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Windows Phone Radio is the place for the latest news and information from the Windows Phone team at Microsoft. Your hosts Brian Seitz (@brianseitz) and Matt Akers (@skipdeez) will track the people behind the news and broadcast on location from around Microsoft campus and industry events. Provide feedback and questions to

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Windows Phone Radio is the place for the latest news and information from the Windows Phone team at Microsoft. Your hosts Brian Seitz (@brianseitz) and Matt Akers (@skipdeez) will track the people behind the news and broadcast on location from around Microsoft campus and industry events. Provide feedback and questions to
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Windows Phone Radio - 54 (Audio)

This is it, the last regular episode of Windows Phone Radio! Not that there might not be a little suprise in your RSS feed once and awhile, but the weekly show has come to an end. Thanks for supporting Windows Phone Radio over the last year and a half,...

Windows Phone Radio - 53 (Audio)

Matt and Brian are back after a hiatus, bringing Windows Phone news and commentary. This week they recap CES activities, chat about the new Nokia Lumia 710, Titan II and the Nokia Lumia 900. Tune in and enjoy! January 27, 2012 19.5MB MP3 28:27

Windows Phone Radio - 52 (Audio)

Episode 52 of Windows Phone Radio features special guest Ben Lower of the developer evangelism team. He stops by to talk about his new student program, "Big App on Campus" and the chance to win a trip to South By Southwest. The gang also talks about to...

Windows Phone Radio - 51 (Audio)

This week Matt and Brian provide some tips and tricks when it comes to listening to music on your Windows Phone, some great ways to get the most out of your Zune Pass membership! They also discuss some must have apps and games and briefly recap the las...

Windows Phone Radio - 50 (Audio)

Matt and Brian are back in the studio this week to talk about the recent Night Out and Inner Circle events hosted across the country. They also review a good list of must have apps and games for your Windows Phone. Decmber 2, 2011 20.6MB MP3 30:06

Windows Phone Radio - 49 (Audio)

Happy veterans day! This week Matt and Brian briefly recap the events in NYC this week. They also talk about the Night Out and Inner Circle events that are crossing the country, bringing Windows Phone love to the people. Make sure to hit the Windows Ph...

Windows Phone Radio - 48 (Audio)

This week we welcome Ben Rudolph back to the studio to talk about Nokia World and the new Lumia 800. We also cover the current program of Inner Circle parties to celebrate the launch of new Windows Phone handsets. This week it all went down in San Fran...

Windows Phone Radio - 47 (Audio)

Windows Phone Radio number 47 is out, recorded direct from gdgt Live in Los Angeles, CA! The gdgt event was a great hit, and our Windows Phone after party kept people mingling well into the night. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to give us feedback, ...

Windows Phone Radio - 46 (Audio)

Windows Phone Radio 46 is ready! This week we cover a cool new sweepstakes from the Microsoft Facebook page, and a fun giveaway of our own. Friend of Windows Phone radio Johan Van Mierlo of ProClip USA has graciously offered to give away one of his Pro...

Windows Phone Radio - 45 (Audio)

Lots of new stuff this week to chat about in the podcast including the Xbox LIVE companion app for Windows Phone and the announcement of the Jil Sander Windows Phone from LG. We also chat about the global version of the HTC Titan and the Fujitsu Window...

Windows Phone Radio - 44 (Audio)

Here we are again for another Windows Phone Radio episode! Exciting week as Mango started to make to phones all over, we are excited to hear what you think. This week we talk about the update, new pricing for the Zune Pass music subscription service, u...

Windows Phone Radio - 43 (Audio)

Windows Phone Radio thursday edition! This week Brian and Matt recap the Mango news of the week and then take to twitter to find favorite apps in the Marketplace. Where's Tim, Rdio, Food Spotting and Your Shape are all highlighted.  September 22, 2011 ...

Windows Phone Radio - 42 (Audio)

Windows Phone Radio is ready to go! This week Matt and Brian recap the week's news, some cool new functionality in the Foursquare app and some advice for when your phone takes a swim! September 16, 2011 11.5MB MP3 16:49

Windows Phone Radio - 41

This week on Windows Phone Radio, Brian and Matt talk about the recent HTC phone annuncement, specifically the HTC TITAN. They also touch on the importance of awesome cameras on phones, motorcycle safety and comments from the listeners. September 9, 20...

Windows Phone Radio - 40 (Audio)

Hey friends! Windows Phone Radio is on the airways! We had a brief hiatus but are back in the studio to talk about the HTC Windows Phone lineup, the recent release of the Zune Software client 4.8 along with some jibber jabber. Thank you for supporting ...

