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Fuel your passion for endurance sport and a healthy lifestyle with host Tawnee Prazak, MS, CSCS, at http://www.enduranceplanet.com! This is your go-to podcast for the latest and greatest tips, stories and news in triathlon, ultrarunning, and other endurance sports, as well as cutting-edge information on nutrition, health and wellness for everyone from elite athletes to exercise enthusiasts. We feature a rotating list of expert co-hosts and special guests including triathlon coaches, sports nutritionists, sports medicine physicians, pro athletes, amateur athletes, leading experts in relevant fields, and all those who find joy in pushing their limits and discovering new challenges in sport.

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The Sock Doc: Why Genetic Tests May Fall Short and The Pros and Cons To Discovering Your DNA, Plus: Truths of Leg-Length Discrepancies and More

The Sock Doc, Steve Gangemi, is back to tackle the topic of genetic testing and whether finding out your DNA via testing is worthwhile or not, as well as answer your other questions! DNA, epigenetics & on getting your genes tested: DNA is the long-...
Endurance Planet author

ATC 251: Setting Heart Rate Zones using Metabolic Efficiency vs. MAF 180 Formula, Strength Training After Illness, HRV Troubleshooting, Nasal Breathing, and More

On this episode of Ask The Coaches: Making a comeback to sport after cancer – where does one start? Endurance vs. strength training needs after your body has gone through severe illness. Mentions: Podcast: 8 Steps to Mastering MAF The 5×5 strength trai...
Endurance Planet author

Sports Nutrition 238: What’s Up With Maurten, Relieving GI Distress With Breath And Core Work, Luteal Phase Supplements, And More

On this episode of Sports Nutrition with Ben Greenfield: Pregnancy mentions The Mama Natural Week by Week Guide to Pregnancy & Childbirth Our thoughts on the new Maurten sports drink. Said to be the world’s most carbohydrate-rich sports drink &...
Endurance Planet author

ATC 250: Post-Workout Fueling Myths (and What You Should Do), Pre-Training For a 100-Miler, Buying Kettlebells For Home, and More!

On this episode of Ask the Coaches: Adding kettlebells to your home gym: What are some recommend sizes? KBs for a relatively fit woman Upper body vs. lower body Tawnee has 8kg, 12kg, 16kg and 24kg purchased from kettlebellsusa.com. Another alternative ...
Endurance Planet author

Brian Mackenzie & Phil White: When Wearables Go Too Far, How To Unplug and Get Back In Tune With Yourself

On this show we’re joined by coach and human potential specialist Brian Mackenzie and Emmy-nominated writer Phil White, who are both co-authors of the book Unplugged, which teaches athletes to think more critically about technology use and the tools to...
Endurance Planet author

ATC 249: Free Weights v. Machines, Keeping Motivation High During Winter, Mastering VO2Max Intervals and More

On this episode of Ask the Coaches: Article discussion: Weight machines vs. free weights It’s not an either or – they work synergistically. It depends: What are your goals? Machines may be safer for some (especially those new to weights). How to keep w...
Endurance Planet author

Dr. Phil Maffetone: The Eight Steps To Mastering MAF, Healthy Body Fat Ranges, and How Athletes Can Decrease Health Risks

Dr. Phil Maffetone is back for an instant classic on how you can maximize your fitness gains and longterm health simultaneously: MAF Method refresher: It’s not just about the 180 Formula when you pursue MAF, it’s a holistic method for overall improved ...
Endurance Planet author

ATC 248: Mastering Your Central Governor, Diagnosing Gut Woes, How To Push Harder on the Ironman Marathon and More

On this episode of Ask the Coaches: Reasons for seemingly getting slower (or not progressing) despite several years of training? Taking into account immunity (how often are you getting sick?), stress levels and mindset in gauging your fitness progress ...
Endurance Planet author

Anna Vocino: Managing Celiac With Diet, Healthy Gluten-Free Living, and The ‘Eat Happy’ Cookbook

Anna Vocino is an actress, standup comedian and co-host on America’s Angriest Trainer Podcast with Vinnie Tortorich. She has a fabulous cookbook called Eat Happy, with gluten-free, grain-free and low-carb recipes, which was largely inspired by the diet...
Endurance Planet author

