Urban Agriculture

Urban Agriculture is a podcast about the Third Green Revolution. Brought to you by Dickson Despommier and Vincent Racaniello.

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Urban Agriculture is a podcast about food production within the built environment.
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Gotham Greens

Dickson travels to indoor farm Gotham Greens in Brooklyn, New York to speak with Co-founder and CEO Viraj Puri. Hosts: Dickson Despommier and Vincent Racaniello Guest: Viraj Puri Links for this episode Gotham Greens Send your questions and comments t...
Vincent Racaniello author

The Vertical Farm Institute

Hosts: Dickson Despommier and Vincent Racaniello Guest: Daniel Podmirseg Daniel joins Dickson and Vincent to talk about the Vertical Farm Institute, which provides advice and planning on the design and construction of indoor farms.   Links for this epi...
Vincent Racaniello author

The Next Big Things

Hosts: Dickson Despommier and Vincent Racaniello Dickson provides an updates on progress towards establishing long-term, sustainable, local, safe food systems based on indoor farming. Links for this episode Pumpkin genome sequenced (SciDaily) The Next...
Vincent Racaniello author

Urban Agriculture 26: Green Sense Farms

Hosts: Dickson Despommier and Vincent Racaniello Guest: Robert Colangelo Dickson and Vincent speak with Robert Colangelo, founding farmer and CEO of Green Sense Farms, the world's largest commercial indoor vertical farm.  Links for this episode Green ...

Urban Agriculture 25: Standing Tall

Hosts: Dickson Despommier and Vincent Racaniello Dickson defines the term 'vertical farm': a high-tech greenhouse that is stacked on top of itself, transforming it into a multi-story growing space.   Links for this episode GreenTech Amsterdam The Man ...

Urban Agriculture 24: Cuello's Law

Hosts: Dickson Despommier and Vincent Racaniello Guest: Joel Cuello Dickson and Vincent speak with Professor Joel Cuello about his work on engineering of sustainable biological and agricultural innovations, including bioregenerative space life support,...

Urban Agriculture 23: Controlled enviroment agriculture

Hosts: Dickson Despommier and Vincent Racaniello Guest: Gene Giacomelli Dickson and Vincent speak with Professor Gene Giacomelli about his work on controlled environment plant production systems research, design, development and applications.   Links f...

Urban Agriculture 22: Clare-ity of thought

Hosts: Dickson Despommier and Vincent RacanielloGuest: Clare MiflinDickson and Vincent speak with architect Clare Miflin about biomimicry - innovation inspired by nature - and environmentally sound building practices.  Links for this episodeKiss & ...

Urban Agriculture 21: Kiss and tell

Hosts: Dickson Despommier and Vincent RacanielloGuest: Gregory KissDickson and Vincent speak with architect Gregory Kiss about how to build self-sustaining urban buildings. Links for this episodeKiss & Kathcart Architects2020 Challenge (pdf)The 205...

Urban Agriculture 20: Kalefornia dreamin'

Hosts: Dickson Despommier and Vincent RacanielloGuests: Ed Horton and Danielle HortonDickson and Vincent speak with Ed and Danielle Horton from Urban Produce, which uses a high-density vertical indoor growing system which they hope to implement all ove...

Urban Agriculture 19: Urban aggivangelists

Hosts: Dickson Despommier and Vincent RacanielloDickson and Vincent review recent developments in indoor farming, and catch up with the backlog of listener questions and comments. Links for this episodeRoots of organic farming on campus (NY Times)Green...

Urban Agriculture 18: Sharecropping the OpenAg way

Hosts: Dickson Despommier and Vincent RacanielloGuest: Caleb HarperDickson and Vincent speak with Caleb Harper about the Open Agriculture initiative at the MIT Media Lab.Links for this episodeCityFARMMIT Media LabGrowing data will be hosted at openag.m...

Urban Agriculture 17: New urban and vertical farms

Hosts: Dickson Despommier and Vincent RacanielloDickson and Vincent review recent entrants into the growing discipline of urban agriculture. Links for this episodeGreener RootsUrban ProduceUS Pavilion Milan Expo 2015TruLeafRay Kurzweil on Vertical Farm...

Urban Agriculture 16: Vertical Harvest

Hosts: Dickson Despommier and Vincent RacanielloGuests: Penny McBride and Nona YehiaDickson and Vincent speak with the founders of Vertical Harvest, an indoor farm in Jackson, Wyoming. Links for this episodeVertical HarvestVertical Harvest before (jpg)...

