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"Galberg" is a cross between the Irish city of Galway and the German city of Bamberg. Language students at both universities have produced the podcasts as part of an innovative tandem learning project.

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A podcast series brought to you by Galway and Bamberg students
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Joining the German Army: Months One to Three

Are you a lil’ momma´s boy? Have you just realized that that you have never really had to prove yourself? Have you realized that you need help to overcome your status as a worthless, disgusting maggot? Sonny, go join the army. Either they’ll make you i... (Avocado Zest) author

The Galberg Breakfast Show

Our group had the task of producing a "making of" podcast which reflects on the rest of the series. This is it!We hope you enjoy the show!Download MP3Greetings from Bamberg,Julia, Marina and Peter (Avocado Zest) author

Eating and Drinking in Bamberg

»Du bist, was du isst!«In Germany, people's eating habits are very often linked to their lifestyles. Get a broader picture of how students in Bamberg fill their stomachs and who they socialize with while doing just that. Which food type are you? The Mi... (Avocado Zest) author

Das Galwayer Kulturfest - The Galway Arts Festival

Hi,wir sind Joanne und Kayleigh und wir studieren in Galway. Jedes Jahr findet hier dasGalway Arts Festivalstatt, ein internationales Kulturfest, das auch viele ausländische Besucher anzieht. Wir haben mit Einheimischen und Zugezogenen darüber gesproch... (Berit) author

The Christmas Market

As it is an important part of German culture and attracts lots of tourists every year, we created a podcast that leads you through the fascinating world of the highlight of Germany's advent-season: the Christmas market! Be inspired by original recordin... (Avocado Zest) author

Wilkommen in Galway

Liebe Bamberger,Wilkommen in Galway!Unser Podcast gibt eine kurze Einführung in unsere kleine, aber charmante Stadt und was euch erwartet, wenn ihr selber mal auf Besuch kommt. Wir haben Interviews mit 3 verschiedenen Studenten der Uni in Galway gemach... (Avocado Zest) author

Galwayer Legenden

Wir präsentieren euch einen Podcast über zwei Galwayer Legenden. Nein, damit sind nicht wir, Denise und Clemens, gemeint, sondern die Geschichten vomCladdagh-Ring und demLynch Window. Beide sind auf ihre Weise tragisch, aber auch sehr interessant, weil... (Berit) author

The Bamberg Horseman

This podcast was produced by Judith and Dirk, two students from Bamberg, neither of whom possesses a horse.TheBamberger Reiter is an Early Gothic equestrian statue in the cathedral in Bamberg. Although the statue itself doesn't seem that impressive to ... (Avocado Zest) author