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The Social-Engineer Podcast is about humans. Understanding how we interact, communicate and relay information can help us protect, mitigate and understand social engineering attacks

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The Social-Engineer Podcast is about humans. Understanding how we interact, communicate and relay information can help us protect, mitigate and understand social engineering attacks
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Ep. 117 – Fixing marriages, teenagers and saving hostages with Chris Voss

Chris Voss is an author, and professor. His is also a former FBI hostage negotiator, the CEO of The Black Swan Group Ltd, and co-author of the book, Never Split the Difference. Chris discusses: What are negotiation skills? How are they useful in ever...
Social-Engineer author

Ep. 116 – Building a C.A.L.M Narrator With Gregg Henriques

Gregg Henriques is a psychologist and professor with expertise in depression, suicide and personality disorders. He developed a new theoretical system for psychology and joins us today to share it with us. As we discuss his theory we will talk about: ...
Social-Engineer author

Ep. 115 - Leading Everyone like Dogs with Chase Hughes

Chase Hughes is an ex-military officer that wanted to learn how to better the study of influence. He wanted to see if he could teach anyone to use these skills fast and with precision.  Join us this month as we discuss this very topic with Chase and tr...
Social-Engineer author

Ep. 114 – Finding Love with Whitney Merrill

Whitney Merrill is a privacy attorney, worked with the EFF and runs the Crypto and runs the Crypto Privacy Village at DEF CON. (See a pattern yet?) This month we have a very fun and lighthearted chat with Whitney about things like: Is it possible to r...
Social-Engineer author

Ep. 113 - Nutrition Facts for Online Information with Clint Watts

 Join us with our guest Clint Watts as we ask questions about: Misinformation campaigns and their success. How is misinformation used? Why is it so powerful? How can we be safe from falling victim? So much more Clint can be followed on his Twitter Ac...
Social-Engineer author

Ep. 112 - Catching Spies and Paying Parking Tickets with Joe Navarro

Joe Navarro immigrated to American not knowing any English. How did this mold and shape him to become one of the most well known FBI agents and now one of the world's leading expert's in body language? Join us in this discussion to find out: Why did ...
Social-Engineer author

Ep. 111 – Crypto AI Blockchain Smoothies at Walmart with Nick Furneaux

Did you know that Walmart sells smoothies? Well we didn't either (and we still don't think they do), but this smooth talking Brit will have all of you driving to your local walmart ordering a Crypto AI Blockchain smoothie from Walmart before you are d...
Social-Engineer author

Ep. 110 – From SECTF to Pro SE with Whitney and Rachel

                  So many times we get asked how can you become a professional social engineer.  This month we talk to two amazing women who where never in the industry, took a huge risk and it paid off.  Join us in this fascinating conversation with...
Social-Engineer author

Ep. 109 – Do You Remember a Jennifer with Ian Rowland

I sense there is something important in your life? Something that you will be listening to shortly that will change the way you view... everything.  Ian Rowland is a renowned expert into cold reading. In his book, "The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading",...
Social-Engineer, LLC author

Ep. 108 - Neil Fallon Is My Tech Support

 It might not come as a shock to you that we here at SEORG love Neil Fallon and Clutch. Having Neil out at DEF CON was an amazing experience.  After 4 long days at DEF CON we hosted our annual live podcast for Episode 108. Join us as: Neil fixes Chris...
Social-Engineer, LLC author

Ep. 107 – All Your Bias Are Belong to Us with Paolo Gaudiano

Paolo Gaudiano has more than 25 years of interdisciplinary research, teaching, entrepreneurship, consulting, public speaking and writing experience. He recently embarked on a mission to use everything he has learned to revolutionize the way people thin...
Social-Engineer author

Ep. 106 – Going Between the Dog and the Wolf with Amy Herman

Amy E. Herman is the founder and president of The Art of Perception, Inc., a New York-based organization that conducts professional development courses to leaders around the world including at the FBI, CIA, Scotland Yard, and the Peace Corps. Herman w...
Social-Engineer author

Title: Ep. 105 – Networking is a Bad Word with Jordan Harbinger

Jordan Harbinger, formally from the Art of Charm, now hosts a new show called - The Jordan Harbinger Show. As a long time friend of the SEPodcast we wanted to discuss how Jordan restarted his life after parting ways with AOC. Instead our conversation ...
Social-Engineer author

Ep. 104 - Having the Courage To Create a Tribe with Dov Baron

How important is fitting into a tribe? Can you create a new tribe? If you do, will you be all alone? This month's guest, the fascinating Dov Baron, explores these questions and more. You can find Dov on his website at: Yo...
Social-Engineer author

Ep. 103 - How To Be A Good Parent With Michael Bazzell

Michael Bazzell spent 18 years as a government computer crime investigator. During the majority of that time, he was assigned to the FBI's Cyber Crimes Task Force where he focused on open source intelligence, hacking cases, and personal data removal me...
Social-Engineer author

