Coffee Break German

Learn German with Thomas and Mark; pick up cultural tips from Cultural Correspondent Julia, and get to grips with the patterns of the language with our Grammar Guru Kirsten.

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Learn German in coffee-break lessons from the Radio Lingua Network. In each lesson we'll focus on the language you need to know and before long you'll be making yourself understood with native German speakers.
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Coming soon: the Coffee Break German Magazine

Coming in August 2019, the Coffee Break German Magazine will help you build your understanding of intermediate German. In each episode of the Coffee Break German Magazine you'll pick up new vocabulary, hear further examples of grammar points you alread...

CBG 2.40 | Wie wäre es mit Donnerstagabend?

It's time for the final lesson in our series, and the last instalment of our soap opera. Listen to the lesson to find out what comes of our friends in the Wohngemeinschaft, and whether Phillip and Hanna ever get together! As usual, the episode is rich ...

CBG 2.39 | Wie viele Punkte muss man haben, um zu bestehen?

We're back with another episode of Coffee Break German, the penultimate lesson of this season, and the penultimate instalment of our soap opera. This week Carola and Hanna are stressed about their exam preparation and enlist the help of their friend Sy...

CBG 2.38 | Was ist denn passiert? Hier ist √ľberall Polizei!

In this latest episode of Coffee Break German, Alex has to deal with a break-in at the Pub this week and is being interviewed by a police officer. This gives us the opportunity to hear a different style of German, and we'll also be looking at the verb ...

CBG 2.37 | Philip sitzt ja dort wie ein Häufchen Elend!

It's time for another episode of Coffee Break German, and another instalment of our soap opera. This time we're joining Carol, Miriam and Philip at the party where Philip is hoping to get to know Hanna a bit better. But will the arrival of Alex put a s...

CBG Special: Black Friday Sale - Save 30% on all CoffeeBreak courses

This is a special announcement for listeners to all Coffee Break Languages podcasts. It's Black Friday weekend and we're having a sale. We haven't offered any discounts since last November, so this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of a huge...

CBG 2.36 | Ich w√ľrde das gleich kaufen

In our latest episode of Coffee Break German we're continuing our soap opera and joining Carola, Hanna and Miriam on a shopping trip. The dialogues provide an opportunity to look closely at a number of interesting language points, including the use of ...

CBG 2.35 | Ohne Kuchen konnte ich nie richtig Geburtstag feiern

In this episode of Coffee Break German, the flatmates in our Wohngemeinschaft are organising a party for Carola's birthday and they're looking for the perfect location to hold the party. As usual, Andrea is on hand to help Mark and you understand every...

CBG 2.34 | Wir haben einen Brief bekommen

In the latest instalment of our soap opera Carola, Miriam and Phillip receive an important letter and have to decide what to do in response. This episode will allow us to experience a more formal type of written German, and Andrea is on hand to explain...

CBG 2.33 | Lasst uns ein bisschen feiern

In this lesson you'll listen to the latest instalment of our soap opera in which we get to know a new character, Carola's friend Hannah. She and Phillip hit it off immediately. Andrea is on hand to help Mark - and you - understand the tricky aspects of...

CBG 2.32 | Ich suche einen Job als Kellner

In lesson 32 of Coffee Break German Season 2, you'll listen to the next instalment of our soap opera. In this episode Phillip is looking for a part-time job and Miriam suggests that he tries to find a job in a local pub. We also meet Alex who works in ...

CBG 2.31 | Ich miete in der Wohnung ein Zimmer

In lesson 31 of Coffee Break German Season 2, Andrea and Mark present the first episode of our radio play. You'll meet the characters Miriam, Carola and Phillip who are sharing a flat together in Munich. Having listened to the radio play you'll then he...

CBG 2.30 | Review Lesson

Welcome to the 30th lesson in the season and it's time for some review. You won't believe how much you've learned in lessons 21-29, and in this episode Andrea and Mark will be reviewing topics such as Wechselpräpositionen, relative pronouns, modal verb...

Lesson 29 - Fährst du in die Schweiz, oder fährst du in der Schweiz?

Coffee Break German Season 2 is all about helping you "tighten up" your German, and this episode addresses one of the trickiest aspects of German for learners. You're already familiar with prepositions, and you're already familiar with the accusative a...

CBG 2.28 | Deutschsch√ľler sind Leute, die Deutsch lernen

Coffee Break German is the course which teaches you German. Andrea is the teacher who helps Mark learn. You are the student who is learning along with Mark, and this is the lesson in which you'll learn all about relative pronouns in German! We'll learn...

CBG 2.27 | Wir sollten wirklich nach Z√ľrich fahren

In this lesson we're dealing with what, on the surface, seems like a tricky topic: the use of the verb sollen. We'll learn to use the verb in the Present and Präteritum, and we'll learn about the subtle differences of using each tense. Sollen is used t...

