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Hawaii’s Fascinating, Lesser-Known, Endangered Whales – Robin Baird

Scientist Robin Baird from Cascadia Research Collective  joins the Whale Scout podcast as we dive deep into the waters of Hawaii to explore a different species of resident toothed-whales: False killer whales. Learn about their negative interactions wit...
Whale Scout Podcast author

How Could a New Habitat Protection Law Help Orcas? Amy Carey Explains.

Executive Director of Sound Action, Amy Carey, explains why orcas need soft shorelines in Puget Sound. House Bill 1579, if passed, will protect shorelines through the revision of HPA (hydraulic project approval) process for construction in waters. Soun...
Whale Scout Podcast author

Perspectives from a Female Killer Whale Scientist – New Research, Dams, Fisheries Management, and Hope

Learn about the biggest issues facing endangered Southern Resident killer whales from Dr. Deborah Giles, Science Advisor for the Orca Salmon Alliance. We talk about challenging issues such as dam removal, fisheries management, and also learn how Giles ...
Whale Scout Podcast author

Did the Orca Task Force Make a Positive Difference? A Killer Whale Biologist, David Bain, Weighs in.

Now that the first year of the two-year Washington State Orca Task Force has completed their final list of recommendations, and Governor Inslee announced a proposed 1.1 BILLION dollar budget for recovering endangered killer whales, we ask David Bain, k...
Whale Scout Podcast author

Reactions to Inslee’s Budget and Plan to Recover Orcas from Monika Wieland-Shields and Whitney Neugebauer

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee announces is budget and plans to save endangered Southern Resident killer whales. The 1.1 Billion dollar packaged surprised many, but take a closer look at where the money will be spent. Whitney and Monika will brea...
Whale Scout Podcast author

Jacques White from Long Live the Kings Talks Salmon, Orca Task Force, and Pinnipeds

Jacques White is the Executive Director of Long Live the Kings, a group with the mission to restore wild salmon and steelhead and to support sustainable fishing. On this episode of the Whale Scout Podcast we discuss his experience serving on the Orca T...
Whale Scout Podcast author

Erin Corra from FOLKS shares Lime Kiln Lighthouse Centennial Event and more!

Erin Corra, FOLKS (Friends of Lime Kiln Society) Founder and Executive Director shares the magic of Lime Kiln State Park, also known as "whale watch park" and how her team of volunteers can make your next visit a spectacular one. The FOLKS team also ha...
Whale Scout Podcast author

Monika Wieland-Shields Talks Urgent Need for Task Force Comments, Writing, and Research

President of Orca Behavior Institute (OBI), Monika Wieland-Shields shares her thoughts on the 2018 Orca Task Force in Washington State and discusses the urgent need for the public to submit comments on the final Draft Recommendations Report. She also s...
Whale Scout Podcast author

Alexandra Morton talks killer whale, wild salmon research and activism

Killer whale researcher turned salmon scientist and wild salmon advocate Alexandra Morton joins the Whale Scout podcast to share about her work. Beginning with studies of captive killer whale acoustics, Corky the orca lead her to British Columbia to th...
Whale Scout Podcast author

Meet the Directors of Coextinction: a Documentary Series on a Mission

Meet the Directors of the new documentary series, Coextinction. Elena Jean and Gloria Pancrazi describe the film and the movement they're hoping to create saving endangered Southern Resident orcas and the salmon they depend on. Photo: Doug Wortley, Ar...
Whale Scout Podcast author

Veterinarian Dr. Nollens discusses J50’s condition and treatment plan

Dr. Hendrik Nollens is a Veterinarian at SeaWorld and member of the NOAA-lead operation to assess and treat J50, also known as Scarlet, an ailing Southern Resident killer whale. J50 has been deteriorating in health over the summer and teams have steppe...
Whale Scout Podcast author

Scientist answers the question: How might J35 be doing physiologically?

Sixteen days after the birth and death of her calf, J35 continues to carry the body of the deceased orca as she travels with the rest of her pod. The unprecedented length of time this behavior has continued has begged the question, how might J35 be doi...
Whale Scout Podcast author

Jeanette Dorner talks tragedy of J35, her calf, and how to help

The post Jeanette Dorner talks tragedy of J35, her calf, and how to help appeared first on Whale Scout.
Whale Scout Podcast author

Jeanette Dorner Returns to Discuss the Latest on Salmon in Washington State 2/25/18

Jeanette Dorner, Director of Mid-Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group, gives us an update on what's going on in Olympia regarding Atlantic salmon farming and rumors of ramping up hatchery production to provide more prey for killer whales. Whitney shares a...
Whale Scout Podcast author

David Bain In Studio Celebrating 40 Years of Killer Whale Research!