Ep. 102 - Penning the Future with JJ Green

JJ Green just wants to share the story. With over 25 years of journalistic travel into 51 countries he has witnessed conflicts, disasters and political struggles that have shaped our world today.  On this podcast we discuss: Do you really like Bruce H...
Social-Engineer author

Ep. 101: Flash Bangs: The Reformation of an Social Engineer

Eric Taylor, aka CosmoTheGod, formerly of UGNazi has been caught arrested and now reforming his past ways turn his skills to the good.  Join us as we talk to Eric about: How did you stop the Kansas City Swatter? How did you get into hacking and social...
Social-Engineer author

Ep. 100 - Sky Robots vs War Apes with Lucky Yates

Lucky Yates is an actor and writer, known for Archer (2009), The American Shame (2001) and American Dirtbags (2015). Lucky is a hilarious guest that entertained us and we got to discuss some really interesting topics: What is a war ape and a sky robot...
Social-Engineer author

Ep. 099 - In Robin Dreeke we Trust

The SEPodcast Panel
Social-Engineer author

Ep. 098 - Winning the SECTF with Chris & Rachel

Chris Kirsch, the 1st place winner of the SECTF, is a returning competitor that came back to prove to himself how and why he CAN win this competition after his previous attempt was not so great. Rachel Tobac is our scariest competitor but also...
Social-Engineer author

Ep. 097 – Getting Psyched with Dan McGinn

Dan McGinn is a senior editor at Harvard Business Review and the author of "Psyched Up: How the Science of Mental Preparation Can Help You Succeed." He discusses: How Does Psyching yourself help help? Tips and Tricks for mental motivation How to use t...
Social-Engineer author

TKO Your Amygdala with Tim Larkin

Tim Larkin joined us LIVE at DEF CON 25 to be part of the SEPodcast Crew and discuss the importance of situational awareness.  Tim has an extensive background in working with people all over the globe in helping them stay safe. He discusses: How to re...
Social-Engineer author

Ep 095 - Spies Like Us: From Standup to the CIA

Emily Brandwin may be one of the funniest guests we have had on the show.  She is an ex-CIA agent, ex-Stand up comic, present day comedy writer.  No, we are serious. You will enjoy this conversation where: We find out how a haiku landed her in the CIA...

Ep 094 - The Art of Charm Imitates Life

Join us this month with our long time friend, Jordan Harbinger.  Jordan comes back to the SEPodcast to discuss a few important topics with us: How is marriage treating him? How has The Art of Charm changed over the years? How did he even start The Ar...

Ep. 093 - How Diet Pepsi Almost Landed Jayson Street In a Lebanese Prison

Jayson E. Street is an author of “Dissecting the Hack: The F0rb1dd3n Network” from Syngress and creator of He has also spoken at DEFCON, DerbyCon, UCON and at several other ‘CONs and colleges on a variety of Information Security...

Ep. 092 - The Trouble With Dating Michael Bazzell

Michael Bazzell spent 18 years as a government computer crime investigator. During the majority of that time, he was assigned to the FBI’s Cyber Crimes Task Force where he focused on computer crime investigations and OSINT. He has trained thousands of ...

Ep. 091 - Picture This: Framing in (Virtual) Reality

A microbiologist turned producer, Whitney has produced commercials, pilots, feature films, and internet series for major corporations including SyFy, Verizon, The Travel Channel, Comedy Central, Machinima, and CBS. She was a member of the Academy Award...

Ep. 090 - Pro-tips on becoming a professional social engineer

The single most asked question is "What do I need to do to be a professional social engineer?" This month is devoted to talking to our team.  Folks who had almost no SE experience before working with SECOM and now lead the market in all things SE. Enjo...

Ep. 089 - An Illusion of Unique Vulnerability

Our guest, Dr. Brad Sagarin, professor of psychology at Northern Illinois university has studied and researched about how to combat the negative side of influence.  We have a very lively discussion (yes, Dave is at this one) about: What is influence? ...

Ep. 088 - Wisdom alone is not enough

Paul Asadorian from Security Weekly,, joins us to discuss some pretty important topics.  Things like: What is up with Apple and the new CrapBook? Why does Dave plays Hornsby so much? Will SE be a huge vector in 2017? What a...

Ep. 087 - 'We' as in 'you' - how pronouns make you look

Author, teacher, researcher and psychologist - Dr. Pennebaker is one interesting man.  He has not only performed some fascinated research but he built tools around his research and then released them free to the world.  You can even try one out at his ...

Ep. 086 - But wait, there’s more! - with Dr. Cialdini

Robert Cialdini ( is the Regents' Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing at Arizona State University and was a visiting professor of marketing, business and psychology at Stanford University, as well as at the Uni...

