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This is a percussion video lesson database. Topics might include everything from technique on various percussion instruments, to solo literature, to philosophy on percussion pedagogy. Viewers are highly encouraged to leave comments and suggestions about what you want to be covered. Thank you for stopping by, and enjoy.

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A place for discussion and free video lessons on everything percussion related.
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Lesson #2 (Part 2)

We now get into the nitty-gritty of playing these two instruments, the klong yaw and bombo legüero. These are some basic techniques that I use to produce consistent sounds out of the drums.As always, please leave your comments! I appreciate them very ... (Josh Williamson) author

Lesson #2 (Part 1)

Finally! I have gotten a chance to put out another lesson! Today, in multiple parts, I am discussing "Non-Traditional" techniques on two instruments that have recently made their way into my life: the Klong Yaw, and Bombo Legüero.Sorry for the multip... (Josh Williamson) author

New Roll-In!

Ok, I've been busy trying to make the videos look a little more professional, and here is what I cam up with!!!I start my last semester of undergrad study in a few days, so I might not be able to continue with another lesson on Two Mallet Technique for... (Josh Williamson) author

Testing... Testing... Lesson #1 (partial)

Here is the first lesson. Just a short talk about myself and an introduction to two-mallet grip. I welcome your comments!!! Let me know what you think. Thanks! (Josh Williamson) author