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Kerstin Cable from Fluent Language and Lindsay Dow from Lindsay does Languages are obsessed with language learning - join them in this podcast!

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Kerstin Cable from Fluent Language and Lindsay Dow from Lindsay does Languages are obsessed with language learning - join them in this podcast!
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Robo-Tutors and Translating Megaphones: It's the Future of Language Learning

Click or tap here to read the full show notes ( In the News... Kazakhstan is going to change the official script of its language from the Cyrillic to the Latin alphabet by 2025 - we admire their S...
Kerstin Cable author

"Ultramarathon for the Brain" (Bilingual Podcast with Judith Meyer)

Click or tap here to read the full show notes ( German Learners: Click this link to download a full transcript (bilingual) of our conversation, so you can listen and read along at the same time. (...
Kerstin Cable author

What is it that you want to achieve?

Hello from Kerstin and happy new year! In today's show, I've got notes for you on what really mattered for language learning in 2017, and how you can make the most out of these for your own path to fluency. Lessons from 2017: Best practices aren’t goin...
Kerstin Cable author

"If It Plugs Your Gap, It'll Proper Plug Your Gap": Top Tools for Winter 2018

Follow up on a topic: Pop Music Bilingual lyrics, Spanglish and Justin Bieber of all people winning a Latin grammy. Lindsay brings up the Despacito Effect and we discuss if that's a thing. If you love music, check out our pop music episode (http://pod...
Kerstin Cable author

Finding friends who love languages (with Chuck Smith)

These days, the Polyglot Gathering ( pulls in hundreds of language learners who share and enjoy community in the heart of Europe. A lot of this is thanks to Chuck's contributions, along with the ...
Kerstin Cable author

Climbing Mount Language from Basecamp to Summit

Beware listeners: This episode contains a discussion of a few English swearwords, so if you are listening with kids please skip the first 20 minutes. And on to what's in this show: Language Stories: Lindsay has a new podcast, reporting back from her ad...
Kerstin Cable author

Gabriel Wyner is NOT a Robot (with Gabriel Wyner)

On this show, I spoke to Gabriel (Gabe) Wyner (, a well known name to many language learners thanks to his bestselling book "Fluent Forever". In this interview, you will get to know the story of "Fluent Forever", the approach...
Kerstin Cable author

Equality, Tea, and Spicing up your Language Learning

Words in the Wild: Equality and Tea I've been out in the wild, seeing and discussing words in the English language, and in this episode I presented the best of them to Lindsay to discuss what they can reveal about us and about society. First, we discus...
Kerstin Cable author

"For the Love of Humanity": Using Languages for Good

In this episode, I'm presenting two interviews with women who are working to change people's lives through the power of language. Madeline, Interpreter for Survivors of Torture and Trauma Community Interpreter Madeline Vadkerty gives me an overview of ...
Kerstin Cable author

"You assume they don't have chick lit in Polish"

In this episode, polyglot expert Shannon fills in for Lindsay - we catch up on our language learning and Duolingo, and then discuss why and how reading makes you fluent and smart and cultured. Remember: If you visit our sponsor Clozemaster at www.cloze...
Kerstin Cable author

10 Polyglot Conversations from Langfest 2017 in Montréal

This podcast episode is a bit like a WundertĂĽte - a lucky dip bag of interviews with wonderful people who made the 2017 Langfest event what it was. Thank you so much to all of these lovely people - Langfest was motivating, informative, energising, and ...
Kerstin Cable author

How to Speak Your Target Language Today, Not Tomorrow

Speaking your new language for the first time can be so nerve-wracking! Will they switch to English? Are you good enough? Will you even get the words out? In today's episode, join me to start beating those gremlin questions.
Kerstin Cable author

Episode 57: Why is it so Hard to Find Pop Music in Other Languages?

Why does pop music matter for language learning? What influence does the industry have for which music gets made and which doesn't?Why is English such a convenient language for pop music?How should you incorporate pop music into your language learni...
Kerstin Cable author

Episode 56: The Best Language Learning Tools for Summer 2017

Welcome to Creative Language Learning Podcast episode 56, with our popular roundup of this season's hottest language learning resources and tools. Pop Culture MomentLindsay has been watching Terrace House, a Japanese reality tv show.I found Bore Da,...
Kerstin Cable author

Episode 55: Motivated by Vladimir Putin's Russian (with Kris Broholm)

In episode 55, friend of the show Kris Broholm from Actual Fluency joined me to discuss mindset and accountability in language learning that come from a place of reality and gentle confidence.Tune in to hear us chat and share:Great advice for English s...
Kerstin Cable author

Episode 54: Live from the Polyglot Gathering 2017

It's one of my favourite episodes of the year - the live clips are in, so you can experience the Polyglot Gathering in 2017 with the Creative Language Learning Podcast as we bring you interviews, impressions and fun from the conference floor.Here's jus...
Kerstin Cable author

Episode 53: "We're Quite a Polite Show Really"