CBG 2.26 | Kommst du jeden Dienstag mit dem Fahrrad zur Deutschklassen?

In this lesson we're tackling a tricky subject for learners of German: word order. In particular we're looking at where adverbs come "inside the Verbklammer". For this we'll be introducing you to a new concept: "Tekamolo". All will become clear in this...

CBG 2.25 | Ich habe mich sehr gut entspannt

It's time to look at reflexive verbs in the past. In this lesson you'll learn to say what you enjoyed, what you complained about and what you looked forward to, and much more besides! Julia is back with a cultural correspondent segment on an area in It...

CBG 2.24 | Wovor f√ľrchtest du dich?

In this episode you'll learn to use reflexive verbs in German. In addition to being able to talk about "washing yourself" and "scratching yourself" (among other things!), you'll also learn to talk about looking forward to things, relaxing, deciding, ca...

CBG 2.23 | Hilfst du deinen Kindern bei ihren Hausaufgaben?

We've already covered the topic of family in Coffee Break German, but in this lesson you'll learn how to talk about your extended family, and deal with possessive pronouns in the nominative, accusative and dative cases. Is it mein, meine, meinen, meine...

CBG 2.22 | Mein Vater wohnte lange in einem kleinen Dorf

So far in Coffee Break German we've learned to use haben, sein and some modal verbs in the Präteritum. In this lesson Andrea and Mark look at other verbs in the Präteritum which are not used commonly in spoken German, but you'll find them in any story ...

CBG 2.21 | Als ich ein Kind war, durfte ich nicht so viel fernsehen

In this lesson you'll learn to talk about rules and regulations in the past using the Pr√§teritum of the modal verbs d√ľrfen and m√ľssen. By the end of the lesson you'll know how to talk about what you were or weren't allowed to do as a child.This season ...

CBG 2.20 | Als ich 10 war, wollte ich Astronautin werden

This lesson marks the end of the first half of our second season of Coffee Break German. Mark and Andrea take the opportunity to review the topics covered in lessons 11 to 19 with lots of new examples, helping you build your vocabulary and practise the...

CBG 2.19 | Wie alt warst du, als du Deutsch lernen wolltest?

In the last lesson we looked at the Präteritum, the past tense form which is commonly used with verbs such as sein, haben and so on. In this lesson, we'll be taking the Präteritum a little further and learn how to talk about what we wanted to do and wh...

CBG 2.18 | Wie alt warst du, als du ein Handy gekauft hast?

This episode of Coffee Break German introduces the verbs sein and haben and how they are used in the past. In fact, these verbs use a different tense, the Präteritum, or "imperfect" as it is often referred to in English. You'll learn to conjugate the i...

CBG 2.17 | Ich habe die Hausaufgaben nicht gemacht, weil der Hund sie gefressen hat

In this episode we're focusing on the use of weil with the Perfect Tense and you'll be learning to give excuses as to why you arrived late and why you haven't done your homework! Coffee Break German also offers video versions, lesson notes and bonus a...

CBG 2.16 | Schokolade schmeckt vielen Leuten

In this lesson we're looking further at the dative case and specifically at verbs which need the dative like "geben", "schicken", "schenken", "antworten" and "helfen". You'll also be learning to use the dative forms of the personal pronouns. Coffee Br...

CBG 2.15 | Mark fragt, ob Heidelberg schön ist

‚ÄčThis lesson focuses on the topic of asking questions, both "open" questions using the "W Fragew√∂rter", and more closed questions which are more likely be answered by "ja" or "nein". You'll learn to ask questions using various words, all of which begin...

CBG 2.14 | Mark hat bemerkt, dass diese Lektion schwierig ist

Learn how to gossip in German! In this lesson we'll be looking at reported speech and how this works with "dass". You'll learn how to say who said what to whom, of course using the correct grammatical constructions. Coffee Break German also offers vid...

CBG 2.13 | Wie viel Schokolade isst du jede Woche?

‚ÄčIn this episode of Coffee Break German we'll be learning how to translate "much", "many", "some", "few", and lots more quantifying words - something learners often find difficult. By the end of this lesson you'll be able to talk confidently in German ...

CBG 2.12 | Ich denke, dass Deutsch eine wunderbare Sprache ist

In this lesson of Coffee Break German we'll be taking the "dass" structures a stage further and looking at other verbs which can be used in this context. You'll learn to use a number of verbs with this structure and you'll also learn some important rul...

CBG 2.11 | Ich möchte, dass du das Fenster öffnest

In this lesson we'll be covering the topic of subordinate clauses. That sounds more complicated than it is! Basically this lesson will teach you how to make requests in German and tell people what you'd like them to do - or not do! Julia is back with a...

CBG 2.10 | Review episode

In this episode of Coffee Break German you'll be amazed when you realise how far you've come, as you review everything you have learned so far in Season 2. Andrea and Mark talk about the topic from this unit such as cases and adjective agreements, adve...

