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Bike racing at its finest. VeloNews podcasts utilize our network of reporters, commentators, and coaches to bring you inside pro cycling and improve your own riding and racing.
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Fast Talk podcast, ep. 83: Training the Gut with Asker Jeukendrup

Just ask any Tour rider who’s frequently burning 5000 calories or more per day about in-race nutrition and they’ll tell you that it’s both critical and tricky to get right. You can spend months getting your legs ready for your target event, you can be ...
VeloNews author

VN Pod, ep. 156: Kate Courtney! Plus, Sepp Kuss's Vuelta win and cycling's young guns

Kate Courtney just became the first American in 17 years to win the XC mountain bike World Cup. On this week's episode of The VeloNews Podcast, we catch up with Courtney to talk about her dream season. Before talking to Courtney, Fred Dreier and Andr...
VeloNews author

PYSO | 2019 La Vuelta a Espana ep.3

In this week's episode of Put Your Socks On, Bobby Julich and Gus Morton re-cap week two at La Vuelta 2019 and get you caught up on all things pro cycling. From Chris Froome's cooking accident to Kate Courtney's World Cup title the guys have you covere...
VeloNews author

Bonus Podcast: Andrew Bernstein talks about surviving a hit-and-run

No sponsor. No intro music. For this bonus episode of The VeloNews Podcast, we talk to Andrew Benstein, who was the victim of a hit-and-run crash in July. Andrew is a longtime racer and a veteran of the U.S. cycling industry. On July 20 he was riding...
VeloNews author

VN Pod, ep. 155: Vuelta chaos and Roglic's chances, plus Kiel Reijnen and Ben King

The Vuelta a España has heated up in its second week, with a zany mountain stage in Andorra and a decisive individual time trial. On this week's episode of The VeloNews Podcast, Andy Hood and Fred Dreier analyze the action from the decisive stages, and...
VeloNews author

PYSO | 2019 La Vuelta a Espana ep.2

Bobby Julich and Gus Morton re-cap the first week of La Vuelta 2019 and the latest happenings across the world of pro cycling. Episode Highlights * The highs and lows of the first week at La Vuelta 2019 * La Vuelta predictions for stages 10-14 * Tour ...
VeloNews author

Fast Talk, ep. 82: The importance of adaptations, with George Bennett

Recovery, recovery, recovery... you’ve heard us talk about it before. You’ve heard a lot of our guests preach about its importance. Well, now let’s confuse you a bit. The ultimate goal of training is, of course, to adapt. And there’s a critical distinc...
VeloNews author

VN Pod, ep. 154: the Vuelta heats up and Colorado Classic disrupts, plus Neilson Powless and E-MTB

The VeloNews Podcast returns this week with a report from the Vuelta a España, which has already delivered plenty of thrilling action after just a few hot stages. Andrew Hood reports from a monastery in El Puig on the dynamics shaping this year's Vuelt...
VeloNews author

PYSO | 2019 Vuelta a Espana ep.1 plus Colorado Classic recap

Bobby and Gus are back at it as they recap the first three stages of the 2019 Vuelta a Espana and chat with Alison Tetrick about Chloe Dygert's domination of the Colorado Classic. They also catch you up on the latest in pro cycling news since the Tou...
VeloNews author

VN Pod, ep. 153: Christopher Blevins, the Renaissance Man of U.S. Cycling

On this week's episode of The VeloNews Podcast we sit down with Christopher Blevins, the Renaissance Man of U.S. pro cycling. Blevins is an all-around cycling talent, who has won major races in mountain biking, road cycling, and even BMX. These days, B...
VeloNews author

Fast Talk, ep. 81: The 'cross episode with Coach Holicky, Katie Compton, and Ellen Noble

It’s been a long time coming, but Fast Talk is finally taking on cyclocross, from training to racing, honing technical skills to riding on nearly flat tires. Warning: there are few, if any, nerd bombs in this episode. Is there anything more fun than r...
VeloNews author

VN Pod, MetPro founder Angelo Poli

This bonus episode of The VeloNews Podcast is sponsored by MetPro, a concierge nutrition, fitness and lifestyle coaching company. MetPro uses Metabolic Profiling to analyze your metabolism and provide an individualized approach to obtaining your goals....
VeloNews author

