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Smart internet talk about industrial wind.
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The Alliance Party of Scotland

The Alliance Party of Scotland will be 2 weeks old this Thursday.  Mrs. Pat Wells will join us live to give us an update and, hopefully, to discuss today's announcement of the new wild lands mapping from SNH.  Also, we will air a conversation with th...
Wind Wise Radio author

Maine's Wind Woes

David and Harley will talk about wind development in Maine.   Karen Bessey Pease will be our special co-host tonight. Karen, or as her friends know her ‘Kaz’, is a native of the State of Maine.  Wife and mother of three, she lives on a 70 acre homeste...
Wind Wise Radio author

Is the Tide Turning in Massachusetts?

Tune in at4pm ET -- 4/7/2013 An update from Five project sparking revolt... Falmouth, Hoosac,  Scituate, Kingston, and Fairhaven. With special guest host Virginia Irvine of Wind Wise Massachusetts.   Virginia and Harley will talk with the folks on th...
Wind Wise Radio author

.Passadumkeag, S.30, No Nocebo and more

David, Harley and guests will talk about: Please dial in to join our discussion -- 213-943-3683 The Aftermath of Inverness: Maine's Passadumkeag decision: http://bangordail...
Wind Wise Radio author

Replay of Dr. John Constable, Turbine Deterioration

Dr. John Constable is the Director of the Renewable Energy Foundation (REF) an independent UK charity that publishes data and analysis on the energy sector .  Dr Constable has been working in energy policy since 2004 and is known for his data-grounded...
Wind Wise Radio author

Ten Ways to Kill Big Wind and Dr. John Constable of REF

Wind Wise Radio author

Scotland against Spin Special

A special Scotland episode at a special time with special guests.    WWR will be live at 8pm GMT (3pm ET) in the run-up to the demonstration in Inverness.    A Special guest host - Linda Holt from Scotland against Spin!   An interview with Whirly Marsh...
Wind Wise Radio author

Ireland with Mike de Jong and Vermont with Senator Hartwell

Tune in for an update from Ireland with Mike de Jong of CREWE about the efforts to stop the Midlands of Ireland from becoming England’s wind ghetto.  Two companies are targeting five counties in the Midlands for a total of 1,150 turbines — just as a st...
Wind Wise Radio author

Dr. Kouwen's Grey Highlands Study and Sustainable Shetland

An interview with Dr. Nicholas Kouwen, P.Eng, Distinguished Professor Emeritus University of Waterloo.   Dr. Kouwen's groundbreaking work over the past year has revealed that the Ontario Ministry of Environment's noise limits are being exceeded a major...
Wind Wise Radio author

Ostrander Point and Ocotillo Express

The Prince Edward Field Naturalists are involved in a struggle to save an globally important habitat at Ostrander Point in Ontario. We are honored to have the opportunity to speak with two leaders in that effort Myrna Wood and Cheryl Anderson. The hor...
Wind Wise Radio author

Saving Paradise with Mike Bond

Mike is a bestselling author and has been an adviser to the US and foreign governments, human rights and war correspondent, award-winning poet and international energy expert.  Mike has lived and worked in over thirty countries on six continents. His...
Wind Wise Radio author

Andrew Gregg's The Wind Rush; Rob Rand on the Shirley Report

We interviewed Andrew Gregg a documentary filmmaker from Canada whose film, "Wind Rush" will be broadcast on CBC's DocZone on February 7th.  You won't want to miss this interview nor will you want to miss the broadcast of Wind Rush "Driving by a wind...
Wind Wise Radio author

Replay Graham Lang and Lyndsey Ward - Scotland Against Spin

This is a replay of our interview with Graham Lang and Lydnsey Ward discussing the formation of the new national alliance to stop wind development in Scotland - Scotland Against Spin   Lyndsey Ward is an independent anti-wind campaigner from the Invern...
Wind Wise Radio author

56 Turbines, Scotland Against Spin, Golden Pinwheels

Cary Shineldecker of Ludington, Michigan will be on the program this weekend to talk about his life among turbines.  Cary is Petition supporter #1017.   He writes, "I am a resident caught in the middle of a wind development. Not only do these ruin our ...
Wind Wise Radio author

Replay of Pat Swords and Christine Metcalfe Aarhus Interview

This a replay of the interview with Pat and Christine that originally aired on our 1/13/2013 episode. Chemical engineer Pat Swords brought a successful complaint to the Aarhus Compliance Committee in Geneva in 2011 and is in the High Court of Ireland ...
Wind Wise Radio author

Replay of Clive Hambler Interview

This is a replay of the interview with Oxford's Clive Hambler.  Clive lectures at Hertford college on conservation. His first book, Conservation, was reviewed in the British Ecological Society Bulletin as "...the best current introduction to conservat...
Wind Wise Radio author

Aarhus - Swords and Metcalfe; Ecology of Turbines - Hambler

We will air a very special interview with Pat Swords and Christine Metcalfe on their efforts to force EU and UK compliance with the Aarhus Convention — information, participation, and justice. Clive Hambler from Oxford will talk about wildlife and win...
Wind Wise Radio author

