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You want a successful business and you are willing to whatever you can to make sure that happens. There’s a difference between running a business and running a successful business, but where do you begin? There are so many questions, what should you charge for your services? How do you get clients to value your work? How do you market your services? What information should be on your website? These questions and others are answered on a weekly video show and podcast for those looking to jumpstart their business and get results. If you are an entrepreneur, freelancer or creative looking to use digital marketing to grow your business then this show is for you.

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This is Freelance Jumpstart TV, a weekly video show hosted by web designer and digital marketing consultant Nathan Allotey for entrepreneurs, freelancers or creatives.
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Shifting a Design Business in a New Direction [Traffic Talk]

For this episode of Traffic Talk the question is Where should I start when moving my business in a new direction? Here’s some background: Currently Kyle offer icon design. It’s something he’s interested in and have had a passion for sharing with others...
Nathan Allotey author

Explaining Your Value in a Saas Niche [Traffic Talk]

For this episode of Traffic Talk we answer a question that came in from email about someone who doesn’t know how to clearly define the expensive problem that they’re solving in the area of client success. For their business they help saas companies red...
Nathan Allotey author

069: The Value of Getting a Coach

At some point in your business you will need a coach to guide you toward your goals. However, not every coach will work for you. There are 2 types of coaching and you need to know which one fits your learning style. Personal Coaches Playbook Coaches Lo...
Nathan Allotey author

How Much Does a 3 Page Website Cost? [Traffic Talk]

For this episode of Traffic Talk we look at the question “How much to charge for a 3 page website?” The freelancer is working with their local chamber of commerce and they are nervous about overpricing the job Looking to level up in your freelance busi...
Nathan Allotey author

067: Never Call Yourself a Freelancer

Your title is one of the first elements that informs potential clients of your brand and how you can help. Though you may be running a freelance business if you want people to take you seriously don’t call yourself a freelancer. Looking to level up in ...
Nathan Allotey author

Left Day Job for Freelance Photography [Traffic Talk]

For this episode of Traffic Talk the question is centered around what to consider when leaving your day job for freelancing full time and how to find work as a photographer. The asker of the question left their job is is having a hard time finding work...
Nathan Allotey author

066: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome happens when your desire for perfectionism induces self-doubt to the point to where you begin to have anxiety. I believe this issue is something that everyone faces and there are 2 things happening. Self Confidence - the belief you ar...
Nathan Allotey author

Offering Web Hosting Services To Clients [Traffic Talk]

For this episode of traffic talk we answer the question, “Should you host a client’s website and act as the web hosting service or let a client use a different company?” Looking to level up in your freelance business? You may need Creative Coaching: ht...
Nathan Allotey author

065: Creating a Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is a sequence of steps or actions that take place that guide a potential customer from introducing them to your brand to the final step of them making a purchase and then the follow-up. In this episode we look at a practical example of t...
Nathan Allotey author

What’s the Best Approach to Raise My Rate 50% [Traffic Talk]

In this episode we answer a question about a college student who secured a client but after 3 years they want to raise their rate and set new expectations going forward.  Looking to level up in your freelance business? You may need Creative Coaching: h...
Nathan Allotey author

Can I Use Value Based Pricing? [Traffic Talk]

For this episode of traffic talk we answer the question, ” Charging based on value to customer vs cost of development?” The person is looking to charge money based on the fact they are saving the client money but they are unsure of how to go about doin...
Nathan Allotey author

2018 Mid-Year Review

Previously I did a 2017 review and stated what my goals were for the 2018 year; therefore, I wanted to have a check in to see where I’m at as well as some of the new goals that have arisen. Previously I stated my goals were the following: Reach 1,000 s...
Nathan Allotey author

How to Explain You Don’t Work for Free [Traffic Talk]

For this episode of traffic talk we answer the question, “How do you politely explain to a client that you do not work for free?” There are 2 ways to answer the question: 1) Talk to you client about setting up a monthly retainer. 2) Restate your specia...
Nathan Allotey author

064: Productized Consulting with Jane Portman

In episode 63 of the Freelance Jumpstart podcast, we walked through how to stabilize your cash flow as a freelancer with the product spectrum. This is a methodology that allows you to create different levels of products so potential clients can experie...
Nathan Allotey author

