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DIY Food Supply
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DIYFS Podcast #29 Interview with Eric Toensmeier

This weeks podcast is an interview with Eric Toensmeier. If you have found yourself asking the question what can I plant, and how do I build guilds of perennial plants, then you need to know more about this man and … Continue reading →
Robb Smith author

DIYFS Podcast #28- Interview with Nicolette Hahn Niman, Author of Defending Beef.

This weeks podcast is an interview with author Nicolette Hahn Niman. During the course of our conversation we briefly discuss her background and first book, “Righteous Pork Chop”. From there we quickly move into her latest writing, “Defending Beef”. Th...
Robb Smith author

DIYFS Podcast #27- Interview with Alan Enzo and Ben Bishop of Nashville Permaculture

So I recently got to spend a couple hours talking to the instructor of my Permaculture Design Course and one of his partners down at Nashville Permaculture. In this time we talk a lot about Permaculture design in general, what … Continue reading →
Robb Smith author

DIYFS Podcast #26- Interview with Corey and Erin Hall from Naptown Nigerians

Todays very belated podcast is an interview I did with Erin and Corey Hall of Naptown Nigerians and the Saturated Market Goats Milk Soap Company. This interview runs a little on the long side, but if you ever wanted to … Continue reading →
Robb Smith author

DIYFS Podcast #25- Interview with Sue Spicer and Kay Grimm of Fruit Loop Acres

Here is an interview with the owners and managers of a 1 acre Permaculture Food Forest right on the near eastside of Indianapolis Indiana. During this interview we discuss Fruit Loop Acres (in depth), Permaculture design principles, practical applicati...
Robb Smith author

DIYFS Podcast #24- Integrated Pest Management: Permaculture Style

This episodes title is pretty self explanatory, but this show is a quick overview or how Permaculturists approach dealing with pests in the garden. It all comes down to creating a healthy and balanced environment. As a side bar I … Continue reading →
Robb Smith author

DIYFS Podcast #23- Interview with Laura Henderson of Growing Places

This weeks podcast is with the executive director of an organization that uses local food, yoga and gardening as teaching tools to guide individuals and the community towards a more sustainable life. Or in the words of their website, Growing Places … C...
Robb Smith author

DIYFS Podcast #22- Talking Worm Composting with Keith Odell of Castaway Compost

This weeks podcast is a conversation between your favorite host and vermicompost entrepreneur Keith Odell. Keith shares his expertise in worm care, feeding, bins, and even gives a few tips on how to use the compost you make. He also discusses … Continu...
Robb Smith author

DIYFS Podcast #21- Interview with Kate Franzman of Bee Public and Growing Places

A couple of weeks ago I got to sit down with Growing Places resident bee keeper and urban farmer Kate Franzman. The subject of our conversation was bees. We talk about their life cycles, how to keep them healthy, Colony … Continue reading →
Robb Smith author

DIYFS Podcast #20- Interview with Resilience Writer Shawndra Miller

This week I moved away from the producers and distributors in the local food movement, and backed up and took a broader look with someone who has been reporting on community resilience for the last decade. I have to tell … Continue reading →
Robb Smith author

DIYFS Podcast #19- Interview with Andrew Brake of Naptown Chickens

Recently I got to sit down with Andrew Brake of Naptown Chickens and talked about a wide variety of urban homesteading topics. It may be a bit of a surprise but the majority of our conversation centered around chickens, and … Continue reading →
Robb Smith author

DIYFS #18– Interview with Darren Bender-Beauregard of Brambleberry Farms.

I travelled to Paoli, Indiana to check out an 8 acre Permaculture farm and nursery by the name of Brambleberry Farms. Brambleberry is a family operation owned and operated by Darren and Espri Bender-Beauregard. On this farm they have an … Continue read...
Robb Smith author

DIYFS Podcast #17- Interview with Will Allen of Growing Power

Over the weekend I had the privilege of interviewing Will Allen of Growing Power. During this interview we discussed the current state of food production and the need for urban farming both as a catalyst for improved health and inner … Continue reading...
Robb Smith author

DIYFS #16- Understanding and Designing with Patterns

In this weeks podcast, I take a look at how we use patterns when designing a Permaculture system. Some of the features we discuss are: using geometry to create space and edge, climate, weather, behavior of water, mapping of patterns in the design, … Co...
Robb Smith author

DIYFS Podcast #15– Interview with Tyler Gough of Indy Urban Acres

On this fine day, I got to sit down at Indy Urban Acres and helped Tyler Gough take a break for a little bit so he could tell me all about the operations out at Indy Urban Acres. During our … Continue reading →
Robb Smith author

DIYFS Podcast #14- Talking aquaponics with Glynn Barber, President of the Indiana Aquaculture Association

So a little while ago I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with Glynn Barber, who is the President of the Indiana Aquaculture Association and the inventor of ECSIA. During the interview we discussed aquaponics from a variety of … Continue readin...
Robb Smith author

DIYFS Podcast #13- Interview with Rick Beach of Wolf Beach farms and the 2 Midwest Guys Podcast

This Podcast was a lot of fun and a total pain to record. I think we ran into every technical difficulty that you can have and still manage to record. The good news was Rick was a great sport and … Continue reading →
Robb Smith author

DIYFS Podcast #12: Where we should practice Permaculture.

The answer to the title of this particular podcast seems pretty simple. Everywhere. But the reality is the subject is a bit deeper, and a bit more feisty at that. In this episode, I decided to take a swing at … Continue reading →
Robb Smith author

DIYFS #11: Interview with Linda Proffitt at Peaceful Grounds

We have a long one for you this week folks. A couple of weeks ago I sat down with Linda Proffitt of Global Peace Initiatives, where we discussed several of their most recent activities. This interview runs about an hour … Continue reading →
Robb Smith author

DIYFS Podcast #10: Interview with Matthew Jose of Big City Farms

This episode of the DIY Food Supply Podcast is a do over of our first interview attempt. We sit down with Matthew Jose who singlehandedly runs a three acre urban farm right in the shadow of downtown Indianapolis. During the interview we … Continue read...
Robb Smith author