The Rick James Interview Replay

Richard James is the principal at E-coustics Solutions and an experienced noise control  engineer and acoustician.  Harley and Lisa interviewed Rick on 1/5/2013 and the interview was originally played on the 1/6/2013 program.
Wind Wise Radio author

Rick James of E-coustics Solutions; The Shirley Report

Harley, Lisa and Dave will be talking about all the Windswept News and we will play our interview with Richard James of E-coustics Solutions on the first show of the year -- please join us.   Rick will speak about his experience as a noise control eng...
Wind Wise Radio author

Turbine-Free Holiday, Lyndsey Ward from Scotland

WWR's Turbine-Free Holiday show. Lisa, David and Harley will have all the Windswept news, a dramatic reading, and their predictions for 2013. Lyndsey Ward, who lives in Beauly near Inverness, Scotland, will be our special guest.  She campaigns again...
Wind Wise Radio author

Windswept News with Rob Pforzheime; Senator John Madigan

SORRY!!  David Corrigan is down with a bug and Rick James needed to be rescheduled (Rick is facing a tight deadline on a project to help folks in Onario.) We apologize for the late notice. Lisa and Harley will be joined by Rob Pforzheimer to talk about...
Wind Wise Radio author

Replay of Our Interview with Art and Cheryl Lindgren

Art and Cheryl Lindgren spoke to us about the situation in Vinalhaven, Maine.  On Halloween of 2009, Art and Cheryl’s world was turned upside down when they turned on the three turbines erected on the peaceful island where they live — they realized the...
Wind Wise Radio author

Australia: Madigan and Trask; Vinalhaven: The Lindgrens

This weekend we played a brief snippet of our upcoming interview with Senator John Madigan who is one of the two sponsors of the Wind Facility Noise Bill being debated in the Australian Parliament.  The Bill amends the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Ac...
Wind Wise Radio author

Replay of Last Weekend's Interview with Senator Bob Hartwell

This is a replay of our extensive interview with Vermont Senator Bob Hartwell regarding the efforts for a 3-year moratorium and re-establishing the primacy of Act 250.
Wind Wise Radio author

Viewpoints from Vermont with Sen. Bob Hartwell and MORE

Windswept News with David, Lisa and Harley -- The DRAMA from DOWN UNDA as debate begins in the Australian Parliament on Senators Madigan and Xenophon's amendment to tighten up turbine noise and infrasound regulations; An update on the signature campaig...
Wind Wise Radio author

Replay of David Gibson Interview by Itself

WWR will play our extended interview with the Chief Officer of Mountaineering Council of Scotland (MCofS) — David Gibson. MCofS recently published a manifesto establishing their position regarding onshore wind farms… The ...
Wind Wise Radio author

Scotland with David Gibson of MCofS and Windswept News

David, Lisa, and Harley will be discussing the windswept world of wind development including what's happening in Vermont, New Hampshire, and the NAFTA entaglement. We will turn our attention to Scotland and hear from Inverness Councilor Jim Crawford ...
Wind Wise Radio author

Replay of Peter Skeel Hjorth Interview

Peter Skeel Hjorth is an investigative journalist, author, and a spokesperson with the European Platform Against Wind. This is a replay of the interview that originally aired as part of our November 18th program.
Wind Wise Radio author

Citizens v. Ibredrola and The Deal in Denmark

Citizens v. Iberdrola Hardscrabble Wind Farm   Sixty-three Herkimer County residents have come together to fight the wind turbines in their neighborhood. Many families have experienced severe, debilitating health effects and their property values have ...
Wind Wise Radio author

Windfall in the EU, Cohocton Wind Watch, PTC

Laura Israel will be joining us to talk about Windfall in the EU.   Judi Hall and Hal Graham of Cohocton Wind Watch will be on to talk about their experiences and the problems with Clippers.   Lisa and Harley will also discuss the federal PTC situation...
Wind Wise Radio author

The Steven Cooper Interview

By popular request, WWR is making available the entire Steven Cooper Interview by itself.  Please listen in and share with all your friends.
Wind Wise Radio author

Jeff Aramini on Health and Steven Cooper on Noise (part 2)

We will speak with Dr. Jeff Aramini, Ph.D. about the just published Nissenbaum-Aramini-Hanning research tying turbines to health impacts.  Dr. Aramini is the CEO of Intelligent Health Solutions and a former manager of the Public Health Agency of Canada...
Wind Wise Radio author

Ben Lansink on Property and Steven Cooper on Noise

Ben Lansink will join us live to talk about his recent case study regarding the impact of turbines on property values. Mr. Lansink is both a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and is an AACI - Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute...
Wind Wise Radio author

Cape Vincent and Block Island

WWR returns to the Thousand Islands region in New York.  We will air the full interview with Donna Essegian and Hester Chase from Cape Vincent.  We will get the scoop on BPs efforts to overrule the community's desire to avoid the industrialization of t...
Wind Wise Radio author

