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How would you fight a Yeti in hand to hand combat? Would you attempt to sell your soul to the devil in the interest of science? How can you prepare for a zombie apocalypse? Find out all of this and more every week on the Weird Things podcast, where your hosts, Andrew Mayne, Justin Robert Young and Brian Brushwood probe the most challenging questions about the paranormal, supernatural and fringe.

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Between science and fiction
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WT: Resting Toaster Face

Magic tragedy in India. How can you do “risky” things while being appropriately safe and practiced? Preserved and discovered after 40,000 years. Andrew’s got a confession. Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Things.” Picks...
Andrew Mayne author

AT: Massive Is Happy

“Listener” “Arthur” wants to know how to get over anxiety to finish projects, not just start them. How do you monetize a service that gets more expensive as it gets more popular? Fleshing out what Andrew can do with Audiomatic. Send your project questi...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Judge Judy In Space

A big loss in aerospace. Protests at Tesla over price shifting. Tourism at the ISS. Space crime in space. A heart-warming story of amputation. With E3 this week, what are gaming trends we can expect? Got something weird? Email, subjec...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Glittering Sky Trash

See that glimmer in the sky? That’s data! Would you give up a view for better internet? Does Brian want to walk away from his achievements or just other people? What does a world of cordless VR mean for outdoor spaces and grouped VR experiences? Got so...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Bambi Burger

It’s a strong time for meat-alternatives with the Beyond Meat IPO and Impossible Whopper. Where is the next step for meat-alternatives? When will it be the norm? Uh-oh, an asteroid is almost going to impact Earth. See more here. Got something weird? Em...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: In A Jar

If there was a civilization before humans, how would we know? Where would it be and what signs should we expect? Can we turn a brain back on–and how should we? Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Things.” Picks: Andrew: Va...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Bezos Mons

Andrew’s CONVINCED we’re living in a simulation. Breaking down Blue Origin’s big moon presentation. Home-building innovation coming to places of poverty. Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Things.” Picks: Andrew: Jeff Bez...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Robot Clown and Satellite Man

An avian conspiracy sparks the question, “what fringe conspiracy theory could you believe?” The Drake equation and how likely we are to be in a simulation universe. A theory of bots consuming content and buying goods. Got something weird? Email neshcom...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Endgame of Throngers (Spoilercast)

It was a big week between Avengers: Endgame and Game of Thrones and we’re here to give our spoiler-filled reactions. Spoilers for each are kept in their respective portions. Avengers: Endgame discussion and spoilers start 2:50. Game of Thrones 803 – “T...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Goblin-Monger

Elon Musk had a bit of a weekend with two explosive news stories. Black hole picture! Black hole picture! Still the western world’s #1 source for goblin news. Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Things.” Picks: Andrew: Ama...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Sea-Mammoths?

It’s tax day. What would a future with minimum basic income do to deal with taxes in a world of abundance? A case for Brick and Bri Bri. Wooly mammoths back to life (kinda)! Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Things.” Pic...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Dog Spirit

What’s the worst thing that could happen to a hospital? A bridge and it’s not made of rainbows! America going back to the moon: is the news of a return feasible? Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Things.” Hopsital footag...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: The Good Boy Cloning Program

A clean shed mystery. Playing god with critters–would it be okay? Is cloning for service moral? Cloning for food? Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Things.” Picks: Andrew: Amazon’s Chase credit card and Justin: Deadwood ...
Andrew Mayne author

AT: Procedure Through Error

Listener https443 wants to know what our final steps are before publishing. Is it a checklist or just a feeling? How have our social media habits changed as the social landscape has changed? Send your project questions/ideas to, subje...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: 500 Days of Poles

Sit on THIS (gestures to a flag pole). Face mapping and virtual reconstruction is brought to another level. What does it mean to be “live”? Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Things.” Picks: Andrew: Masters of Scale Justi...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Sgt. Pepper’s Zombie Corpse Club Band

We’re back from SXSW to bring you more weird and wild. Here’s an idea: we kill Brian–just for a bit. The moon quite a dry drink, isn’t it? Let’s go do a 5K. Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Things.” Picks: Andrew: https...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: No, I Work For NASA

