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Incredible stories from extraordinary reporters in the City of Brotherly Love.

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Incredible stories from extraordinary reporters in the City of Brotherly Love.
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#53: Haircuts for the Homeless

Jawuan Jones is not your typical barber. He finds a spot in the city -- anywhere, really, from a sidewalk in Center City to Love Park -- sets up a chair and a generator, and hangs up a sign that reads "Free Haircuts for Homeless." Then the line starts,... author

Update: Free Peter Biar

This week, a court in South Sudan convicted and sentenced Peter Biar Ajak. Here's a quick update with what we know. If you don't know about Peter's story, listen to Episode 40: Free Peter Biar and Episode 48: Part 2 . Tim Jimenez is back on the podcas... author

#52: The Search for the Rosies

During World War II, a lot of working age American men were drafted or joined the armed forces. They left a lot of jobs back home that needed to be filled to power the war effort. In many cases, the jobs were taken by women, who became known as Rosies ... author

#51: Maddie Gebert Just Keeps Going

Maddie Gebert is great at lacrosse. She's a junior at Temple University, a star on the women's lacrosse team, and one of the best players in the American Athletic Conference. And she's doing all this while living with epilepsy. Matt Leon (@MattLeon106... author

#50: The Thing About Suburban Station

Store owners in Suburban Station have a problem. Crime, drug use, and homelessness is up, they tell KYW Newsradio, and business is down. Way down. And they think it started when a homeless outreach center in the station expanded its services. Today on ... author

#49: Ghost Guns

Operation Stone Wall started as an investigation into a cocaine ring in South Jersey. One year later, New Jersey's attorney general says four people in that ring became the very first to be charged under a new law criminalizing ghost gun trafficking. T... author

#48: Free Peter Biar, Part 2

Listen to the first part of this story in episode 40, anywhere you get your podcasts, or on Peter Biar Ajak has been in a notorious prison in South Sudan for the last 7 months. Friends of the jailed peace activist and political prison... author

#47: Runaway Cows and Refugees

One of the things Old First Church is known for is the live animal nativity scene around Christmas time. Every December, you could walk by the church in Old City and look at the animals. This lasted for 40 years. Right until the Christmas of 2017. Toda... author

#46: Hiring, Bachelor's Degree, $11/Hour

"The ugly duckling of education" isn't looking so ugly anymore. Teachers and students at a South Jersey trade school say today's high schoolers watched how the Millennials piled up college degrees -- and the mountains of debt that went with them -- and... author

#45: Stop Recycling Pizza

When KYW Newsradio's Mike DeNardo came back from touring a recycling plant in Philadelphia, we quickly realized that a lot of what we thought we knew about recycling... was just plain wrong. This week on Scroll Down: the international intrigue that det... author

#44: Guys Like Us

Today on the podcast, Scroll Down producer Charlotte Reese visits the secret headquarters of an animal rescue organization, to talk with Wolf, the tattooed biker responsible for saving thousands of abused animals and nursing them back to health. Find ... author

#43: Digging Up Bodies

Dr. Erin Kimmerle digs up bodies. She's carefully picked through mass graves in Kosovo and Croatia to identify victims of war crimes. She did the same thing in Peru, where men, women, and children were executed by the military forty years ago. She dug ... author

Update - #23: Stories of Our Heroes

We're celebrating Veterans Day in America, when we honor the men and women who have put on a uniform for the United States. Many of us have someone close who has served -- a family member, a friend, a coworker. This week's show is about our veterans, a... author

#42: The Cracks in the System (Where's Grandma, Part 2)

This week, we're following up on our last episode -- a story about a Philadelphia family who found out their grandmother had died months after it happened. We followed Cherri Gregg and David Wilson as they tried to find out what happened to David's gra... author

#41: Where's Grandma?

