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The first Season of how guests use their iPads.

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The first Season of how guests use their iPads.
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Zone 46: ‘An Umbrella Tale’ with Luke Kemp.

Luke is a freelance writer who currently contributes to Official PlayStation Magazine & Eurogamer. From issue 318 until its last edition last year, he was also a contributor to GamesMaster magazine. We talk about how he manages his writing career w...
Daryl author

Zone 45: ‘Extractor Fan’ with Rob Leane.

Rob is the Gaming Editor of Den of Geek, who has headed up the position since the beginning of the year. He’s managed to curate many interesting pieces to the section across the year so far, some examples of which are below. We talk about his career hi...
Daryl author

Zone 44: ‘Urban Fragments’ with Adam Ismail.

After guesting on Time Extend in July, the plan was always for both hosts to come on the show, and this week it’s now fully occurred. Adam is a full-time journalist for Tom’s Guide, a tech site I’ve been following for years, and without realizing, read...
Daryl author

Zone 43: ‘The Blue Man’ with Jennifer.

Jennifer is a freelance writer who currently resides in Hamburg. She is one of the hosts of the ‘Caffeinated Bantercast’ podcast, a weekly show all about games that began over a year ago and has been going from strength to strength. We talk about her g...
Daryl author

Zone 42: ‘NGP’ with Lewis White.

Lewis has been writing on and off for the last 5 years, and since then he’s ascended to be the Gaming Editor at MSPoweruser and killing it, smartly reformatting the section to be a one-stop place for all the best gaming articles he finds and curates. B...
Daryl author

Zone 41: ‘A Gaiages Quest’ with Elizabeth Henges.

I first met Liz through the fantastic ‘Into the Spine‘ earlier this year, and through Twitter, I’ve been trying to keep up with the articles she has been publishing through so many outlets. We talk through her writing history, freelancing in general, a...
Daryl author

Zone 40: ‘The Akēdo Curator’ with Toby Rovezzano.

Since 2016 Toby has been creating and managing his own gaming bar in Lincoln; Akēdo. Based at 13 Corporation Street, it’s a place where anyone can just walk in, have a drink, and pick a favourite game to play on for the evening. After traveling for eig...
Daryl author

Zone 39: ‘A Work of Box Art’ with Elijah Beahm.

Elijah is a writer, but also a YouTuber, where he takes on the form of the ‘Unabridged Gamer‘, where it was his Star Wars videos that caught my eye, and I found myself watching them all over a weekend. His work has been on Escapist, Unwinnable, GameCri...
Daryl author

Zone 38: ‘A Warr in the Freezer’ with Steve Warr.

I first came across Steve’s YouTube channel when I spotted a retweet of his ‘Last Revelation: Part 1‘ video. He is currently in the midsts of a ‘Tomb Raider Retrospective‘ series, of which I’ve watched each one, at least three times over, and some just...
Daryl author

3.4: ‘Les Enfants Terribles’, with Matt Birchler.

Before the ‘iPhone Pro’ event later today, Matt comes back onto the show to talk about iPadOS. A talented writer, podcaster and YouTuber who uses an iPad Pro as his main machine, we went all-in with his experiences of certain features of iPadOS so far,...
Daryl author

Zone 37: ‘Blue Swirl’ with Andrew Dickinson.

We are a few days from the twentieth anniversary of the Sega Dreamcast (9/9/1999), a console that’s still fondly remembered, from its history to what could have been. Andrew knows all about this, as he’s in the middle of completing a book about it; ‘Dr...
Daryl author

3.3: ‘Big Shell’, with Josh Centers.

A talented writer who is the Managing Editor of TidBITS, alongside an author of many books, one of which has just come out; all about iOS 13 & iPadOS. Josh comes on the show to talk about his experiences with iPadOS so far, and what he would like t...
Daryl author

Zone 36: ‘Sonic & Moonwalker’ with Brendan Rorrison.

I first came across the ‘Time Extend‘ podcast when it appeared in my ‘Recommended‘ section in Overcast, and since then I’ve listened whenever a new episode appeared in my feed. Brendan and Adam co-host the show, and after guesting on it, I thought it o...
Daryl author

3.2: ‘Hot Dog Stand’, with Charlie Chapman.

On the eve of his app launching tomorrow, Charlie joins me to talk all about ‘Dark Noise‘, his fantastic app that lets you choose many different sounds to help you either focus on a certain task, or to just help you sleep. From his history with the app...
Daryl author

Zone 35: ‘The Suit’ with Andrew Elmore.

Andrew is a very talented graphic designer who currently works at Bungie, a company responsible for Destiny 2 and before that, the Halo series and much more. We talk about his fantastic album inspired by Ridge Racer 4, alongside his graphic designs, an...
Daryl author

Zone 34: ‘Starboard’ with Elliot Gardner.

A talented freelance writer who has found his voice on many outlets in the last few years. We talk about his beginnings, an article he’s been proud of the most so far, alongside much more. Elliot’s Portfolio. Elliot on Twitter. Support the podcasts on ...
Daryl author

3.1: ‘Running Down a Hill’, with Rene Ritchie.

