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New Sounds is unlike any radio show you've ever heard: a whirlwind tour of new and unusual music from all corners of the globe. New Sounds combs recent recordings for one of the most informative and compelling hours on radio, and aims to make the world smaller. For over 25 years, host John Schaefer has been finding the melody in the rainforest and the rhythm in an orchestra of tin cans. Defying rigid categorization and genre pigeonholing, New Sounds offers new ways to hear the ancient language of song. With guest musicians from David Byrne to Meredith Monk to Ravi Shankar to Philip Glass to Christopher O'Riley to Bang On A Can, Schaefer presents performances (both in-studio and from the New Sounds Live concert series) and premieres new works from the classic and operatic to folk and jazz, and anything else in between. Each show has a theme, ranging from post-rock to klezmer to African blues to minimalism. The variety of cultures and styles explored is boundless. Music you may not have known existed and now can't live without.

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We've Got Rhythms (Special Podcast of show #3960)

Listen to rhythmic music, whether for percussion, string quartet or vocal duet for this New Sounds. Hear works from percussionist Ian David Rosenbaum, Kelly Moran, and the Jasper String Quartet, and a vocal duet from Meredith Monk and Robert Een. From ...
WNYC Studios author

August & September 2017 New Releases (Special Podcast)

Hear prog-marching band music from Chicago's Mucca Pazza, ambient-gothic Norwegian-Icelandic music from the duo Jo Berger Myhre & Ólafur Björn Ólafsson, jazz-tronic ambient minimalism from London's Portico Quartet, and new work from Danish experime...
WNYC Studios author

Classical Instruments, Contemporary Sounds (Special Podcast)

Hear music that begins with classical instruments, like the string quartet, piano, or an orchestra, but which is then augmented, enhanced by electronics, percussion, or preparation. Listen to works by English violinist, pianist, and composer Poppy Ackr...
WNYC Studios author

With Guitarist Shane Parish (Special Podcast)

Guitarist and educator Shane Parish is a sonic adventurer, perhaps best known as the mastermind behind the Asheville, North Carolina-based avant instrumental jazz-mathpunk band Ahleuchatistas, formerly a quartet, now a duo. Besides the jazz and mathroc...
WNYC Studios author

With Zakir Hussain & Niladri Kumar (Special Podcast)

“Indian music does not stop and start with Ravi Shankar.” So says tabla master Zakir Hussain, who, along with young sitar virtuoso, Niladri Kumar, joins John in the studio for a live performance.   Zakir Hussain, son of Ustad Alla Rahka, isn’t just a g...
WNYC Studios author

With Guitarist Guy Buttery (Special Podcast)

South African guitarist Guy Buttery visits the studio to perform music from his latest self-titled record. Hear virtuosic feats of bending, tapping, picking, harmonics, and other techniques and textures yet to be named for guitar. Dig into his latest r...
WNYC Studios author

New Music from Ireland Part 3 (Special Podcast)

This episode continues the series exploring the new music of Ireland. John Schaefer sits down with Jonathan Nangle at the Contemporary Music Centre in Dublin. Nangle tells how Donnacha Dennehy influenced him to explore more experimental music, and then...
WNYC Studios author

Various Electroacoustic Music (Special Podcast)

Hear music by Australian-born, London-based electroacoustic musician & sound artist Leah Kardos along with music by Irish woodwind player and composer Seán Mac Erlaine, as well as other electroacoustic music on this New Sounds. Listen to several wo...
WNYC Studios author

With Missy Mazzoli (Special Podcast)

Composer, keyboardist and bandleader, Missy Mazzoli, joins John Schaefer to introduce selections from her new recording, “Vespers for a New Dark Age.” The work, commissioned by Carnegie Hall for the 2014 Ecstatic Music Festival, is a 30-minute suite fo...
WNYC Studios author

Gamelan Plus (Special Podcast)

Listen to works that include gamelan, but take a more western approach for this New Sounds - like combining Celtic traditional music and Indonesian gamelan in music from Gamelan Son of Lion and composer/sax player and bagpiper Matthew Welch. In the mus...
WNYC Studios author

New Music for String Quartet (Special Podcast)

Hear unusual music for string quartet on this program, as Australian composer Andrew Byrne, now based in New York, uses the string quartet as a percussion instrument in his work called “Striking.” Then, listen to Bang on a Can All-Star saxman, clarinet...
WNYC Studios author

Psychedelic World Music (Special Podcast)

Listen to world music that veers into psychedelic territory on this New Sounds, with Native-American inspired percussive drone music and Afrobeat from Brazil in music by Bixiga 70. Hear a mix of Afro-Ethiopian rock and jazz from the Brazilian band, Bix...
WNYC Studios author

New Music for Hardanger Fiddle (Special Podcast)

Listen to new music for the instrument from Southwestern Norway known as the Hardanger fiddle, (or hardingfele), but of course there’s a twist. For this New Sounds, there’s post-rock, world music, electroacoustic music, and even an Irish-American duet ...
WNYC Studios author

Music for Choir and Percussion (Special Podcast)

Hear music for the combination of choir and percussion like "Whispers and Cries," by Australian born composer Andrew Byrne, which features fellow Aussie musicians Astra Choir and Speak Percussion.  The show won't always stick to traditional choirs and ...
WNYC Studios author

New Music for Duos (Special Podcast)

Listen to music for duos on this New Sounds show, including stunning and inviting works from harpist Mary Lattimore & synth/guitarist/producer Jeff Zeigler from their recent collaboration, "Slant of Light."  Also, hear music from Xylouris White, co...
WNYC Studios author

Sax Leads the Way (Special Podcast)

Hear some sax players leading the way on this edition of New Sounds, including new music from sax player Tamar Osborn and her London-based Afro-Eastern-space-jazz band, Collocutor.  Listen to their dreamy Turkish & Middle Eastern percussion meets S...
WNYC Studios author