Ep. 085 - A Psychologists View of Security for the Digital Age

Over the past 15 years, she has been researching the human-centred aspects of security, privacy, identity and trust. Research interests: how we design and implement innovative technologies that are fit for purpose, value for money, and improve product...

Ep. 084 - Live From DEF CON 24 - Chipped and Pinned

The annual live podcast from DEF CON was an amazing show this year.  Michele gets bio hacked live, Chris almost passes out and the crowd wonders where is the SE in the SEPodcast gone?

Ep. 083 - Obviously the best podcast ever with Amy Herman

Amy Herman, JD, MA, designed, developed and conducts all sessions of the The Art of Perception. In addition to be an author of an amazing book, "Visual Intelligence." She joins us this month for one of the best SEPodcast's ever.  We will discuss: What...

Ep. 082 - Hide and Seek with Michael and Justin

You have heard us talk about social engineering in every light possible as an attacker, now we invited two guests, experts in disinformation and and playing Internet hide and seek to help us see if we can use SE to HIDE from anyone. We discuss such thi...

Ep. 081 - How creepy are you?

Frank McAndrew is the Cornelia H. Dudley Professor of Psychology at Knox College. He is a social psychologist with interests in environmental and evolutionary psychology, and his research is guided by the simple desire to understand the psychology of e...

Ep. 080 - The Aftermath: How our hack affected Kevin Roose

Kevin Roose is a business and technology writer for New York magazine and the Daily Intelligencer blog. He has written several books including The Unlikely Disciple: A Sinner's Semester at America's Holiest University and Young Money: Inside the Hidde...

Ep. 079 - Overcoming obstacles by staying present

What would you do if you were in a car accident that lowered your IQ and then had doctors basically tell you to throw in the towel?  Would you listen or would you fake it till you make and stay present? Find out what the truly inspirational Amy Cuddy d...

Ep. 078 - Curiosity, Trust and Getting Zen with Robin Dreeke

Join us for another amazing episode with one of our favorite guests Robin Dreeke. He helps us with: Building on the 10 steps to rapport How do we apply the 5 steps to trust? Can this really make you more zen? What is the name of his new book? What is ...

Ep. 077 - Neil Fallon is Watching You!

Ok so if you haven't heard of Clutch you just have been living under a rock... but if you have come out to listen to this podcast today is your special day... Meet Neil Fallon, leader singer, poet and scotch lover... oh yah and chances are if you go to...

Ep. 076 - Putting the SE into Star Wars

Dec 18th Star Wars debuts its Episode VII!! And while all of geekdom is getting ready, is there Social Engineering Elements to Star Wars?  Join us with our guest Dr. Travis Langley, a psychologist who studies Star Wars characters for the answer! .... D...

Ep. 075 - Scam Schooling The Social Engineer

If you took 10 billion parts high energy, 10 billion parts social engineer and 10 billion parts raw awesome and blended them together, poured them in a mold and let them gel it would come out this month's guest.  Brian Brushwood is all that and more......

Ep. 074 - Sounds like Phishy Business to Me

Phishing is the number one security threat to organizations around the globe.  Yet only a fraction of the companies that control our services, infrastructure and resources are educating their people how to combat this threat.  Why?  Lets discuss with M...

Ep. 073 - How to win the SECTF with Jen and Jon

Another amazing year at DEF CON and the women have again dominated the SECTF.  Join us with our first and second place winners, Jen and Jon, to discuss strategy and how to win.... Sept 14, 2015

Ep. 072 - Live From DEF CON 23 with R. Paul Wilson

R. Paul Wilson is a good friend and we have been following his work for year.  This year he flies all the way to Vegas to join us for the podcast.... Aug 10, 2015

Ep. 071 – Don't Scan Me Bro! Fun with HD Moore

70 months is a long time, wouldn't you agree?  Well after 70 months we have managed to get HD Moore on our podcast and what a treat it is for all you listeners... you won't want to miss this one.... July 13, 2015

Ep. 070 – Thinking With Out A Box

Can you remember episode 07?  Our amazing guest, Dr. Ellen Langer, is back now on episode 70! Mindfulness, the effects of it on decision making and so much more.... From Podcast 07 to Podcast 70, Dr. Langer hasn't lost a beat and she continues to impre...

Ep. 069 – Putting the Psych into PSYOP

PSYOP, or psychological operations, is a fascinating topic that we will be delving into with our guest, Jimmy Do. May 11, 2015

Ep. 068 - Finding the Needle in the Haystack: Identification Through Writing Style

Did you know that the unique little errors and style you have in writing can pinpoint you like a fingerprint, even in your anonymous online posts?  Join us as we discuss this exciting topic with Sadia Afroz. April 13, 2015