Should I Charge a Client for Providing Files or Backups? [Traffic Talk]

For this episode of Traffic Talk we answer the question “what do you do when a client continually requests files from you? Do you charge them or do you count it as good customer service?” – Looking to level up in your freelance business? You may need C...
Nathan Allotey author

063: The Product Spectrum for Freelancers

When I first started freelancing I was focused solely on client work. As I tried to scale my business it became obvious that I needed to diversify my product offering if I wanted a consistent cash flow for my freelance business. In this video I unpack ...
Nathan Allotey author

Need Advice on How to Increase Your Hourly Rate [Traffic Talk]

For this episode of Traffic Talk we answer a question about how to raise your hourly fee. A 25 year old communication designer living in New York has been working at a company doing UI/UX since college and wants to increase his rate from $35/hour to $5...
Nathan Allotey author

How Do You Charge for Additional Freelance Work? [Traffic Talk]

Question Charging freelance client for additional work? For some context:I have a loyal freelance client who pays me each month for doing very little work. And the pay is excellent for the little work I do for them. The work is doing in WordPress. I ...
Nathan Allotey author

062: The State of Create with Justin Jackson

Nathan Allotey and Justin Jackson have a candid conversation about how to be successful a creator, entrepreneurship and the state of creating online courses while building a community. Being in traffic almost killed me:
Nathan Allotey author

The Guilt of Pricing with Friends and Family [Traffic]

Question How do I remove guilt when charging friends for work? Context:I haven’t had a steady flow of business lately so I reached out to a couple of friends and managed to get some hits. I feel bad charging full price so I usually cut friends a disc...
Nathan Allotey author

061: Reciprocate

If you want to engage people online and build trust with others in your marketing you have to be willing to reciprocate. The internet is becoming reduced to content marketing, email sign ups, and who can use the most growth hacking tactics in order to ...
Nathan Allotey author

Blacklisted by a Client? [Traffic Talk]

If you’ve been blacklisted by a client what can you do in order to restore the relationship and turn the blacklist back into client revenue? We dive into the possibilities on this episode of Traffic Talk Make sure to subscribe and look out for new epis...
Nathan Allotey author

060: Always Be Authentic

The Internet is experiencing a shift and the shift is leaning towards authenticity meaning that who you really are will be exposed. It seems like every week there’s a news story brakes that reveals some type of a hidden secret about a celebrity. Some p...
Nathan Allotey author

059: Freelancer vs Consultant vs Agency

The freelance landscape has become crowded, but there’s still a chance to be successful if you know how to stand out from the rest. How do you freelance in 2018? If you are going to survive as a freelancer in today’s climate, you have to choose a secti...
Nathan Allotey author

How do you cover payment and banking fees? [Traffic Talk]

Question:  How do you cover payment and banking fees? Answer To directly answer the question, it would be wise to adjust your rate to consider any banking or payment fees. Whether you are using PayPal or some other service a payment processing fee is g...
Nathan Allotey author

When Does a Fix Become a Change? [Traffic Talk]

For this episode of Traffic Talk the question comes from a reddit user who is looking to answer a question about scope creep: When Does a Fix Become a Change? Looking to level up in your freelance business? You may need Creative Coaching: http://nathan...
Nathan Allotey author

Is it Possible to Freelance with a Full-Time Job?

You made it. If you’re reading this, then you have the opportunity to witness the first question and answer episode for Traffic Talk. This question is from a Reddit user who asks: Is it possible to freelance while you have a full-time job? View all ans...
Nathan Allotey author

Introducing Traffic Talk

Traffic Talk is a new segment of the Freelance Jumpstart podcast where I answer your specific questions the business of freelance all while driving on my daily commute -   — Like the content? Donate to the Cau...
Nathan Allotey author

058: I’m Back

I am finally back to creating videos on a weekly basis. I plan to make more content this year than I have previously.
Nathan Allotey author

2017 Year in Review

Reviewing 2017 and my goal going forward. Episode Notes: Since 2014 I have written yearly reviews, and they’ve been helpful. The goal of the annual review is to help me time travel. The only way I’m going to remember m...
Nathan Allotey author

Big Changes

With the new year around the corner there are some big changes taking place with my videos, the podcast and how I operate my business as a whole. Ultimately what this means is I will produce more content on a regular basis and their will be more value ...
Nathan Allotey author

057: Knowing When It’s Time To Redesign

Whenever your goals change for your business it may be time for your website to change as well. Episode Notes: Google Analytics: Sean’s About Page: Smart Pas...
Nathan Allotey author

[GIVEAWAY] The $1,000 Giveaway

Enter giveaway here: In order to celebrate the upcoming launch of the Freelance Jumpstart Course I’m giving away 5 premium resources: Sketch App Software (1 Year License) Duet App (Client Man...
Nathan Allotey author

056: What I’ve Been Up To?