David Bain celebrates 40 years of killer whale research sharing his stories, challenges, and hopes for endangered Southern Resident killer whales. The post David Bain In Studio Celebrating 40 Years of Killer Whale Research! appeared first on Whale Sco...
Whale Scout Podcast author

Jeanette Dorner Talks Salmon and Killer Whales 12/7/17

Let's learn about salmon together. In order to protect killer whales in Puget Sound we must understand what's threatening our salmon and take action. Jeanette Dorner from Mid Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group will be joining us on this and future podca...
Whale Scout Podcast author

Lina Rose Talks Maury Island Marine Park Tree Planting 10/14/17!

Lina Rose from King County Parks talks to us about the next Helpin' Out event at the Maury Island Marine Park. Learn more about the event and why it's important for whales. Plus, Whitney gives us a news update! The post Lina Rose Talks Maury Island Mar...
Whale Scout Podcast author

Susan Berta Talks Orca Month!

June is Orca Month! Learn about how Orca Month got started and has grown into an enormous event with numerous events throughout the West Coast. Susan talks about this year's highlights. Make your plans now! The post Susan Berta Talks Orca Month! appear...
Whale Scout Podcast author

All About Transient Killer Whales with Sara Hysong-Shimazu

Expert naturalist and local artist Sara Hysong-Shimazu discusses what's been going on with so many Transient type killer whales in Puget Sound this spring plus stories of some of her favorite local whales. She also breaks down how these orcas are named...
Whale Scout Podcast author

Jim Waddell Gives a Snake River Dam Update

Jim Waddell returns to give us an update on his campaign to remove the lower Snake River dams. Take a listen to what Jim has to say about our new President. You might be surprised to learn what's slowing down the removal of these dams and how you can h...
Whale Scout Podcast author

Lesanna Lahner Sealife Rehabilitation Facility Needed in Puget Sound

Learn more about the need for a wildlife hospital for marine mammals and turtles in Puget Sound. Lesanna Lahner, Executive Director and Veterinarian, explains why SR3's mission is so important and how their group will work with other organizations curr...
Whale Scout Podcast author

Dawn Noren Study on Contaminants Tranferred in Whale Milk

NOAA scientist Dawn Noren talks about studying contaminants transferred from killer whales to their calves. This work on captive animals can help understand the physiology of Southern Resident killer whales and some of the challenges they face as an en...
Whale Scout Podcast author

Tribute to Granny

Enjoy messages celebrating J2, Granny from naturalists Ariel Yseth, Rylee Jensen, Stephanie Dawes, Sara Hysong-Shimazu, Monika Wieland-Shields, and author Mark Leiren-Young.Mark Malleson / Center for Whale ResearchThe postTribute to Granny appeared fir...
Whale Scout Podcast author

Mark Leiren-Young– The Killer Whale Who Changed the World

Interview with Mark Leiren-Young, the author of the new book, The Killer Whale Who Changed the World, about the first captive killer whale, Moby Doll. We chat about her story and the amazing legacy left behind to her extended family of Southern Residen...
Whale Scout Podcast author

Ari Friedlaender– Antarctic Whales Research Featured in National Geographic TV Show

Ari Friedlaender talks with us about his research on whales in Antarctica. His work is featured on National Geographic's show Continent 7: Antarctica which has it's season finale on Tuesday, December 20th. Learn how whales are recovering from whaling a...
Whale Scout Podcast author

Monika Wieland– Taking Action and New Research

We're back and joined by Monika Wieland talking about the upcoming CALF workshop in Friday Harbor and her latest projects researching killer whales with her new group Orca Behavior Institute. Learn about the latest steps being taken to protect killer w...
Whale Scout Podcast author

What We Can Learn From Orcas– David Neiwert

David Neiwert talks about how his personal experiences shaped this great book...The postWhat We Can Learn From Orcas – David Neiwert appeared first onWhale Scout.
Whale Scout Podcast author

Jim Waddell– All You Need to Know About Snake River Dams

How much money could be saved by freeing the water and allowing the salmon to transit the river unobstructed...The postJim Waddell – All You Need to Know About Snake River Dams appeared first onWhale Scout.
Whale Scout Podcast author

David Bain and Emily Sprong Talkin’ Forests and Killer Whales

We're talking about our upcoming Helpin' Out event on June 27th and ways you can help Bothell's last great forest! David Bain answers why baby killer whales around four or five months of age have splotchy skin - something we're seeing on J51 and L121 t...
Whale Scout Podcast author

Lynne Barre Species In the Spotlight– Southern Resident Orcas

NOAA Protected Resources Division's Lynne Barre joins us to talk about the new Species in the Spotlight campaign featuring eight endangered species, including Southern Resident killer whales...The postLynne Barre Species In the Spotlight – Southern Res...
Whale Scout Podcast author

