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World in Progress: Facing the Crisis

Venezuela's economic collapse impacts people in the once booming oil town of Maracaibo -- After price hikes, people in Egypt are struggling to make ends meet -- How one woman brought jobs - and a tasty bite to a refugee camp in the Western Sahara deser...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Indonesia at a crossroads ahead of the election

Indonesia is at a crossroads. The predominantly muslim country that was once hailed for its religious tolerance and diversity is becoming more and more divided. Fears are growing that the era of moderate Islam and moderate Muslim leaders is over. More ...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: What's in store for the two Koreas?

This week we zoom in on North and South Korea. For more than 70 years, the Korean peninsula has been divided. Many hope the two countries will one day reunite. But there's still a long way to go — they are technically still at war. Also on the show: Th...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Changing perspectives

This week on the program: Brazil's indigenous communities raise the alarm after a surge in land grabs, students defy Boko Haram in northeastern Nigeria, the push for inclusive education in Ethiopia, and how a project to distribute cheap glasses is chan...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Making do in Russia

Life is becoming more difficult for many Russians. Along with steadily increasing prices, dissatisfaction is on the rise. The annexation of Crimea and military successes in Syria aren't enough to distract people from the declining quality of life at ho...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: After the Escape

This week on the show: Nicaraguans living in exile push for political change in their home country, refugees with disabilities launch their own businesses in a Kenyan camp, and a teenager recounts her escape from Boko Haram.
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Changing the game!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. But according to South Korean beauty standards that usually means plastic surgery and full face make-up at all times! Some say it's high time for change. In India, midwives could be the answer to reducing...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Setting out on the trek of hope from Central America

Running out of medications: After eight years of civil war, doctors in Idlib in Northern Syria are are faced with increasing problems -- Thousands are trying to escape violence and poverty in central America by taking the 3000 km trek north, hoping to...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: The dark side

South Africa has been hailed as the most liberal African country when it comes to gay rights, but there's a dark side to it as discrimination is still rife in the country. There's also a dark side to the South Korean phenomenon of K-pop: As more and mo...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Transgender group bathes in holy Ganges River

Every 12 years, millions of Hindu pilgrims make their way to the northern Indian city of Prayagraj to take a dip in the Ganges River. The Kumbh Mela festival celebrated there is one of Hinduism's holiest events – pilgrims believe the river helps cleans...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: On patrol to stop illegal migration in France

Migrants have long used France as a jumping-off point to get to the UK, mostly by trucks travelling from Calais via ferry or through the Euro tunnel. But now truck parking areas are monitored around the clock, so migrants are looking for new ways to cr...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Rejuvenating Waters

Water can mean life or death for people across the world. In France, migrants are risking their lives crossing the English Channel by boat to reach the UK. In India, a transgender group was allowed to bathe in the holy waters of the Ganges River for th...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Iraqi taxi driver offers educational ride

Ali, a taxi driver in Basra in southeastern Iraq, offers more than just a ride to people. He also invites his passengers to read one of the many books he stores in his cab. If they read a book for more than 10 minutes, they are free to take it home. Al...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Food safety and piste politics

Topics: Making food safe for African consumers - Concerns over distribution of aid for Syrian civilians - Why Taiwan's kids need to rest their eyes more and play - a visit to the most complicated ski resort in the world - Master oud maker in Bagdad has...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Moving on

We look at some of the lesser-known realities of migration. Including Haitians being sent home from Chile — if they promise not to return for nine years — the surprising role of blockchain in a refugee camp in Jordan and the dark side of working in Ita...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progess: Big ambitions

The world's largest airport, an gigantic bridge, an new canal: ambitous infrastructure projects are supposed to make Istanbul a major international logistics hub. But there's also criticism about these mega projects //  The freedom of two wheels and a ...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: South America's biggest refugee crisis is heating up

Venezuela has been suffering from severe hyper-inflation, leading to food and medicine shortages. Millions of people have already left the South American country in search of a better life elsewhere. The crisis has spilled over into other countries in ...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Ghana's missing doctors

Once they have completed their medical degree, many Ghanaian doctors prefer to move to Europe or North America instead of working in a hospital back home. The problem is even worse in the countryside. And the health professionals, politicians and NGOs ...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Oscar Romero, the saint from El Salvador

Many people in El Salvador were overjoyed when Oscar Romero, was canonized as a saint by the Vatican in October 2018. In 1980, the Arch Bishop had been assassinated by a henchman of the military regime. Romero had spoken out on behalf of the poor, agai...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: What's in a song?

Let's dive into the world of music. Did you know the Christmas song Silent Night originated in a small Austrian village 200 years ago? We hear how gospel music in Tanzania is changing as young people take center stage. We'll also have futuristic sounds...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Defending human rights

As the UN Declaration of Human Rights turns 70, we take a look at the state of human rights. Are our democracies at risk as populism rises? We also go to Jordan to see how Syrian refugees are faring and check in with returnees in Somaliland who are now...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Laws to save the Planet

Client Earth CEO James Thornton how using the law creatively helps to save the planet / Marid's new traffic restrictions to curb air pollution meet mixed reactions / villagers in India use plastic waste to create new items while protecting their tribal...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Madrid curbing smog with strict traffic rules

To curb air pollution, Madrid now has some of the strictest restrictions for vehicles in Europe. Older cars are banned from entering the inner city, visitors will need special permission. Sidewalks are being widened, and the speed limit has been set at...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: From hurricanes, climate funding & tech for the homeless

The Florida Keys were devastated by Hurricane Irma over one year ago — we check in to see how residents are coping with destructive storms and rising sea levels. We also take a look at new ways of helping the homeless. And just before the COP24 global ...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Improving Lives

