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Tearing down the pay-wall that separates people from the research they pay for

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Tearing down the pay-wall that separates people from the research they pay for
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9.05.2019 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/568c08e50ab377164e9ca233/t/5713df367da24f0475df11bf/1460920123676/1500w/NewPodcastIcon.jpg

Fountains of Youth? Metformin, Nicotinamide Riboside & Mononucleotide, Elysium & ChromaDex, and Caloric Restriction

Lucas Cranach - Der Jungbrunnen (The Fountain of Youth), 1564 (Wikimedia Commons) Bo and I discuss some of the leading candidates for extending both human lifespan and ‚Äúhealth-span‚ÄĚ, includin...
Wired to be Weird author
21.03.2019 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/568c08e50ab377164e9ca233/t/5713df367da24f0475df11bf/1460920123676/1500w/NewPodcastIcon.jpg

How to Grow a Baby

Ian McLaughlin author
4.11.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/568c08e50ab377164e9ca233/t/5713df367da24f0475df11bf/1460920123676/1500w/NewPodcastIcon.jpg

Inheriting Politics

In preparation for the upcoming mid-term elections in the United States (REMEMBER TO VOTE ON NOVEMBER 6TH !), Bo and I chat about how much of a person’s politics are inherited genetically from their parents, as well as some companies that are entirely ...
Ian McLaughlin & Bo Allen author
9.09.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/568c08e50ab377164e9ca233/t/5713df367da24f0475df11bf/1460920123676/1500w/NewPodcastIcon.jpg

The Beast Inside Us All

M.C. Escher, Circle Limit IV. From Wikimedia: https www.wikiart org:en:m-c-escher:circle-limit-iv ...
Ian McLaughlin & Bo Allen author
13.07.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/568c08e50ab377164e9ca233/t/5713df367da24f0475df11bf/1460920123676/1500w/NewPodcastIcon.jpg

Marshmallows & Prisoners: two classic studies are redefined

References:Consent form for Prison Life Study, August 1971: http://pdf.prisonexp.org/consent.pdfStanford Prison Experiment recordings:https://searchworks.stanford.edu/view/jh477zg7277https://purl.stanford.edu/wn708sg0050
Ian McLaughlin & Bo Allen author
29.05.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/568c08e50ab377164e9ca233/t/5713df367da24f0475df11bf/1460920123676/1500w/NewPodcastIcon.jpg

Laurel & Yanni, migraine treatment, Alzheimers & exercise, universality of music

Wired to be Weird author
26.03.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/568c08e50ab377164e9ca233/t/5713df367da24f0475df11bf/1460920123676/1500w/NewPodcastIcon.jpg

Do Humans Use Pheromones?

Ian McLaughlin & Bo Allen author
8.02.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/568c08e50ab377164e9ca233/t/5713df367da24f0475df11bf/1460920123676/1500w/NewPodcastIcon.jpg

NeuroByte - IQ & Illness + A Cause of Dyslexia

A discussion of a study at least partly monitored by one of Ian's college mentors that explored whether there might be a relationship between high IQ scores and psychiatric & physiological diagnoses. We then discuss a study that blew Ian's mind, sh...
Ian McLaughlin & Bo Allen author
23.01.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/568c08e50ab377164e9ca233/t/5713df367da24f0475df11bf/1460920123676/1500w/NewPodcastIcon.jpg

NeuroByte - Neurons talking like viruses & is your mind's eye blind?

Electron microscope images of the neuronal protein, Arc, forming structures that resemble those typically associated with viral c...
Ian McLaughlin & Bo Allen author
8.01.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/568c08e50ab377164e9ca233/t/5713df367da24f0475df11bf/1460920123676/1500w/NewPodcastIcon.jpg

Is Addiction a Disease or a Disorder? (Part 2)

Ian McLaughlin & Bo Allen author

Is addiction a disease or a disorder? (Part 1)

Early ad for tobacco addiction treatment. Included in ad is "Are you so spineless a molly coddle that you’re going to let a poisonous vegetable get the best of you?" Obtained from: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ad_for_Tobacco_Addiction_Cure_(...
Ian McLaughlin & Bo Allen author

Neuralink - Brain Computer Interfaces (Part 2)

Here, we discuss Neuralink, Elon Musk's new company, a bit more deeply. We focus more on what it would be like if a whole brain computer interface were realized, and how likely it might be.References:1. 2017 Urban, Tim. Neuralink and the Brain's Magica...
Ian McLaughlin author

Neuralink - Elon Musk's Next Adventure (Part 1)

Bo and I discuss Neuralink, the latest announced venture by Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity, and PayPal. This is the first part, which focuses on some of what they've announced through Tim Urban's Wait but Why post, some of the possi...
Ian McLaughlin & Bo Allen author

What is Deja Vu?