Makah Whaling with Donna Darm

We're joined by NOAA's Donna Darm discussing proposed Makah whaling. She helps us through the legal issues and explains the alternatives listed in the latest Draft Environmental Impact Statement. NOAA is seeking public comment on this topic through Jun...
Whale Scout Podcast author

How Helpin’ Out at Narrows Park will Help Endangered Killer Whales with Eric Guenther

Tune in for the latest news about what's going on with four new baby orcas born into the Southern Resident community and how your help on April 25th will feed these new little mouths! We're joined by PenMet Park's Eric Guenther to tell us all about it!...
Whale Scout Podcast author

Special Double Feature on Captivity Issues with Howard Garrett and Anna Gullickson

We're joined by Howard Garrett to discuss the newly added member of the endangered Southern Residents - Lolita, who lives at the Miami Seaquarium and what the implications of this decision may be for Lolita's future. Also, Anna Gullickson, floatplane p...
Whale Scout Podcast author

January 5th, 2015 Jim Freese and David Bain Talk Forests and Whales, Plus 2014 Top Stories

High and low stories of 2014, latest news of new calf J50, accomplishments. Plus, IN STUDIO with Jim Freese and David Bain of Friends of North Creek Forest. Why are trees so important for killer whales? Listen in.The postJanuary 5th, 2015 Jim Freese a...
Whale Scout Podcast author

Jessica Lundin Talks Orca Moms and Babies

Doctoral candidate Jessica Lundin joins us on the Whale Scout Podcast this week to discuss her work studying endangered Southern Resident killer whales using scat (poop) samples.  With the recent disappearance of new calf L120 and the startling lack of...
Whale Scout Podcast author

October 26th News and Events Update Podcast

Whales in Puget Sound, come watch whales with our awesome team of volunteers, the death of L120, Marine Naturalists get together to take action, movie screening of Damnation, Whale Scout habitat restoration and more! Click the player below!The postOcto...
Whale Scout Podcast author

October 26th News and Events Update Podcast

Whales in Puget Sound, come watch whales with our awesome team of volunteers, the death of L120, Marine Naturalists get together to take action, movie screening of Damnation, Whale Scout habitat restoration and more! Click the player below! The post Oc...
Whale Scout Podcast author

Podcast Update! Sept. 17th 2014

Hear what I’ve been up to as the summer is winding down and as Whale Scout gets ready for fall whales! Listen to what I found interesting at Whale Museum lectures this summer and how you could redeem awesome and unique PERKS for donating to Whale Scout...
Whale Scout Podcast author

July 25th 2014 Ken Balcomb Talks Navy Sonar and Whales

Ken Balcomb of the Center for Whale Research and featured character of the new book War of the Whales, a True Story by Joshua Horwitz is our special guest!  On this episode of the Whale Scout podcast Ken and I discuss the book and other possible Navy/w...
Whale Scout Podcast author

June 25th Dawn Noren Talks about NOAA’s Ten Year Report on Endangered Killer Whales

Listen in to Dawn Noren, NOAA Research Biologist and key author of the hot off the press 10 year report on the research and conservation efforts made to understand and help protect Southern Resident killer whales.  As a researcher, Noren explains what ...
Whale Scout Podcast author

June 7, 2014– Orcas return to the San Juans, hear whale vocalizations, and updates from the Director!

Join Whitney as she discusses the last week of awesome orca encounters from San Juan Island including some surface vocalizations caught on tape!  Follow along in the blog post below for photos!  The podcast also features the latest news and upcoming bo...
Whale Scout Podcast author

Podcast with Monika Wieland, Author, and Blogger Discussing the Changing Behaviors of Whales in the San Juans

  This week we are joined by Monika Wieland, Author, and www.OrcaWatcher.com blogger.  We talk about her interest in whales, and birds, and important topics that she does not shy away from in her blog.  Recently Monika blogged about meetings and worksh...
Whale Scout Podcast author

New IN STUDIO podcast with David Bain, Killer Whale Scientist and Recovery Leader

We are joined IN STUDIO for a very special show with David Bain, marine mammal biologist, orca expert, environmental educator, and Vice President of Friends of North Creek Forest! Listen in as we talk about why orca lovers should spend more time in the...
Whale Scout Podcast author

New Whale Scout Podcast with Donna Sandstrom, news!

  Interview with Donna Sandstrom, plus news and more!   This week we interview Donna Sandstrom from The Whale Trail as she kicks off Orca Tour 2014! Orca Tour will travel from Canada to California with presenter Erich Hoyt. We also talk recent news abo...
Whale Scout Podcast author

New Whale Scout Podcast with Dr. Brad Hanson

  Interview with Dr. Brad Hanson, plus news and more   This week we are talking all things orca!  Over the last couple of weeks we have had many sightings of killer whales (orcas) including an unusual visit from our resident group, K pod.  K pod travel...
Whale Scout Podcast author