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Voices from L5 is a podcast all about the other side of space settlement. Space settlement is the future for humanity, but we very rarely talk about the realities of what day to day life would be like in this vision of the future. What will art look like in space? What will the politics look like? What are the economic, social and other ramifications of life in space?Here at Voices From L5, we aim to answer all these questions and more.Support us on Patreon! - https://www.patreon.com/VoicesFromL5

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A podcast dedicated to exploring the human side of Space Settlement
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Extra-Terrestrials and The Law – Voices from L5

Imagine the vast and incredible changes that would happen if we received a communication from ET tomorrow. Imagine the ramifications – this week, Frans von der Dunk of the international institute of space law  joins us to examine how the law might chan...
Liam Ginty author

The Other Voices In Space – Voices From L5

Space is a very exclusive club, only 536 people have left the Earth and most of those represent a very specific kind of person – We sat down with a dear friend and anthropologist Gabriel Kommissar to discuss the article “Queering Outer Space” by Michea...
Liam Ginty author

The Preservation of Space – Voices From L5

We’re on kind of a historic preservation kick this past few episodes,  Joseph Reynolds,  an expert on all things preservation, joins us this week to talk about how we can preserve the moon, and the legal and cultural hurdles that stand in the way of th...
Liam Ginty author

Dissent, Revolution and Liberty In Space – Voices From L5

History is full of revolution, as the population is oppressed or radically differs from its government in terms of beliefs and ideas, revolution is a natural part of any culture and society, and so it will be in Space. But space presents unique and min...
Liam Ginty author

Archaeology and Space – Voices From L5

Studying the history of humanity has always been a vital part of who we are, and now that Humans have had a presence in space for almost 60 years, our history is no longer bound to the Earth. Professors Beth O’Leary and Pete Capelotti join us this week...
Liam Ginty author

Working In Space – Voices From L5

How do we keep our workers safe in space? How do we protect the people who will build the industry of outer space? Do we need to protect them at all? Kate Perino, a specialist in labour law, joins us this week to discuss the finer details, difficulties...
Liam Ginty author

Civil Rights and Space (Pt.2)

Friend of the show, PJ Blount and David Molina join us this week to continue our discussions on Civil Rights and Space, this time examining the relationship between Space, Technology and Civil Rights through history and in the modern day. Absolutely br...
Liam Ginty author

Civil Rights In Space (Pt.1) – Voices From L5

What difference will space, and the places we will live in space, make to our structures of civil rights? How will we implement these rights and who will be responsible for it? Jerry Stone joins us to discuss this incredible topic in our first episode ...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 Community Choice Episode – Space Agriculture w/ Simon Gilroy

In our very first community choice episode, Simon Gilroy joins us to discuss space botany and agriculture, and the delicate art of growing food in space. A tremendous episode, Simon brings all sorts of fantastic stories about his work, some unexpected ...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – Workers Rights In Space

What rights do workers have in space, and how can we enforce them when the nearest unbiased court could be hundreds of thousands of miles away? Carolyn Meinel joins us this week to discuss this and more, as we try to figure out exactly what needs to be...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – Hidden Figures

Something a little different this week, Voices reviews a film, Hidden Figures, with our friend from another podcast, Christopher Peterson. Chris runs the DecipherSciFi show, a brilliant podcast that examines science fiction and scifi concepts, definite...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – Gender In Space

Who gets to go to space? Is it a Noah’s ark where we march two by two? A meritocracy where the skilled and talented are who inherent our future in the stars? One of our best guests from way way back at the start of the project, Tony Milligan joins us t...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – Space Socialism Pt.2 (Feat. Kim Stanley Robinson)

Further exploring alternatives to the market based dreams of the US Space community, the wonderful Kim Stanley Robinson joins us to discuss a number of questions that arise when viewing space through the lens of non-capital. We ask the question“Can spa...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – Space Socialism

Hello folks and welcome back! I trust you all had a good winter holiday! Voices is back with the first in our mini series exploring alternative ideas and models of space programs to the current US Government/Private Market system we have today. Partial...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – SETI

The search for extraterrestrial life is a huge question when it comes to space, and many of you have been asking for a SETI guest for a very long time. Well, Seth Shostak, head astronomer from the California SETI institue joins us this week to discuss ...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – The Story of the Cosmic Dancer