Ruth Pasley was 85 years old when she died, on New Years Eve, 2017. She lived in a nursing home, and a court appointed guardian controlled her affairs. Her grandchildren found out she died six months later. It took weeks to discover where she was burie... author

#40: Free Peter Biar

Peter Biar Ajak left Sudan during a horrible civil war, one of the 40,000 Lost Boys. He found a new home in Philadelphia, went to Central High School and graduated from La Salle University in 2007. He continued his education at Harvard, then Cambridge.... author

#39: One Day at a Time (The People in the Tunnels, Part 3)

Earlier this year, we put out an episode about homeless encampments, occupied by drug users, that were springing up under railroad tracks in Philly. We called it "The People in the Tunnels." Part two came out a couple months later, about a pilot progra... author

#38: So many guns

In a North Philadelphia classroom, a group of fifth graders decided to work together on a project about gun violence. What they found out was shocking. And Mike DeNardo (@_MikeDeNardo) joins the podcast to talk about what happened two days before they ... author

#37: The Skeleton in the Museum

Carol Orzel had a very rare bone disease. It's called Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, or FOP. It's a condition she shared with only about 800 or 900 people around the world. And when Carol died, she had a request: she wanted her skeleton to be d... author

Presents: The Disappearance of Tomiene Jones

Scroll Down is proud to present an episode from another one of our KYW Newsradio Original Podcasts: Gone Cold. Tomiene Jones worked the night shift at the post office. She would take her young daughter to the babysitter, and then drive to work. She'd d... author

#36: Because That's What Families Do

It's something that's always been around -- grandparents raising their grandchildren when something happens to the parents. But as the opioid epidemic ravages more and more families across the country, the number of Grandfamilies is on the rise. This i... author

#35: You Don't Say "Why Me?" You Say "What's Next"

Erin Redmond was a freshman lacrosse player at Rowan University when she was taken to the emergency room because of kidney stones. After a CAT scan at the hospital, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Matt Leon (@MattLeon1060) is back on the podcast... author

#34: Eviction Day (The People in the Tunnels, Part 2)

Back in April we reported on homeless encampments popping up under four railroad tunnels in Philadelphia's Kensington neighborhood. The city set up a pilot program in two of the tunnels, offering treatment and beds to anyone who wanted them. And at the... author

#33: Welcome to the Dog Pound

Shelter dogs, prisoners, and veterans with PTSD are the focal points of a program in the Camden County Correctional Facility that's trying to give all three a second chance. John McDevitt (@jm1060) went to prison to check the program out. Scroll Down (... author

#32: Anger and Rage (The Lost Boys, Part 3)

Last summer, four young men were murdered on a quiet farm in Bucks County, outside Philadelphia. Jimi Patrick, Dean Finocchiario, Tom Meo, and Mark Sturgis were shot and killed, their bodies were burned. Cosmo DiNardo and Sean Kratz, the two cousins wh... author

#31: Just Plotting my Comeback

Mary Baxter, AKA "Isis tha Savior" is fighting against youth homelessness and pushing for protections for incarcerated women -- two subjects she's intimately familiar with. Mary's first bout with homelessness came at age 11. She gave birth to her son w... author

#30: The Explosion on the Airplane

When the engine on Southwest Airlines flight 1380 failed in midair, cracking a window and tragically causing the death of a passenger, every single passenger on the Boeing 737 dealt with some very real emotions at the same time, in their own way. Some ... author

#29: The People in the Tunnels

People have started living in four tunnels under the railroad tracks in Philadelphia's Kensington neighborhood. City officials say most of them are drug users who've been unwilling to go into treatment, and prefer life under the tracks to a shelter. Th... author

Presents: The Unsolved Murder of Don Ly

This is the story of Don Ly, a Vietnamese immigrant who moved heaven and earth to make a new life for his family in America. He became a citizen, he started a business selling fruit on the University of Pennsylvania campus, and he put his four children... author

Extra: I Drink Bourbon, But at 10am a Bud Light Will Do Just Fine

Today on Scroll Down, we wanted to share one of our favorite podcasts from KYW Newsradio. It's called "The Beer and Booze Broz" -- and it's all about the awesome breweries and distilleries and bars in the Philly area. This month, the Philadelphia Eagle... author

#28: Goofy Kicking Donald Duck

A Pennsylvania congressman, a harassment scandal, a Supreme Court decision on gerrymandering, and a district that looks like “Goofy Kicking Donald Duck.” This is the story of what happened over the course of one dramatic week in January. Scroll Down is... author

#27: Courageous

Avery Marz accepted the Most Courageous Award from the Philly Sportswriters Association in January of 2018. It was two months after the Saint Joseph's University senior scored her first points as a Division I college basketball player. More than three ... author

Update - #14: The Lost Boys of Bucks County

This episode of Scroll Down KYW is about four murders that happened in the Philadelphia suburbs last July. Since then, a lot of things have happened. Paul Kurtz (@Kurtzpaul) joins the podcast with an update. (Original description) In July of 2017, four... author