Windows Phone Radio - 39 (Audio)

Brian is back in the podcast saddle this week joining Matt for another episode of Windows Phone Radio. This week the guys talk about Dilbert's favorite smartphone, a new app from the Bing team and some of the latest news from Gamescom in Germany. Augus...

Windows Phone Radio - 38 (Audio)

Hey everybody, Brian here popping in from the valley of the sun Phoenix, Arizona to post our latest podcast episode, number 38. This week Matt and Mike take the podcast reigns while I am sunning myself on vacation [thanks guys]! We have a great show fo...

Windows Phone Radio - 37 (Audio)

Very special show this week, as we crash Terry Myerson’s office and ask him about the recent RTM of the Mango release, coming later this fall. We also take some time to chat about some of our favorite apps of the week and recent news. July 29, 2011 16....

Windows Phone Radio - 36

This week on Windows Phone Radio, Matt and Brian invite Todd Biggs and JP Wollersheim to the podcast studio. Todd talks about some of the cool enhancements to the App Hub for our developer friends and JP talks about photos and imaging. We had another r...

Windows Phone Radio - 35 (Audio)

This week Brian, Matt and Mike are back in the studio with a recap of all things Windows Phone for the week. They spend some time talking about new apps in the Marketplace, a design award for Windows Phone, and the "family effect". Enjoy! July 7, 2011 ...

Windows Phone Radio - 34 (Audio)

This week we crash the studio of Matthew Bennett, the senior sensory designer behind the soundtrack to Windows Phone. Matthew talks about the design and philosophy behind the sounds of Windows Phone and what that might lead to in Mango. July 1, 2011 22...

Windows Phone Radio - 33 (Audio)

This week we welcome Andy Haon, a member of the team responsible for building the Games Hub on Windows Phone to the studio for a brief chat. We also get a special person back this week…can someone say awesome? June 24, 2011 25.4MB MP3 37:03

Windows Phone Radio - 32 (Audio)

Window Phone Radio number 32 is for all the developers or wannabe developers! Ben Lower and Larry Lieberman from the developer evangelism team, come by the studio to talk about Windows Phone developers and some of the cool new things coming in Mango. B...

Windows Phone Radio - 31 (Audio)

Hello everyone, Windows Phone Radio number 31 is now flowing from Windows Phone HQ and we have a great show in store today. After a brief recap of the week’s events, we go right into a great guest interview with Steve Cosman and Elliot Kirk from the Wi...

Windows Phone Radio - 30 (Audio)

Happy Friday! Here we are with Windows Phone Radio number 30 and we are staying with the music+video theme this week by inviting Richard Winn, who is responsible for managing the Zune music marketplace. He has some great insight into how the mechanics ...

Windows Phone Radio - 29 (Audio)

Special episode this week, a quick sit down with Joe Belfiore, corporate vice president in Windows Phone! May 24, 2011 12.2MB MP3 17:48

Windows Phone Radio - 28 (Audio)

This week on Windows Phone Radio, Mike and Brian welcome Paul Bryan from the Windows Phone team to recap TechEd 2011 and gets us grounded in all things business. They also cover two new handsets, the HTC Trophy on Verizon and the HTC HD7s on AT&T, ...

Windows Phone Radio - 27 (Audio)

This week we welcome Ben Lower to the show. Ben works on the developer evangelism team, and dropped by the podcast to talk about the team’s current Spring Cleaning campaign for developers. He also spends time talking about key considerations when build...

Windows Phone Radio - 26 (Audio)

Windows Phone Radio, Monday edition drops this week with some great tips and tricks like keyboard shortcuts, conference call management, "get me back where I came from" and more! Also a good rundown of some killer apps like Life Tracker, Panorama Shot ...

Windows Phone Radio - 25 (Audio)

This week we welcome a special guest, Stephen Danton developer of Windows Phone games Akiak and Ninja Boy. Stephen provides great information and top considerations when developing a Windows Phone game title. April 28, 2011 19.2 MB MP3 28:04

Windows Phone Radio - 24 (Audio)

Happy Friday! Windows Phone Radio number 24 is ready for download. This week we talk about the latest on phone updates [AT&T], the recent Nokia deal [signing of the DA], our awesome contest results and a gaggle of other topics. Thanks for listening...

Windows Phone Radio - 23 (Audio)

Windows Phone Radio 23 is live and flowing through the internet ready for your podcast consumption. This week Brandon Watson is back to talk about Mix 11 including the Joe B keynote, the Nineys and the Brandon Foy project! On the apps and games front w...

Windows Phone Radio - 22 (Audio)

Brian and Matt are back with Windows Phone Radio episode number 22 after a brief hiatus. This week the guys talk briefly about the current state of the NoDo update, specifically what it means to say the update is in testing. Special guest this week is ...