Take a journey with us through space history as we examine the tale of the Cosmic Dancer, the first artwork commissioned and designed specifically for space flight, and the first true work of Space Art. Arthur Woods joins us to tell a tale that spans d...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – SpaceX IAC2016 Analysis

Elon Musk’s IAC talk got a lot of people excited, and rightly so! Its an inspiring, uplifting vision of the future. Voices From L5 dives in to analyze some of the comments made and asks some questions regarding them. I want to kick things off by saying...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – Space And Art

In a new series, Voices jumps back to examine space art, a wide field covering many disciplines from garage art studios to NASA labs. In this episode, Ron Miller, a long time space artists, joins us to give a background into this fascinating world, and...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – The History Of Space Policy

Kicking off another mini series, we have friend of the show Michael Listner this week to discuss the social and political landscape around space policy through the ages– We discuss what shaped important bills and what that might mean for the future. In...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – Practical Problems with the Outer Space Treaty

We are joined this week by Martin Elvis, a senior astrophysicist at the Harvard Smithsonian centre for astrophysics. Martin joins us to discuss a paper regarding a potential loophole in the Outer Space Treaty and how it handles property. In this episod...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – To The Stars

How can we go beyond our solar system and what might we find there? Why would we do such things? Phillip tells us about his project and the projects he’s involved with that hope to one day send out fleets of tiny ships to other stars. Phillip Lubin joi...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – The Ethics of Terraforming

If we can terraform Mars, should we? What if there’s already life there? What is the most important thing about our solar system? Humans? Or Life itself? Do we have an obligation to be gardeners of our part of the universe, cultivating life as we find ...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – Concordia

Imagine being in the most remote place on Earth, stuck for months with no way of getting home. Here, farther from civilization than anyone but the Astronauts, Concordia research base houses scientists and doctors experimenting and preforming research t...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – Voices From Mars

An amazing special episode this week– Sheyna Grifford, the chief health and safety officer on the NASA-Ames HI-SEAS Mars analogue mission joins us for a time-delayed interview live from the HI-SEAS Mars simulation. Sheyna is currently involved in a lon...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – Terraforming Mars

What other ways can we spread to the stars? Free standing settlements may be what we hope for, but are there other options? Matt Williams joins us to discuss terraforming the red planet. Along the way we examine the ethical, technological and societal ...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – Who do we send into space?

How do you pick the next generation of Space pioneers? And how can we train, test our theories and build an understanding of space psych without actually going to space? The answer may be mars analogues Sheryl Bishop joins us to continue our series on ...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – Mental Health and Space

How do we prepare ourselves for space? Not just physically, but mentally, socially. What happens when cultures clash in the great unknown? Marc Jurblum joins us to kick off our series on Space Psych and general Health In Space. We discuss the history o...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – What it takes to get a Moon Base

We all want a moon base, but why don’t we have one yet and what needs to happen to make it real? Brent Sherwoods joins us this week to discuss the Moon Village, an ESA proposed‘lunar business park’ that would allow groups of corporations and countries ...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – The Korean Perspective on Space

KangSan Kim AKA Antonio Stark and Jaehun Jang, two members of Team Divinity, winners of the NASA Ames Space Settlement grand prize join us this week to discuss their project, what designing space settlements means to them and what space development loo...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – How to stop an asteroid

James Howe joins us this week for an awesome episode discussing the other thing asteroids do– wipe out all life as we know it! More accurately, he’s here telling us all about the amazing technologies and movements that we have for detecting, identifyin...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – New Space, The Outer Space Treaty and Lucite balls

Michael Listner joins us this week to address how the Outer Space Treaty effects the new space movement and the various new space companies plans for asteroid mining.  He also addresses concerns like ownership rights, and tells us some fascinating real...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – The Space Frontier Foundation

Hannah Kerner of the Space Frontier Foundation joins Voices and gives us the low down on what the SFF does, how it does it and what’s in the future for the group. Most interestingly, Hannah goes over a philosophy of common good and how it relates to he...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – India’s Place in Space

Manish Mishra and Swapnil Kumar, two students from the Indian Institute of Space Technology join us to discuss India’s place in the global space industry and how they intend to be a part of it. If you like this show, and would like to support us while ...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – The Workforce Of The Future