This is what I’ve been up to lately. I’ve been spending time, writing, editing, and coding building a new online course for freelance creatives. Tools mentioned in the video:Freelance Jumpstart: http://freelancejumpstart.comGoogle Docs:
Nathan Allotey author

2016 Year in Review

Since 2014 I have written these yearly reviews, and they’ve been helpful. The goal of the annual review is to help me time travel. The only way I’m going to remember my train of thought, my goals my successes and failures is to Read a blog post from my...
Nathan Allotey author

055: Work On Your Business

Episode Notes: There comes a time in everyone’s business where they should take a step back and see if what they are doing is working. For me I’ve been working so much in my business, that now it’s time for me to work on...
Nathan Allotey author

054: seanwes conference. Think Bigger.

About a year ago I took a chance on a conference. This conference was the seanwes Conference, and I was unsure of how things would go. Sean West is an online community for Creative entrepreneurs to build a sustainable business. I’m a part of this commu...
Nathan Allotey author

053: One Year on YouTube

Episode Notes: Today marks the one year anniversary since I joined YouTube. I give a look into why I decided to join YouTube as well as the benefits to being on the platform.
Nathan Allotey author

052: Lessons Learned from Podcasting 1 Year

Episode Notes: About one year ago I realize that I needed to do a better job of teaching. Often times I would work with clients and I would learn so much during the client process but I would simply finish the project ...
Nathan Allotey author

051: Teach What You Know

You don’t have to know everything before you start teaching. You only need to know more then the audience who is listening to you. If you’re willing just to share how you learn something and what you’ve discovered there’s going to come someone who is a...
Nathan Allotey author

050: 10 Things I Learned from the VenturePOP Conference

I had the privilege to attend the VenturePOP Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. This was the 2nd year I attended the conference and it was absolutely amazing. I wanted to share 10 essentials I learned at the conference. Episode Notes: http://freel...
Nathan Allotey author

049: You Should Go to Conferences

This year I’ve been to more conferences than any other year of my life. If you are working in your business is important to take a step back and work on your business. One of the best ways to do this is to go to a conference around a particular subject...
Nathan Allotey author

048: Public Speaking

Episode Notes:
Nathan Allotey author

047: The Price is Wrong (Wordcamp NOLA Keynote)

View the Wordcamp NOLA Keynote at: Why is it that some Freelancers get to work with clients who are willing to pay them five figures for their work and other freelancers get paid $300 or so for the same type of work. Ru...
Nathan Allotey author

046: The Road Trip (Part 2) - Be A Professional

I had the opportunity to speak at a conference, WordCamp NOLA in New Orleans, Louisiana. While driving back, I was able to have a great conversation with fellow freelance creative, Obinna Okongwu. Last week I brought to you The Roadtrip Part 1: Value &...
Nathan Allotey author

045: The Road Trip (Part 1) - Value & Price

This week listen to the audio
Nathan Allotey author

044: Examples of Great Case Studies to Follow

As we continue in our mini-series on crafting portfolios and case studies we look at 3 companies who have the ideal case study layout. Episode Notes: http://storie...
Nathan Allotey author

043: Before and After

As a creative you have to set the scene for people to appreciate your value. You can do this by capitalizing on using before and after imagery. Episode Notes:
Nathan Allotey author

042: How to Get Great Client Testimonies

When getting a great client testimony the process begins when your project begins. Episode Notes:
Nathan Allotey author

041: How to Write a Case Study for Your Portfolio

Having a portfolio is essential but you must go deeper in order to show potential clients your value. In this episode we uncover what the necessities are to write an effective case study that will draw new clients.  Episode Notes: http://freelancejump...
Nathan Allotey author