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Listen as we review synthesizers, design sounds and talk to expert synthesists.

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Synthesizers. Listen as we talk about how they work, how to program them and the features that make them unique.
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Episode 018 - Make A Kick

Adam Anderson author

Episode 017 - Prophet 12

Prophet 12 Overview There aren’t a lot of 12-voice polyphonic synths on the market. Given you probably have 10 fingers, there are more than enough voices to go around. This synth features four digital oscillators plus one sub oscillator per voice. That...
Adam Anderson author

Episode 016 - Bass Station

Bass Station Overview The Novation Bass Station is a monophonic analog synthesizer with some nice bells and whistles. Don’t let the name limit your opinion on this machine. It works well as a mono lead synth, and it also can operate as part of a polyph...
Adam Anderson author

Episode 015 - FM

Frequency Modulation Defined FM synthesis is the process of changing the frequency of one oscillator based on some other oscillator. Doing so creates “sidebands” which are extra frequencies above and below the original oscillator’s frequency. At a rela...
Adam Anderson author

Episode 014 - MIDI

Overview MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) was developed to provide standardized communication between synthesizers. Today, it is much more than that and is found in computer, video games, effects processors and more. We’re primarily focusing...
Adam Anderson author

Episode 013 - Soulsby Synthesizers

The Atmegatron In the podcast episode, Paul Soulsby describes his Atmegatron products. These are 8-bit digital synthesizers built on the Arduino platform. The Atmegatron hardware consists of a small, desktop module with a unique user interface and wood...
Adam Anderson author

Episode 012 - Moog Mother-32

What it is The Moog Mother-32 is a semi-modular monophonic analog synthesizer in a eurorack form factor. It can be used as a standalone synth or in conjunction with a larger eurorack modular setup. Sound engine The Mother-32 offers a single voltage con...
Adam Anderson author

Episode 011 - Roland RS-09

What It Is The Roland RS-09 is a vintage organ/string synthesizer. Combining organ and string sounds together makes it really handy—although you can choose to play only organ or only strings. And the inclusion of analog chorus really helps fatten up th...
Adam Anderson author

Episode 010 - Ring Modulation

Amplitude Modulation Defined Amplitude modulation is the process of changing the volume of one wave according to the pattern of another wave (Volume is used here as a simple way to understand amplitude. The two are not exactly the same in practice.) Ch...
Adam Anderson author

Episode 009 - Oscillator Sync

Oscillator Sync Defined Oscillator sync simply synchronizes the period of one waveform with that of another. What does that mean? Basically, the synchronized waveform restarts its wave each time some other waveform completes a cycle. The naming may dif...
Adam Anderson author

Episode 008 - Casio CZ

Overview Casio CZ synthesizers introduced a new type of synthesis called, “Phase Distortion”. While analog purists won’t be impressed, these digital instruments offer a stepping stone from traditional subtractive synthesis to things like FM synthesis. ...
Adam Anderson author

Episode 007 - Korg Poly 800

Overview The Korg Poly 800 features two Digitally Controlled Oscillators (DCO) each with a dedicated Envelope Generator (EG). These can be mixed with its noise generator and passed through its 24db/octave low-pass filter. The noise and filter can be co...
Adam Anderson author

Episode 006 - Korg microKORG

Overview The microKORG is a virtual-analog synthesizer and vocoder. It has 37mini keys, several control knobs, an on-board arpeggiator, a complete MIDI implementation, a PC/Mac patch editor. It may just be synth with the longest production record. The ...
Adam Anderson author

Episode 005 - Ensoniq ESQ-1

Overview The Ensoniq ESQ-1 is a hefty hybrid digital and analog synthesizer with 8 notes of polyphony. During the Yamaha DX-7 dominated 1980s, the ESQ-1 struggled to gain popularity. Today, however, it has seen a surge in popularity but still can be ha...
Adam Anderson author

Episode 004 - The Omnichord

Overview The Omnichord looks like some kind of weird musical Millennium Falcon. Is it a toy or a serious musical instrument? We’ll, I’m sure it has been used as both. Its toy-like appearance means it shows up often at yard sales, goodwill and thrift st...
Adam Anderson author

Episode 003 - Roland Juno 6/60

Overview The Roland Juno 6 and Juno 60 are 6-voice analog polyphonic synthesizers. While limited in functionality by today’s standards, these classics present an extremely accessible interface to synthesis newcomers; and they sound fantastic. Both lack...
Adam Anderson author

Episode 002 - Synthesizer Basics, part 2

Filters You’ve seen the filter settings on your synth, maybe you’ve tried changing the settings and can hear the difference, but what is going on? What is a filter anyway? Well, the filter on a synthesizer is just like any other kind of filter. An air ...
Adam Anderson author

Episode 001 - Synthesizer Basics, part 1

Oscillators Synthesizers offer many different types of oscillators. But what are they? These are the building blocks of the sounds in your synthesizer. In the episode we talk about the different types of waveforms available in many synthesizers. For a ...
Adam Anderson author