To start this new season off, I wanted it to begin with Rene, who has been hoping for iPadOS for as long as I have. We break down our experiences with it so far, and where the iPad could now go. Rene on Twitter Rene on Instagram Vector on YouTube Vecto...
Daryl author

Zone 33: ‘Out of Office’ with Andi Hamilton.

Andi has been freelancing for roughly 15 years, writing reviews, features and much more. But for now he’s currently taking a break from it all to work a steady wage, and we get right into why. From Resident Evil, to Street Fighter and Dark Souls, we go...
Daryl author

Zone 32: ‘The Hall of Heroes’ with Olly Smith.

Olly is a talented freelance writer who only started his career last year. But when he has an idea that just doesn’t fit for an outlet, he writes it on his own site; ‘Olly Writes‘. We talk about his writing, the fantastic pieces he’s written so far, an...
Daryl author

Zone 31: ‘A Hope of Threeie’ with Mitchell Wolfe.

After guesting on the Super Jump podcast and James guesting a fortnight ago, it only made sense to bring on Mitchell, the producer of the podcast to Super Jump Magazine. A soon-to-be masters-graduate in Games Design, on the side he completely manages t...
Daryl author

Zone 30: ‘The Hum in the Fridge’ with Brett Claxton.

Brett is the partnership & creative manager for GameByte, a site that is blazing past long-established sites in terms of views, and as the site is mainly based in Manchester, it only made sense for him to come and visit me, to record this episode i...
Daryl author

Zone 29: ‘Evergreen Library’ with James Burns.

By day James is a product manager but by night and weekends, he is the Editor-in-Chief of Super Jump Magazine, a fantastic outlet hosted on Medium. We talk about its 3-year history so far, alongside James’ gaming history, and we also talk about Nintend...
Daryl author

Zone 28: ‘Threens on Switch’ with Dave Aubrey.

Dave is a freelance writer based in Birmingham, where for the last six years, has been freelancing for a fair few outlets, most recently WccfTech & Pocket Gamer. Throughout the hour we go into his history with games, the elusive rumors that we used...
Daryl author

Zone 27: ‘Two Hearts Rapid’ with Doug Walsh.

I came across Doug and his book, ‘The Walkthrough’ when he was interviewed on Kotaku. Since then I’ve bought it and read it twice over, and asked if he’d like to come onto the show. Doug is a travelling author with his wife, and, without spoiling the b...
Daryl author

Zone 26: ‘Infada Arts’ with Jason Chester.

We first met at the ‘Tomb Raider Suite’ Reception in 2016 with his partner in crime, and the first guest of the show; Phease! Ever since then we’ve had a lot of great chats about the series and just, life in general. I also guested on their ‘The Vault‘...
Daryl author

Zone 25: ‘PSG-1’ with Zac Cichy.

After appearing on #32 of The Outpost Show last year, Zac comes back on to PAL Keys to essentially carry on the conversation of games that we began at the end of that episode. We cover his San Jose visit to WWDC last week, while we also give our though...
Daryl author

Zone 24: ‘Cetus Amicus’ with James Batchelor.

James is the UK Editor for ‘’, and before that was at Develop, MCV, and even an intern at PC Gamer back in 2006. On the side, he also has a podcast called ‘Bond and Beyond’ which he hosts with his friend Alex, alongside his ‘Non-Violen...
Daryl author

2.6: WWDC ’19 Special.

Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference has unveiled iOS 13, watchOS 6, macOS Catalina, but mainly iPadOS. I talk to three special guests about their personal highlights from the keynote and subsequent discoveries from the betas, alongside how they thi...
Daryl author

Zone 23: ‘Whether Tetchier’ with Lauren Aitken.

Lauren is mainly the ambassador for The Witcher 3. Also, she is the ‘guides writer’ for VG247, a gaming site that I’ve been reading up on for a fair few years now. Lauren went from freelancing on the side, to going for it and landing the job at VG247 j...
Daryl author

2.5: ‘The Linea Effect’ with Ged Maheux.

Ged is a co-founder of IconFactory, a company that began back in June 1996 where they create fantastic icons and apps that I’ve been following for years now. From Twitteriffic to Linea Sketch, Ged has been heavily-involved in some way with his talents,...
Daryl author

Zone 22: ‘Tangents’ with Richie Morgan.

Richie is a fantastic freelance videographer in Scotland where he’s created footage for the Glasgow Film Festival, Drygate, Channel 4, and most recently a music video for Broken Charter. In this longest episode yet of the show, we go all into his gamin...
Daryl author

2.4: ‘Wavy-Gravy Synths’ with Dave Wood.

Another returnee to the show, Dave talks about his newly-launched app ‘AirSynth‘. In the works since December of last year, Dave has been creating the app in his spare time, while also tweaking it due to the feedback from his TestFlight betas and takin...
Daryl author

Zone 21: ‘Tuna & Smarties’ with Daley Kong.

