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Hi, I am Chriss and i do podscasting (or that´s what i try to) in order to pratice and enhance my spoken english, this podcast was inspired by Luke´s English podcast, Zdenek´s English Podcast and Guillaume´s English Podcast. Cheers

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Keen On Learning English Online
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Episode #8 – Guess who’s back!

Hello lsiteners and welcome back to another episode of Chris´s English Podcast, yes that´s right I´m still alive. This episode is basic a short description of what I will do for the next episodes till the year ends. I´ve been working on the idea of the...
Chris's English Podcast author

Episode #7 – The Warning Band

  Hello everyone, in this episode I talk about the warning, a Mexican band formed by 3 very young sisters. I share with you their most popular cover form Metallica: Enter the sandman. I also talk about Victoria Morales Khune her manager, please enjoy t...
Chris's English Podcast author

Episode #6 – Along for The Ride

  Hello everyone on planet earth, this time you will be with me while I walk to my job. Forgive me for the mistakes, I recorded and repeat some words cause I thought I was going to edit it and cut things but I didn’t. I hope you find amusing this episo...
Chris's English Podcast author

Episode #5 The Listening and Writing Challenge

  Hello everybody in this episode I invite you to take this mini challenge and listen to the converstaion I play and write down everything you understand, then compare it with the right transcription. This method will help you to get a better listening...
Chris's English Podcast author

Episode #4 The Lost Episode My Travel to Arlington TX

Hello mates, dudes, folks, learners of english!! Here I am again, It’s been yonks right? I must apologize because i had so many problems with my recording device (my phone), and i changed computer so and it died too like my phone did!!. So it’s nice to...
Chris's English Podcast author

Episode #3 – Random Stuff and Excuses

Episode #3– Random Stuff and Excuses Hi everyone, I’m back (it’ s been yonks right?) with another episode which for me its a bad and good one, why? cause I wanted to record about other topics, but I don’t have much time this weeks, but I think it’ s a ...
Chris's English Podcast author

Chris’s English Podcast – 5 Ways to Improve your English

Hi everyone!! I’m back with another episode of Chris’s English Podcast. In this episode I mention 5 ways to improve your english. Please leave comments and tell me which one you liked the most or if there’s another one you use!. Cheers to everyone and ...
Chris's English Podcast author

Chris’s English Podcast Episode 1 – Pilot

Hi everyone this is an introduction to my channel, i hope you really like it. please feel free to leave questions, coments, sugestions etc.🙂 Cheers to everyone and don’t forget to subscribe to my podcast with this link :  Subscribe in a reader  Chriss ...
Chris's English Podcast author