ATC 247: Top Strength Exercises To Do This Offseason, Balancing ‘Body Maintenance’ With Training, How To Be a Low-Risk Triathlete, and More

On this episode of Ask The Coaches: We’ve recently had many general questions on what to do in offseason; here are links to shows where we’re talked about offseason structure, please start there. If you have a more specific offseason question that we d...
Endurance Planet author

Ask The Doc: Dr. Tommy Wood on Familial Hypercholesterolemia in Athletes, Restless Leg Syndrome, His ‘Elite Performance Analysis’ Test and Much More

Dr. Tommy Wood is back on the show for another edition of Ask the Doctor, Tommy’s sixth time as our resident doc. You can find Tommy over at NourishBalanceThrive, and be sure to check out their Elite Performance Analysis quiz. On this show, we catch up...
Endurance Planet author

ATC 246: The Long Run for 50k Training (How Far?), Run Drills for Cyclocross, MAF vs. Max HR for Zones, and More

On this show: A little Kona talk. For more, catch our Kona recap podcast we recorded with Thorsten Radde hours after this year’s Ironman World Championships. The long run when training for a 50k trail run: how far? Using past marathon training as a gau...
Endurance Planet author

Tina Muir: Building a Healthier Mind and Body To Beat Amenorrhea and Start a Family

On this show we catch up with pro runner Tina Muir, who’s had many life changes since we last spoke with her in 2016 (listen to that podcast here). If you don’t know Tina, she is a pro runner from the UK and living in Kentucky with her husband, who’s a...
Endurance Planet author

TriNews: 2017 Ironman World Championship Recap and Highlights

On this show we catch up with Thorsten Radde, who’s coming to us from Kona, Hawaii, the morning after the 2017 Ironman World Championships. We go through the women’s race and men’s race in detail with the standout stories of the day, new records that w...
Endurance Planet author

ATC 245: Train Your Swim Kick For Better Triathlons, Improve Ground Contact Time To Run Faster, Pro-Dairy or Dairy-Free, and More

Announcement: If you want in on an epic experience with the EP crew, don’t wait, email us now at events@enduranceplanet.com! We have two teams for SoCal Ragnar on April 7-8, both ultra and regular distance, and we’re taking signups for Ragnar Cape Cod ...
Endurance Planet author

Pete Jacobs: Kona Ironman Champ On Repairing Metabolic Damage and Making a Comeback with Increased Focus on Health, Clean Eating & MAF

With Kona right around the corner, on this show we feature professional triathlete Pete Jacobs, the winner of the 2012 Ironman World Championships. The year prior to that, Pete was second at Kona and the winner of Ironman Australia. After a hiatus, thi...
Endurance Planet author

ATC 244: On Vegan Diets For Athletes, Offseason Planning, Coach-Athlete Trust, and More

Announcement: We got a team for the SoCal Ragnar SoCal ULTRA team in addition to our usual regular team, so that opens up more spots on the regular team and the ultra team too. The race is April 7-8, 2018. If you are interested in running for either th...
Endurance Planet author

TriNews: SuperMoms of Triathlon, Kona Pro Field Preview, 70.3 Worlds, and More

We catch up with Thorsten Radde of trirating.com featuring our Kona Preview and covering the latest and greatest in professional triathlon including: SuperMoms Many pro women are having babies, and with the points system it’s making it really hard to c...
Endurance Planet author

ATC 243: Acute Effects of Plyos and Strength on Running Economy, Aerobic Training For Crossfit, Food Diary Pros and Cons, and Much More

On this episode with Tawnee and Lucho: Journal of Strength & Conditioning Study mention: Acute Effects of Plyometric and Resistance Training on Running Economy in Trained Runners. Bottom line: Plyos and strength training temporarily reduce running ...
Endurance Planet author

Simon Marshall, PhD, and Lesley Paterson: How To Be A Brave Athlete By Managing Your Brain