Andreas Vesalius - 1543Literature referenced:1. Shaw DJ, Mareńćek R, Br√°zdil M. Structural covariance mapping delineates medialand medio-lateral temporal networks in d√©j√† vu. Brain Imaging Behav. 2016Dec;10(4):1068-1079. PubMed [citation] PMID: 26520830...
Ian McLaughlin& Bo Allen author

Cannabis& Humans Part 2

Advertisement for cannabis americana from a pharmacist in New York, 1917Bo and I have a fairly comprehensive conversation about the genetics of cannabis, as well as what it is that makes it a psychoactive plant and a short history of its prohibition.  ...
Bo and Ian author

Cannabis& Humans Part 1

Cannabis sativa, from The Vienna Dioscurides, 512 ADWe discuss why it's so hard to answer what seems like a very simple question on the minds of many people: is weed bad for me?  This is just part one, where we make the limitations of this research as ...
Ian McLaughlin& Bo Allen author

Why do we dream? Part 2

A snapshot of a video that shows a man who appears to be very competently & leisurely smoking a cigarette, despite being very deeply asleep.  From Blumberg & Plumeau, 2015.  Check out the video hereWe discuss a wide range of topics in this epis...
Bo and Ian author

Why do we dream? Part 1

William Blake - The Youthful Poet's Dream ~1820.  From a series of illustrations inspired by John Milton's L`Allegro and Il PenserosoDreams are quite easily one of the most common topics on the minds of most people, judging by my interactions with folk...
Bo and Ian author

What is anxiety? Part 2

Vincent Van Gogh - Sorrowing Old Man (At Eternity's Gate) 1890We go into significantly more detail regarding some of what we know about how circuits in the brain encode anxiety and fear.  This involves a discussion of how brain structures really intera...
Bo and Ian author

What is anxiety?

Edvard Munch - Anxiety, 1894Anxiety is a very familiar emotional state for all of us, but we tend to have a fair bit of difficulty describing in words.  It's something that influences everything we do without us knowing it - and, sometimes, it can spir...
Bo and Ian author

Why do birds suddenly appear?

We discuss one of the most motivating and enthralling states of consciousness that the human brain is capable of generating, which has been a motivating factor in some of the most beautiful of human achievements to some of the ugliest of human behavior...
Bo and Ian author

From uppers to downers and everything in between.

Bo and I have an informal chat about the differences and similarities of stimulants and sedatives, what they are, and how they work.  We also discuss the drugs often found in "bath salts", and what we can learn from them.Literature referenced:1. Iverse...
Bo and Ian author

What does psychotic mean?

The Scream by Edvard MunchLiterature used: 1.    Keshavan MS, Giedd J, Lau JY, Lewis DA, Paus T. Changes in the adolescent brain and the pathophysiology of psychotic disorders. Lancet Psychiatry. 2014 Dec;1(7):549-58. doi: 10.1016/S2215-0366(14)0008...
Bo and Ian author

What's in a face?

We chat about the complex ways we perceive faces, how it can go wrong, and how this system plays a crucial role in how you gravitate towards one political candidate over another.  Can we predict your political party based purely on the way you perceive...
Bo and Ian author

What are Alzheimer's& Dementia?

We discuss an overview of what Alzheimer's & dementia are, why they occur, and potential treatment strategies.Literature used:Nelson L, Tabet N. Slowing the progression of Alzheimer's disease; what works?Ageing Res Rev. 2015 Sep;23(Pt B):193-209. d...
Bo and Ian author

What is addiction?

A general discussion of what addiction means from the perspective of clinicians and scientists, how it comes about, and what goes on in the brain to result in addiction and withdrawal.  In future episodes, we'll delve into the specific circuitry underl...
Bo and Ian author

What is the brain?

In this first episode, Bo and I go into a fair bit of depth regarding how the brain works - the intention of which is to provide a functional foundation for the episodes to come. I promise the next episodes will be less lecture, more conversation.Here ...
Bo and Ian author