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The Mythology Podcast explores myth, folklore, and legend from throughout history and from all over the world.

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Myth, Folklore & Legend
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MPC 031 : Halloween, Samhain, Allhallowtide

In this episode we’ll meet the patron Saint of the Internet, a disembodied head that speaks, swan maidens, a Celtic goddess that strangles people with her hair, and more. And also learn about Halloween. The post MPC 031 : Halloween, Samhain, Allhallowt...
Beau-Caprice Vetch author

MPC 030 : The Underworld

In this episode we’ll explore just a few of the many various conceptions of the Underworld from around the world, and get a glimpse at the denizens of these lower realms. The post MPC 030 : The Underworld appeared first on The Mythology Podcast.
Beau-Caprice Vetch author

MPC 029 : Legends of Lycanthropy

Awoooooooo! In this episode, we’re going to get into some werewolf lore from Latvia, Iceland, Armenia, Argentina, and elsewhere. Almost every part of the globe has espoused a belief in were-creatures at some point or another, with werewolves being part...
Beau-Caprice Vetch author

MPC 028 : Haitian Vodou (Part 2)

The post MPC 028 : Haitian Vodou (Part 2) appeared first on The Mythology Podcast.
Beau-Caprice Vetch author

MPC 027 : Haitian Vodou (Part 1)

This episode looks at some of the history of Haiti and the events and circumstances that shaped the complex religious practice known as Vodou (or Voodoo or Vodun). We’ll also look a bit at the loa and tackle some of the popular misconceptions about Vod...
Beau-Caprice Vetch author

MPC 026 : Bee Lore

This episode looks at bees, hives, and honey in mythology and folklore. We’ll explore a bit of Ancient Egyptian magic, the birth of Zeus, a Hindu Bee Goddess, the origin of mead in the mythology of Finland, folk customs such as “telling the bees” of im...
Beau-Caprice Vetch author

MPC 025 : Midsummer Solstice

In honor of the solstice, we’re going to take a look at some of the mythology and folklore surrounding Midsummer. This episode looks a bit at archeoastronomy, Zoroastrianism, pre-Christian pagan Midsummer traditions, and the journey of the sun. The pos...
Beau-Caprice Vetch author

MPC 024 : Born With the Caul

This episode explores some of the curious lore surrounding babies born with “the caul”- part of the amniotic sac that occasionally covers a newborn’s head and shoulders at birth. The power of the caul was rumored to prevent drowning, bring good fortune...
Beau-Caprice Vetch author

MPC 023 : Satan Through the Ages (Part 2)

Part 2 of Satan Through the Ages looks at the Devil as a character in folklore, both as trickster and tricked. Unfortunate souls make pacts with the devil, the devil attends a dance, mows the field of an angry farmer, and builds a bridge. We will also ...
Beau-Caprice Vetch author

MPC 22 : Satan Through the Ages (Part 1)

Part 1 of “Satan Through the Ages” explores the origins and evolution of the Devil, or the idea of the Devil and evil in the world. From early Biblical texts through medieval times and the witch trials, into the Enlightenment, we will look at the place...
Beau-Caprice Vetch author

MPC 021 : Yoruba Myth, Folklore, and the Orishas

An introduction to some of the basic elements of Yoruba religion and mythology. We will look at the mythology behind the city of Ife, the importance of divination, and some of the Orishas in the Yoruba pantheon. Tales in this episode involve a disembod...
Beau-Caprice Vetch author

MPC 020 : #FolkloreThursday Interview With DeeDee Chainey

I got a chance to chat with DeeDee Chainey, one of the hosts of #FolkloreThursday on Twitter. #FolkloreThursday happens every Thursday and gives people from all over the world a space to connect and share ideas and stories related to folklore. I’ve bee...
Beau-Caprice Vetch author

MPC 019 : Plant Lore

Plants were traditionally used for so many things: food, clothing, craft, shelter, and, of course, medicine. It seems natural, then, that a huge volume of plant lore has developed through the ages. We look at just a bit of it in this episode, including...
Beau-Caprice Vetch author

MPC 018 : Riddle Me This

Episode 18 of The Mythology Podcast explores some of the ancient riddles found in several mythological traditions from various parts of the world. In this episode we look at Sumerian riddles, the Sphinx, a battle of wits between Norse god Odin and the ...
Beau-Caprice Vetch author

MPC 017 : The Feminomicon – Interview with artist Christopher Stoll

I chat with artist Christopher Stoll about his upcoming art book, The Feminomicon, “a fantasy-art style bestiary of incredible female myths and monsters from around the world.” We discuss three particularly striking characters from the book: The Yuki-O...
Beau-Caprice Vetch author

