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Movies, TV, Games, Tech, Music, and the weird. In rapid succession the hosts of Five Things We Life will provide you with pieces of nostalgia and reviews of modern pop culture in a nice bite size meal. New Episodes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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And some things we don't.
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Webcomics – 5TWL Episode 16

Hey Folks, Justin here. Today Tony, Doug, and I discuss webcomics and the ones we love and can’t get enough of. Download

Star Trek Characters – 5TWL Episode 15

Hey Folks, Justin here. Today Andrew, Tony, Dakota, and I talk about Star Trek Characters. That’s right, we get super nerdy and compare Captains, Engineering Officers, and other oddities. Download

Fantasy Universe – 5TWL Episode 13

Hey Folks, Justin here. Today Andrew, Tony, and I talk about Fantasy Universes. We travel the multiverse from books to TV to games to bring you our favorite settings of magic and mystery. Download Today’s promo is for the geeky fun podcast, Technorama,...

Live Action TV Shows – 5TWL Episode 12

Hey all, Justin here. This week Andrew, Tony, and Daniel join me to talk about a couple of Live Action TV shows we like. I want to apologize for the audio for this episode. Turns out 4 video feeds was just too much for my laptop to handle. We’ll find a...

Movie Snacks – 5TWL Episode 11

Hey all, Justin here. Andrew and Dakota join me as we discuss movie snacks, treats, and if a martini is just a tasty beverage or if it’s good movie food. Since we’re talking snacks, our promo today is for Podculture. Join them over on the VoG network a...

Apps – 5TWL Episode 10

Hey there, Justin here. Today we’re talking apps. Be they on your phone, your Mac, your soon to be Windows box, your Roku, your tablet, we all use them these days. Dakota, Andrew, and Me go through our favorites in today’s official tenth episode.

TV Movies and Miniseries – 5TWL Episode 09

Hey there, Justin here. Dakota is back on the show as Andrew’s time travelling exploits have whipped him away from the past four episodes for his transgressions. See what happens when Andrew try to explains just what the difference is between an Americ...

Zombie Survival Tools – 5TWL Episode 08

Hey Everyone, Justin here. Episode 08 is up with Andrew, Myself, and our friend Doug Welsh. This episode we’re talking about Zombie Survival Tools. Quick, what’s the object to your left? That’s your tool to survive the oncoming Zombie Apocalypse. What ...