Mollie on Bats and the Wild, Cape Vincent and Hammond, NY

Mollie Matteson, Conservation Advocate for the Center for Biological Diversity, works for the protection and restoration of wild places, native ecosystems, and imperiled species in the Northeast. Before joining the Center in 2007, she was deputy direct...
Wind Wise Radio author

Ellis County Kansas, Scotland, and James Delingpole

WWR will interview Jacinta Faber and J.P. Michaud two members of the Ellis County Environmental Coalition that fought off the giant energy corporation, Iberdrola in Ellis County, Kansas.  For the time being the project has been held off but Jacinta and...
Wind Wise Radio author

Bill Short, Rep. Erik Simpson, CATS on Scotland

WWR is looking forward to speaking with William P. Short, an independent consultant with a practice that specializes in renewable energy in the New England states. Among his clients are wind, solar, hydroelectric and biomass generators. Mr. Short has e...
Wind Wise Radio author

Turkey Hill, Princeton Piles up Losses, 8 State Fed Plan

Tonight we will talk turkey --Turkey Hill that is. WWR interviewed Chad Dale the attorney who took the Trustees of Reservations to trial a few weeks ago over their attempt to turn one of their conservation properties into a power plant.    We will also...
Wind Wise Radio author

No Carbon Savings, Fabulous Windtoons, Property Devaluations

Our guests will include Hamish Cumming, a farmer and mechanical engineer from Victoria, Australia whose two-year study on carbon emissions is stirring up the windies.  Hamish has been a strong voice opposing industrial wind in Australia.  John Terry, ...
Wind Wise Radio author

Infrasound, Georgia Mountain, Indiana Bats in WV

Dr. Alec N. Salt, Ph.D., Cochlear Fluids Research Laboratory, Washington University in St. Louis will join us.   Large wind turbines generate very low frequency sounds and infrasound (below 20 Hz) when the wind driving them is turbulent. The amount o...
Wind Wise Radio author

Saving Indiana, Annette for Governor, The Lowell Six

Whitley and Noble counties in Indiana are no longer under the threat of industrial wind development due to the efforts of the local people -- we will speak to two of the "ring-leaders" -- Tony Fleming and Joan Null about this mighty feat. Not satisfi...
Wind Wise Radio author

Shambolic Scottish Policy with Struan Stevenson

Lisa and Harley will be talking about all the latest windy news headlines.   They will also be talking with Esther Wrightman from Ill Wind Reporting -- a brand new group that looks to uncover and document the many instances of negative effects from w...
Wind Wise Radio author

The John Muir Trust's Courage and the Good Folks from CWIF

Helen McDade, the John Muir Trust's head of policy, will be this weekend's first guest.   "The John Muir Trust is dedicated to protecting wild land. In all its policies, the Trust is committed to a scientific, evidence-led, holistic approach. It applie...
Wind Wise Radio author

Corporate Greenwashing, White Noise vs. Turbine Noise in NY

We will be talking about corporations who are supporting wind energy as a part of their business plan to increase their profits.  Miriam Raftery, an award winning environmental journalist, will join Harley and Lisa to talk about this and more.  We hope...
Wind Wise Radio author

Health Canada, Corruption in Michigan, Union Beach& Vermont

“Health Canada, in collaboration with Statistics Canada, will conduct a research study that will explore the relationship between wind turbine noise and health effects reported by, and objectively measured in, people living near wind power developments...
Wind Wise Radio author

"Wind is renewable, Turbines are not" -- Ozzie Zehner

Ozzie Zehner  is the author of Green Illusions: The Dirty Secrets of Clean Energy and the Future of Environmentalism  which was published last month.  We don’t have an energy crisis. We have a consumption crisis. And this book, which takes aim at cheri...
Wind Wise Radio author

Real Farms and Wind Farms. Also Sen. Frank Lasee

We will be talking to folks about the impacts of industrial scale wind on agriculture — crops, livestock, etc.  Our first guest will be Anne Gardner from Australia.    Anne and her husband Gus raise some of the finest merinos in the world and are be...
Wind Wise Radio author

Tehachapi Turbine Trouble. Time-out for Vermonts NEK?

Tehachapi Turbine Trouble --  Penny Melko will be on the program from Tehachapi (to talk about the impacts of replacing small, older turbines with monsters.  Are they really less impactful?  We also hope to talk about planned future developments in tha...
Wind Wise Radio author

Pressuring the FAA, Capacity Factor Declines, BLM rejection.

In Massachusetts, Freedom of Information Act requests have turned up evidence of the massive political pressure put on the FAA to ignore its own experts about the danger posed to aircraft navigating Nantucket Sound.  We will speak to Audra Parker, the ...
Wind Wise Radio author

Victorious Pennsylvania. Mistreating a Veteran. Vile AWEA.

Three large wind projects in Pennsylvania have been stopped.  WWR will speak with Laura Jackson, the President of Save Our Allegheny Ridges (SOAR) and Jack Buchan, an opponent of the Shaffer Mountain project, about these important victories including h...
Wind Wise Radio author