MPC 016 : Year of the Monkey

In honor of The Year of the Monkey, as per the Chinese zodiac, we’ll be looking at some mythological monkeys in this episode of The Mythology Podcast. The post MPC 016 : Year of the Monkey appeared first on The Mythology Podcast.
Beau-Caprice Vetch author

MPC 015 : Santa Muerte

Aztec mythology, ancient Rome, and Spanish Catholicism all come into play when looking at the history of this contemporary folk saint. The post MPC 015 : Santa Muerte appeared first on The Mythology Podcast.
Beau-Caprice Vetch author

MPC 014 : Raven

In this episode of the Mythology Podcast, we’ll look at the character of Raven in the culture and mythology of indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and parts of Siberia. Raven is a dynamic figure, and he plays a variety of roles: trickst...
Beau-Caprice Vetch author

MPC 013 : Creation Stories Pt. 2

Happy New Year! Since it is a good time to be thinking about “new beginnings,” I decided to do another episode on Creation Myths. We’ll look at some stories from Tibet, Africa, Australia, and The Maluku (“Spice”) Islands in this episode. If you haven’t...
Beau-Caprice Vetch author

MPC 012 : Irish Mythology

In this episode of The Mythology Podcast we will look briefly at the history of Ireland, including the arrival of the Celts, the introduction of Christianity, and the “golden age” of medieval Irish literature. We will look at the 4 cycles of Irish Myth...
Beau-Caprice Vetch author

MPC 011 : Dance!

In this episode of The Mythology Podcast we’ll be taking a look at a few examples of the interplay between dance and myth. The post MPC 011 : Dance! appeared first on The Mythology Podcast.
Beau-Caprice Vetch author

MPC 010 : Maya Hero Twins

In this episode of The Mythology Podcast, we’ll be looking at the ancient Maya civilization and several stories focused on The Hero Twins of Maya mythology. We’ll take a brief look at some of the history surrounding the Maya and then get into the myths...
Beau-Caprice Vetch author

MPC 009 : Slavic Folklore

UPDATE: I’m not sure why, but only half of this episode made it onto I-tunes when I first posted it. The full episode is now up. In this episode of The Mythology Podcast, we’ll be looking at several popular characters from Slavic folklore and a few of ...
Beau-Caprice Vetch author

MPC 008 : Hindu Goddess Kali

In this episode of The Mythology Podcast, we’ll take a look at the Hindu Goddess Kali. We’ll explore her origins, her evolution, and her contemporary role. In particular, we’ll be looking at the origins of the famous image of Kali in her warrior form s...
Beau-Caprice Vetch author

MPC 007 : Greek Monsters

In this episode of The Mythology Podcast we will take a look at some of the more famous monsters from Greek Mythology, as well as the heroes that dispatched them. The post MPC 007 : Greek Monsters appeared first on The Mythology Podcast.
Beau-Caprice Vetch author

MPC 006 : Snakes

The Mythology Podcast – Episode 6 : Snakes! The relationship between human beings and snakes goes way back. Some of the earliest known historical writings and artifacts of human history contain depictions of snakes. In this episode of The Mythology Pod...
Beau-Caprice Vetch author

MPC 005 : Japanese Yokai

Human-headed trees, fox weddings, a trip to the underworld, and enchanted umbrellas: Episode 5 of The Mythology Podcast explores the idea of yokai in Japanese mythology, history, and culture. Yokai is an umbrella term, describing all kinds of fascinati...
Beau-Caprice Vetch author

MPC 004 : Coyote

Death, Fire, Vagina Dentata! In this episode of The Mythology Podcast we’ll talk about Coyote characters in Native American folklore. Coyote appears in some form or another throughout many different indigenous religious and folkloric traditions of Nort...
Beau-Caprice Vetch author

MPC 003 : Loki

In this episode of The Mythology Podcast, we will take an in-depth look at the Old Norse god Loki, known for his cunning, trickery, and dual-natured character. We’ll talk a little bit about context and the history surrounding Norse mythology and how Lo...
Beau-Caprice Vetch author

MPC 002 : Mermaids

In this episode of The Mythology Podcast, we look at legends and lore about mermaids (and mermen/merfolk in general). We’ll look at mermaid tales from the famous 1001 Arabian Nights to the Haitian Vodou deity La Sirenn and more. The post MPC 002 : Merm...
Beau-Caprice Vetch author

MPC 001 : Creation Stories

Episode 1 : Creation Stories In this episode of The Mythology Podcast we talk about the different archetypes surrounding creation myths and tell a story to illustrate each one. This episode includes stories from Melanesia, China, North America, South A...
Beau-Caprice Vetch author