What will be the biggest industry in space? Ronald Kohl joins us this week to discuss where the workers of the future will come from, and the challenges they might face when they get here. In a world where workers rights and job security is one of the ...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – March Storm

Have you ever wondered how you can get involved in space advocacy, or how you can change space policy? Tom Marotta, long time Voices guest, joins us again to tell us about March Storm, the prime space advocacy event happening this March in DC. Tom disc...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – Space Law Roundtable

Ever wonder what a space constitution would be like? Or what rights a society in space might need? Heard about this new space resources bill and need some help figuring it out? 3 masters of Space Law, PJ Blount, Christopher Newman and Adam Manning all ...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – Hacking the Solar System

PJ Blount joins us this week to talk space security, cyber attacks and satellite takeovers. How secure is our communications backbone, and how hard is it to steal a satellite? PJ Blount is an adjunct professor at the University of Mississippi School of...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – What will we do on the moon?

Brent Sherwood joins us to discuss life on the moon. What will humans actually do on the moon? What kind of experiments, scientific discoveries and human developments can be made on the Moon and why do we need to go back? One of our best episodes yet, ...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – Building the Astrosapien

What does it take for a human body to thrive in space, and what can we do to make ourselves ready for it? Bill Gardiner joins us this week to discuss diet, exercise and acid levels as we try to find out exactly how we can go from being normal terrestri...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – Viability and Cooperation

Dr Chris Newman joins us for a fantastic episode where we discuss the viability of various proposed projects such as moon mining and asteroid retrieval. We also discuss the growing need for legal and political cooperation of both private and public spa...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – Sustainable Space Settlement

Kathleen Connell joins us this week to discuss sustainability, astrobiology and the need for a more democratic approach to space exploration.  We ask the question, how can we build toward a space settlement future while avoiding the mistakes we’ve made...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – What About Venus?

This week in Voices From L5, we talk to Geoffrey Landis, a NASA scientist, about the possibilities and benefits of Venus colonization where we ask the question– why do we only talk about Mars, Moon and Asteroids? Check out Geoffrey Landis’s website at ...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – What Is Space Settlement?

This time on Voices From L5, Tom Marotta joins us to help answer what is space settlement? We cover some of the basics, and hopefully clear up some questions you folks have had about the topic. Find us on: iTunes– https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/vo...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – Al Globus

Al Globus joins us to discuss the various types of space settlement and talks about the critical research he has been involved in that might change the settlement game forever. Sources from Al“Space Settlement the Easy Way,” Al Globus, Stephen Covey, T...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – Micheal Laine

We’re back! Voices wakes up, stretches its legs and brings you more space settlement goodness. This time we have Space Entrepreneur and president of the Liftport Group, Micheal Laine, who talks space solar, lunar elevators and what the business behind ...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – The Astrosociology Institute

Sorry for the delay folks! Voices was away for a while, putting together this fantastic episode for you all. Jim Pass and Kathleen Toerpe join us to discuss Astrosociology, a new field of study bringing the soft sciences to Space Development. These fol...
Liam Ginty author

Voices From L5 – Tony Milligan

Tony Milligan joins us this week to discuss his theories on Planetary Preservation, and why nobody owns the moon. Check out his book on Amazon– http://www.amazon.com/Nobody-Owns-Moon-Ethics-Exploitation/dp/0786472650 If you liked this show, please cons...
Liam Ginty author

Episode 5 – Space Law

In this episode, we spoke with Space Law Expert, Adam Manning about property rights, the moon treaty and much much more! A fantastic episode! For more from Adam, check out his blog at http://projection3.blogspot.com/ if you like the show, and want to s...
Liam Ginty author

Episode 4 – Art, Science and Space

In this weeks episode, I speak with the fantastic Bettina Forget and we discuss sci-art, Art’s effects on science and science’s effects on Art. If you liked this episode, consider donating to our patreon!– https://www.patreon.com/VoicesFromL5The postEp...
Liam Ginty author

Episode 3 – March Storm and Settlement History

In this weeks episode, Tom Marotta and I discuss the history of the space settlement movement, and he tells us a little bit about March Storm.The postEpisode 3– March Storm and Settlement History appeared first onThis Orbital Life.
Liam Ginty author