Andrew got to visit NASA to watch the Dragon Crew Capsule launch. What does this mean for the future of sending humans on American spacecrafts this year? Airplane critters. Can science eke out if non-conformity is conformist? Got something weird? Email...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Bench Press A Moon Base

Death! The stench of death in Brazil! BAM ZOOM SpaceX to the moon and other space updates. Check out Andrew’s new tool for podcasters, Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Things.” Picks: Andrew: The Expanse...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Chaos Vaccine

OpenAI reveals a new artificial intelligence to generate news articles. We can see technology synthesize impressive new ideas, so how to we brace ourselves? Plus, Lord of the Rings fanfiction! Saying goodbye to one of our watery friends. Got something ...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Look Who’s Marsing Now

Brains in a jar! Hacking life turns out to be a huge exploit. Big news: Mars One is no more. A look back at its troubled history and we pass judgement. Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Things.” Picks: Andrew: Galaxy Que...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Glowing Nuts

This is an important one: we’re going to solve the world’s unsolved mysteries! Well, at least most of them. Pink squirrels! Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Things.” Picks: Andrew: All’s Well: A Night Attack Album Justi...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Electricity Soup

Planet Nine: is it even a planet? An unauthorized space launch means a heavy fine. Is there something out there or just weather phenomena? Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Things.” Picks: Andrew: Sliders Justin: Future ...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: I Only Click on Arby’s Ads

The Super Blood Wolf Moon brings out the weird crew! Deep fakes will undoubtedly affect the news landscape in the short term. Are there any solutions now and what could hypothetically solve it? A new type of rain in Brazil. The speed of light is fast, ...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Boulevard of Broken Fiber Dreams

Fusion energy: if we’re a decade away from widespread use, what does a fusion energy future look like? 5G is definitely on the way. Will telecoms treat users right in a wireless nirvana? GMO foods: the latest illogical craze since flouride in the water...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: You Wouldn’t Hit a Man With Spectacles (fixed)

Andrew has some choice words for SnapChat. We play: What Am I Poking? Clinging to this mortal coil. Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Things.” Picks: Andrew: Key and Peele and The Kominsky Method Justin: True Detective, ...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Plastic Straw Cleanse

It’s a new year and we’re here to talk pedestrian fatalities. Walk and drive safely! 2019 is upon us–how does our present compare to the fictionalized versions of 2019 like Blade Runner and Running Man? Also, drones create holiday hell in England. Got ...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Cold Mars

A SpaceX BFR/Starship update. Water-ice on Mars? It’s more likely than you think! When can we put a person on Mars? Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Things.” Picks: Andrew: The Ballad of Buster Scruggs Justin: Aquaman S...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Empty Space Sensations

Voyager 2 has reached a new point in space! Elon was on 60 Minutes. We’re living in the future and “the mother of all demos” reminds us of how far we’ve come in 50 years. A perfect island vacation! What future tech would you buy for a dollar? Email nes...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Dirty Rocket

An update on gene-edited babies from last week. Machine learning has learned to fold! An adventure in first-class. Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Things.” Picks: Andrew: Paddington 2 Justin: Doctor Who Brian: Darknet ...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Surrounded By Chaos

We react live to the NASA Mars InSight landing on Mars! Does anonymity have a place in academic publishing? Preapare to panic: DNA BABIES!!! Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Things.” Picks: Andrew: Ghost Stories Justin:...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Greeting Rituals

This Monday is a huge date: a landing! Google will let you walk five hundred miles. A case for Big Man and The Other One. Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Things.” Picks: Andrew: Bodyguard Justin: Preacher Brian: The Mo...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Hell Carpet

Picks: Andrew: Quincy and My Dinner with Herve Brian: Business Wars: The Fantastic Mr. Lee Bryce: Schitt’s Creek Support Weird Things on Patreon Subscribe to the Weird Things podcast on iTunes Podcast RSS feed Episode archive Follow us on Facebook Down...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Glamp Up The Jams

