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Chiller Theatre – April, 2017 – Review and Podcast

The Gallery was in attendance for the April, 2017 Chiller Theatre show in Parsippany, NJ.  We met some cool people, got really hammered and all in all had a great experience.  And we met and did a photoshoot with Sherilyn who is now the real life versi...

Waiting for the Train: Special Bonus Episode, aka "Whiskey and T*ts"

No good deed goes unpunished, the reality of cost of living, why rich people should shut their pieholes, nonsense clothing rich idiots buy, "stealthing", and why everyone should die in a fire. The post Waiting for the Train: Special Bonus Episode, aka ...

Waiting for the Train: Episode 57

So if this week's show was an episode of Friends it would be called: "The one where Acadia goes on a Debbie Downer rant." But in the best possible way! The post Waiting for the Train: Episode 57 appeared first on Superficial Gallery.

Waiting for the Train: Episode 56

Listen, we did the podcast without Acadia this week and we have some surprises for him so I’m not really going to tell you anything. But there are some amazing gifs below. This gif is one of the best things ever, and you’ll see why it’s even more relev...

Waiting for the Train: Episode 55

  We worked extra hard on the episode this week folks, so we hope you enjoy! Topics: healthcare fail, women who aren’t helping, movie excitement from Acadia, what bothers BNev, Good Week/Bad Week and special appearances by CNev and a laundry basket. Pl...

Waiting for the Train: Episode 54

This week Jenn and Acadia fly solo and things stay surprisingly on the rails.  So give it a listen and help us come up with more ammo to use against B. Nev in her next employee review!  Oh, and the usual nonsense! The post Waiting for the Train: Episod...

Waiting for the Train: Episode 53

Acadia and Jenn are going it alone in this episode.  B. Nev couldn’t make it because she found a box of wine by the side of the road on her way to the studio.  We cover (and solve) healthcare, talk about The Shining, we find out there is a dog that is ...

Waiting for the Train Episode 52: Acadia Alone

 So this is the 52nd show and Jenn and B. Nev left me alone to do the show.  And ohhh boy do I go on blast on those fools!  Do I talk about Logan?  YES!  Do I talk about politics and the Tilted Kilt and a serial killer (or at least alleged serial kille...

Waiting for the Train: Episode 51

Hey folks! It’s late and I just want to get this podcast up so, here’s a quick rundown: BNev and I did the show without Acadia for mysterious reasons, listen to find out why; a career CIA guy quit because Trump; Uber is the absolute worst company on ea...

Waiting for the Train Episode 50!

It’s our 50th episode!  50th!!!!!  So I am going to let it speak for itself.  Happy 50th, us! Music used in podcast opening theme: Reach For Success by Scott Holmes is licensed under an Attribution-NonCommercial License. The post Waiting for the Train ...