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Our editor's list of the best and most popular episodes of OHP in 2016

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Our editor's list of the best and most popular episodes of OHP in 2016
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Narratives of Slavery in Late Ottoman Egypt

with Eve Troutt Powellhosted by Susanna FergusonDownload the podcastFeed | iTunes | GooglePlay | SoundCloudThe epithet "abid," Arabic for "slave," still follows those with dark skin as they move around today's Cairo. The word and its negative connotati... author

Compiling Knowledge in the Medieval Islamic World

with Elias Muhannahosted by Chris Gratien and Zoe Griffithreadings by Nora LessersohnDownload the podcastFeed | iTunes | GooglePlay | SoundCloudClassical encyclopedias and compendia such as Pliny’s Natural History have long been known to Western audien... author

Nouveau Literacy in the 18th Century Levant

with Dana Sajdihosted by Chris Gratien and Shireen HamzaDownload the podcastFeed | iTunes | GooglePlay | SoundCloudIn the conventional telling of the intellectual history of the Ottoman Empire and the Islamicate world, there has been very little room f... author

Architecture and Late Ottoman Historical Imagination

with Ahmet Ersoyhosted by Susanna FergusonDownload the podcastFeed | iTunes | GooglePlay | SoundCloudWhat happens when we encounter "Orientalist" aesthetics outside the West? In the late nineteenth century, a cosmopolitan group of Ottoman architects tu... author

The Ottoman Empire in the Age of Revolutions

with Ali Yayciogluhosted by Zoe GriffithDownload the podcastFeed | iTunes | GooglePlay | SoundCloudThe turn of the nineteenth century was a period of tumult and transformation in the Ottoman Empire as in many places around the world from France to Hait... author

Both Citizens and Strangers in Post-1948 Israel

with Shira Robinsonhosted by Graham Auman PittsDownload the podcastFeed | iTunes | GooglePlay | SoundCloudThe Palestinian Arabs who remained within the borders of Israel after the 1948 war became citizens of the new state. But in those early years Arab... author

Nationality and Citizenship in Mandate Palestine

with Lauren Bankohosted by Michael TalbotDownload the podcastFeed | iTunes | GooglePlay | SoundCloudThe 1925 Palestine Citizenship Order-in-Council, passed by the British government and implemented in the Palestine Mandate, was the first piece of manda... author

La prostitution en AlgĂ©rie Ă  l’époque Ottomane et française

avec AurĂ©lie PerrieranimĂ©e par DorothĂ©e Myriam KellouTĂ©lĂ©chargerFlux RSS | iTunes | GooglePlay | SoundCloudL’histoire de l’AlgĂ©rie coloniale est souvent abordĂ©e du point de vue des bouleversements Ă©conomiques et politiques engendrĂ©s par l’occupation fr... author

Colonialism and the Politics of Identity in Morocco

with Jonathan Wyrtzenhosted by Chris GratienDownload the podcastFeed | iTunes | GooglePlay | SoundCloudIn many countries of the Middle East and North Africa, European colonial rule lasted only for a matter of decades, and yet its influence in the realm... author

Osmanlı İstanbul’unda Gece ve Sokaklar

Nurçin Ä°leriUfuk Adak'ın sunuculuğuylaBölĂŒmĂŒ indirFeed | iTunes | GooglePlay | SoundCloudOttoman History Podcast'in bu bölĂŒmĂŒnde, Nurçin Ä°leri ile geç dönem Osmanlı Ä°stanbul’unda gece, korku ve suç iliƟkisi ĂŒzerine konuƟtuk. Farklı toplumsal tabakalard... author

The Ottoman Red Sea

with Alexis Wickhosted by Susanna FergusonDownload the podcastFeed | iTunes | GooglePlay | SoundCloudThe body of water now known as the Red Sea lay well within the bounds of the Ottoman Empire's well-protected domains for nearly four centuries. It wasn... author

African Diaspora in Ottoman Izmir

with Michael Fergusonhosted by Chris Gratien and Saghar SadeghianDownload the podcastFeed | iTunes | SoundCloudThe Ottoman slave trade, which was part of an increasingly globalized trafficking network of the early modern period, brought millions of peo... author

Armenian Photography in Ottoman Anatolia

with Armen T. Marsoobianhosted by Zoe GriffithDownload the podcastFeed | iTunes | GooglePlay | SoundCloudInterest in Ottoman photography has tended to focus on the orientalist gaze or the view from the imperial center. In this episode, Armen T. Marsoob... author