#26: A Cure For Blindness

Christian Guardino used to be blind. This is the story of how Christian started to see, after a group of doctors spent 20 years trying to cure a rare, specific type of childhood blindness. The groundbreaking gene therapy program developed by doctors at... author

#25: The Nursing Home Fire

Late at night on November 16, 2017, the Barclay Friends assisted living community in West Chester, PA, went up in flames. The fire tore through the building, quickly growing to five alarms. 137 seniors were inside. This story is about the heroic effort... author

#24: The End of Net Neutrality

The FCC is cutting the cord on Net Neutrality. So what does that mean, who are the big players, and why should you care? KYW tech editor Ian Bush (@ianthebush) joins the pod to talk about the free and open internet and what's going to change on Decembe... author

#23: Stories of our Heroes

We just celebrated Veterans Day in the United States. And nearly all of us have someone close to us who has served. If not a family member, maybe a friend. Someone who's made an impact. This week's show is about our heroes. Scroll Down is hosted and p... author

#22: What took you so long?

Kevin Brinkley spent 40 years behind bars, for a murder he says he didn't commit. Sentenced as a 15 year old, he's out on parole, thanks to a Supreme Court ruling. And now the prosecutor who sentenced him says -- maybe he got it wrong. Cherri Gregg (@c... author

#21: Holding on to Hope in Puerto Rico

"Instead of seeing that beautiful, scenic view, it just looked like a dead zone. It looked like toothpicks sticking up from the ground." A reporter from Philadelphia heads to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico to see the devastation first hand... and to mak... author

#20: Functional Zero

It’s been two years since Philadelphia declared that it had reduced veteran homelessness to “functional zero,” after housing some 1,300 veterans. But take a walk through the city and you can still find panhandlers holding signs claiming military servic... author

#19: Philly's Paparazzi

If you've ever been to a swanky fundraiser or cocktail party in Philadelphia, you've probably run into HughE Dillon(@HughE_Dillon). He's been called Philly's paparazzi (yes, all by himself), and for ten years, HughE and his camera have been just about ... author

#18: Extinct Frogs

A scientist from the Philadelphia Zoo just came back from Ecuador, where he spent three weeks looking for extinct frogs. And he found them! Also, why frogs can tell us if New Jersey is about to die from thirst. John McDevitt (@JohnMcDevittKYW) is back ... author

#17: Gone Cold

It was a chilly October night in 2004. Jason Richardson and his friend Anthony went to a bar in Upper Darby to unwind after a long week. 22-year-old Jason would never return home. Scroll Down is proud to present the first episode of Gone Cold -- a bran... author

#16: With Faith and a Filthy Sinker

Jace Vines is a professional baseball player with the Wilmington Blue Rocks, a Kansas City Royals farm team. But his journey so far has been anything but ordinary, and included time as a public address announcer. Matt Leon (@MattLeonKYW) is back on Scr... author

#15: Theories, Rumors, and the Interview: The Search for the Lost Boys

We heard a lot of feedback about last week's show. And a lot of people wanted to know more about the investigation into the murders in Solebury Township, Bucks County. This week, the role theories and rumors played in spreading the story on social medi... author

#14 The Lost Boys of Bucks County

In July of 2017, four young men suddenly disappeared in the suburbs of Philadelphia. The search for answers took just over a week. What happened to them shocked the nation. KYW's Jim Melwert (@JMelwert) and Tim Jimenez (@TimJRadio) join Scroll Down to ... author

#13: Amber's Gone

A murder mystery. A cold case. And a mom who watched her daughter die in her arms. KYW's Kristen Johanson (@KristenJohanson) returns to the podcast with the story of Amber Long. For more on the investigation and to see the surveillance video: http://cb... author

#12: Beam Me Up, Doctor Harris

An emergency room doctor who moonlights as an engineer inventor enters a contest to bring the medical tricorder from Star Trek to real life. And... it works! KYW's Mike Dougherty (@MicDougherty) returns to the podcast with the story of Dr. Basil Harris... author

#11: I Don't Trust You

Last week, we brought you the story of the federal case against Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams. Nearly two weeks into his trial -- a series of events we didn't see coming. KYW's Kristen Johanson (@KristenJohanson) joins the podcast with w... author

#10: The Trial of the District Attorney

Facing federal charges of corruption and accepting bribes, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams has finished his first week in court. He says he is innocent of all wrongdoing. KYW reporters Kristen Johanson (@KristenJohanson) and Pat Loeb (@Pat... author