Windows Phone Radio - 21 (Audio)

This week Windows Phone Radio welcomes two special guests. Eric Hautala, responsible for the update process at Windows Phone and Megan West from Zune Marketplace programming. Eric speaks to his recent blog post and addresses some of the questions. Mega...

Windows Phone Radio - 20 (Audio)

This week Brian, Matt and Mike talk about the recent MVP Summit on Microsoft campus, the MVP meet up at the Microsoft Store in Bellevue, WA, Pinworthy Apps [of course], a user generated Windows Phone ad and Matt talks about his ProClip. March 5, 2011 1...

Windows Phone Radio - 19 (Audio)

Happy Friday! What a better way to end the week than a new episode of Windows Phone Radio? This week we welcome Aaron Woodman from the Windows Phone product management to talk about the recent trip to Mobile World Congress, the start of the first phone...

Windows Phone Radio - 18 (Audio)

Windows Phone Radio drops this week minus @skipdeez but we roped in Professor Pinworthy to stick around the whole show! This week we talke about Mobile World Congress, Pinworthy Apps and announce the winners to our giveaway - how does your family use W...

Windows Phone Radio - 17 (Audio)

Windows Phone Radio number 17 is ready to roll with some commentary on the Nokia deal, a quick recap of fashion week and Matt and Brian’s Pinworthy apps including the new Xbox LIVE game Tiki Tower and the photo apps Apict and Photogram by Samsung and t...

Windows Phone Radio - 16 (Audio)

Windows Phone Radio's sweet 16 party drops this week with a special guest and an award nomination! But first, as always Michael Stroh aka "Professor Pinworthy" stops in to give his favorite apps of the week for you to look for in the Marketplace. He al...

Windows Phone Radio - 15 (Audio)

Windows Phone Radio drops today with some new Pinworthy apps to check out thanks to Mike. More tips and tricks like how to set a custom wallpaper for the photos hub, and how to clear the auto correct on the keyboard. Also, special giveway only for the ...

Windows Phone Radio - 14 (Audio)

Week 14 welcomes Michael Stroh to the podcast, author of the weekly feature on the Windows Phone blog "Pinworthy." The post is a look at some of the hottest apps to enter the Marketplace for the week. Michael will join the podcast each week for a rundo...

Windows Phone Radio - 13 (Audio)

Aaaaand back! After some time off Brian and Matt are back in the radio saddle hot off the holidays and the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This week the guys recap CES, family roadtrip survival, hot apps in the Marketplace and hear from the lis...

Windows Phone Radio - 12 (Audio)

This week Brian and Matt gather to discuss current events like news, weather and more. Matt provides some additional tips for cleaning up your contacts in the cloud and Brian talks more about personalizing your phone. They also talk about apps and game...

Windows Phone Radio - 11 (Audio)

This week Brian sits down with Major Nelson from Xbox to talk about gaming and mobile while Matt is home sick. Matt returns to finish out the show and they talk about AT&T microcells, cool apps, Xbox LIVE gaming and more. Also, find out how to deck...

Windows Phone Radio - 10 (Audio)

Windows Phone Radio episode 10 is ready for your listening pleasure. This week Brian and Matt welcome Bill Hurwitz, program manager on the Windows Phone Marketplace team. Bill is one of the guys resposible for merchandising and promoting the apps in th...

Windows Phone Radio - 9 (Audio)

Two podcasts, one week! Matt and Brian are back again for an action packed episode of Windows Phone Radio, this time with special guest Albert Shum, GM of the design team for Windows Phone. Matt and Brian also take the Bing Visual Search for Windows Ph...

Windows Phone Radio - 8 (Audio)

Fresh off the U.S. launch for Windows Phone, Matt and Brian are back with a new episode of the podcast. This week they talk launch day activities like the free concerts in New York and San Francisco, and the Really Rally Road Trip with Rob and Minka. T...

Windows Phone Radio - 7 (Audio)

Windows Phone Radio episode number seven is ready for download! Brian and Matt highlight some of the activities on tap for November 8th, the U.S. launch of Windows Phone 7 at your local AT&T and T-Mobile retail locations. Rob Dyrdek and Minka Kelly...

Windows Phone Radio - 6 (Audio)

Windows Phone Radio episode six! This week Brian and Matt welcome Brandon Watson (@brandonwatson) from the Windows Phone developer evangelism team to the show to talk about PDC 2010 wrapping up today on Microsoft campus. Brandon digs in to talk about w...

Windows Phone Radio - 5 (Audio)

Windows Phone Radio is back with episode 5! Brian and Matt recap the news of the past week including the release of Windows Phone 7 in Europe and Asia Pacific countries. They also highlight some of the early reviews from industry watchers and gadget he...