Urban Agriculture 15: AeroFarms

Hosts: Dickson Despommier and Vincent RacanielloGuests: Ed Harwood and Mark OshimaDickson and Vincent visit AeroFarms, an indoor farm in Newark, NJ and speak with Chief Science Officer Ed Harwood and Chief Marketing Officer Mark Oshima.Links for this e...

Urban Agriculture 14: Agritecture

Hosts: Dickson Despommier and Vincent RacanielloGuest: Henry Gordon-SmithDickson and Vincent meet with Henry Gordon-Smith, founder of Agritecture and board member of the Association for Vertical Farming. Links for this episodeAgritectureAssociation for...

Urban Agriculture 13: Farmbox Greens

Hosts: Dickson Despommier and Vincent RacanielloGuest: Dan AlbertDickson and Vincent talk with Dan Albert, founder of Farmbox Greens, a commercial urban farm in Seattle, Washington.Links for this episodeEco-LaboratoryFarmbox Greens video (YouTube)Buy F...

Urban Agriculture 12: FarmedHere

Hosts: Dickson Despommier and Vincent RacanielloGuest: Paul HardejDickson and Vincent speak with Paul Hardej, founder of Farmed Here, a commercial vertical farm in Chicago, Illinois.Links for this episodeFarmedHereFarmedHere opening (YouTube)FarmedHere...

Urban Agriculture 11: Growing the light fantastic with Illumitex

Hosts: Dickson Despommier and Vincent RacanielloGuests: Chris Hammelef and Paul GreyDickson and Vincent speak with Chris and Paul of Illumitex to learn about their revolutionary approach to designing horticultural LED lighting. Links for this episodeIl...

Urban Agriculture 10: Quinoa and asparagus

Hosts: Dickson Despommier and Vincent RacanielloDickson and Vincent read listener email about urban agriculture, hydroponics, aquaponics, underground vertical farms, climate change, and more. Links for this episodeQuinoaAsparagusLetters read on UrbAg 1...

Urban Agriculture 9: Green Spirit Farms

Hosts: Dickson Despommier and Vincent RacanielloGuests: Milan Kluko and Daniel KlukoDickson and Vincent speak with Milan and Daniel Kluko, owners of Green Spirit Farms, a sustainable vertical farm in New Buffalo, Michigan.Links for this episodeGreen Sp...

Urban Agriculture 8: Green Farms A&M

Hosts: Dickson Despommier and Vincent RacanielloGuest: James CannonDickson and Vincent speak with James Cannon, Chief of Horticulture at Green Farms A&M, about how his company produces food indoors.Links for this episodeGreen Farms A&MJames Can...

Urban Agriculture 7: The science behind growing food indoors

Hosts: Dickson Despommier and Vincent RacanielloDickson and Vincent continue their discussion of the science of indoor farming.Links for this episodeSoil Science Society of AmericaHaber process (Wikipedia)Sky GreensPlantagonPlantLabPhillips LEDSalad gr...

Urban Agriculture 6: The nuts and bolts of indoor farming

Hosts: Dickson Despommier and Vincent RacanielloDickson and Vincent provide an overview of the technologies that allow the practice of indoor farming.Links for this episodeHydroponic root cropsNutrient film technology (Wikipedia)Aeroponics (Wikipedia)A...

Urban Agriculture 5: From the classroom to the table

Hosts: Dickson Despommier and Vincent RacanielloDickson and Vincent discuss how the vertical farm concept was developed and where it stands today.Links for this episodeVertical farming (Wikipedia)Dickson on Colbert ReportSouth Korea researches vertical...

Urban Agriculture 4: The future of farming

Hosts: Dickson Despommier and Vincent RacanielloDickson and Vincent talk about why and how farming practices will change.Links for this episodeUS drought monitorDrought maps, last 5 monthsChongming CountyThermocline (Wikipedia)Dr. Gene LikensDickson's ...

Urban Agriculture 3: The second green revolution - Paradise lost

Hosts: Dickson Despommier and Vincent RacanielloDickson and Vincent continue their brief history of farming with a discussion of farming after the Dust Bowl.Links for this episodePanel on climate change report (Slate)US and World population clockLuther...

Urban Agriculture 2: The second green revolution

Hosts: Dickson Despommier and Vincent RacanielloDickson and Vincent discuss the effects on industrialization on the development of farming.Links for this episodeHistory of agriculture (New World Encycl)Haber process (Wikipedia)Urea synthesis (Wikipedia...

Urban Agriculture #1: The earliest farmers

Hosts: Dickson Despommier and Vincent RacanielloDickson and Vincent launch their new podcast with a discussion of the early origins of farming.Links for this episodeNewgrange (Wikipedia)Joseph Campbell (Wikipedia)LandsatImage creditDickson's PickOrigin...