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Got a question about technology? Get them answered via the open line on Talking Technology with Trevor Long. A fun way to get inside the world of computers, TVs, mobile phones and more, Trevor Long solves your tech problems and looks at all the new products on the market. Read more at

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Got a question about technology? Get them answered via the open line on Talking Technology with Trevor Long. A fun way to get inside the world of computers, TVs, mobile phones and more, Trevor Long solves your tech problems and looks at all the new products on the market. Read more at
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Episode 039 25 June 2010

This week I talk Mac buying with caller Doug, Internet Radio Devices with Daniel, We talk Cyber Safety with Sponsors Norton 360, Backups, Digital Photography and TOY STORY 3
Trevor Long author

Episode 038 18 June 2010

On this weeks Webcast we talk MYOB issues, I talk to Kate Burleigh from INTEL about the decision you have to make regarding on board or separate graphics cards, there's gaming at E3, my verdict on 3D and more!
Trevor Long author

Episode 037 11 June 2010

Talking Cyber Safety, the World Cup Online, Smart Energy in the Future Home, Calls on Windows on Mac, 32 and 64bit Windows, and the new iPhone
Trevor Long author

Episode 036 4 June 2010

Webcast edition bringing you the best of my radio spots and plenty of calls, plus Microsoft Ergonomics, Telstra T-Box, FlashKey and more
Trevor Long author

Episode 035 28 May 2010

The iPad is on Sale, I talk to GIZMO co-founder Danny Gilligan, Adidas MiCoach, Callers, audio from the Bondi Apple launch, plus a GIVEAWAY!
Trevor Long author

Episode 034 20 May 2010

Talking technology and talking with Gabby from CATCH OF THE DAY along with some emails and other tech stuff!
Trevor Long author

Episode 032 19 May 2010

O this show we talk Home shopping for groceries, internet connected scales, and real estate websites.
Trevor Long author

Episode 032 18 May 2010

The new show, the new format - excuse the audio issues, will improve that as we progress. Most important thing - get in touch - - call 02 800 55 985 and leave a message or skype - yourtechlife. Topics - TV, Sat Nav and Facebook
Trevor Long author

Episode 031 12 May 2010

On Melbourne's MTR I talk iPad prices, Digital Radio, Take Rebecca's call re TIVO or FOXTEL IQ for her Parents and the website of the week is
Trevor Long author

Episode 030 6 May 2010

Discussing TAGGLE the innovative new Australian chip that allows tracking of valuable items without GPS with a long battery - plus your calls
Trevor Long author

Episode 030a 6 May 2010

Special Interview with the Minister for Broadband Communications and the Digital Economy about the National Broadband Network costing and study released today
Trevor Long author

Episode 029 5 May 2010

Online Safety for your kids and grandkids with Norton Online Family - Getting to know Facebook - and some Mothers Day Gift ideas!
Trevor Long author

Episode 028 29 April 2010

Keeping your eye on your website's availability with Mind Your Uptime, plus loads of calls
Trevor Long author

Episode 027 28 April 2010

Talking Tech on MTR 1377 we discuss 3D TV and how its coming to Sport in Australia as well as the website Catch of the Day
Trevor Long author

Episode 025 21 April 2010

Talking Tech on Melbourne Talk Radio MTR 1377 covering the iPhone leak, Telstra's T-Hub and Satellite Navigation
Trevor Long author

Episode 025 15 April 2010

Canon's Consumer Digital Lifestyle Index, Telstra's T-Hub, and setting up an email address you can take with you no matter which ISP you are with!
Trevor Long author

Episode 024 8 April 2010

Your Tech Life now part of Money News with Ross Greenwood on 2GB Sydney and on MTR 1377 Melbourne from April 22 - Talking iPad and E-Commerce on this episode
Trevor Long author

Episode 023 1 April 2010

Senator Stephen Conroy talks about the Governments Internet FIlter
Trevor Long author

Episode 022 25 March 2010

Digital Photography, SLR vs Compact your calls on this and all things photography, plus a Waterproof iPod??
Trevor Long author

Episode 021 18 March 2010

Facebook's Debbie Frost talks Groups and Controls, Loads of your calls, giveaway an OXX Digital Radio and much more!
Trevor Long author

Episode 020 11 March 2010

Intel Core i3, i5, i7 processors explained with Intel's Kate Burleigh - Whereis Maps the maps behind your SatNav with Fred Curtis from Whereis - Parental control and all your calls..
Trevor Long author

Episode 019 4 March 2010

Digital TV - why to get it, do you have it, why don't you have it? Scam Awareness Week - 3 Simple Mobile Phones, and lots of your calls
Trevor Long author

Episode 018 25 February 2010

Facebook privacy and notifications, Chat Roulette, getting a good deal when buying a PC - your calls on Sat Navs, WiFi networks at home and overseas - converting to Mac and Much much more...
Trevor Long author

Episode 017 8 February 2010

Satellite Navigation Systems, Anti Virus, Noise Cancelling Headphones, Apple and many more great calls
Trevor Long author

Episode 016 11 February 2010

Foxtel IQ, HP Pavillion dm3, Gotomypc, your calls and loads of fun - Technology Talk for everyone
Trevor Long author

Episode 015 4 February 2010

Technology calls, advice, issues, Norton 360 v4, iiNet wins its Court case and more calls!
Trevor Long author

Episode 014 28 January 2010

Apple iPad - Lots of calls and questions plus I chat to Stephen Fenech about the big launch - also talk Digital TV antennas and lots of calls and questions about all things Technology
Trevor Long author

Episode 013 21 January 2010

Nintendo helps a caller who's Daughter is in Hospital, Loads of calls - we talk DSLR, Google Auto Suggest, Samsung LED TV's, SKYPE and much more - plus Laptop Buying tips!
Trevor Long author

Episode 012 14 January 2010

CES Wrap Up, Google's Exit from China and Australia's Internet Censorship, Your Calls on Digital TV, Tom Tom map upgrades, USB Hard Drives, Bigpond, Windows Vista, Set Top Boxes and Digital Antennas, Website design and more!
Trevor Long author

Episode 011 7 January 2010

CES Preview Nexus One Loads of calls on all things Technology
Trevor Long author