and save your b...
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast – Episode 41 – Your Questions Answered!

Topics covered in this episode: β€’ Stans S1 Wheelset Pinkbike Review: β€’ Select CES rounds get EWS qualification points β€’ Are points of engagement really that important? β€’ How to enjoy climb...
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast – Episode 40 – Bikes & Wilderness With Kurt "The Angry Singlespeeder" Gensheimer

This is the most important episode we've put out. Kurt "The Angry Singlespeeder" Gensheimer joins us for an in depth discussion and debate on the controversial topic of bikes in federally designated Wilderness. This is a MASSIVELY important issue for...
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast – Episode 39 – Listener Questions Quickie!

Steven and Jonathan squeaked in a quick episode to answer your questions for boxing day. Enjoy, and get out and shred on those new bikes!
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast – Episode 38 – Trail Dogs, New Canyon Spectral, Coated Chains & More

Take a deep dive into all things trail dogs – breeds, gear, training and more. β€’ New Canyon Spectral β€’ IMBA Opposes Wilderness Access For Bikes β€’ How to fix slipping lock-on grips β€’ Best power meters for slim crankset clearance or wide Q-Factor β€’ ...
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast – Episode 37 – Night Riding Deep Dive, mixing sealant, Niner Bikes & More

Steven and Jonathan are back (sorry!) with a deep dive on night riding and discussions on the following: β€’ Niner Bikes declares Bankruptcy β€’ YT Consolidates but still has Zink β€’ Mercedes Benz partners with the UCI World Cup, but somehow ignores the ...
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast – Episode 36 – Questions Pt. 1 – Why your brakes squeak, Leftys + More

Part 1 of your questions answered, with more coming soon! Topics covered in this episode: - Why your brake rotors howl - Do larger break rotors make more noise? - Why you should keep your saddle level - The benefits and reasons for running brake l...
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast – Episode 35 – Trailside Hacks & Fixes with Dustin Cardoza!

Special guest Dustin Cardoza joins us for a deep dive on trailside hacks, fixes, and overall MacGuyver tactics. This is a fun one! Topics covered in this episode: β€’ Fox Rhythm Fork:
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast – Episode 34 – Interbike, World Champs, concussions, rotational weight + more!

Jonathan and Steven cover some big retirement news, a new 7,000' descent in Downieville, a deep dive on drivetrains and hacks and cover your questions! Topics covered in this episode: β€’ Todd Wells has retired :( β€’ Sho-Air pulls out of the US Cup β€’ ...
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast – Episode 33 – Interbike, World Champs, concussions, rotational weight + more!

Steven and Jonathan spend nearly the entire episode answering your questions, but first, a few words on Interbike, World Championships, concussions in XC racing & more! Topics covered in this episode: β€’ Concussions in XC racing β€’ World Champs qui...
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast – Episode 32 – Eurobike wrap up, how to use grease properly, clips vs. flats + More!

Jonathan is back from Point 2 Point and the hosts hither highlights of Eurobike and answer your questions. Topics covered in this episode: - Cane Creek Slam Stem:
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast – Bonus Episode! – Park City Point 2 Point with Keegan Swenson

The Park City Point 2 Point may be the toughest one-day MTB race in the USA. It's 75 miles of pristine singletrack, viciously laced with 15,000' of climbing. It's a true test of a mountain biker's abilities, and one of the most gorgeous routes you coul...
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast – Episode 31 – Interval training, gearbox drivetrains, stem caps & more!

Steven and Jonathan take a deep dive on interval training, how every rider should be using it, and tips on how to get more out of your interval workouts. All of this plus stem caps, special episode teasers & more! Topics covered in this episode: ...
TrailHead Media author

MTB Podcast – Episode 30 – Crankworx Whistler, crazy new products releases, and women in MTB

It's Crankworx week! Tons of new products and racing news, and some controversial topics discussed. Topics covered in this episode: β€’ Fox's New 4-Way Adjustable Fork Damper
TrailHead Media author