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Got a question about technology? Get them answered via the open line on Talking Technology with Trevor Long. A fun way to get inside the world of computers, TVs, mobile phones and more, Trevor Long solves your tech problems and looks at all the new products on the market. Read more at

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Got a question about technology? Get them answered via the open line on Talking Technology with Trevor Long. A fun way to get inside the world of computers, TVs, mobile phones and more, Trevor Long solves your tech problems and looks at all the new products on the market. Read more at
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050 - No Worries

The electric car revolution is hitting full swing, Bowen has driven the Jaguar i-Pace electric car and is impressed. We've launched our safest driver competition so it's time for you to join, Trev's a fan of a wireless charger that Bowen and Geoff don...
Trevor Long author

049 - We're not great drivers

Trev and Bowen have kicked of a mini challenge using the app UbiCar - it monitors and scores your driving, and we want you to take part - we're even offering prizes! Bowen puts the Mazda CX9 head to head with the Holden Arcadia, JBL have launched a Bl...
Trevor Long author

IN THE MAN CAVE: KAYO Sports CEO Julian Ogrin

The hype around KAYO Sports launching has been loud here at EFTM, lots of your comments, questions etc - so Trevor sat down with KAYO CEO Julian Ogrin to talk about what Kayo is, how it works and who it's aimed out - a podcast about all things sport an...
Trevor Long author

048 - Robots, Christmas Lights and the Toyota Camry

Trev's been in Korea where he saw Robots giving directions, what he reckons are trees more beautiful than in Australia and learned about the brains ability to see more on an 8K TV. Bowen has great things to say about Kia's Picanto GT Line, we talk Sma...
Trevor Long author

047 - Geoff's Wine

The Netflix of Sport - KAYO Sports launches with Fox Sports and more, just what you need as a sports fan right? The boys discuss. Bowen's into Hyundai's and their future energy cars, plus their sporty i30n, Geoff is up in arms about Bunnings new Saus...
Trevor Long author

046 - Getting Chickens

Fresh from New York City - Trev asks - can an iPad Pro really replace a laptop?? Bowen is big wraps on the Hyundai Santa Fe - great family car option. The new smart screens, the Google Home Hub and Lenovo Google driven Smart Display. Trev's a bit ...
Trevor Long author

045 - Holidays!

Trev's back from his Family holiday but Geoff's missing. Despite that, the boys discuss all things America, including the new Holden Arcadia, freakish robot humans, the Norton Core WiFi router, Silent cars, Internet Piracy and PC Rubbish like banning ...
Trevor Long author

044 - Mission Winnow

Foxtel are in the wars with crazy new pricing for their streaming service, but at the same time 4K is coming and it's awesome. Nissan's Leaf is coming to Australia so we discuss Electric cars, John gives us the rundown on a huge Chinese Hacking scanda...
Trevor Long author

043 - Who's John?

Who the hell is John? This week the team discuss the latest edition of Forza Horizon based in Britain, Bowen drives the Mazda 6 which he rates highly, John's been reviewing some Wireless headphones and he's got an Airpod beater. North Sydney's banning...
Trevor Long author

042 - Travel talk

The boys are back! There's a new GoPro out - Trev's got that covered, Bowen has been in Madrid driving the new Supra, Trev's all over the new iPhones, the boys have been travelling a lot - some stories from the road, random flavour combinations and wh...
Trevor Long author

041 - Talking to Strangers

Geoff has a baby!! Like, seriously, Geoff's a dad. So we discuss. Bowen drives the stunning Audi A8 limo, A woman dupes a bunch of blokes in New York using Tinder, Bowen has been doing group dinners at car launches and discusses the etiquette of m...
Trevor Long author


Bowen and Trev sit down with Rugby League great Steve "Blocker" Roach - a huge career with the Balmain Tigers, an Australian Representative who then moved onto a successful career in the Media with Channel 9, Radio 2UE, 2GB and now Fox Sports. He talk...
Trevor Long author

040 - Forever home

Foxtel is launching a 4K channel and that's big news for Sports fans - the cricket this summer will be in 4K - Bowen drove the all new Corolla and is impressed, except for the lack of Apple CarPlay. Telstra launches 5G on the Gold Coast but Trev think...
Trevor Long author


He's the face of Channel 9, the anchor for the nightly news bulletin and an all-round nice guy. Peter Overton was good enough to spare some time with Chris Bowen and Trevor Long in the man cave to talk about life and career.
Trevor Long author

039 - Toilet Humour

Trev visits the warehouse and has his eye opened to online shopping. Bowen drives the Mercedes X Class Ute, Geoff's great idea to get us chatting to other drivers using number plates, who's doing the housework in your home - Geoff's going ...
Trevor Long author


You know him from Channel 10's Formula One coverage over many years, and from the V8 Supercar series TV coverage over years too - or frankly any motorsport event coverage, Rusty's been there - he's the voice of motorsport for many - so where did it sta...
Trevor Long author