VN Pod, ep. 152: Erin Huck on her Olympic ambitions, plus TJ Eisenhart

This week on the VeloNews Podcast we have interviews with two riders from opposite ends of North American pro racing. First up is Erin Huck, one of the best cross-country mountain bike racers in North America. Huck is hoping to qualify for the 2020 O...
VeloNews author

VN Pod, ep. 151: Tour de France wrap up, plus Vaughters on cycling's EPO era

Andrew Hood and Fred Dreier present their final analysis of the 2019 Tour de France. Did the race's truncated finish ruin the excitement? Will we remember Egan Bernal's victory for his stunning attack, or because of the shortened stages? Then, the guy...
VeloNews author

Fast Talk ep. 80: Properly executing intervals is hard; keep your training plan simple

Complex training prescriptions are becoming increasingly popular. In this episode, we ask the question: Does it really need to be that complex? What do you gain from this complexity? With the help of seven different experts — coaches, scientists, and ...
VeloNews author

VeloNews Voices | PYSO ep. 20: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Twenty

Nibali's snowball's-chance-in-hell or the tour for that matter pays off as he holds off the field for one more stage victory! Perhaps a resume builder for his switch over to TREK next season? New contracts, higher salaries, post-tour criteriums. Its a...
VeloNews author

VeloNews Voices | PYSO ep. 19: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Nineteen

It’s all or nothing in the last few stages of the TDF and it just might be all for todays stage winner and new yellow jersey holder Egan Bernal. Will he be given Yellow, Polka Dot and White Jersey? We're going to ride 'til we can't no more!
VeloNews author

VeloNews Voices | PYSO ep. 18: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Eighteen

You’re familiar with the all-important strength-to-weight ratio, expressed as watts per kilogram. But what about strength-to-wait? Bobby and Gus explain. Shadow Boxing. Strength to Wait. Huge time-gap swings. And Alaphilippe keeping calm, cool and col...
VeloNews author

VeloNews Voices | PYSO ep. 17: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Seventeen

The Tour de France isn't just a grind for the riders. What do the riders' wives have to say about three weeks in France, plus all the training that leads up to it? Elly Woods - Mike Woods' better half - weighs in with Bobby and Gus. Also on this epi...
VeloNews author

VeloNews Voices | PYSO ep. 16: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Sixteen

Adversity. Injuries. Solo moves and last chances. It's a tough one today on Put Your Socks On. Adversity is part of the game, and we hear from Team Katusha-Alpecin's Ian Boswell, who suffered a severe head injury in Tirreno Adriatico earlier this year...
VeloNews author

VN Pod, ep. 150: How Thibaut Pinot can win the Tour de France

It's the second rest day of the Tour de France, and Fred and Andy link up to discuss the wild action that the race saw in the Pyrenees. Team Ineos was not at the same level as Team Sky, Julian Alaphilippe finally started to crumble, and Thibaut Pinot r...
VeloNews author

VeloNews Voices | PYSO ep. 15: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Fifteen

It's the 15th stage of the Tour de France. Everyone's tired. But today's racing was absolute full-on from kilometer zero to the final mountaintop meters. Bobby and Gus dig into the details with a focus on Positive Mental Attitude, joined by special gu...
VeloNews author

VeloNews Voices | PYSO ep. 14: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Fourteen

Team PYSO is on a high coming off a scorching episode 13, and the Tour de France gets even higher as we head into the mountains. Cue the Floyd's of Leadville ad. Well whether it's MVPs , CBDs or DNFs, today we talk GC riders vs Helpers. Race tactics. T...
VeloNews author

VeloNews Voices | PYSO ep. 13: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Thirteen

For the time trial, teams and riders use technology to gain every advantage possible. We talk rider position vs aerodynamics. Metabolic efficiency vs wind tunnel data. And what music riders use to get pumped up before the big stages. Can you guess what...
VeloNews author

Fast Talk podcast, ep. 79: Playing the energy game, with Colby Pearce

Metrics such as calories, kiloJoules, Watt Prime (W’), and FRC are attempts to quantify how much energy we have to available to use. Many top pros just have a feel for it. But ultimately, we all have a “jar of energy” we can use in a race. Some of us h...
VeloNews author