We’re joined by pro triathlete Lesley Paterson, a 3x world champion in offroad triathlon, Ironman champ, pro mountain biker and endurance coach at Braveheart Coaching, along with her husband, Simon Marshall, PhD, who is a sports psychologist, exercise ...
Endurance Planet author

ATC 242: Eating for Very High Volume, Sub-3 Marathon Tips, Benefits of Training by Heart Rate Not Pace, The ‘Special Block’ Beastly Workout and More

Lucho and Tawnee are on for Ask The Coaches 242, on this show: An ultrarunner and professional bike courier is working out 50 hours a week wants to know: What would proper fueling look like for this amount of volume? Eat – a lot! Protein needs for endu...
Endurance Planet author

Dina Griffin, RD: Individualizing Your Diet/Fuel Plan, Ketone Supplements, Muscle Testing, and More!

  Our guest, Dina Griffin, holds a Masters of Science degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition and is a Registered Dietitian, Board Certified Sport Dietitian, and Certified Level II Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist. Dina’s clientele includes ...
Endurance Planet author

ATC 241: Believe It – You ARE an Athlete, Keys To Nailing a Marathon, Harms of Chornic Hypocaloric Diets, and Much More

  Tawnee and Lucho are on for Ask the Coaches episode 241. Announcements: Have a question for one of our shows? Send to questions@enduranceplanet.com. Ragnar: The 2018 SoCal regular team is FULL for now, but we are entered in the lottery for an ultra t...
Endurance Planet author

The Sock Doc: Caffeine and Dehydration, Train Low Race High, MTHFR’s Role In Your Training, Post Tib Tendonitis, and More

  Dr. Steve Gangemi, the Sock Doc, is back on the show. We hear about his latest adventure race and he provides his wisdom on the following: Sports nutrition – fact or myth? We clarify the following: Does coffee/caffeine before exercise leads to dehydr...
Endurance Planet author

ATC 240: Tawnee’s Baaack! We Discuss – Best ‘Bang for Your Buck’ Strength Training, Nutrition for Midday Race Starts, 180 Formula for Teens, and Much More

On this episode of Ask the Coaches: Tawnee’s back from her break, and her and Lucho take some time to catch up and share the latest news, including that she’s pregnant! You can read more of Tawnee’s pregnancy blogs and follow her journey at tritawn.com...
Endurance Planet author

Lucho and GZ: Trying Something New: Talking About The Aging Athlete, Is Pot a PED, And Much More

On this show Lucho and George Zack chat it up and cover: US Masters National Championships Training for speed. Is marijuana a performance enhancing drug?
Endurance Planet author

Dr. David Minkoff: Mind Your Immune System, Tips For Master’s Athletes (From A Master), and Why You Need To Take Your Amino Acids!

Dr. David Minkoff is an alternative health practitioner and triathlete based in Florida. At 69 years young, he has completed 42 Ironmans and feels healthier than ever. He was also Endurance Planet’s resident doctor for our Ask the Doc shows back in the...
Endurance Planet author

ATC 239: Lucho with Guest Host Greg White on Transitioning Into Minimalist shoes, building a periodized plan using MAF, Tapering for Races and What To Do Physically and Mentally to Prepare

Meet Greg White, a professional writer, avid runner and student of all things health. How to begin using minimalist shoes after a back injury and four-year break from running. Katy Bowman’s Whole Body Barefoot book How best to structure training with M...
Endurance Planet author

Sock Doc: Gaining Weight in Ironman Training, Why!? Plus, Meniscus Tear Recovery, Hiatal Hernias in Athletes, and More

We are back with The Sock Doc, Dr. Steve Gangemi, for another”grab bag” style show with a variety of important topics and answers to your questions so you can kick more butt in your training and racing… Steve’s trip to the Galapagos Islands a few highl...
Endurance Planet author

ATC 238: Lucho with Guest Host Annie on How to Recover While Trying to Drop Weight, Dealing with Lack of Desire to Race, Should You Race an Ultra at MAF or Even with a HRM

Meet guest host Ann-Sofie Forsmark, a Swedish ultrarunner who has been a PT for 18 years, running coach the last 5 yrs and also nutrition coach with focus on athletic performance. Strategies to deal with lower energy and decreased recovery while trying...
Endurance Planet author