038 - Trolleygate

There's a new scam doing the rounds and it hits on a very taboo subject and heaps of people will be falling for it - we're calling it Sextortion. Bowen has had a look at the new Rolls Royce SUV, Geoff wants to go bush and get back to nature, Trev has ...
Trevor Long author

037 - Static in the air

Google's in hot water over Android with the European Union and we can't work out what the fuss is, Bowen's driving a stunning Lexus and Trev's got the Holden Equinox. How on earth can Maccas remove plastic straws? Will the drinks taste the same?? Bow...
Trevor Long author

036 - Jumping the Shark and Bulls Wool

Celebrating ten years of the iPhone in Australia with the boys talking about their experience with the iPhone over the years. Bowen drives the new Mini Cooper with UK tail lights as a feature. Elon has jumped the shark with his Thai rescue involvement...
Trevor Long author

035 - Ghost Cars

Apple's App store turns 10 - do you remember you first app download? How the world has changed in that time. Bowen takes the Porsche Panamera to Grenfell and loves the drive. What is the deal with Ghost cars at the airport, abandoned cars in the car pa...
Trevor Long author

034 - Clubbing with Geoff

Would you pay for Facebook, or subscribe to a Facebook Group that has a monthly fee?  Bowen drives the Suzuki Vitara range and it's a bloody great car - Woolies are now giving away plastic bags after a week of drama over the bag ban, Do you take calls ...
Trevor Long author

033 - Bags of fun

We talk Optus fail and the future of streaming, how will the future of sports rights work? Bowen drives the Ferrari 488 Spider and it's an instant winner, what is the deal with revolving doors - Bowen has started avoiding them.  Geoff tests out the new...
Trevor Long author

032 - Cutting the grass

Bowen drives the all new 2018 Ford Mustang and shares his thoughts on what is a much better car following on from the highly successful Mustang here in Australia, Apple has launched a new Screen Time feature coming to iPhones soon, Bowen has a question...
Trevor Long author

031 - Old Spice and Candles

Amazon is brushing Aussies from accessing their US store and turning it into a Political debate. Bowen drives the stunning Audi RS4 and it's one hell of a super wagon, he's also been humidifying the house with Dyson's special fan, we resolve the questi...
Trevor Long author

030 - 2 Beers please

Trev's testing a new offline translator, a little device that could change your travel to some non-English speaking countries.  Battery start and battery powered lawn mowers - how are they and would you consider one? Bowen's been driving the Ford Escap...
Trevor Long author

029 - Back in 5 Minutes

Google launches a crazy new voice assistant capable of making phone calls and sounding like a human - the boys discuss the ups and downs and uses of the system.  Bowen is driving the Focus RS and reckons it's THE hot hatch, he's also pretty mad at the ...
Trevor Long author


This week in the EFTM Man Cave is one of Radio's best known names.  John Laws is a talkback radio pioneer who over a career of many decades has been the number 1 broadcaster in Australia and given a voice to many everyday Aussies.  In Radio terms, it d...
Trevor Long author

028 - Geoff killed Siri

More smart home devices, Amazon's Echo spot is a fun little device with a screen - we discuss all the smart home assistant and Geoff goes off on a tangent and gets it wrong.  Bowen drives the Volvo XC40 and loves it, the boys discuss Unlimited mobile p...
Trevor Long author

027 - Spiders

How smart is a smart home and is it ok to get into it now - Chris and Trevor discuss their smart-home experiences, plus we've been driving a stunner from Mercedes, the E400 and it's out of this world and class leading in many ways, but Chris reckons it...
Trevor Long author

IN THE MAN CAVE: Baby John Burgess

Wandering into the EFTM Man Cave this week to chat Cars, Tech and general life stories is the one and only Baby John Burgess.  Known as the host of amazing TV gameshows here in Australia like Wheel of Fortune and Burgo's Catchphrase, he's been on our s...
Trevor Long author

026 - Cops are Tops

There's a new range of TVs about to hit the market and as a result we've got great deals right now, so what is the incentive to buy the next generation? Also what is the sweet spot for TV prices? Bowen drives the all new Hilux variants in a spectacular...
Trevor Long author

SPECIAL: Cricket rights - check, check one two... did you get the check?

Trevor Long talks to Billy Birmingham - the 12th Man - about the changing landscape of cricket, his reflections on the Channel 9 commentary box and how it changed and what's to come with Foxtel and the Seven Network.
Trevor Long author

024 - Milking it

Dramas with the NBN with new technology rolling out - is the whole thing a drama or is it time to let it go and move on, the Ford Ranger Raptor pricing has been revealed and we discuss the price and what we should call these cars?  Should Almond Milk b...
Trevor Long author

023 - The Men's babyshower

Would you use a robot Vacuum, Trev and Geoff have tested a couple but Bowen is still a Dyson man - the Subaru BRZ, better than the 86 and what's different?  Trev's been playing Far Cry 5 and reckons it's a cracker game - Geoff wants a men's baby shower...
Trevor Long author

Talking Technology - 03/04/18

Join Nick Bennett and Trevor Long on the last Talking Technology: 03/04/18 Professor Katina Michael is from the school of computing and information technology at the University of Wollongong and she joins Nick and Trevor to talk about the ripples afte...
Macquarie Media Limited author

022 - Let's go racing!