VeloNews Voices | PYSO ep. 12: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Twelve

SPECIAL GUEST DOWNHILL LEGEND AND SPORTS TRAINER - OSCAR SAIZ ( After things go up, Oscar Saiz gets down to the business of descending. Technique, Courage and how driving video games can be a safe and valuable teaching tool for riders le...
VeloNews author

VeloNews Voices | PYSO ep. 11: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Eleven

Life on the road can be good, bad and ugly - and Bobby and Gus dig into it all on this episode. We talk seedy hotel rooms and even seedier Tour roommates. There’s cold pasta, mosquitoes, ants under the sheets and some too-close-for-comfort body contact...
VeloNews author

VN Pod, ep. 149: A rest day check-in with Andy and Fred, plus Joey Rosskopf

Andy Hood and Fred Dreier link up for the Tour de France's first rest day to discuss, among other topics, why they are not attending this year's race. (Hint: they both have good reasons). What's it like for a Tour de France journalist to be at home for...
VeloNews author

VeloNews Voices | PYSO ep. 10: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Ten

Nibali pushes back on Twitter. Cycling is brutal. Work Ethic is number one. Apologies, empathy and sympathy. Bobby does a VERY convincing Al Pacino as Scarface impression. Sprinters - are they born or can they be trained? British Cycling coaching insti...
VeloNews author

VeloNews Voices | PYSO ep. 9: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Nine

STAGE 9 BASTILLE DAY St Etienne - Brioude 170.5km The cast talks nutrition on today’s stage: team chefs, soggy baguettes, and heaps of Nutella. Special shout out to ROAD ID employee of the month, Becky. You go, Becky. Turns out, Gus knows more about ...
VeloNews author

VeloNews Voices | PYSO ep. 8: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Eight

Things get loose during Stage 8 of the TdF with team PYSO. Gus agrees with the UCI. Bobby is still not sure what Gus means by “Snacks on Stage." We have special guest Therese Sundstrom, pro soigneur, live from Girona, Spain. We talk rider care as well ...
VeloNews author

VeloNews Voices | PYSO ep. 7: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Seven

Today on PYSO Gus and Bobby examine the science around preparation and recovery. Skratch Labs founder Dr. Allen Lim joins the fun to address everything you want to know about cycling, from nutrition to new technology. Does Lim talk about Cryotanks? Yes...
VeloNews author

Fast Talk, ep. 78: The demands of the Tour de France, with Dimension Data coach Ciaran O'Grady

What exactly does it take to race the Tour — physiologically, mentally, spiritually. Each day these phenomenal athletes race an event that would shatter most of us in just one day. But then they also have to contend with answering reporters questions, ...
VeloNews author

VeloNews Voices | PYSO ep. 6: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Six

The Tour de France completed its first mountain stage of 2019 on Thursday, and delivered a huge dose of excitement. The timing was perfect, because Thursday was Gus's birthday. Happy Birthday, Gus! Your present is an awesome and exciting Tour stage! On...
VeloNews author

VeloNews Voices | PYSO ep. 5: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Five

Toms! Toms! Toms! Bobby goes down memory lane but doesn't like it much. Superfan suggests that Sagan’s interview “form” is also back! Phillipe Gilbert shares some very interesting insights into today’s theme: Tactics. Are cartoons really better than Ro...
VeloNews author

VeloNews Voices | PYSO ep. 4: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Four

Stage 4 was sleepy in spots but PYSO is not! On today’s show, Bobby Julich and Gus Morton discuss failed nature-break ploys, getting jiggy with it, France vs. Italy on the subject of “legal usage” of champagne, high-speed praying mantes and more. Plus,...
VeloNews author

VeloNews Voices | PYSO ep. 3: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Three

Find out what happened and why! Do you want a World Tour contract to show up in your mailbox? Here’s how. Listen to legend Juan Antonio Flecha talk about one of the greatest upsets of his racing career. Then learn about the cracks, clips, cats and cha...
VeloNews author

VeloNews Voices | PYSO ep. 1: 2019 Tour de France, Stage One

Early aggression, TV attacks—you know you’re in the TDF. Mike Teunissen calls the audible of all audibles. Micro breaks, #bubbleboys, Bobby pushes back on the expression “meat sack”, the boys deep-dive into the intricacies and nuances of Team Selection...
VeloNews author