Dr. Phil Maffetone: Heart Health For Athletes – Identifying Risks, Weeding Out Hype and Why Exercise Is Still Your Best ‘Medicine’

Dr. Phil Maffetone is back for this instant classic episode talking about heart health and athletes with everything you need to know, what information out there that you can ignore, and proactive tips to stay healthy for a lifetime. We often see articl...
Endurance Planet author

ATC 237: Lucho and Fellow Old Guy GZ Talk Masters Training

Lucho has a guest host, GZ. Psychology of coaching kids vs. adults. Lucho’s first race since the Leadville 100 4 years ago. How to structure training for an older athlete struggling with recovery.
Endurance Planet author

Dr. Cate Shanahan: Deep Nutrition and ‘The Human Diet’ – The Role of Epigenetics, What Your Ancestors Ate and Your Activity Levels to Determine Your Dietary Needs

  Dr. Cate Shanahan is a board certified family physician and author of Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food. She’s an expert on epigenetics and has studied culinary traditions and dietary habits of her healthiest patients. She’s applie...
Endurance Planet author

ATC 236: Fueling a Fat-Adapted Marathon, Recovery Priorities, Adding X-Training To Build Volume, and More

If fat-adapted and for long training runs fueling with UCAN, Vespa, Nuun, and water, do you still need to add more carbs/sugar during a marathon to account for higher heart rates or cardiac drift? UCAN’s tips for fueling a marathon. Nutrition tips for ...
Endurance Planet author

TriNews Special: Traveller’s Guide To Staying In Kona, Hawaii, During Ironman World Championship Week

Headed to the Big Island? Then take a listen. Our buddy Thorsten Radde is FINALLY making the trek to Kona this year so we dedicate this show to discussing travel plans and questions he had for being in Hawaii during Ironman, including: What’s the “best...
Endurance Planet author

Steve Magness: Coping Skills of Top Athletes, His Rules of Coaching, Science vs. Practice, Defining ‘Tempo’ (It’s Not Just a Heart Rate), Book Recs, and Much More

Our guest Steve Magness is a coach to top distance runners including Olympians, World Championship qualifiers, and top 10 finishers at Major Marathons. He is also a lecturer and writer on the topic of science of performance. He has two books, including...
Endurance Planet author

ATC 235: Common Half-Ironman Mistakes, Is MAF Over-Hyped and Overrated, Predicting Goal Race Pace, And More

On this episode of Ask the Coaches: Followup from ATC 234: Were we ‘too harsh’ or even wrong on American marathoners slowing? Lucho spews some stats and another good article mention. Speaking of fast running, we discuss the Sub-2 Hour Marathon attempt,...
Endurance Planet author

Dr. Tamsin Lewis: Risks of Birth Control Pill and IUDs, Tips for The Perimenopause Transition, Recovering from Overtraining Syndrome, and More

Dr. Tamin Lewis is back and also is working on a new business Fibr Health. Check it out! On this show: Discussing risks of the pill and IUD for female athletes. What can happen when on birth control: Inflammation CRP Disrupt microbiome Decrease B vitam...
Endurance Planet author

ATC 234: Are American Marathon Times Getting Slower? Plus: Athletes with Bradycardia, Getting In Ironman Swim Shape, Maintaining Run Fitness When Injured, and More

On This episode of Ask the Coaches: With all of the data, apps, online coaching, supplements, research, blogs, podcasts (great and otherwise), interwebs, and all… Why is America so slow in the marathon compared to where it was 30 to 40 years ago? Artic...
Endurance Planet author

Ask the Doc: Is Adrenal Fatigue a Myth? Plus: Tips for Athletes with Graves Disease, Overcoming Hay Fever and Histamine Intolerance, Clearing up HBA1C Readings, and More

On this episode, Dr. Tommy Wood of Nourish Balance Thrive is back! Sign up for Tommy’s weekly highlight emails here. Adrenal Fatigue Tommy’s take on a recent systematic review looking more deeply into adrenal fatigue as a medical condition. 58 articles...
Endurance Planet author