Biosphere 2 and one man’s attempt to try it out on his own. Oumuamua is back with a vengeance! The late Paul Allen lives on in many ways, including Stratolaunch. Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Things.” Picks: Andrew: ...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Come in the Ark

Austria expands speed limits for electric vehicles. I’ve heard of sex in space, but babies in space?! Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Things.” Picks: Andrew: Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Guide to Horwarts Justin: Doctor Who ...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: In Contempt Of Parking Lot

An investigation into stolen material for crime-fighting duo Sparrow and the Judge. A man fights for his life in a mine. A new AR platform, 6D AI. Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Things.” Picks: Andrew: Halloween Justi...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Planet 9 From Outer Space

No lie, no joke: a goblin in space. What we know and where it is. Bigfoot spots man. Quantum computers tackling the question of life. Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Things.” Picks: Andrew: Udemy Justin: First Man Bria...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Very Deep Fakes

Glowing clouds over LA! The scary, scary future will be faked and direct to your phone. Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Things.” Picks: Andrew: The Simon and Kirby Library: Horror and The Simon and Kirby Library: Scien...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: 60 Years Up There

NASA is 60 years old today! A look back at its importance and the Space Race. Something washed ashore on this Florida beach. How can technology get smarter (to make us smarter) without being creepy? Got something weird? Email, subject...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Hashtag Why Not Us

SpaceX is going hippie-dippie, man. The unveiling of SpaceX’s moon-trip passenger. Red alert: creepy children songs! Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Things.” Picks: Andrew: iPhone XS Max Justin: The Good Place Brian: T...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Sleeper Car

We’re about to find out SpaceX’s first private passenger going on the first trip to the moon in almost 50 years. Who could it be and how big of an impact is this culturally, economically, and scientifically? Volvo has a new concept for a futuristic sel...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Fashionable UFOs

It’s our last episode ever! Because aliens are DEFINITELY coming for the end-times! Romance in spite of monkeys. Check out Andrew’s magic podcast, Magic Club. Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Things.” Picks: Andrew: Cas...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Free-Skyfalling

The official Weird Things guide to surviving a no-parachute free-fall. Who dropped the antimatter? The state of terraforming Mars. Brian is the next sci-fi Tom Clancy? Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Things.” Picks: An...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: A New Way Up

New rocket vehicles from Stratolaunch mean new efforts in aircraft-launched payloads. An inflatable protrusion in the night sky. Wanna buy a hat? No After Things this week–it will return next week! Got something weird? Email, subject ...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: West Bank On It

Animal parks are dangerous–just listen to this! What we thought was a brown dwarf may actually be an exoplanet. Plus, an update on the Space Force and Andrew’s impressions on his new Tesla 3. Got something weird? Email, subject line “...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Dog Zoo!!!

The second half of this episode talks about visual technologies, so consider watching along with this video archive once we start talking about Childish Gambino or follow along with the video links below. Grainy footage from Canada has us asking “IS th...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Modern Media

What will media look like in the future: an evolution on current tech or brand new innovations? Looking backwards and looking forwards. Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Things.” Picks: Andrew: The Attention Merchants Ju...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Deer Dong Ditch

That classic Weird Things game: “Spiders, Snakes, or whaaaat??” Brian made a big damn mistake buying that property when he could have bought THIS! Fireworks? Pshaw! Mission Quest: The boys have launched their own para-military force to take out the Bla...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Invisible Backhand

Computers can replace blue-collar work, but what about fashion design? New footage of Magic Leap AR is…well… Mission Quest: A Del Taco has blown up and the boys need to find a way to tell the world about a deadly “black comet.” Got something weird? Ema...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Number One Killing Machine

A tight squeeze. The myth of “funding your passion.” The dinosaur menace is coming! Can we contain it? Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Things.” Picks: Andrew: America! Justin: Philips Hue Bryce: Grand Theft Auto Online...
Andrew Mayne author

WT: Universal

Tesla hit a production milestone. The outer space connection to cruise ships. A lengthy conversation on universal basic income. Got something weird? Email, subject line “Weird Things.” Picks: Andrew: Commanding Heights and Free to Cho...
Andrew Mayne author