Ottoman Commentaries on Islamic Philosophy

with Eric van Lithosted by Nir Shafir and Chris GratienDownload the podcastFeed | iTunes | SoundCloudCommentaries are a common, even a nearly ineluctable, part of the textual landscape of the early modern Ottoman Empire. Especially when it came to phil... author

Literacies and the Emergence of Modern Egypt

with Hoda Yousefhosted by Graham PittsDownload the podcastFeed | iTunes | GooglePlay | SoundCloudDuring the late nineteenth century, Egyptian society witnessed the rise of new debates and practices concerning reading and writing in the Arabic language.... author

Neo-Ottoman Architecture and the Transnational Mosque

with Kishwar Rizvihosted by Chris GratienDownload the podcastFeed | iTunes | GooglePlay | SoundCloudAs spaces fundamental to Muslim religious and communal life, mosques have historically served as sites of not just architectural but also ideological co... author

Ecevit, Art, and Politics in 1950s Turkey

with Sarah-Neel Smithhosted by Nicholas DanforthDownload the podcastFeed | iTunes | SoundcloudAlthough artistic production occurs in a political context, art and politics are often studied as separate fields of historical inquiry. Our guest in this epi... author

Morocco’s New Migrant Class

with Isabella Alexanderhosted by Graham CornwellDownload the podcastFeed | iTunes | Hipcast | Soundcloud“Hrig,” the Moroccan Arabic term for “illegal” immigration, translates to “burning.” In the latest episode of Tajine, Isabella Alexander discusses t... author

Caliphate: an idea throughout history

with Hugh Kennedyhosted by Taylan GĂŒngörDownload the podcastFeed | iTunes | SoundcloudWhat is a caliphate? Who can be caliph? What is the history of the idea? How can we interpret and use it today? In this podcast we discuss with Prof Hugh Kennedy his ... author

Economics and Justice in the Ottoman Courts

with Boğaç Ergenehosted by Nir ShafirDownload the podcastFeed | iTunes | Hipcast | SoundcloudWere Ottoman courts just? Boğaç Ergene discusses this basic question in this podcast by forging a new path beyond the earlier views of the justice system as in... author

Yemeğin Politik Tarihi

Burak OnaranUfuk Adak'ın sunuculuğuylayemeğin politik tarihinden bahsettik.BölĂŒmĂŒ dinleFeed | iTunes | Hipcast | SoundcloudOttoman History Podcast'in bu bölĂŒmĂŒnde, Mimar Sinan GĂŒzel Sanatlar Üniversitesi Sosyoloji BölĂŒmĂŒ'nden tarihçi Burak Onaran ile y... author

Foodways in Medieval Anatolia

with Nicolas Trépanierhosted by Nir Shafir and Polina IvanovaNir Shafir and Polina Ivanova with Nicolas Trépanier.Download the podcastFeed | iTunes | Hipcast | SoundcloudAt the heart of medieval political economies were a variety of practices, structur... author

Venetian Physicians in the Ottoman Empire

with Valentina Puglianohosted by Nir ShafirThis episode is part of an ongoing series entitled History of Science, Ottoman or Otherwise.  Download the seriesPodcast Feed | iTunes | Hipcast | SoundcloudStarting in the fifteenth century, medical doctors f... author

The American University of Beirut and the British Mandates

with Hilary Falb Kalismanhosted by Huma Gupta, Chris Gratien, and Nir ShafirHilary Falb talks about her research on AUB during the mandate period.Download the podcastPodcast Feed | iTunes | Hipcast | SoundcloudDuring the late Ottoman period, the Syrian... author

Gender, Politics, and Passion in the Christian Middle East

with Akram Khaterhosted by Graham Pitts. Scholars have long neglected the Middle East’s Christian communities in general and Christian women in particular. In this episode, Akram Khater draws attention to the biography of Hindiyya al-'Ujaimi (1720-179... author

Osmanlı'da Vergi Siyaseti (1839-1908)

Nadir ÖzbekProf. Dr. Nadir Özbek ile son dönem Osmanlı Ä°mparatorluğu'nda vergi siyaseti ve toplumsal adaleti konuƟuyoruz.BölĂŒmĂŒ dinlePodcast Feed | iTunes | Hipcast | SoundcloudOndokuzuncu yĂŒzyılda Osmanlı merkezi yönetimi vergi gelirlerini nasıl ve ha... author

Mapping the Medieval World in Islamic Cartography

with Karen Pintohosted by Nir ShafirIn the latest addition to our series on history of science, Nir Shafir talks to Karen Pinto about her research on Islamic cartography and mapping.This episode is part of an ongoing series entitled History of Science,... author