VeloNews Voices | PYSO ep. 2: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Two

In today’s show Bobby and Gus dive into Stage 2 and all things Aero. Is the yellow jersey a powerful motivator? What’s Rule Number One for a TT specialist? Did Jan Ulrich need team to win a TTT? Is your dad’s skinsuit the same as today’s skinsuit. Wh...
VeloNews author

VeloNews Voices | Beyond Limits, Ep. 2: What it takes to train for the Tour de France

What kind of workload does a rider need to achieve in the weeks and months leading up to the Tour de France? What kind of power numbers do they need to hit? And what new techniques can help the preparation? Allen Lim, PhD, has been coaching elite cycl...
VeloNews author

VeloNews Voices | Beyond Limits with Allen Lim, PhD, Ep. 1

From his academic work on power meters beginning in 1997 until today, Allen Lim, PhD, has been obsessed with improving a cyclist’s performance, on and off the bike. The founder of Skratch Labs has coached some of the world’s best cyclists, including mo...
VeloNews author

VN Pod, ep. 148: Jason Gay of The Wall Street Journal talks Tour, Zwift, and fat biking

On this week's episode of The VeloNews Podcast, Jason Gay of The Wall Street Journal calls in to talk about the Tour de France, the rise of Zwift and indoor cycling, and his experiences at the Fat Bike World Championships, among other topics. Jason i...
VeloNews author

Fast Talk, ep. 77: Avoiding the big mistakes even pros make, with Dr. Andy Pruitt and Frankie Andreu

We all make mistakes. No one trains and races perfectly, which can be frustrating when so often those mistakes are made out of honest effort and a desire to perform at our best. But we have a choice in how we treat our mistakes. One way is to get frus...
VeloNews author

VN Pod, ep. 147: Egan Bernal can win the Tour; Jonny Brown on winning USPro

On this week's episode of The VeloNews Podcast we analyze the Tour de France's list of flawed GC contenders, including the new frontrunner, Egan Bernal. Bernal's dominating win at the Tour de Suisse makes him one of the top favorites to win. What wou...
VeloNews author

VN Pod, ep. 146: How Froome's injury changes the Tour; Chloe Woodruff talks 2020 Olympics

On this week's episode of The VeloNews Podcast Fred Dreier and Andrew Hood discuss the seismic shift that pro cycling underwent in the final week. Chris Froome's crash has completely changed the dynamics at the Tour de France, as Team Ineos no longer i...
VeloNews author

Fast Talk, ep 76: Kate Courtney on when to push and when to back off

The VeloNews Fast Talk podcast is your source for the best training advice and most compelling insight on what it takes to become a better cyclist. Listen in as VeloNews managing editor Chris Case and our resident physiologist and coach, Trevor Connor,...
VeloNews author

VN Pod, ep. 145: Remembering the 2009 Tour; Richie Porte on his TDF setbacks

On this week's episode of The VeloNews Podcast Fred and Andy link up to discuss some of the biggest news stories from pro cycling in the month of June. What can races like the Criterium du Dauphine and Tour de Suisse tell us about a rider's form in Jul...
VeloNews author

VN Pod, ep. 144: Spencer returns, Giro concludes, DK200 WINNER Colin Strickland

Spencer RETURNS this episode to take us through his race at Dirty Kanza 200, and what lessons he learned about gravel racing. Fred and Spencer break down all the action from the Dirty Kanza. Then, Andy takes us through the final week of the Giro d'Ita...
VeloNews author

Fast Talk, ep. 75: High intensity training with Dr. Stephen Seiler

In episode 75, we’re joined by Dr. Stephen Seiler, one of the top exercise physiologists of today. Dr. Seiler has talked with us previously about the polarized, or 80/20, model of endurance training, he’s shared his thoughts on zone models, and he’s he...
VeloNews author

Tech Podcast: Alison Tetrick talks gravel gear and mental prep for Kanza

If you want to know what gear to use for Dirty Kanza, there's no one better to ask than the course record holder, Alison Tetrick. She joins tech editor Dan Cavallari to talk about her bike and gear choices for the 2019 Dirty Kanza race, what she can't ...
VeloNews author