This week on the program we look at how lives can be improved across the world. In a remote village of Kyrgistan, we find out how the internet offers new opportunities. We learn how the UN is supporting change for the millions of migrants and displaced...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Alexandria - where the past and present collide

With more than five million inhabitants, Alexandria is Egypt's second largest city, facing typical urban problems like overpopulation, and crushing poverty. Until the 1950s, Alexandria was a cosmopolitan idyll, dubbed the "Paris of the Middle East." Du...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Hopes and Clashes in Ceuta

Ceuta, the Spanish enclave in Morroco, is a European town on African soil. It's often the frontline of clashes between Africans trying to reach Europe in search of a better life, and a European Union desperate to keep them out. It's also a port town wh...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Fighting for the future

This week on the show: How three brothers are bringing the internet to rural Zimbabwe, the young entrepreneurs building a future for themselves in Kigali, and we meet activists working to improve human rights in the DRC, China and Brazil.
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Stories and Populists

Fighting fake news in Kenya - How Brazil's election has divided the country - Populism and the narrative behind it - we talk to an expert on storytelling
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Trailblazers

An isolated village in South Africa launches its own internet service provider to give young people better opportunities, how resourceful students in Greece are creating their own jobs, and why some Indian schools have started happiness classes.
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Global Solutions

Topics: Training to fight youth uneployment in Kenya / Solving global Problems: Interview with Prof.Dirk Messner / Bringing the Wifi to Georgia's remote mountains
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Chicago's lost children

The reality for many children in Chicago’s notorious West Side is a short life in the fast lane. Gangs, drugs and crime are always present and so is the possibility to end up in prison or dead. Vera Bünten got to know some of these kids – and people tr...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Surveillance and new hopes

TOPICS: Inside a re-education camp for Chinese Muslims -- Human Rights Watch's Sophie Richardson on surveillance of Uighurs -- How South Africans defy the country's high unemployement rates
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Poverty and protection

This week on the show: Why Finland's efforts to eradicate homelessness are working, poor neighborhoods in northern Brazil fear for their survival, India makes massive progress in lifting people out of poverty, and how fair is "Fairtrade"?
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Picking up the pieces

As more than one million people are leaving their homes in the US to escape Hurricane Florence, we take a look at disasters and disaster preparedness around the globe. What can you do to prepare yourself? What should you have at hand in case there is a...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Waiting for the Cleanup

Fossil funding: Public investments in Africa favour fossil fuels over green energy -- Waiting for the cleanup: Legal battle over toxic Oil contamination in Ecuador continues -- Harsh lives: Migrants exploited on Italian farms -- Successful Migrant: Wes...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Alexandria - where the past and present collide

With more than five million inhabitants, Alexandria is Egypt's second largest city, facing typical urban problems like overpopulation, and crushing poverty. Until the 1950s, Alexandria was a cosmopolitan idyll, dubbed the "Paris of the Middle East." Du...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Avocados... the good, the bad & the ugly

Avocados are hailed as healthy superfood, but the craze is wrecking havoc in many communities. For instance in Chile where it's led to water shortages. What can we consumers do? Should we do away with avocados altogether? Join us for a special episode ...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Changing Aid

Humanitarian aid - what needs to change? // Helping to prevent forced marriages in the UK // Tahiti: Revigourating traditional culture to go into the future.
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Unchaining Minds - Mental health in Bhutan and Togo

On this week's show: Find out why it's so hard to get adequate treatment for mental health patients in Togo, where the mentally sick are often beaten and chained for weeks or months, and how Bhutan, the country that wants to increase its official polic...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: The Nile — Myths and Challenges

The Nile River has been the life line for East Africa for thousands of years. A mythical river, drinking water, irrigation, hydropower — the Nile feeds many needs in the countries it traverses. But now tensions increase over the water usage. Anna Osius...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Are we prepared?

Bracing ourselves for heat waves, earthquakes and poor infrastructure: We'll hear how cities are vulnerable to heat and how the Italian city of L'Aquila is rebuilding itself after it was hit by a devastating earthquake almost a decade ago. We also meet...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Mines, Migrants and Resistance

Secret resistance in Cambodia --- Mining in Brazil - does it really boost development? --- A new global compact for Migration - the UN’s special representative for migration, Louise Arbour, explains why its important
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Ghana's Missing Doctors

Once they have completed their medical degree, many Ghanaian doctors prefer to move to Europe or North America instead of working in a hospital back home. The problem is even worse in the countryside. And the health professionals, politicians and NGOs ...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Coffee and accordions

Coffee farming in Kenya, a taste for homegrown coffee in Guatemala, and Brazil's accordion revival.
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Harsh but Fair? Norway's restrictive refugee policy

Topics this week: Norway has the toughest immigration laws in Europe. We find out how that affects refugees and those who work with them. And: a refugee fact check - what's going on in Europe?
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Battling inequalities

Cape Town's building boom pushes people out of their homes in the city center to shacks in so-called resettlement camps. We'll also hear how old cars from Europe are polluting roads in Africa and how Egypt's new capital is shaping up.
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Breaking the silence about rape in Japan and Africa

The #MeToo movement has caused shockwaves in the USA and Europe, but in many countries, the discussion about the taboo topic of sexual violence has met much more resistance. In Japan, one woman changed the debate when she wrote a book about being raped...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: Working against the odds

This week on the show: South Korea's automation craze is taking a toll on employees. Former gang members in El Salvador are struggling to reintegrate into the workforce because their tattoos mark them for life. And how are Haitians in Miami's Little Ha...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author

World in Progress: China's claim to global power

China's president Xi Jinping dreams of a strong China elevated to a world power. The giant empire is expanding its influence on all continents, including Europe. China's economic interests have been steadily expanding abroad. And after decades of mainl...
DW.COM | Deutsche Welle author