ATC 233: Ragnar Recap And Getting Ready for 2018, When It’s Time to Throw the HRM Out, Is It OK To Use a ‘MAF Range,’ and More

This episode is brought to you by: On this episode of ATC: Ragnar recap! It was another epic year for the Endurance Planet ragnar team. Photos and videos on our Instagram account. If you want to join EP for a future Ragnar, email us at events@endurance...
Endurance Planet author

Joanna Zeiger: The Champion Mindset – How to Build Mental Toughness

Joanna Zeiger, PhD, is a professional athlete (racing pro triathlon from 1998-2010), an academic and endurance sports coach. Her new book titled The Champion Mindset: An Athlete’s Guide to Mental Toughness is a must-read for athletes and the topic of t...
Endurance Planet author

ATC 232: How Many Steps A Day Are You Taking, Lucho’s Bike Buying Guide (On a Budget), Tips to Improve Sleep and Avoid Late-Night Wakeups, and More

Shoutout to our sponsors: On this episode of Ask The Coaches: Study mention: Effect of Ankle Mobility and Segment Ratios on Trunk Lean in the Barbell Back Squat 14 male athletes were tested, looking at the effect of ankle mobility/ROM on trunk angle in...
Endurance Planet author

The Sock Doc: Healing An Unstable Shoulder, Is Plantar Fasciitis a Symptom of Overtraining? Plus: Risks of Repeated Cortisone Injections, Aspirin, Low B12 and More

On this episode with The Sock Doc: Healing an unstable shoulder joint after years of sports; treatments and recovery for athletes. Shoulder issues involve the labrum, bursitis and tendonitis. Options for shoulder healing including PRP, prolotherapy and...
Endurance Planet author

ATC 231: How To Know If You Should Add 10 Beats To Your MAF, LT-Boosting Workouts, Why Downhills Cause HR To Spike, and More

On this episode of Ask the Coaches: Coffee talk – cold brew, mycotoxins and more. Read Tawnee’s “full report” on coffee over at LPC (new members use code “lpc4me” to get your first month free). When downhill running causes heart rate to spike and can’t...
Endurance Planet author

Dana Lis PhD: New Research on Gluten-Free and Low-FODMAP Diets For Athletes, and Takeaways For Your Needs

Dana Lis, PhD, is a Registered Dietitian, researcher, lifetime athlete and has a huge knowledge base on sports nutrition for optimizing athletic performance. Dana’s been involved in current research examining gluten-free and low-FODMAP diets for athlet...
Endurance Planet author

ATC 230: Safe Supplementing, Banking Sleep Before All-Nighters, HIIT For Faster Mitochondrial Gains, Determining Your ‘Best’ Triathlon Distance, and More

On this episode of Ask The Coaches: Tainted supplements and safe supplementing IVs for athletes – know the rules and what’s allowed L-Carnitine? Followup from ATC 228 on sleep needs before late-night or all-night competitions; more from the research: A...
Endurance Planet author

Dr. Richard Maurer: Decode Your Blood Tests For Optimal Results – Managing Insulin, Cholesterol, Thyroid, Weight, Fitness and More

Dr. Richard Maurer is a naturopathic physician, author, and expert in metabolic recovery and health. His 2014 book, The Blood Code, demystifies blood test results & body fat measurements to reveal the primal diet and fitness needs that lead toward ...
Endurance Planet author

Sports Nutrition 237: How Much Fat Can We Absorb Per Meal? Plus: ‘Ideal’ Meal Frequency and Supplements For Strength and Endurance Competitions

  Ben Greenfield is back for another edition of Sports Nutrition: Meal Frequency Dandelion tea Is it better to have more or fewer feedings throughout the day? Can eating more often have a beneficial effect on blood markers, as long as it’s healthy and ...
Endurance Planet author

ATC 229: Can Training Can Make You A Better Parent, Benefits of Out-Of-Order Bricks, How Much Beer Is ‘Too Much’ After Exercise, And More

On this episode of Ask the Coaches: Tawnee’s “experiment” drinking FitVine wine the night before this recording. On reading books instead of social media, and this article. Click here for the book that Tawnee’s currently reading. The Paleo pancakes tha...
Endurance Planet author