We love having you back with the show. WELCOME if you are a new subscriber. HIGH FIVE if you've always been with us.A lot has happened over the last 8 months and in this show you will hear stories about...The new languages Lindsay has been studying - a...
Kerstin Cable author

Episode 52: The Best Language Learning Tools for Autumn/Winter 2016

This episode of the Creative Language Learning Podcast is as fun as ever, covering the ultimate Good, Bad and Struggling and our Top 5 Language Learning Tools of 2016/17.Our Favourite Language Learning Tools for Autumn/Winter 2016Listen to the show to ...
Kerstin Cable author

Episode 51: Top 5 Fictional Languages

Do you speak Sindarin?In this episode, Lindsay and I went full-on nerd and we were loving it! The world of fictional languages is richer than a London billionaire, and we have researched and collected the most awesome fictional languages for you to lea...
Kerstin Cable author

Episode 50: Take Our Quiz for European Day of Languages (Live Episode)

We did it! 50 episodes, and one massive live celebration are behind us and a record number of you guys tuned in to listen live and chat to us In This Episode You'll HearKerstin's story of creating her European Day of Languages video on YouTube with all...
Kerstin Hammes author

Episode 49: Peace, Words 'n Harmony

Hey everyone, welcome to episode 49 of the Creative Language Learning Podcast.The Good, The Bad and The StrugglingRoutines lapsing for the summer, looking forward to September, and permission to half-ass online courses in this week's catch-up with Lind...
Kerstin Cable author

Live Party Invitation!

Just like last year, Lindsay and I are excited to create a live episode for the European Day of Languages. And that's not all this time. We also get to celebrate a milestone episode of the show: It's episode 50!You can catch the recording of our 50th e...
Kerstin Cable author

Episode 48: Don't Avoid Language Speakers

Hello and welcome to Episode 48 of the Creative Language Learning Podcast!We started off our episode with some insights into what's going on with our language learning - in a new format! It's called the good, the bad and the struggling. Listen in and t...
Kerstin Cable author

Episode 47: A Good Handle on The Hangul

In this episode, we let you guys take us where you wanted us to go with your awesome listener messages.Some of What We Talked AboutWhere to go when you travel to Lithuania (home of our first listener)Great tips for studying Korean, like how to study th...
Kerstin Cable author

Episode 46: Mastery and Advanced Level Language Learning

Don't forget to catch the mention of our good friends at Flashsticks, the language learning post-it guys. You can purchase vocabulary post-it notes in 8 languages and get 10% off with the code KERSTIN10 - or just download the free Flash Academy app.Whe...
Kerstin Cable author

Episode 45: How To Learn a Language Using Snapchat

In our introduction, we take you on a tour de force German kids' TV, Icelandic football cheering, and the pronunciation of Montréal.Don't forget to catch the mention of our good friends at Flashsticks, the language learning post-it guys. You can purch...
Kerstin Cable and Lindsay Dow author

Episode 44: Be Like a Waffle (Language Learning in Country)

Episode 44 is kindly sponsored by our friends at Flashsticks. Check out their new app Flash Academy is out now. It's a language playground offering you light lessons, games and quizzes. Go check it out for free at Flash Sticks and get 10% off everythin...
Kerstin Cable author

What We Think About Brexit

Dear listeners,As this is our first show since the UK's historic EU referendum, we wanted to take a minute to talk to you guys about Brexit, Britain's exit from the European Union.Lindsay and I both stand firmly on the side of "Remain", the campaign th...
Kerstin Cable author

Episode 43: Language is Everything: Talking Language Activism with Wikitongues

Oour good friends at Flashsticks are back as podcast sponsors - go check out their awesome new app and post-it notes in 8 languages at and claim 10% discount using code KERSTIN10."This is one of the most important things that we can do ...
Kerstin Cable author

Episode 42: Could Language Make You Money?

Today's episode returns to the topic of making money with languages. We ask if that's something you should be doing and how it can work.In this episode, you get a look behind the scenes of our own careers, the jobs we've had and those that may be yet t...
Kerstin Cable author

Episode 41: How to Rock Language Learning For Travel

This episode brings you the best mindset tips for learning a language for your next trip - even if you're completely busy and scared of talking to native speakers.In this episode you'll hearAwesome listener feedback, including my top tip for what to do...
Kerstin Cable author

Episode 40: Live from the Polyglot Gathering in Berlin

This episode comes with a bit of a difference, as Lindsay and I were reporting live from the Polyglot Gathering in Berlin.We bring you reports and impressions from what's going on at the event.There are opportunities to listen in to the fabulous langua...
Kerstin Cable author

Episode 39: Polyglot Gathering Preview (Mini Episode)

We're getting excited about the Polyglot Gathering in Berlin! Here is a preview of the talks we are not going to miss.Look out for the very special "live from the floor" reports in episode 40.Episode 38 is brought to you with friendly support from ital...
Kerstin Cable author

Episode 38: The Best Tools for Language Learning in Spring/Summer 2016

Topic: The Best Tools for Language Learning in Spring/Summer 2016Episode 38 is brought to you with friendly support from italki. Do visit their site and check out the awesome Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer to learn from native speakers today.Kerstin and Lindsa...
Kerstin Cable author

Episode 37: The Secret Languages of Great Britain (with expert voice Simon Ager)

Episode 37 is brought to you by italki, where you can find a language partner for any language. We tested it with rare languages like Icelandic, and it totally delivered. Get an awesome free lesson deal at italki.Today's Topic: Multilingual BritainBrit...
Kerstin Cable author

Episode 36: But WHY!!!! Are You Learning A Language?

