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Podcasts for IT consultants and managed service providers in the SMB Community. By Karl W. Palachuk
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Jeff Ponts - Will the Current Telecom Industry Be Gone is 5 Years?

I always love catching up with Jeff Ponts from DataTel Solutions. If you attend a few conferences a year, you are likely to have seen Jeff somewhere. Jeffery Ponts is COO/Executive Vice President and founder of Datatel Solutions Inc. Datatel Solutio...

Josh Liberman – 12 Steps to Securing a Network

I caught up with my good friend Joshua Liberman for this SMB Community Podcast. Josh is a great community leader and the owner of Net Sciences in Albuquerque, NM. Joshua Liberman In this podcast, Josh walks us through the various elements they offer (a...

Virtiant Software-Defined Disaster Recovery

I interviewed Mas Malik from for this SMB Community Podcast. Mas is the VP of Sales and Marketing. Mas Malik Virtiant provides “Disaster Recovery as a Service” – without the onsite BDR hardware. It is VMWare-centric and able to recreate yo...

Zack Rosenberg Delivers Custom Video

I talked to Zack Rosenberg about his custom video program – Catapult. As Zack points out, by 2021 more than 82% of internet traffic will be against video, a number that will accelerate once everyone has 5G internet speeds. Video is pricey and diffic...

Harry Brelsford Announces New Book: How to Be an MSP

I was happy to interview Harry on the official announcement of his new book – How to Be An MSP. It is now officially released. In this interview, Harry also announces another new adventure: A serious focus on the cannabis industry as the largest new ve...

Ken Dwight – Dr. Virus

This interview with Ken Dwight covers a lot of territory. Ken Dwight Ken train IT Pros on cutting-edge virus fighting and virus remediation. He show folks how to dig into the guts of machines to do much more than “remove” viruses. Rather than “Nuking a...

Lori Tisinai – IT Owners Compass

Had a great interview with Lori Tisinai from the IT Owners Compass conference – Lori Tisinai ITO Compass is April 27-28 in downtown Chicago, with a reception the night before. Plan to join me there! I am proud to be the keynote spea...

James Kernan – Ten Best Practices for Successful Sales Organization

I caught up with one of my favorite coaches, James Kernan, a few days ago. James Kernan He was eager to talk about the Ten Best Practices for a Successful Sales Organization. James runs the Millionaire Mastermind Group – Meeting in Orlando March 28-29....

Alex Hoff on Network Management in the Cloud Era

I interviewed Alex Hoff from Auvik from my hotel room in Chicago. Topic: Managed Network Services: Your Next Critical Opportunity. Best comment is that entrepreneurs always go where the white space is. Love that. Whenever you create an offering, you n...

Amy Babinchak on Valuing Your MSP (and more)

I interviewed Amy yesterday on three topics. Two (Third Tier and the SBT Community meeting) were quick. We spent most of our time on the topic of mergers, acquisitions, and “Sell My MSP.” Amy Babinchak Best comment is a quote from Will Smith. What do I...

Bigger Brains Adds BrainBot

I always love to catch up with Chip Reaves from Bigger Brains. This interview is no exception. Bigger Brains is an educational service that you can resell to your clients. They have more than one hundred e-learning modules for everything from Office 3...

Accelerate Azure Deployment with Nerdio

I interviewed Pete Langas from Nerdio – Pete is the Sr. Director of Strategic Partnership and Distribution at Nerdio. Nerdio empowers managed service providers to build and/or rapidly grow their cloud IT practices through what Pete calls...

Len DiCostanzo Launches MSP Toolkit

Many people know Len DiCostanzo from his years at Autotask and Datto. Now he’s out on his own, helping IT consultants under the moniker MSP Toolkit. Len is a huge fan of ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) and best practices. He’s also...

Erick Simpson Launches His Consulting Practice

Erick Simpson is my long-time friend and fellow coach. My good friend Erick Simpson, formerly the Co-Founder, Senior Vice President, and CIO of SPC International, is now out doing consulting on his own. This is his first interview in his new role as an...

Go To Market with Remote Support Service

This SMB Community Podcast is the sixth in a six-part series entitled Go To Market with Remote Support Service, with Dave Sobel, Senior Director of MSP Evangelism at SolarWinds MSP. Dave starts out this episode focusing on using the Take Control tool a...

Take Control and the Customer Experience

This SMB Community Podcast is the fifth in a six-part series entitled Take Control and the Customer Experience, with Dave Sobel, Senior Director of MSP Evangelism at SolarWinds MSP. In this episode, we touch on many features of the Take Control tool d...