Cheats in Aussie cricket - how the country reacted, Bowen drives the Hyundai i30n and it's a beast, retro is back again with the new C64 mini - which system or which product would you like a retro version of?  Apple gets deep into Education with new co...
Trevor Long author

Talking Technology - 29/03/18

Join Nick Bennett and Trevor Long for Talking Technology: 29/03/18 Emojis have become a huge part of how we communicate in our everyday lives. Trevor Long and Nick Bennett had a chat with Jeremy Burge from Emojipedia about the process of creating emoj...
Macquarie Media Limited author

Talking Technology - 28/03/18

Join Nick Bennett and Geoff Quattrromani for Talking Technology: 28/03/18 Anastasia Rae is the general manager for Kaspersky Lab ANZ and she joins Nick and Geoff to talk about the new partnership of Kaspersky Lab and crimestoppers and reminds us just ...
Macquarie Media Limited author

Talking Technology - 27/03/18

Join Nick Bennett and Trevor Long on Talking Technology: 27/03/18 An Aussie company has created an incredible anti-drone gun that Queensland Police will use to stop rogue drones flying over the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. The Chairman of Droneshiel...
Macquarie Media Limited author

Talking Technology - 26/03/18

Join Nick and Trevor for Talking Technologies full show: 26/03/18 Cedar Anderson is the co-creator of Flow Hive and he joins Nick and Trevor to talk about how they've reinvented the beehive. Steven Baker is a research fellow from Microsoft Research...
Macquarie Media Limited author

021 - Imbeciles on planes

Geoff's away and that's great - this week we discuss the Facebook privacy dramas, Bowen's had two days in the new Hyundai i30 N but can't tell you about it, narks who want Cyclists to get away with not wearing a helmet, Bowen becomes vacuum expert, Mar...
Trevor Long author

Talking Technology - 22/03/18

Join Nick Bennett and Trevor Long for Talking Technology: 22/03/18 Sam Skontos from Alcatel joins Nick and Trevor to talk about Alcatel's pre loading of Family Zone parental control software on all their phones Dr Samantha Oakes is the head of the ...
Macquarie Media Limited author

Talking Technology - 21/03/18

Join Nick Bennett and Trevor Long for Talking Technology: 21/03/18 Dr Raja Jurdak is the Senior research scientist at Data 61 and he joins Nick and Trevor to talk about the puzzling question. Who do you blame in a car accident involving an autonomou...
Macquarie Media Limited author

Talking Technology - 20/03/18

Join Nick Bennett and Trevor Long for Talking Technology: 20/03/18 Professor David Glance is the director of University of Western Australia in Centre for Software Practice and he joins Nick and Trevor to talk about the latest technology scandal to r...
Macquarie Media Limited author

Talking Technology - 19/03/18

Join Nick Bennett and Trevor Long for Talking Technology: 19/03/18 Phil Britt is the Managing Director of Aussie Broadband and he joins Nick and Trevor to talk about how Aussie Broadband is offering total transperancy on their NBN congestion rates. Se...
Macquarie Media Limited author

Talking Technology - 16/03/18

Join Nick Bennett and Trevor Long for Talking Technology: 16/03/18 Damian Kelly is the Senior Manager from the Public Affairs of the NSW Business Chamber and he joins Nick and Trevor to discuss the push for the NBN to come with a service guarantee for...
Macquarie Media Limited author

Talking Technology - 15/03/18

Join Nick Bennett and Trevor Long for Talking Technology 15/03/18 Dan Hay is the Executive Producer for Far Cry 5, and he joins Nick and Trevor to share what it is that goes into a top level game and what it takes to make it in the industry. Ben McIn...
Macquarie Media Limited author

020 - The cat's ashes

TVs that blend into your walls are coming, Trev's been in New York looking at what Samsung has coming in 2018.  Bowen explains why Lamborghini is getting into the SUV game with Urus, the boys drift into touchy ground to discuss pay equity and the quest...
Trevor Long author

Talking Technology - 14/03/18

Join Nick Bennett and Trevor Long for Talking Technology on 14/03/18: Louise Kelly is a lecturer in Advertising and Digital Marketing from the Queensland University of Technology joins Nick and Trevor to talk about how brands of virtual assistants n...
Macquarie Media Limited author

Talking Technology - 13/03/18

Join Nick Bennett and Trevor Long for Talking Technology for 13/03/18: John Christopoulos is the Managing Director for Phonesoap, the ingenious product cleaning phones, and he joins Nick and Trevor to share how it works. Giuseppe Porcelli is the found...
Macquarie Media Limited author