In the space of five years, Daley went from bartending and writing for websites, to becoming the Engagement Director for Playtonic Games. We talk all about her history so far, her time at Rare, her time at Playtonic now, and what we would like to see f...
Daryl author

2.3: ‘An Obscure Codec’ with Ben McCarthy.

Ben joins me again to talk about his history with Obscura, an app that he develops alongside help from Adam & his partner Sarah. Here, we talk about the history with his app Obscura, and just what made him want to develop a camera app, alongside th...
Daryl author

Zone 20: ‘Mount Ebott’ with Vicky / MokkaQuill.

GameByte is a site I’ve been following over the last year, alongside their YouTube channel. Since subscribing to their podcast I’ve been wanting to invite Vicky onto the show, mainly due to her great talents as an artist and how she has been managing t...
Daryl author

2.2: ‘A Ulysses Odyssey’ with Götz Fabian.

Out of the many available writing apps available on the App Store, Ulysses is the one that fits my style of writing, specifically writing on the iPad. I was fortunate to have a senior developer of Ulysses come on to the show, to talk about the developm...
Daryl author

Zone 19: ‘Super Spence Land’ with Gavin Spence.

It all began last year when he appeared on Chris Scullion’s ‘Tired Old Hack Podcast‘ with previous PAL Keys guest Simon Marshall. At the old day job soon after listening to the above, I spent an entire week listening to multiple past ‘Geshcast‘ episode...
Daryl author

2.1: ‘Medium-Rare’ with Guilherme Rambo.

After Gui (with help from Steve Troughton-Smith) posted an article on 9to5Mac detailing a few tidbits of iOS 13 relating to the iPad, we thought it might be an idea to bring the recording forward. Gui has sky-rocketed in the last couple of years, from ...
Daryl author

Zone 18: ‘Castle of Gippli’ with Stuart Gipp.

We first started talking when Stuart asked for ideas for games to put on his new PS Classic. Since then I’ve discovered how Stuart has been heavily involved in Sonic the Comic Online, Retronauts, and lots more with his great talents in art and writing....
Daryl author

2.0: Trailer.

Monday 29th April brings Episode 1 of Season 2! Subscribe on Overcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts. Subscribe on Spotify. Subscribe to the Patreon to listen to Episode 1 right now.
Daryl author

Zone 17: ‘Tartarus’ with Charlotte Cutts.

Charlotte has written for VG47, Destructoid and many more, and is a talking head on the Cane and Rinse podcast. This is an episode where we talk all about writing for sites when in a totally different country, alongside working a full-time job. I also ...
Daryl author

Zone 16: ‘Sherlock Snake’ with Ben McCarthy.

Ben is the developer of Obscura, a fantastic camera app which I use much more than the stock camera app from Apple these days. We, shockingly, go all into Ben’s history with Metal Gear, his favourite moments of the series, what he would like to see nex...
Daryl author

Zone 15: ‘Shuriken’ with Vic Hood.

Now that EGX Rezzed 2019 is over, it’s time for a chat with the ‘Possum Leader‘, the constant rising star of Games Journalism in the UK, and someone who’s always been willing to listen for when times have been challenging to many of us freelance writer...
Daryl author

43: ‘The Looking Glass’, with Richard Devine.

To finish off this season, Richard Devine, Editor of Windows Central and contributor to the Mobile Nations family joins me to talk about his history with the company and writing in general. We also talk about his history with the iPad, and why he’s bou...
Daryl author

Zone 14: ‘Great King of Evil’, with Matt Gemmell.

Another returnee appears on the show, previously appearing on #17 of Outpost Show. A talented writer and novelist, with his latest novel in his ‘KESTREL‘ series; ‘TOLL‘, being released last December with book 3 already in the works. We talk about our l...
Daryl author

Zone 13: ‘Compendium’, with Chris Scullion.

We previously spoke on an episode of Outpost Show last year in May, and since then he’s seen his daughter come into the world, move house, revamp his ‘Tired Old Hack‘ site, and complete his first book, the ‘NES Encyclopedia‘ guide which comes out on th...
Daryl author

Zone 12: ‘Taxman’, with Jason Coles.

Jason is someone who I met through the infamous ‘Into the Spine‘ group, and since then we’ve been talking about the writing, pitching, and everything else to do with freelancing since. Juggling many pies with being a personal trainer, a recent father, ...
Daryl author

42: ‘Mid-Tier Time’, a Solo Episode.

This morning the Apple Online Store went down, and instead of it being new AirPods and AirPower finally making an appearance, it was a new iPad Air, and a new iPad Mini. I talk about my thoughts on this refreshed line of iPads, how it all stands before...
Daryl author

41: ‘Codename K48’, with Greg Morris.

Greg joins the show for the third time, where we talk about his experiences with his new 12.9″ iPad Pro these last couple of months, alongside looking to where the device can fit into a ‘Marzipan‘ world. It’s always a good chat when Greg is around, and...
Daryl author

Zone 11: ‘Tappy Toyts’, with Kieran McClung.

A different one this time, due to the fact we’ve known each other since College twelve years ago, have lived together, and I also attended his wedding last year. A talented graphic & web designer and emerging writer for his recent work on Next Gen ...
Daryl author