Episode Four: A New Hope for Security – with Dave Sobel

This SMB Community Podcast is the fourth in a six-part series entitled Episode IV: A New Hope for Security, with Dave Sobel, Senior Director of MSP Evangelism at SolarWinds MSP. As you might imaging, the Take Control application from SolarWinds MSP ha...

Successfully Implement Your Cloud Service Bundle

This SMB Community Podcast is the third in a six-part series entitled Successfully Implement Your Cloud Service Bundle, with Dave Sobel, Senior Director of MSP Evangelism at SolarWinds MSP. For six episodes, we’re talking about how to get the most out ...

Break-Fix vs. Managed Services – with Dave Sobel

This SMB Community Podcast is the second in a six-part series entitled Break-Fix vs. Managed Services, with Dave Sobel, Senior Director of MSP Evangelism at SolarWinds MSP. For six weeks, we’ll be talking about how to get the most out of your remote c...

What to Look for in a Remote Support Tool – with Dave Sobel

This SMB Community Podcast is the first in a six-part series entitled Remote Control Deep Dive: Build and Grow Your Business, with Dave Sobel, Senior Director of MSP Evangelism at SolarWinds MSP. For the next six weeks, we’ll be talking about how to g...

Manuel Palachuk – Agile Service Delivery

This SMB Community Podcast features my brother Manuel, discussing his new Agile Service Delivery philosophy and training. Basically, Agile Service Delivery applies the principles of “agile” to the industry of managed services. As Manuel says, we stop m...

Nigel Moore on the Tech Tribe, Community, Culture, and More

This SMB Community Podcast features Nigel Moore from The Tech Tribe. Topics include his community, crazy selling prices for MSPs, and a great discussion about building culture within your IT business. I always enjoy talking to Nigel. I met him just ove...

Jennifer Fields: Specialized Marketing for MSPs

Jennifer Fields of Astek Marketing has been helping out with my SMB Roadshows this year. She implements marketing programs for managed service providers. Jennifer has been helping MSPs for more than five years. She’ll help you build a list, clean it, p...

Josh Peterson: Mergers, Acquisitions, and How to Survive as a Small Shop In a Fast Changing World

I had a great interview with Josh Peterson of Bering McKinley ( about the state of our industry and what small IT consultants need to be paying attention to. Our first topic was actually unplanned. We just started talking abo...

Stephanie Chandler on The Nonfiction Book Publishing Plan

Stephanie Chandler is a long-time friend and mastermind partner. We are happy to announce our first book project together – The Nonfiction Book Publishing Plan. Between us, we have almost thirty books. But Stephanie also runs Authority Publishing, so s...

Frank Bravata: Use Speaking to Get More Clients

Frank Bravata is a technology expert, serial entrepreneur, public speaker, best-selling author, podcaster and Veterans’ supporter. He works as a business technology coach assisting companies all over the country to fuel their explosive growth through t...

Gil Cargill: Add 7 Figures to Your Top Line

Gil Cargill is a sales trainer and coach. In this interview he talks about the importance of business-focused communication during sales calls. Too many technicians thing clients care about technology. They don’t. They care about how you can improve th...

James Kernan on Gamification within Your MSP Business

James Kernan is a business, “success,” and sales coach. He has owned and built some very successful managed service companies. This SMB Community Podcast with James Kernan covers “Gamification” within Your MSP. How do you motivate employees, make their...

Doug Hazelman: Cloudberry Cloud Backup

Doug Hazelman is the VP of Technical Marketing at Cloudberry. We talked about Cloudberry’s cloud backup options as well as their managed service reseller program. (I didn’t know their cloud agents could be deployed with many RMM tools.).   About Doug H...

Ramey Bell: Improve Your Online Reviews – Automatically

I interviewed Ramey Bell from Tech Reputation – Tech Reputation automates the process of getting reviews posted on the major review sites. They also have a process to alert you to potentially bad reviews and help you intercept t...

Manuel Palachuk – Take Your Business to the Next Level

I caught up with my brother, co-author, and fellow coach recently. It seems odd to interview my brother, but I have massive respect for Manuel. In addition to practicing a work/life balance that few achieve, he is a true master of process control and a...

Nigel Moore – Building Community for MSPs

I had a great interview with Nigel Moore from My Technology Business (The Tech Tribe). Nigel Moore Nigel joins us from an hour north of Sydney, Australia. He tells us the story of how he sold his managed service business AND maximized the price by cr...

Harry Brelsford – What’s New and Exciting?

Harry Brelsford In this SMB Community Podcast, Harry Brelsford from SMB Nation gives us an update on the latest and greatest from his world. Highlights include the Spring SMB Tech Talks (Topics include Blockchain and Bitcoin), Life-long learning, new ...

