The West Wing History Class

The West Wing History Class

A fun, historical journey through Aaron Sorkin's landmark TV drama, The West Wing. Part love-fest / part historical podcast, The West Wing History Class will look at both the events of each episode and the real-world events that inspired them. Join us on a historical march through Aaron Sorkin’s landmark TV drama, The West Wing. Hosted by Russ Frushtick and Chris Plante.

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A fun, historical journey through Aaron Sorkin's landmark TV drama, The West Wing. Part love-fest / part historical podcast, The West Wing History Class will look at both the events of each episode and the real-world events that inspired them. Join us on a historical march through Aaron Sorkin’s landmark TV drama, The West Wing. Hosted by Russ Frushtick and Chris Plante.
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022 - "What Kind of Day Has It Been"

In this, the last episode of the first season of The West Wing, absolutely nothing happens whatsoever. Nothing at all. Totally uneventful. Thank you so much for sticking with us through the first season! We love you as much as CJ loves goldfish cracker...

021 - "Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics"

Chris Plante has his triumphant return as we watch the penultimate episode of the first season of The West Wing. Sparks fly between Joey and Josh and we learn all about the Federated States of Micronesia, as well as the Island of Yap! Theme:  Americana...

020 - "Mandatory Minimums" with Ben Kuchera

Chris remains AWOL but we're lucky to have Polygon's Senior Opinion Editor and West Wing fan, Ben Kuchera, filling in this week. The president and his team are on a roll, kicking ass and closing cell phones in super cool fashion. Will it last? Time wil...

019 - "Let Bartlet Be Bartlet" with Dr Briana Morgan

Chris is out this week. In his place we have our first returning guest, Dr. Briana Morgan, who joins us for one of the best episodes in all of the show's run. Exciting showdowns in the Oval are sure to yield a goose pimple or two!Theme: Americana Kevin...

018 - "Six Meetings Before Lunch" with Mikey Neumann

In this, uh, varied episode, we have an intense discussion about slavery reparations, a panda situation and CJ does "The Jackal." We're joined by Mikey Neumann, host of "Movies with Mikey" and the "TV Crimes Podcast."Theme:Americana Kevin MacLeod (inco...

017 - "The White House Pro-Am" with Erin McCann

Abbey Bartlet is back and causing some trouble for the White House staff! We also have a very special guest: Erin McCann, staff editor at the New York Times. Join us and learn about the horrors of 19th century medicine!Theme:Americana Kevin MacLeod (in...

016 - "20 Hours in LA"

The West Wing gang take a trip to LA and who better to meet with them than the one and only Bob Baliban? We also see the return of Joey Lucas and learn about why ethanol is the true enemy of the tortilla-lover.Theme:Americana Kevin MacLeod (incompetech...

015 - "Celestial Navigation"

Drama strikes The West Wing crew as their nominee for the US Supreme Court is arrested. Also Josh is a bad press secretary and we learn about the one and only Supreme Court Justice who was arrested...for MURDER!Theme:Americana Kevin MacLeod (incompetec...

014 - "Take This Sabbath Day"

In this upbeat episode, we delve into the death penalty. Whoopee! On the bright side, we also have the introduction of Joey Lucas, who offers some much-needed levity. Also Josh gets drunk.Theme:Americana Kevin MacLeod ( under Cr...

013 - "Take Out The Trash Day"

On this exciting new episode, we learn about hate crimes, muppets, sex ed, golf and what someone sounds like when they have a cold! Apologies in advance for the latter.Theme:Americana Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By A...

012 - "He Shall, From Time to Time..." (with Dr. Sydnee McElroy)

Well it seems that the president has come down with a fever right before he gives the State of the Union address. But is this fever a sign of something much more serious? Bum bum bummmmm.This episode we welcome Dr. Sydnee McElroy, who offers some legit...

011 - "Lord John Marbury" (with Anthony Carboni)

Special guest Anthony Carboni joins this week to discuss a fan-favorite episode, Lord John Marbury. This episode runs the gamut from goofy British gentleman to the threat of all-out nuclear war. Exciting! Theme:"Americana" Kevin MacLeod (

010 - "In Excelsis Deo"

 It's the very first Christmas episode of the West Wing! What better way to spend it than being super depressed about war veterans and hate crimes? But don't worry, we've got plenty of history for you, including fun White House code names and a brain-b...

009 - "The Short List"

Hey, remember that time that a justice of the Supreme Court died and like 3 days later we had to record an episode all about replacing a justice of the Supreme Court? Yeahhhh...we totally didn't kill Scalia, in case you were wondering.Theme:"Americana"...

008B - Interview with Dr. Briana Morgan

For this very special bonus episode of The West Wing History Class, we've brought in Dr. Briana Morgan, who has her PHD in American Government. Dr. Morgan worked as an intern in the Clinton White House and has since gone on to have a successful career ...

008A - "Enemies"

Compared to last week this episode is relatively low-key, story-wise. The president and the VP duke it out and Sam's plans with Mallory take a turn. We also learn a bit about national parks, the Antiquities Act and dog poop.Theme:"Americana" Kevin MacL...

007 - "The State Dinner"

Chaos hits The White House! Hurricanes, teamster strikes, Vermeil and the president of Indonesia! We dig deep into this jam-packed episode, learning the history of naval storm disasters and sorcerers. Theme:"Americana" Kevin MacLeod ( L...

006 - "Mr. Willis of Ohio"

In this week's episode, we dive deep into the magic and wonder that is the United States census. But it's not all thrilling census talk. There's also a bar fight! And, as always, we bring some knowledge to the table as well with some historical censuse...

005 - "The Crackpots and These Women" (AKA Big Block of Cheese Day)

Big Block of Cheese Day numero uno is upon us! Leo demands that the senior staffers meet with kooks who are worried about UFOs and wolves. Meanwhile, Josh gets a card that tells him where to go in case of the apocalypse. On the history side, you'll lea...

004 - "Five Votes Down"

Leo and the team are five votes down in the effort to pass a gun bill. We look at the similarities between this and The American President, the importance of not forgetting anniversaries and some of the strangest gifts presidents have gotten in recent ...

003 - "A Proportional Response"

Fallout from last week's bombing of a US plane and the president's apparent over-reaction. CJ speaks some sense into Sam and we discover the history of the Situation Room, which plays a critical role in this episode. Oh, and Charlie is introduced. Big ...

002 - "Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc"

On this episode of The West Wing History class, Sam has accidental sex with a prostitute, threatens her with legal action and then manages to charm the pants off of her. We're also briefly introduced to Morris Tolliver and we learn about the history be...

001 - "Pilot"

The West Wing History Class is a journey through Aaron Sorkin's career-defining TV drama. In addition to analyzing the events of each show, we'll also be hitting the books to learn about the real-world events that inspired the episode. The West Wing Hi...