CBG 2.09 | Ich lerne Deutsch, weil ich Deutsch eine schöne Sprache finde

If you've been following our Coffee Break German lessons you can now use "denn" to give a reason - ausgezeichnet! However, there is another word which also means "because", and that's "weil", and this word brings with it some challenges regarding word ...

CBG 2.08 | Ich habe großen Hunger, denn ich habe heute noch nichts gegessen

In this lesson of Coffee Break German you'll learn how to give a reason - without having to worry about word order! This lesson introduces the word "denn" and you'll be delighted to know that it does not change the word order of your sentence. Coffee B...

CBG 2.07 | Wir sind nach Berlin geflogen

We've dealt with the Perfect Tense using the verb haben, but there are some verbs which need to use sein as the auxiliary verb when forming the Perfect. In this lesson you'll learn which verbs take sein, and how to say where you went, when you woke up,...

CBG 2.06 | Was hast du gestern gemacht? | Talking about the past in German

In this lesson of Coffee Break German you'll be starting to learn to talk in the past using the Perfect Tense. This tense is formed by using a part of the auxiliary verb haben (to have) and the past participle. Andrea will explain everything you need t...

CBG 2.05 | Spielst du gern Klavier?

In this lesson of Coffee Break German you'll learn to talk about your hobbies and pastimes and to say when, where and how often you do these pastimes. This topic will introduce you to the concept of the Verbklammer, the "verb brackets" which surround a...

CBG 2.04 | Ich hńĀtte gern den heissen Kaffee

In this episode you'll learn to make requests using the correct adjectival forms. Join Mark and Andrea as they look at using adjectives in the accusative case with definite articles. Coffee Break German also offers video versions, lesson notes and bonu...

CBG 2.03 | Das ist ein schönes Zimmer!

In this lesson you'll be all set for checking into a hotel - and using the correct German grammar to do so! Join Mark and Andrea as they look at the interesting topic of adjective endings in the nominative case with indefinite articles, so you'll be ab...

CBG 2.02 | Ich möchte gern den Braten mit Kartoffeln

How many times have you ordered a drink in a German café, or a snack in a German restaurant and you've never been quite sure about whether you're using the correct word for "a" or "the". Of course there's the gender of the word to think about, but the ...

CBG 2.01 | Ich bin Deutscher, sie ist Deutsche und wir sprechen Deutsch!

In this first lesson of the new series of Coffee Break German, join teacher Andrea and her student Mark as they review the topic of nationalities and languages. This lesson introduces the fact that, unlike in English, German normally has a different wo...

Introducing Coffee Break German Season 2

We have some exciting news to share ... we're delighted to announce that Coffee Break German Season 2 starts on Monday 13th February 2017 with lessons published every two weeks. Join our new teacher Andrea, learner Mark and our cultural correspondent J...

CBG 1:40 | Mein Deutsch hat sich sehr verbessert!

Introduction In the final episode of this series of Coffee Break German, Mark reflects on his visit to Innsbruck and Thomas helps him talk more about things in the past in German. Coming up in this lesson… In this lesson you will:learn how to use the p...

CBG 1:39 | Wir haben Mark zur Party eingeladen!

Introduction In this latest episode of Coffee Break German, Mark puts his German to the test as he joins some friends of Thomas as they prepare for a birthday party. Coming up in this lesson… In this lesson you will:review language used for talking abo...

CBG 1:38 | Haben Sie etwas ungewöhnliches gegessen?

Introduction It’s time for a new lesson of Coffee Break German and in this episode Mark is feeling a bit under the weather. He and Thomas visit the pharmacy for some advice. The pharmacist asks Mark if he has eaten anything strange or if he has done an...

CBG 1:37 | Gibt es einen Supermarkt, der am Sonntag geöffnet ist?

Introduction In this latest lesson of Coffee Break German, Mark is asking for some information at the reception desk of his hotel in Innsbruck. In addition to providing an opportunity for practising various areas of vocabulary, this dialogue introduces...

CBG 1:36 | Kann ich hier Briefmarken kaufen?

Introduction Mark’s continuing his trip to Austria in this lesson, and as usual he’s accompanied by Thomas who is helping him practise his language skills. This week Mark’s buying postcards and Thomas is buying sports shoes with his friend, Daniel. Com...

CBG 1:35 | Ich kann Ihnen zeigen, was es hier zu sehen gibt

Introduction In the latest lesson of Coffee Break German, Mark and Thomas take a trip to the nearby town of Schwaz and visit the Tourist Information Office to find out what there is to do and see. Coming up in this lesson… In this lesson you will:revie...

CBG 1:34 | Ich lade dich auf dein Fr√ľhst√ľck ein!

Introduction In this week’s lesson, Thomas joins Mark for breakfast at the hotel and they have a conversation with another hotel guest. Coming up in this lesson… In this lesson you will:review transactional language for ordering drinks;be reminded abou...