Interview: Herman Pool / Vertical Axion

If you’ve attended an ASCII Success Summit in the last few years, I’m sure you’ve run into Herman Pool from Vertical Axion ( If you haven’t attended an ASCII Sucdess Success Summit – You Should! Visit for more inf...

Dave Sobel on Future Trends (and More)

I had a great chat with my friend Dave Sobel, Senior Director of MSP Evangelism at SolarWinds MSP. We covered a broad range of future-looking topics – and how they might affect us in the small business space. Dave is an author and former managed servic...

Michael Siggins – What’s New at ChannelPro?

I caught up with Michael Siggins, founder and Publisher of ChannelPro Magazine. In addition to covering a bit of the history of ChannelPro magazine, Michael gives us some great information about the ChannelPro events and other resources. Two cool topic...

Joshua Liberman: Selling Security

Joshua Liberman is a well known member of the SMB IT Community. In addition to writing for ChannelPro and other magazines, you may recognize him as the guy taking pictures at several shows, including ASCII and SMB Techfest. Josh owns Net Sciences in Al...

Jennifer Fields and Elizabeth Vanover – Executive Marketing Collective – on IT Marketing Strategies

In this SMB Community Podcast, I interviewed Jennifer Fields and Elizabeth Vanover from EMC – Executive Marketing Collective – on IT Marketing Strategies. Each of them had a successful marketing business. Then they merged into a bigger, better company ...

Justin Esgar – ACES Conference 2018

In this SMB Community Podcast, I am joined by Justin Esgar. He runs an MSP business in New York City called Virtua Computers. They focus primarily on Apple computers. Justin runs a conference called ACES that will be held in Baltimore, MD May 9-10, 201...

James Kernan on Sales Coaching – and More!

In this SMB Community Podcast, we talk to James Kernan of Kernan Consulting about selling managed services. James is a sales coach and the author of the 36 Month Millionaire program. I got an email a few weeks ago from someone looking to hire a sales p...

Rayanne Buchianico – Welcome to Tax Season!

New Year’s means one thing in business: Tax Season! My good friend Rayanne Buchianico joined me to talk about “all things tax” for 2018. We started off talking about 1099s and other reporting requirements. One of the interesting points Rayanne made is ...

Josh Peterson – Managed Services in a Month Peer Groups!

My friend and one-time business coach Josh Peterson  has agreed to run a new set of Peer Teams – based on the “Managed Services in a Month” approach to managed services. I hope you’re not too surprised to learn that Josh and I have very similar ideas a...

Brooke Ferguson: Working Remote … From the Beach … for Ten Years

My friend Brooke Ferguson decided to try running her business from Thailand. That was ten years ago and she’s still going  strong. Brooke is a Lifestyle and Business Coach. Talk about drinking the Kool-Aide! She started with a three month stint to see ...

Josh Peterson from Bering McKinley on Peer Teams

Josh Peterson has been a friend and mentor to me for many years. I am happy to interview him about his company and what he’s up to. Josh is the co-founder Bering McKinley, a consulting firm for MSP’s and IT Solution Providers. He has been in the IT Sol...

Interview: Lisa Hendrickson – Call That Girl

Lisa Hendrickson Lisa Hendrickson is “Call That Girl” – an Office 365 and Outlook specialist. In this 30 minute interview we cover her business strategy, supporting O365, migrating email to the cloud, SEO blogging, and much more. Lisa has grown a thri...

EH Media Announces MSP Kickstart – 6 Week Course

Mark Smith is the Executive VP of EH Media, publisher of ChannelPro magazine, as well as CEPro, Commercial Integrator, Security Sales and Integration. In a former life, Mark founded Windows NT magazine. As I’ve mentioned in several settings, I’m a big...

Harry Brelsford Announces “Pivot”

Harry Brelsford is the founder of SMB Nation. In this interview Harry announces a new Marketing as a Service platform called Pivot. We talk about marketing and analytics in the SMB community – and a lot more. See   Harry st...

Manuel Palachuk Launches MSP Pro Academy

Manuel Palachuk (yes, we’re related) is a business coach, author, and trainer. This week he announced the launch of the MSP Pro Acedemy – a training and certification site for managed service providers and IT Professionals of all sizes. More details at...

Life Coach Debbie Leoni

Debbie Leoni is my life coach. I thought it would be useful to introduce her to the SMB IT community. I get questions about why I have a life coach coach and how that’s different from a business coach. I hope this interview answers those questions. You...

Kendra Lee: Hiring and Managing Your First Sales Person

I had a great chat with Kendra Lee on the subject of Hiring and Managing Your First Sales Person. We talked about writing ads, choosing a “hunter,” setting goals, and managing them through the first year. It was a great discussion. You can learn more a...