A feedback question from James led us to discussing why we chose the languages we are learning right now.We don't need them for our working lives, or our everyday lives. We don't have Welsh or Korean family. We're not travelling there. There isn't even...
Kerstin Cable author

Episode 35: Polyglot Club Certificates Available Now

Episode 35 of the Creative Language Learning Podcast is brought to you with support from HelloTalk. Go visit them now, because you're totally missing out.Do you remember when you first heard the word "polyglot"?And what does this word mean to you?##Sho...
Kerstin Cable author

Episode 34: Language Learning is Too Hard and Inconvenient (That's NO EXCUSE)

The first 20 minutes of this episodes are a lot of feedback and catch-up and shout outs to our readers, including:Progress reports of how Lindsay and I have both been using our sponsor app HelloTalk. It's a free app for all smartphones and puts you in ...
Kerstin Cable author

Episode 33: Future You is The Best You, with Guest Benny Lewis

This episode is all about being inspired by other people and their achievements. We decided to invite a guest, well-known language learning hero Benny Lewis from Fluent in 3 Months.Benny has done a lot for the promotion of language learning, and these ...
Kerstin Cable author

Episode 32: The Guide to Knowing Your Language Learning Style

Brought to you by Lindsay's course Successful Self Study - save $20 with offer code FLUENT.This episode is about habits and how we build and create them. Listen to find out what our tendencies are and how we use them to make our language routines.What ...
Kerstin Cable author

Episode 31: Learn A Language with TV: How to Get The Most Out of Watching TV in Your Target Language

Topic: Watching TV in a Foreign LanguageWelcome to Episode 31, where Lindsay and I took a deep dive into revealing our TV watching habits and how they aid our language learning. Plus: Listener feedback and over 20 show recommendations.We are sponsored ...
Kerstin Cable author

Episode 30: How to Achieve a New Year's Resolution of Learning a New Language

Lindsay and Kerstin discuss their language progress. Lindsay has been extremely disciplined, and Kerstin's been to a community class.How to find the time for language even when you're megabusyCommunity Classes and Polyglot Clubs have lots in commonNew ...
Kerstin Cable author

Episode 29: How to Be Super Efficient (The German Episode) with Michael Schmitz

Note the episode contains two mild swearwords!!Things get real with Michael Schmitz, creator of the SmarterGerman blog and teaching system. Michael is dedicated to bringing German learners to a high level in just a few months. And he has some frank opi...
Kerstin Hammes author

Episode 28: What You Are is What You Say (Language and Identity)

Welcome to Episode 28, a fun collection of language learning news. Lindsay and I shared our progress in Japanese and Welsh, read out wonderful listener feedback, and finally moved on to 3 big news items.What's it like when your language changes to expr...
Kerstin Cable author

Episode 27: Inside the #Add1Challenge with Brian Kwong

This episode is brought to you with support from Other Cats to Whip, a super cute book of French idioms. Get 10% off with the code FLUENT at this episode, Lindsay went out and discovered the world of Brian Kwong, creator of t...
Kerstin Hammes author

Episode 26: Language Events, Language Careers, Language Inspiration

This episode is brought to you with support from Other Cats to Whip, a cute French book that you can buy for 10% off using the code FLUENT.What was language learning like before the internet?What’s so great about an event like the Language Show?Our ide...
Creative Language Learning Podcast author

Episode 25: Becoming a Musician Can Make You a Fantastic Language Learner

Take just 2 minutes and win prizes by telling us about you in our Creative Language Learning Podcast Listener Survey.In Episode 25, I enjoyed a conversation with Shannon Kennedy. Shannon writes the travel, language and life blog Eurolinguiste. She's a ...
Kerstin Hammes author

Episode 24: European Day of Languages Live with Music, Debate and Britishness

Welcome to our first ever LIVE episode of the Creative Language Learning Podcast! In episode 24, we treat you to a piece of the European Day of Languages broadcast which was the first time ever that Lindsay and I tried something like this.There was so ...
Kerstin Hammes author

Episode 23: Teach (Yourself) a Language with Tammy Bjelland from Language in Bloom

It's episode 23 and I'm back with another lovely and inspiring interview. Tammy Bjelland sparkles with all the energy she brings to language learning and teaching. She teaches, trains, offers curriculum design and runs her own podcast, the Business of ...
Kerstin Cable author

Episode 22: Travel and Tutor Hunting Tips from Kerstin and Lindsay

This episode features two core themes of discussion: travel and tutor tips."I buy everyone a little lollipop in my lessons"Why does "Germany" have so many different names in different languages?Should you study pronunciation first or just go all in wit...
Kerstin Hammes author