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Why do we give gifts?

Right now, Christmas is all the rage on HubPages.com. Hubbers are sharing entertaining and decorating advice, complaining about rampant consumerism, delving into religious holidays that crop up around the end of the year, and writing lots and lots of g...

The Meaning Behind Tibetan Prayer Flags

Chances are you have seen Tibetan prayer flags before, but do you know where they came from and what they symbolize? These beautiful pieces of cloth are more than just decorations, and in a Hub titled History & Symbolism of Tibetan Prayer Flags, me...

Marshmallows – The Stuff Behind the Fluff

Marshmallows have grown to become a huge part of people’s childhoods, thanks to their prevalence in all-American snacks such as s’mores, Rice Krispie Treats, and Peeps, but there is more to these fluffy sweets than meets the eye! In a fascinating Hub t...

Mass Hysteria

What do fan deaths, koro, and the monkey man of New Delhi have in common? They are all associated with mass hysteria! Mass hysteria has plagued the human race of centuries, and as advanced as we might be, we still fall prey to this odd collective behav...

The Origins of Halloween

With Halloween approaching, we are morally obligated to do a seasonal podcast. When poking around the fabulous October-related Hubs on HubPages, we found an excellent Hub titled Where Did Halloween Originate? Halloween’s Pagan Origins by kittythedreame...

Museum Anatomy with Chadwick and Spector

We created the Weekly Advice from Everyday Experts podcast series to better highlight the talented and fascinating writers that can be found in our community.  Laura Spector is one such fascinating expert, and in addition to writing several fascinating...

The End of the World: Choices, Choices!

You’re going to die. We’re all going to die.  It’s inevitable.  The real question is: HOW are we all going to die?? As it happens, there are quite a few options. Join us as we explore the most likely disasters that may bring about the end of the earth,...

The Surprising Power of a Name

Are you the type to make impulse buys? Were you a troublemaker as a kid? Or are you, perhaps, a high-power CEO? You may have your name to thank for these developments. Listen in to this week’s podcast (The Surprising Power of a Name) to discover some u...

Daring Female Pirates

ARRR you a fan of pirates?  ARRR you a bonnie lass or in favor of rambunctious women? If ye answer’d AYE to these questions, ye’ll love this podcast. For this week’s Weekly Advice from Everyday Experts podcast (Daring Female Pirates), we discuss four o...

Creative Halloween Costume Ideas

Who doesn’t like talking about Halloween costumes? With the spooky holiday rolling around, we could not help but take a podcast to share some of our favorite creative Halloween costume ideas. Hundreds of Hubs on HubPages offer tips on costumes, so we n...